LETTER - 1993-B


Many things are transpiring in the dawn of the Kingdom's Day...


In these times of countless religious powers, God's Christ is riding forth in great majesty. The sword of the Spirit is in His right hand and He is beginning to scatter (to disunite) the power of the "holy people." Division is everywhere. Confusion, like a dark cloud, hangs over the people. They run from this church to that church, from this man to that man, from one side of the earth to the other; but the end is always the same ... disappointment, division, or confusion. 


There are so many voices, actually too many voices, all claiming to have the truth for the hour. Oh! Forsake them all ... the sooner the better. Babylon has become the dwelling place of every vile and unclean spirit. "Great preachers" fall like the stars of the heavens. The "messengers of the 'Lord" are making war with one another. Flee from them all! We cannot take the holy ways of God and drag them through the mud of man's vain thinking, philosophy and teaching. The Kingdom of God is far above man's greatest dream or thought. There is only one voice to hear: THE STILL SMALL VOICE OF OUR GRAND AND GLORIOUS FATHER! He has sent forth His Spirit to lead us into ALL TRUTH. As of old, we will surely hear: "This is the way, walk ye in it." Go unto the Father and there in His holy presence regain the birthright which is rightfully yours. The victory, my beloved, is for you. God's Christ rides in great power to lead His brother’s home ... to gather them together for their hour of manifestation. 


Is there one upon the earth that has the full truth? Is there one who lives the full truth? Is there one who is the full truth? I am sure that there are many foolish, vain, and self promoting men that will claim they are the one. Ah, but their breath is in their nostrils, and they are more deceived than the poor souls that follow them. 


Look within your heart and you will find the One that is the very essence of truth. Give ear to the words He speaks and you will become the truth that He is! He cannot be found in meetings ... of any kind, nor does He walk with the heady and the esteemed. You will find Him in the inner most being of every forsaken, lonely, and suffering son. It is to these precious "few" that the doors of the High and Holy Place are being opened. 


Truth never exalts the creature. There is never a price tag on truth, and truth can not be bound between the covers of a book or limited by man's interpretations. Truth is a living and ever expanding Person, and He must live and move and have His existence in living vessels ... vessels made worthy by His Blood ... members in particular of His vast body of sons; they are the Living Stones which form the Living Temple for the Living God. 


"For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens." If these bodies of flesh could be laid aside, our inner son would come forth in joyous victory. And when these bodies of corruption put on the garments of incorruption, then shall the Sons of God be made known to a dying creation. 


There is no formula for immortality ... it will come when the Spirit of the Living God breathes the breath of eternal life into the recesses of our inner son. In that hour we shall eat of the Living Manna ... death shall be no more and we shall have the Life of the Ages. 


We came from a realm somewhere in God's vast presence ... where we sat around His throne and listened and learned and lived. We were taught of truth and freedom, of love and mercy. He gave to us His wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. No wonder we are so restless here ... no wonder we are strangers and pilgrims ... no wonder we could not find life in the religions of men. The more we recall of "home" the less we feel at home in this body. This is why we find ourselves spending more time in His presence, they are the only hours we spend in reality. In the old order of bondage we use to sing: "I have a longing, I'm homesick to go." Can you relate to that, my brother-sister-sons, as never before? 


There is still much suffering that the world must endure. There is much tribulation awaiting the people of the world. And there is still to be a great purging of the land. I heard on the radio that the present Administration will be the most evil America has ever known. Already there are signs that this is true. 


Seeds of hatred are being sown between the brethren as they argue over their favorite "man of the hour." It seems like someone is always trying to sell a book, or a tape, or a new translation of the Bible. I already have shelves full of books and drawers full of tapes ... they mean less and less to me as the years go by. Though there was some truth in them ... there was no life in any of them. And what do we say of the Bible? It has been played with by Catholic men, Protestant men, and Modern men; all of which were called "great men" ... and I think they were all supposedly "inspired" men. As I have been saying for the past three years; only the Spirit can take the things of the Father and show them to us. Man cannot touch, change, alter, or manipulate the Living Word ... He alone is the pure and complete Word of God ... and that merits a HALLELUJAH! 


Shame on them who argue over truth, it only shows how little they truly know. Double shame on them who follow a man ... it shows just how little time they have spent at the feet of our lovely Elder Brother. One cannot taste of Him, even in the smallest measure, and ever find satisfaction in the ways of man. How can one sit in the heavenlies and return to the congregation of the scornful? How could one that had been brought out of Babylon go back to preach in the tombs of the dead ones? Solomon lived a life of glory, and died in the arms of shame. The dying thief lived a life of shame and died in the arms of glory. How great indeed is the mystery of godliness. 


To say that the ways of the Father are high and holy fall short of the reality ... awesome, supreme, and infinite is to say little. Indeed He has purpose for the world and all of its people. And truly His plans for His people on earth exceed the thoughts of man. But, my dearly beloved, the plans and the purposes for the Sons of God's Christ are of the highest degree and most supreme order. The workings of the Father within the depths of our inner son are the divine appointments that will change the course of time and events ... that will bring divine attainment to the creation and map out the course of the ages. This is why the Father is lifting our eyes from the "mud" of the earth (the things and events occurring within the world order), unto the realms of the unseen and the eternal. It may not be until the hour of our transformation at which time we will fully understand the heights of the glory we have within these earthen vessels. 


If we cannot see beyond man's natural understanding of the Kingdom of God, then we have seen very little. One cannot partake of His love for life and liberty and ever accept the ways of hate and war ... which only end in death. They that live by the sword shall perish with the sword, and they that live by the Spirit shall give life with the Spirit. 


The earth is drenched in the blood of mankind ... "unto the bridles of the horse" is to say the least. The blood of the slain cry out to the Sons of God ... as the creature moans and travails in great pain for the coming forth of the Sons of God. Yet men, both godly and ungodly, still talk and plan and make war upon the earth. We are the Sons of the Prince of Peace ... our sword shall put an end to all warfare and cut asunder the chains of bondage. Our's is a message of deliverance, freedom and reconciliation. We are the heirs of our Father's Everlasting Kingdom. His Kingdom has come into the earth that we are, and we have come into the Kingdom that He is ... all else is nothing. 


War is for them who think that freedom is gained by death. Freedom can only be found as we lose ourselves in the depths of Jesus Christ. Freedom and life are the living expressions of Eternal Love. 


What do we say of the earthbound men that would hinder us from entering in? ... telling us that "other things" must come first. Either we hearken to their voice and tarry, or we press on and follow the Lamb. If these men cannot see beyond the events of the world, let them live in the gathering darkness of the times. We must not allow anything or anyone to keep us from the HOLY VISION the Father has given to us. 


Can one hold back the dawn? … or forbid the sun to rise? The night is for them who sleep; but to the "made alive ones" even the darkness shall be light before them. The dawn belongs to all who have lifted their eyes unto the realm of light and life and truth ... for they walk in the glorious freedom of the Sons of God. Freedom shall come to all with the Rising of the Son. 


And God (Hallelujah!) has planned that His Sons shall stand above the mountains of the earth as a living structure of His Kingdom, yea, even as the habitation of the Most High. Each son a living member of His Mighty Christ. They shall speak the Everlasting Gospel to all that dwell upon the earth. 

He shall clothe them with His garments of glory. They shall speak with the authority of their Elder Brother. The Spirit of God, in the brilliance of God's eternal sunrise, shall shine forth from their eyes. 


Thus, the hour will have come to set the creation free from the bondage of Adam's reign. All mankind shall hasten to the "Gates of the City" and by Emmanuel's Blood be made alive ... and no one will be denied. 


And the Spirit of God shall move as a great wind upon the Earth ... as all creation partake of the Liberty of the Sons of God. 


And God's Christ shall stand upon the earth speaking the Word of Restitution. All that be in the heavens and upon the earth shall cry out with one loud voice: "This is the Kingdom of our God and of His Christ and of His Christ Sons!" Blessed be the Name of the Lord! 



February 3, 1993

































LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 2-1-93             3

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