LETTER – 1993-E


There is a field, a very lovely field, where the lilies grow. They stand tall in the sunlight and dance freely in the wind; white trumpet shaped flowers with the fragrance of a rare perfume. They neither labor or toil ... they are free from things like that. They simply do what they were created to do; they grow and become beautiful and are admired by every passerby. But sadly there comes a cold gray day when the flowers fade and all of their loveliness is gone. Yet deep within the cold dark earth they rest, until summer's sun. 


I have often wondered if the lilies know that someday the sun will rise to set no more, and that they will bloom forever in the Father's lovely field. Ah, then shall they be free from change and decay. They will be free to live on and on, and be a thousand times lovelier than they were before. I must share a secret; I know that they know … for they moan for the hour of the Manifestation of the Sons of God. 


There is another field ... the earth which we are. And deep within that cold harsh earth there is hidden an inner son. Within this son dwells all the mysteries of the ages. All the wisdom and knowledge of the Father dwells in him. He is the "inner being" out of which the River of Life shall flow. He is the emancipator that the whole creation cries out for. He is a son of God's Christ. And now he rests within the body of flesh ... till the call of the Rising Son. 


This, my beloved, is the unrest which you feel. The earth which you are is being shaken by the knowledge of the inner truth. This is the feeling we have of something breaking forth. The stone of flesh is soon to be rolled away. The light of God is swelling within you and His Kingdom is being prepared to come forth. Even now the Rock is grinding to powder the kingdoms of the world. Even now we can hear the songs of the Kingdom as we dwell in the presence of the Father. Even now the Kingdom Light is shinning forth from our eyes (understanding). Even now upon the horizon we can see the coming of the Manifestation of the Sons of God ... and they shall live on and on, and be a thousand times lovelier than they were before. They will be the eternal glory of the Father, the pillars of His House, and the joy of all creation. They, with their Elder Brother, form the Son of God by Whom all things were created, redeemed, and restored. Who can be compared to these Holy Lilies of the Field? Hallelujah! 


I spend as much time as possible at the creek's edge or walking the woods. 


The creek is surrounded by rolling hills ... thick and lush and green. The water is like crystal as it flows toward the river; there is the sound of freedom in its every movement. Actually, there is a sense of freedom everywhere in the forest ... in the absence of man, that is. 


The trees are such lovely living things ... always yielding to whatever the Father sends their way. They stand, they fall ... their life comes and their life goes ... serving their part in the perfect plan. I know that they patiently wait for the "better day." I have heard their cry for freedom in the wind. I have shared their joy, their sorrow, and their longing. I have sung a song of promise and deliverance to them. I often assure them of the dawning of the Day of the Lord and the coming of His Peaceful Kingdom. 


I have also seen what man can do to a forest for gain. The destruction is devastating ... the waste is phenomenal ... and the desecration of life is shameful. Greed has no respect for living things. 


I also know what hunting is like; I have lived with it for many years. It is a massacre. They ambush the animals, they run them down, they trap them; then take their head, or hide and leave the rest to rot. I know there are many hunters who will have the meat processed and they and their families will eat most of it. However, there are few, very few, which need to hunt for food. Hunting has become a pleasure, or as they call it, a sport. They do not know that the forest is a sanctuary for the animals. It is there the animals meet and mate and reproduce ... it is indeed their holy place. 0, Father, how much longer must these innocent and helpless ones be victims of the ignorance of man? They cry out to thee for freedom, send forth thy Sons to set the creation free. 


The following is from a letter I received a few months ago. 


"Do you ever wonder how much more the animal kingdom can take before the Lord will stop their horrible suffering at man's hands? I do, a lot. I have a very big concern for our little and big friends. One of my main aims in life is to make their way easier if I possibly can. Some nights I go to bed and pray and pray that the Lord will get us ready so that we can start to be a help to His creation instead of being a hindrance. 


Please don't misunderstand me, I have a huge concern for the human race as well, but the poor animals are so innocent. It appears that those of us who have been called by the Lord and have given ourselves wholly to Him at this time, really love HIS little creatures. I have noticed that those who may claim to be overcomers, or whatever, really don't have the great love and concern for His animals that we do. This has been quite a revelation." end of quote. 


Think upon these things my brethren. All forms of life upon the earth mean very much to our Father. So much so, that He has provided for them in the Restitution of All Things. They are the works of His hands, and we as His Sons, have a responsibility to that part of the creation which cannot help themselves. 


It is not meant for man to be in bondage forever. Six thousand years have come and gone, man has lived under every form of bondage that one could ever imagine. Even that which the nations call "freedom" has bound man, hand and foot, to a cold, lifeless, could-not-care-Iess society. But God (Hallelujah!) has provided an hour when His Sons shall stand in His Kingdom on earth and will give freedom and liberty, the like of which has never been known. And they shall give it to all mankind ... that freedom will cause every knee to bow and every tongue to confess. 


Man cannot be free as long as he lives under the rule of man and political oppression, in fear and bigotry, or as long as he is bound by creeds and doctrines. 


Mercy and grace, love and understanding, truth, righteousness and equality are the seven attributes of freedom. 


Man cannot be free until he is free from himself! Then and then alone will the earth be covered with freedom's holy light. 


Freedom comes through "Union with God." Even now the Everlasting Son rises upon the Kingdom of the free. Only the free will see and know and enter in. How sad it is to see those who have served before us cling to the things of the past, refusing to decrease that His Kingdom might increase ... thus hindering so many from entering into the knowledge of the workings of the Kingdom of God within His Sons. They cling so firmly to the teachings of the past that that which they teach today is the same old, stale manna ... much of which has come out of natural suppositions rather than the mind of the Father. They cannot see what is occurring in these wonderful hours of the dawn; their eyes are upon their past accomplishments. All those that look to them, receive that which is old and is passing away. 


We, my beloved, must speak the NEW and LIVING WORDS of the KINGDOM of GOD! 


There is a coming of the Lord which very few have ever known; even as there was a coming of the Messiah of which the Jews never knew. There is to be an appearing of God's Christ which will exceed all the glorious expectations of the past. 


There is an understanding of the Kingdom of God which defies all the teachings of church bound men. Too long have these men poured over their musty old books, attempting to make the Kingdom of God an expression of earthly design. But in the day of the destruction of all the kingdoms of the world, the Father shall set up His Kingdom which shall never pass away. Man has spent too much time reading INTO the Word of God what he preferred to believe, and too little time in the presence of the Living Word to receive the truth of all things. 


There are some who still predict that a great move of God will come upon the earth. There can be nothing greater than the Kingdom of God to be established upon the earth. And there are indeed many supernal events which are to take place thereafter. 


Tongues have ceased, prophecy has failed, and teaching has become a weariness to the spirit, both ours and His. The hour of the "hireling" is over, the ONE TRUE AND FAITHFUL SHEPHERD FEEDS HIS SHEEP! As long as man is in the spotlight, the people are blinded to Christ. I am tired of hearing how some of the "men of the hour" cry when they talk about Jesus ... have you ever realized how they smile on the way to the bank? They will gladly tell how much they spend on "getting the word out" and seem to forget to mention how much goes into their pocket. Do not be deceived, my brother-sister-sons, the giving and receiving in the Kingdom Order has nothing to do with money. Life gives to life, deep to deep, spirit to spirit, and kind to kind. It is time to feed the multitudes in the same manner that Jesus fed them. We have the endless supply of the Living Manna within us, for He abides in us and He is our source of life and light and truth. And we shall speak the things of the Spirit, for He has given us a mouth of wisdom. We shall pass the truth from one to the other till all have eaten and are full. 


When we truly worship God in Spirit and in truth, there will be most definitely an absence of man and the giving of money. The Spirit will lead us into all truth. The Kingdom of God will not be ruled by men, rather by the mind that dwells in Christ dwelling in us. The increase of the Kingdom will not be dependent upon tithes and offerings, but shall come by the power of the Living God, and the perpetual obedience of His vast family of sons. 


In these last days we know that there will be those teaching the "doctrines of devils" … those who speak from the inspiration of doubt and unbelief. 


There is none more dead than he who preaches that the dead are dead forever. I for one, so strongly believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, that I can hear within my spirit the song of creation; "Because He lives, I too shall live." 


Then, there are those who would have us to believe that the Bible is wrong. 


The written word of our Father is never wrong, except to the "heady" ones that seem to think they know what it means. Men have used the Scriptures for a battleground, this is wrong. Men have twisted it and misquoted it in every conceivable way to prove what they are saying is true, and this too is wrong. I have read many books and writings which took less than a page to state the truth, and the balance of the writing was used to prove with scripture, opinions, and suppositions that the original thought was the truth. I, for one, am not impressed in the least, when men quote the same scripture from several translations ... for they are struggling to prove the point they wish to make. But, my fellow sons, if the Spirit abides within us we do not need any man to teach us. The best way to learn is in the Father's presence. He who holds all things in the balance of His hands, shall with His hands give all things to us. 


I believe that it is wrong to use the Bible for personal gain. I believe it is wrong to use the Bible to prove a point ... which every Babylonian movement, and all that serve her, practice. Rather, my beloved, let us bear witness to the Word of God, and by the Spirit of God see beyond the letter; ever looking  unto the Father of light and truth. His word goes deeper than all the learning of the "trained men." It cannot be touched by the haughty and the esteemed ... for their eyes are upon themselves. The Word of God is born as a living expression within every faithful son that waits to do, always, the things which please the Father. 


There is none so vile, impure and unclean as he who preaches that Mary was not a virgin when she bore Jesus. I will not argue with anyone ... especially those that teach doctrines of devils. I trust you will allow me to share something personal with you. Being raised a Catholic, Mary has always been very special to me. No, I do not pray to Mary ... she would not have wanted that from anyone. But, I know Mary, as we all did when we sat in the Father's Courts. And we were there when the Father chose this lowly virgin to be the mother of His earth born Son. I have always known that Mary was a very holy woman, pure and chaste, always obedient to the voice of God, and I always thought of her as the mother of our Lord and Savior. 


A few years ago, in the stillness of the night, as I knelt in the Father's presence, Mary became very real to me. I came to know her as one of the virgin sons of God. Such a holy peace came over me; and how beautiful it was to call her "sister." Oh, my brothers, the mystery of our oneness with Him and with each other is so deep and so profound ... we have seen so little of it. 


In an hour when there is such confusion because of too many voices, too many opinions, too many men and women with big claims and too little with life, it is most urgent that we stand strong in the Liberty of the Sons of God. He has set us free from the bondage of the past, be it the world, a church, a man, traditions or doctrines. He has set us free that we might receive the NEW and LIFE GIVING WORD of GOD. Freedom is a very important and wonderful treasure; it is from our Father's secret room of gold. Freedom gives to us all that we had hoped for, all that He had promised, and freedom is the key to the Holiest Place. 


Free to walk and talk with the Father, and free to dwell in the House of the Lord forever. Free to ascend where no man has ascended. Free to become all that He is; such is the freedom of the Sons of God. 


The voice of Elijah is being heard among the sons. His words defy all the teachings of the prophets of doom. He is here to silence the blind leaders that minister for hire, to tear down every human idol, and to overturn the altars of Babylon. 


He brings to us the consuming fire of God, to purify and to make holy the sons of his God. All "mixture" is to be removed. He calls to our inner son to come forth from the tomb of flesh and to ascend unto the realms of the pure and the free; to gather in the presence of our Father and to receive from His mind the life giving words of truth and freedom. He sends us to a fallen and moaning creation ... to set the captives free and to give light to all who grope in darkness, and to declare to all creation the power and glory of the Father's Everlasting Kingdom. 


This is the hour when Elijah passes the mantle to the Sons of God, covering them with the Divine Unity of the Father, and placing upon them the garment that was removed from our father Adam in the long ago. 


Be still, my beloved, glorious things are transpiring in the heavenlies ... be still, I say, for most glorious things are transpiring in the Kingdom of God. Hallelujah! 



April 12, 1993















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