LETTER – 1993-F


We are not of the world even as He was not of the world. Yes, we are in the world, but the Father is keeping us from the evils thereof. It is not a matter of do's and don'ts ... it is the fact that we belong to the Father and that we are serving Him. Consequently, we desire to do only the things that please the Father. 


In a day when it is being taught that gain is godliness, fun is part of fellowship, and the desires of the flesh are only natural, we should deem it a great honor to be hidden in the secret place of the Most High. Those who delight themselves in the world, the flesh, and religion cannot understand why we are separate and apart, yea, often isolated and alone … finding contentment in God and sharing unity with kindred spirits. They cannot understand how we can find life and peace in the things which are not seen. They think us foolish that we should rejoice in our afflictions and that we should believe that through our sufferings we shall be made perfect. Yet, how could the "dead" understand the ways of the living? 


Precious indeed is the cross upon which Jesus died, and precious is the cross He has given to us. By Him we are crucified to the world and the world is crucified to us. It is upon our cross that our life is offered up to God as a living sacrifice, as a gift of love for Him and for all the people of the world. You see, my brothers, all of the Sons of God must drink of the bitter cup and then face the cross. We are the seed of God's Christ ... and we shall bring life from out of death to all mankind ... to all creation. 


Are we not members in particular of God's Christ? If we are to reign with Him, are we not to suffer with Him? We must bear the dying of Jesus in our bodies. It is through the partaking of His death that the title of saviours is given to us. 


These are holy sayings which defy all the empty chatter of orthodoxy. That is why holiness must be foremost in our daily living. That is why we must die daily. That is why we must commune without ceasing. Holiness, faithfulness, and righteousness, is the hunger of our inner son. Crucify the flesh with all of its desires ... we are to partake of a greater resurrection. 


There is no life except in God. There is no peace or rest except in Him. 


Seek not the things which are below … they are but lifeless illusions. Seek the things which are above, for they are the life giving realities. Being the Sons of Freedom, let us soar to the heights of the free and walk amid the Paradise of God. 


I know of those who have isolated themselves to study and to learn and to go forth to teach. And in the religions of the world, I reckon there is a place for them. But we have been isolated, by the Father, to become the life that He is. This cannot be done by choice ... it is not a mass production procedure. Even as the seed is hidden in the earth to come forth in its appointed season, so are we hidden away by God. The Spirit of Divine Life is doing His perfect work in us and at the appointed hour we shall come forth in great manifestation to give life to all that the Father has made. 


To think there are those who pity us. They do not know that we have found our Beloved. It was not by chance, it was planned ... not by us … but by Him Whom we have found. It was in secret, as in the night of our concealment, when none could see or know of our discovery. The only light we had to follow was that which burned in our hearts. This is the light that guided us, a light so much brighter than noonday. It led us to the place where He was awaiting us, a place in the absence of man and his lower nature. Yes, the light that guided us was the Morning Star in the radiance of many suns. 


Now we rest upon our Beloved. We are wholly His alone. The dwelling place of our Beloved was kept for us alone. The fire of love burns strongly within our inner son. Though His gentle hand should wound us … we shall love Him so much more. 


We are joined to our Beloved… the “many” are being made one. We remain in oblivion because of the love of our Beloved and for all that He intends for us.  Like John of old we lay our hands upon His breast as He whispers the secrets if life and unfolds once again, the mysteries of God. Everything around us has ceased and we abandon ourselves to Him ... leaving all our cares forgotten among the lilies.  


Some of the expressions used in the preceding three paragraphs were borrowed from the writings of John of the Cross. 1542-1591. 


There is absolutely nothing for us in the world. What would there be that a man could possibly have to offer us? Words are plentiful ... truth is scarce. The multitudes hunger and are given crumbs. Ideologies, genealogies, and theologies mean nothing to one who lives in God. What is there apart from Him? Everything of the past six thousand years is fulfilled in Him ... all that is to come will be by Him. 


He is ours to have, to love, to obey. We have been found faithful, for we have found our all in Him alone. It was in our "aloneness" that He was waiting for us and now we dwell alone with Him ... what ecstasy, such overwhelming love, such a matchless union! Communion is now an entwining of life, a flowing of one into the other and the merging of two identities into the Divine Dimension of life everlasting. This is the entrance which God has prepared for us into His Kingdom. We were born from His love, we were sent in His love, and now we are lost in His love ... only to become His love. 


We must not take the ways of our Father lightly. This is the dawning of all that is new. He is renewing our understanding to the realities of His Kingdom. Up to now everything pertaining to His Kingdom have been types and shadows. His Kingdom is within us. He must rule over us before we can rule over mankind and the creation. Once He ruled us with the rod ... now He is ruling us by placing us in His fathomless depths, thus filling us with His love. We have no other love. His love leads us in the ways of obedience. Yielding is past ... longing has ceased ... because He lives, we too have life. And by His life dwelling in us, we shall give life to all. 


Doing the things which please the Father is not an occupation ... it is a transformation into the very will of God. It is entering into the life in the Spirit where all is the will of God and all that we accomplish (not practice) is the will of God. 


This is the hour to turn loose of all our lower understanding. The world is blind, the governments are corrupt, Christians see little. They that look to the "old" are foolish, and they which refuse to press onward are unfaithful. Indeed, that which lies ahead is new. Perhaps it is not as we always thought it would be and it may defy all previous teachings and orthodoxy; but our loyalty, beloved of the Father, is unto Him alone. This hour was planned eons ago and there is nothing that will change it or alter it. There is no one who will hinder it. Against all prevailing circumstances the Kingdom of God and of His Christ triumphantly proceeds ... breaking all the barriers of the darkness of the world and the strongholds of religion. Even the barriers of time and distance are being broken. That is why we are seeing things which are eternal and are being made to sit and commune with the Father in heavenly places. 


As the heaving of the mighty ocean, so the truth and light of the Kingdom swells within us, causing us to wonder just how much longer we can contain it. Within us, the Christ-man is crying out for freedom. For the past two thousand years countless saints have waited for this hour ... they too are on tiptoe waiting for the trumpet to announce the glorious appearing of the Lord and the Manifestation of the Sons of God. Some thought it would take place in 1985. Mother Shipton prophesied that the Lord would return in 1992. Others claim that it will be another eight, ten, forty, or one thousand years. 


Yet we all know that the Father alone knows the day and the hour. But God (Hallelujah!) has placed within us a burning assurance that the time draws near. All world events point to it ... every believing heart cries out for it, and every Son of the Kingdom declares it. 


Be not discouraged ... we know the dawn of the Day of the Lord is upon us. Now we wait with tears in ours eyes and with uplifted heads for the Rising of the Son. He came to us in secret as a foretaste of the soon coming glory. Let us encourage ourselves in the Lord and in His abiding presence. With the coming of the Kingdom, comes the King of all kings … we could not reign without Him. He is the Taller One ... the Greater One … the Mighty One of God. And HE IS shortening the time for the sake of the Elect. Hallelujah! 


What is the message of the Morning Star that has arisen in our hearts? Does it not foretell the coming of our Beloved? Is not the dawn of the Kingdom revealing the throne of the Father? And are we not to sit with Him upon His Father's throne? Why are the two realms meeting? ... if not to prepare for the appearing of God's complete Christ. Alas, what if our Beloved should tarry? Our spirits shall rise up to "go out" to be with Him. He shall not tarry forever. At the Father's word the heavens shall be filled with the glory of the Lord, and as a mighty cloud shall His glory encircle the earth; and God's Christ shall appear in that cloud of glory. Thus every eye shall see Him ... time and distance having been swallowed up in God's omnipresence. 


It is the morning of the Seventh Day. It is the hour of great rejoicing. The Sons are gathering in the Holy Place where the light of God's Kingdom is being revealed. Beyond the sacred page the reality abounds. In the light of freedom, all shadows flee. In the stillness of the secret place the voice of God is heard. It is in the place by Him that we see and know and become, as He. 


The presence of our Elder Brother is dispersing the darkness of the age. The dark night of the soul is over. The full truth is being made alive to us. We are entering into the complete Liberty of the Sons of God. Within us the work of the Spirit moves rapidly onward. The whole creation is waiting ... so great shall be the deliverance of mankind. All of the "unseen and eternal" forces of God are joining with us, sending out waves of Life and Light and Love to the many who have been apprehended by Him. It is by this divine out flowing that we are bonded together in an uncomprehensible and inseparable love and union. 


Truly, we have found our Beloved. He was never far away ... we were looking for Him in the one place He does not dwell: in temples built with hands. We waited alone in the silence ... in the depths of our being we found Him ... He was there all the time. Had He not promised us ages ago to never leave us or forsake us? Now we rest in the joy and peace of His presence ... as we wait for the fullness of Day. Hallelujah! 


April 28, 1993






















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