LETTER - 1993-A




The long expected hour is upon us ... the Kingdom light is breaking through the darkness which has settled upon the ''world and the gross darkness that covers the people of God. 


It is the many membered Christ that ride upon the white horse of God's great holiness. He comes upon a cloud of great witnesses; day and night have they proclaimed the glory and power of the Everlasting Father ... now their voice, like the sound of many waters, announce the appearing of the Prince of Peace. 


The Word that was made flesh and dwelled among men, now appears in the fullness of the Godhead within our inner son. Having the eyes of our understanding opened, we behold Him as He truly is. And this knowledge of Him shall bring our long awaited transformation. 


Indeed the Kingdom of God is within us ... established and willed to us in our first birth, and is now being re-established within us at this hour of our second birth. While the many, perhaps most, wait and look for the Kingdom, we can see it within and we bear witness to its good work. 


The Sons of God, from both realms, are being sent forth with the good tidings of Zion. Within their Blood sealed hearts are the words of the Everlasting Gospel: the Gospel of Truth, Freedom, Life and Reconciliation. The Holy Word that ,was born within our spirits, eons ago, is now renewing our minds (memory) and at the appointed hour shall quicken our mortal bodies. 


Far above the third heaven ... far beyond the things which our brother Paul heard and was forbidden to speak of, is the open door to the highest dimensions of the Father's glory and infinite being. It is the dwelling place of the Council of the Most High, and the throne of the Father's Everlasting Kingdom. It is the dwelling place of the Storehouse which contains all the wealth of the Uncreated One. All that was and is and is to come originated in the center of this Holy Dimension ... which is the mind of the Father. Within His secret chamber the Bride of God's Christ is being prepared ... the glorious Sons of Israel. 


Too long have 'we clung to the doom and woes of a dying, tired, old age. An age when the remorse for sin has fled from the peoples of the earth. An age when both Catholic and Protestant faiths sleep together in the bed of the great harlot, Babylon. An age when the people of God look unto men for the word ... always dreaming that he is God's anointed for the hour ... such hope and faith only bring forth the deception of Babylon and the wedge of gold. An age when those who led souls to the Lord, kept them for themselves and for their denominations, molding them followers of men, thus robbing God of the souls that were rightfully His. Even to this great hour there are those who seek disciples ... those who would attempt to revive the past and awaken that which the Father has put to rest. 


Some see the Reformation as the corning forth of the "true Church" ... others see it as the birthing of the daughters of Babylon. While the multitudes search the scripture and argue over their own interpretations, there are a few that seek Him, and find Him, beyond the sacred page. While Christians wait for a "rapture," the Sons of God sit with their Elder Brother in the heavenly places ... in the realm forbidden to natural men, to religious men, even to spiritual men; for they are the men that created the divisions and the isms of the religions of the world. 


Babylon is more than a duly recognized organization, she is more than creeds and doctrines ... she is a body of men, both in and out of the system, being the heartbeat and source of her growth. She has deceived the wisest of men, the lowly of heart, and the hungry of soul; now she would deceive the very Elect ... if that were possible. Every name of blasphemy upon her ugly forehead is called a "church" ... honored for centuries by countries, worshipped by mankind, and declared by all to be the Bride of Christ. 


There are still those today who believe that Babylon is the Church in a fallen condition, needing to be restored. And though the glorious truth is being spoken, ignorance and blindness, like a veil, hang over the eyes of saved men and women. The Church of Jesus Christ, which is His Body, not His Bride, is holy, not having spot nor wrinkle. Though it appears to be "few in number, the Father has always had a hidden number upon the earth known only to Him. They never bore a name other than His, and they withdrew from all who bore the name of men, movements, or organizations. At the Father's appointed time the members of His Christ Body shall arise in a triumphant display of manifestation. This will be, as it were, the Resurrection of the Bridegroom. 

When I was a Catholic we waited for the word from Rome. After I was converted to the Lord Jesus Christ I attended the Assemblies of God, where we waited for the word from Springfield. And finally, as I sat inside the little "Latter Rain" church, we waited for the word from Canada. I did not find life in any of it ... because there was no life in it. Christ is Life! Christ is Holiness! Christ is Truth. Christ is the Word, and it is to Him, and Him alone that we now look. Christ in us is the glory the whole creation awaits. Long before Genesis 1:1, He was ... long after Revelation 22:21, He is. Hallelujah! 


If one wishes to hear the "old old story" there are countless who will sing it to them, and if a love offering is given, they will even dance to the tune. If I seem sarcastic, I truly do not mean to be. Someone must spealc out plainly and loudly against the beast of gold ... the god of this world ... the greed of the self promoting voices. Just recently I was told of someone who received a letter which read: "Since you have sent an offering you are entitled to be placed upon our mailing list." Moneychangers cannot sell the truth, nor can the truth be purchased. The truth is born within the hearts of all that look unto Him. It is easy to have a successful "ministry" at the expense of others ... ah, how wonderful it is to be free and to freely give. He has given so freely to us. 


If you are seeking the word it is not far off; it is in you. Speak it ... send it forth upon the wind of the Spirit, till it finds its resting place within a seeking heart: some hungry little soul, perhaps isolated, unknown and rejected, waiting in the presence of the Father. This, my dearly beloved, is the way you can "freely give" in getting the Word of the Lord to the hearts of those that are seeking. Remember, only the Spirit can take the things of the Father and show them to us. And it is only by the Spirit that we can take the things of the Father and show them to others. As of old, let us boldly say: "To whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life. And we believe that thou art that Christ, the Son of the Living God." Now rise up ye sons and send forth the Living Word that has been born within your heart ... a vast hungry world cries out for deliverance. The barriers of time and distance will be broken as we enter into the depths of His Spirit, and ride upon the wings of His eternal glory. 


Many of you have wondered who and what I am. I am not a teacher or a prophet. I do not bear a great title, nor do I seek the praise of men. I am, so to speak, a "sower" ... I have gone out to sm., the seeds of the Kingdom. I seek no reward except His good pleasure. I am one of you, I seek a better country whose Builder and Ruler is God. I am like you I yearn for the Spirit to rule over the outward man. I am part of you  for I too bear the suffering of Jesus in my body. And with you I look up  for total redemption draws near. I sat with you in another time and in another place ... and we all shouted for joy! We have never met, perhaps we never will in this life. All we know is each other's name, yet there is a love and unity which only souls that are in union with God can share. The only good part of me you receive each month, in return you send your heart to me. I share, my brother-sister-sons, your every heartache, tear and burden. I partake of your loneliness and hunger. We share together our birthright in Christ Jesus and we share the longing for our manifestation: the hour of truth and freedom for the creation. Hallelujah! 


Truly we are Blood relations ... born of His Spirit before there was time, place, or things. But most important is what He is in us. He is more beautiful than beauty. He is richer and fuller than life. He is the One who hath made us one in Him. We follow the Lamb ... we hear His voice ... He is the fullness of the word within our inner son. And we shall plunge ourselves into His depths until He alone remains. Truly, we are of a higher order; all that is inflicted upon us is a blessing and a cause to rejoice in His perfecting will. 


We are not dreamers, we share a vision. We are seeing beyond the limitations of the past, beyond the consummation of the age ... perhaps beyond the Millennium. It is a vision we shared long ago within our Father's House. A vision of the finished plan: man in the image and likeness of God. A vision of a place by Him where condemnation and punishment is met by mercy ... ah, His mercy endures forever. A place where His light overpowers all darkness. A place where reconciliation replies to the cry of vengeance. And when "It is done" is heard, a beginning rises like ten thousands suns ... for all things, good and evil, light and darkness, truth and error, life and death, hell and the grave, have all served in His perfect plan to establish forever His glorious Kingdom upon the earth, within the hearts of all mankind and upon all creation; unto the filling of the universe and all therein. This vision leads to attainment ... and attainment is the accomplishment of predestination. Hallelujah! 


Do you realize, my faithful ones, just what it means to be one with the Father? or to be filled with His fullness? or to sit with Him upon His throne? Do you realize the depths of this truth?  we are to share all things in common with Him. Do you recall when He said to us, "All that I have is thine."? Awesome, is it not? Born of the seed of God's Christ ... heirs with Christ of the Father's glory. Is it any wonder that we could not find life in the religions of men! Is it any wonder that He called us unto Himself! We are receiving the inheritance we have in Christ Jesus and the Father is receiving the inheritance He has in us. Oh! The wonder of it all ... The knowledge of the Kingdom is increasing within the Sons of God. Brighter grows the light upon their pathway. They are partaking of a fuller recollection of the Everlasting Covenant. The words of the Everlasting Gospel are being freely revealed. The gentle kiss of the Bride is upon their foreheads. Their hearts are stirred with love, and out of their innermost being flows the river of life. Each moment their desire to set the creation free grows stronger. With piercing eyes of compassion and understanding they look upon all mankind.  With renewed minds they behold all things with the Father's wisdom and knowledge. With truth, freedom, and life they shall administer to all, the justice of the Almighty. 


The hour of the "old message" is past. The doctrines of yesterday sink behind the Father's eternal plans. In the Mansions of the Sons a feast is being prepared; the Manna of Life is being set before us. Feeble creatures that we are ... we pause in a holy fear least we be slain by the glory of it all. But the Spirit bids us "Come" ... we shall not be satisfied till we eat of the Living Manna. 


This is more than a holy hour ... it is a time released from the Lamb's Book of Life ... perhaps the time in which we will be changed ... the time of our return to the timelessness of our former life. The time when it can truly be said by us: "It is no longer 1, but Christ that liveth in eternal oneness with His many brothers." Let the heavens rejoice and the earth prepare ... for that which is happening within the Sons shall break forth and all eyes shall behold the glory and greatness of the One, True, and Everlasting God. 


Sons of the Morning, sing thy Song of Freedom. Bid farewell to the vain workings of the men of the sixth day. Lift up the hands of the Lord, for by His "hand members" shall He make all things new•. They shall shape and reshape until all are made perfect in Him. His Spirit shall go forth and renew the earth. The valleys and the dark places shall become the mountains of joy and light. And the mountains shall become the valleys of living water; the dry places shall become an Eden ... the Paradise of rest for all creation. The Kingdom of our God and of His Christ shall reign forever, ages without end. Hallelujah! 


We walk now in the stillness of the Father's presence. Our spirits have found life only in Him. Our minds are being freed from all thoughts other than His. Each step we take another fetter is removed from our flesh. Our bodies grow weaker with each vision and we yearn for that precious step which will change the image of the earthy into the image of the heavenly. 


There is a holy silence ... all voices have been hushed. We hear the still small voice and we bow in adoration. We are in the presence of our Father and as we reach out to touch Him we feel the breath of the Spirit baptizing us with a fire far greater than that of Pentecost. Before we can touch Him, all that remains of the earth-man must be bought to dust and ashes. So we whisper: "Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit, mind, and body." Thus we wait, stripped of all weights, for that glorious moment of full redemption. 

January 3, 1993


With what care He hath ordered my footsteps,

Oft times on paths dark and drear,

Where sorrow abounds and only grief can be found;

Yet I know that His presence is here,

For He cares that my heart must be broken and crushed

So the wine of His love can flow

To travailing creation that groaneth in pain,

And waits for the Sons on tiptoe,

Who will gather to Him the harvest of earth,

Bringing joy in the place of woe.

So whatever is needed to form Christ in me,

I am willing to have it so.


"Sister Baker"













































LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 1-3-93             4

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