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There are hoping. But Storehouse. cast away, Thy will!" "Alone with the Father." Could we have a greater testimony? To dwell in His presence, to walk at His side, to receive from His heart the words of truth and life; this is the reward of all who have "come out" to bear the reproach. 


Rejection was the path which lead us to the divine place of oneness with the Father. 


The absence of all outward fellowship led us to the spirit converse we now share with the Father. 


It was by the renewing of our minds that we regained the recollection of our former place and birth within the Father's holy courts. 


By the goodness of the Lord all things have worked together for the perfecting of His sons, and to give to them the Knowledge, the Keys, and the Reign of the Kingdom. 


"Alone with the Father" within His secret chamber of pure gold. Nothing of self can cross over the threshold. All of the unfading glory of our Everlasting Father dwells within this "secret place." All who are "taken" to this place shall be clothed with the excelling glory, and at the hour of manifestation shall come forth giving the light and truth of God's Eternal Glory to all that look upon them. Yet the fullness of the Golden Glory belongs to the Sons of God's Christ ... for they alone are the fullness of Him who fills all things with Himself. 


No nation of Adam's time will inherit this glory, nor enter into the secret chamber of pure gold ... it is to be the gift of God I s Christ, to His New Jerusalem Bride. This will be their chamber of love and wealth. This will be the Birthplace of the Everlasting Creation. In this, the holiest of all places, shall the fullness of the Godhead be expanded within all of His Seed. With a pen of gold and words of fire shall the Spirit of God write the Song of New Beginnings. 


The Chamber of Pure Gold is the heart of the Father. Hallelujah! 


Many that remain in the Outer Court, still searching, waiting and we, my faithful ones, have been given the treasure of the Father's We no longer ask, for we no longer want. All" rights" have been and with freedom of spirit we cry out: "Father, we have come to do The birthing process may have been a long and painful one, but forth from the travail of our spirits shall come the Manifestation of the Sons of God. Then shall the Kingdom that had come unobserved to dwell within us be revealed, and it shall cover the earth with the newness of life. In that hour all shall know, even as we have known. Having the eyes of their understanding opened, they will confess that we are the Sons of God's Christ unto the eternal glory of the Father. 


Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers were the "five ministries" of the so called "church age." They are still being practiced and accepted as present truth. Please observe the condition of God's people as the result of these five ministries: bondage, blindness, and famine. Where is the perfecting of the saints and the edifying of the body of Christ? Ah, but in the dawn of this Day, there is One who stands among us that is the fullness of the Living Word. He is transforming us moment by moment, not just into the "likeness of" but into the living expression of Himself! 


Countless books have been written attempting to explain the many mysteries which are hidden within the pages of the Bible. And most authors, if not all, are not in harmony with each other. Millions have studied seeking to learn the ways and purposes of the Father, yet what they learned was more of the opinions of men, rather than the realities of God. Man, may think that he can take the great treasure of God's truth and bind it forever between the covers of a book; however, at most they have managed to preserve yesterday's truth, which eventually ends up on a shelf to gather dust. But God (Hallelujah!) takes the Living Word and plants it within the fertile ground of every son, there to be nurtured and increased, until, like a mighty tree of life, it fills the earth so that all may come and find rest and comfort under its branches. 


It matters little how much time and effort man has spent to establish truth. Most of his efforts have been in vain. So called "established truth" has only bound the helpless souls of Christians to a dying order. Too much time has been spent searching for the truth which gives knowledge. Too little time has been spent searching for the truth that gives life. Present truth is wonderful, it opens the eyes and it frees the spirit; it prepares us to become the truth that He is. Truth is the path which leads to freedom  freedom allows us to become. The secret of eternal life is in the becoming  the secret of becoming is in the being lost in the depths of Jesus Christ. Surely the hour will come when all who have been hidden in Him (for we are hidden with Christ in God), shall hear His voice and come forth. This, my dearly beloved, will be the hour of the Manifestation of the Sons of God. 


It was in the Father's perfect planning that the "seed company" should be planted/hidden within the depths of His Christ, for it shall be through the Seed of God's Christ that all the families of earth will be made alive. This is one of the divine accomplishments (the greater works) that God willed to us in the Everlasting Covenant. Our covenant is not dependent upon "earthly signs," ours was sealed, eons ago, by the Blood of the Lamb. Our covenant is fully dependent upon our Everlasting Father ... and He is faithful and true. Have we not been born of the incorruptible seed? Is not the incorruptible seed within us? Would this not mean that we shall bear kind after our kind? Oh, Sons of God, do not sell your birthright short!! We are not involved with the power of the princes of this world. We have come unto the City of the Living God and are receiving the Kingdom which cannot be moved! 


Our Father has used many methods of hiding the truth from prying eyes, from those who would break through to gaze, or try to touch the mountain (the heights of God's greatest purpose). Very few have seen the glory which is now appearing, and those few were taken unto the Father to abide in the secret place of the Most High. 


"Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord." Ages of truth are hidden within these few words...


There was another day when the First Begotten Son came before the Father to present unto Him the many sons that He had brought forth in the full and exact stature of Himself. And the Father spoke to them saying; "You will always be with me, and all that I have is thine." These were the first words of the Everlasting Covenant spoken by the Father to His vast family of sons...


And whenever the Sons of God would come to present themselves before the Father, there were those who were sent to earth to do His will. Thus we are here to serve His purpose. We are the sons that have appeared in the end of the age, to proclaim the Sunrise of the Kingdom's Morning. 


Many have come and served before us ... but they, without us, could not partake in the Manifestation of the Sons of God; at which time we shall deliver the entire creation from the bondage of death, thus allowing them to partake of the eternal life of the Sons of God. 


My precious ones, ETERNAL LIFE: such deep and holy words ...are having nothing to do with time, or place, or things. The Sons of God alone know the meaning of such words. Certainly Jesus knew the meaning and purpose of eternal life; if He had revealed it in His day, it would have had no appeal to the generations of earth's time. So, the meaning of such awesome words remained hidden in the foolishness of preaching ... hidden, as it were, in the doctrine of "being saved and going to heaven forever." But God (Hallelujah!) has sent forth His Spirit to renew our minds as to what eternal life is. ETERNAL LIFE: PERPETUAL OBEDIENCE TO THE WILL OF THE FATHER! This is the liberty of the Sons of God to be shared with all creation. The curse carne by disobedience ... freedom and life shall come by obedience...


This is the hour that each one of us must present himself before the Father. This dealing must be on a one to One basis. Each one of us have different needs and different problems. He bids us come, He calls us by name. He draws us unto Himself. He would anoint us from our head to our feet. He would breathe the great fire of His Spirit upon our inner son. The greatest outpouring of the age is reserved for the meek and lowly of heart ... yea, for all the little Brother and Sister Nobodies, who were despised, accused, and rejected. 


Those who still argue over the methods of water baptism ... those who are still seeking the Baptism of the Spirit, are missing the greatest outpouring of the Word of Life that the age has ever known. The Lord Himself is being poured out upon us ... or if you prefer, we are being immersed completely in Him. This is more than a "profession of faith," or a "work of grace" ... it is the incorruptible seed bursting forth into the Life of the Ages. It is the fulfillment of the "Baptism of Glory" the Father promised to us in the Everlasting Covenant. The weight of this glory shall crush you, my brothers, but from that crushing shall arise the Sons of God. We have borne the image of the earthy, now we are to bear the image of the heavenly. Treasure thy "aloneness" ... for this hour of glory has been reserved for you. Blessed are they upon whom this hour has come, for theirs is the gift of the Kingdom. They are the "Peacemakers" for they are the Sons of God. All who receive them, receive Him. 


If our eyes were opened we would behold the mountain full of horses and chariots of fire round about us. Our brothers have come to join with us in this hour of triumph. They wait ... we wait, for the Father to complete His perfect work in us. There is nothing left for us to do (no more "works" of the Old and New Testaments), it is all the Father's doing. 


Rest now in the knowledge of where we were when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy. We did not worry about where, when, or how ... we just knew that He is and that He is faithful. We knew all that the Father spoke would come to pass, and that knowledge satisfied us. We lived, moved, and had our existence in His will, thus was our joy complete. Each new age was a new opportunity to do His good pleasure... 


Now the New Age is upon us. We belong to the Father. We belong with the Father. We must be about our Father's business. Therefore, take all that remains of the old order, all that you are clinging to, trusting in, and all that you have been bound to ... bind it with the cords of love upon the high altar; and the fire of God shall consume it, and forth from the ashes shall rise the NEW and LIVING and ETERNAL WILL of the FATHER. Then shall we become the living expression of freedom and life ... Yea, the living expression of Eternal Love. 

"Alone with the Father." Could we ask for more? To sit at His side, to partake of His mind, and to receive from His Storehouse, this is the inheritance of the Sons of His Christ. 





From the time when the morning stars sang together and the sons of God first shouted for joy, this universe, this eternal spiritual universe, this higher-than-the-heavens universe, this Kingdom of Heaven, has been the home and heritage of every son of God. Each son belongs to it, and it belongs to him. He is in it, and it is in him. He holds himself in harmony with it, and it fills his soul with its song. He apprehends its truth, enjoys its beauties, and partakes of its holiness. There is no place in it where he has not the right to be; for it has been the Father's good pleasure to give him the Kingdom. His life is not measured by years, but by its possibilities and expansiveness. Divinity and eternity are born within him. The Signs of the natural heavens but picture the wonders of the spiritual heavens, the lights and configurations of which we are. 


J. Preston Eby 





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