LETTER – 1992-V


He stood alone before high priest, scribe and Pharisee: the "learned" men of the law and scripture. There was no need to tell Him of Moses and the law, nor of Abraham and the covenant ... before all these, He was. He knew the day when He was begotten of the Father. He knew the day when He had begotten many brothers ... thus raising up many sons unto the Father. He told the "wise and prudent" men: "I and the Father are one." Oh, earthbound men that they were, hard headed by their learning and religious thinking ... cold hearted because of their bondage to a dying order; how could such men understand the words of the Son of God? Was it their ignorance, or their self-righteous anger? ... perhaps it was envy which caused them to cry out: "Blasphemy!" They thought that they were being loyal to their profession, to their father Abraham, and to God. Their only loyalty was to their white tombs filled with dead men's bones. Jesus loved these foolish men ... with one word He could have transformed them into the children of light, but it was not in the timing of the Father is perfect plan, thus Jesus walked away accused, humiliated, and rejected. 


Jesus went to the mountain to be alone with His Father. He knelt on the soft earth which He had made. Methinks the trees, the flowers, and the plants must have offered Him a wave offering, as birds sang a song of praise, and the wind whispered words of peace to Him. Angels came to minister to His weary body, as the Sons of God carried His spirit to the high places of home where He partook of His secret manna: the strength, the love, and the wisdom of His Everlasting Father. All that dwelled in the heavenlies came before Him with blessing and honor and praise. And the pillars of the house shook with the sounds of joy. But all was silence and sadness when the time came for Him to return to His mountain spot of prayer. Once again loving farewells were given to the Son of God, for there was still much work and much suffering for the Son of Man...


Our lovely Saviour was sustained by the Power unseen and unknown to natural men. What use was there in showing Him the buildings of the temple? ... He was the Temple of God. What use was there in telling Him of the law and the prophets? ... He was the fulfillment of these and so much more. Yes, He was greater than Jacob and Jacob's well ... what is tradition in front of the Reality? Death had no stronghold over Him ... He was the Source of Life. The gates of hell were lifted up at His appearing. The scripture fades in the light of His presence, truth increases, and the Godhead expands. Hallelujah! 


All that you are looking for, longing for, and waiting for is within you. It is certainly true that the full Christ is being formed within your inner son. Yesterday, today and tomorrow belong to Adam's time ... forever, is the vision of the Sons. We cannot relive yesterday. We cannot undo the shame or correct the errors of the past. Today belongs to the world ... and its people struggle to make things "better" for tomorrow. We, however, must look ahead ... the prize is for us. Our inheritance is within the eternal dimensions of the Father. Let those who will flow with the currents of time ... but know for sure, ye faithful ones, that the voice of the Spirit is calling us to the pure realm of light and truth. He is unfolding the plan before us and uncovering the truth that has been hidden for ages. 


My beloved, the greatest need of the hour is to forsake all that have the smell of the past upon their garments, to flee from every voice ... and to anchor forever our souls in the depths of Jesus Christ. He must be our every thought, our every word, our every desire. The Greatest One of all has come to give to us the Liberty of the Sons of God. Truth and Freedom stand before us as witnesses of the Father's Kingdom. 


If the light is before you, then all that is behind are shadows. However, if the shadows are before you then the light has passed you by. Turn to the Light and the shadows will flee away. 


It has been given to us to prepare the way of the Lord for all mankind ... and this we will do when all "tools" are laid aside and we rest upon the bountiful supply from our Father's ever increasing storehouse. Many have walked this road before us, consecrating it with their blood, now they rest in the high places of home, though often their spirits join with ours to bore us on and to give us strength. How many times have we walked away accused, humiliated, and rejected? How many times have the spirits of justified men come to bear our spirits away to our former dwelling where we rested for a moment upon our Father's strong arm? So precious are the moments we spend in the secret place ... in the solitude our eyes are opened to behold the unseen ... in the silence we partake of the communion known only to the Sons of God. In the absence of "steeples tall," in the absence of the voices of Babylon ... in the "aloneness" of His Holy Presence, \"e, each one of us, receive the Living Word. Each one of us a son of God … what He reveals to one, He reveals to all. There is to be no "leader" … we are all one in Him ... one mind, one spirit, one will. Hallelujah! 


We must not lose sight of the needs of others. We must not forget the fallen ... nor fail to tell them of the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ. We are the son-priests of God; we must continually lift the creation up before the Father. Beware of the religious world, and its many "little popes" ... self appointed men trying to rule over the household of God. You will know them by these two marks: their desire for power over the people and their desire for the wedge of gold. Do not look back, you will only fall over the stepping stones that are before you; always look ahead ... then even the stumbling blocks will be stepping stones to the higher sphere. 


Truth and Freedom ... such faithful witnesses ... giving unto the Sons of God all that is new, living and eternal; freeing them of all restraining forces, that they might speak freely the words of the Everlasting Gospel ...



December 14, 1992


When the soul becomes one with God by the loss of its own will and life, it has purposes, and it is important to follow them; but they are purposes in God, and have in them nothing of self. All that has rapport to self is no more, and God is all. Being passed into God, the soul is changed and transformed in Him. This is what the mystics call Resurrection. But the word used in this way, does not bear its usual signification. To resuscitate is to revive the former life. But in this case, the will, or natural life is consumed, and gives place to the will or life of God. Thus the Holy Spirit operates effectively in the soul, transforming it into the likeness of the Son of God. 


This is not a chimera of the fancy; it is the wonderful economy of divinity. It is the end and object of the creation of the soul ... the end and compass of all the efforts of God, regarding His creatures. Here is consummated all the glory, God derives from their existence. All beside are only the means approaching this final end, this glorious termination, and absorption of the soul in Deity. 


This is the pure Theology in which God instructs the angels and saints. It is the Theology of Experience that God teaches only to His children, who having abandoned their wisdom, He has Himself become their wisdom and their life. This is the law of wisdom, my friend, for us, --- the way of the Lord in us. In Him we are one. 


Madame Guyon 











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