BY:  CARL R. SCHWING – JUNE 21, 1993

LETTER – 1993-H


Jesus Christ is Lord unto the eternal glory of the Father! He is the Lord that is purifying God's vast family of sons, preparing them for their hour of exaltation … the hour when the Head and the body are reunited forever to form God's complete Christ. Everything that has life shall gather before them to partake of the Liberty of the Sons of God. What an hour of triumphant victory when man shall stand in the image and likeness of his Creator. And the earth shall be covered with the glory of the Lord and find restitution and peace in the power of the Lamb. Endless are the accomplishments of Calvary's Crimson Sacrifice, reaching unto the utmost parts of heaven, earth and hell •.. until all things everywhere are filled with the fullness of the Lord. 


Jesus Christ is the King of Glory, the Mighty Ruler over the Father's Eternal Kingdom. And we are heirs with Him of the Father's Throne. Let it be known forever, that before all things and over all things and beyond all things, is the Kingdom of God and of His Christ and of His Christ Sons. Truly it shall be established upon the earth ... but to the amazement of many it shall not be as it had been thought. Types and shadows, even representations are not the full reality. 


Each passing day the Father expands the truth, and the vision becomes more clear. We must be free from all blinding obstacles. All walls of partition must come down. All human ideologies must be forgotten and laid to rest. 


The reality of the Kingdom of God is unseen and unknown to the men in Adam's realm of time. The Kingdom is of the eternal dimensions. The two little words, is of, are filled with ages of truth. By the great wisdom of the Father the Kingdom comes unobserved. But God (Hallelujah!) is manifesting His Kingdom to all those who were born of His Spirit … born-out-from His Christ in the long ago. They, like Abraham of old, could not find a city here ... they were strangers and pilgrims ... looking to return to the City Whose Builder and Ruler is God. 


We have been set apart from birth. We were always "different" from the others. We were in the world, at times we were part of the world, and for a season we enjoyed the pleasures of the world. Yet something within always pulled us away and led us to the spiritual ... to the unseen ... to the eternal. He was always with us. Remember how we loved to hear the story of Jesus and how drawn to the cross we were? Remember the tears when we heard "Love paid the ransom for me"? Remember when we found the fountain filled with the Blood of the Lamb? And even unto this day the very thought of these things cause us to shout for joy and to praise Him who loved us so ... as well as all mankind. 


How sad it is to see well meaning souls turn from the truth of the Reconciliation/Restitution of all things. They belittle God, and render the Blood as useless. If there was ever a desire in each son of God, it is the desire to share with all creation the mercy, love, grace and goodness of our Magnificent Father. We shall sprinkle the Blood upon every door post ... FOR THE LAMB WAS SLAIN FOR ALL! We are the messengers of life. The word of reconciliation is given to us. "Be ye reconciled to God" shall be shouted from every mountaintop and echoed through every valley ... and be carried by the wind of the Spirit unto the utmost parts of the universe. For this very reason we shall appear with our Elder Brother on Zion's Holy Hill! This is but a portion of the wonderful work of the Kingdom of God...


Many of us know that we are on the threshold of the Seventh Day. We know that slowly and silently the Kingdom of God is advancing. The Kingdom is doing a great and mysterious work within our inner son. It is shaking all that can be shaken in the World Order. It is taking Babylon, like a mighty stone, and casting her into the sea of oblivion. It is grinding into powder the kingdoms of the world. It is lifting up the gates that the King of Glory might come in. 


Jesus Christ triumphantly rides upon the white horse, leading the vast family of God's Sons unto glory. Once again the palms shall be gathered, flowers shall be strewn along the way, and the hosts of heaven will shout ten thousand hosannas as the Bridegroom enters the gates of the New Jerusalem. 


The Kingdom of God is the Ultimate Authority, which for eons has been proceeding onward, accomplishing the will of the Father. The Sons of God's Christ pledged their perpetual obedience, and were sent forth to bring to pass all that the Father had ordered. And the Word of the Lord goes before them, leading and instructing them in all things. They walk in the strength and wisdom of the Spirit. Life and Light flows forth from their innermost being. The ever abiding presence of the Father is their covering and glory. 


Even now, as an unseen force, the Kingdom of God is moving over the face of the earth. All around us, everywhere and everyday, events are taking place which are beyond explanation. The very presence of the Kingdom of God has placed the governments and kingdoms of the world in the pit of dishonor and disgrace ... openly, before all people. Man's entire system has become a great farce. The worlds two "greatest nations" have become the Sodom and Gomorrah of modern times ... and the filth of these nations is spreading to the four corners of the earth. 


Despite all the "great revivals" … "new world orders" ... and all manner of "civil rights" organizations, everything has failed and has turned into a freedom to openly proclaim every desire of the flesh. For when they knew God, they did not honor Him as God, nor were they thankful ... they worshipped the creature (with all of his so called rights and free will) rather than the Creator. Christianity has become a very profitable business. The "New World Order" is the same old dictator dressed in the garments of liberty, and civil rights have become the justification for contempt, rioting, permissiveness, perversion, killing and stealing. No need to wonder why the whole world is off course. Yes, God gave dominion to man, but it is given to the Sons of God to set things right. Hallelujah! 


My beloved, it is time that all the glory be given to the Father. The Kingdom … the power and the glory is rightfully His ... it always was, and shall be for ages without end. It was He who brought us out of Babylon I s grip. It was He who led us to the depths of Jesus Christ. It was He who carried us upon His wings unto the heights of the eagle. And it was the Father who made us His sons. It is given to the Sons to set the captive people free. He has not called "one" to be the voice … He has called us all to be the sound of many voices. 


There are no barriers more difficult to brake than the barriers of the religions of man with his lower way of thinking. It is truly a great challenge to bring unity out of division. Yet we know that all the forces and armies of the world, along with the powers of darkness, cannot successfully come against our unseen and eternal Christ. He rides forth with the vast family of God's Sons: To thrust the Living Word into the earth, to gather the "wheat" into the Storehouse of the Lord, and to purify in the Holy Fire of God's Spirit, the tares ... making them fit for the Father's use. Nothing in Gods entire creation will be wasted, useless or lost. All things shall be returned to their Rightful Owner … Father God. What an hour that will be, what a glorious sight to behold … when He who sits upon the throne makes all old things new. This too is but a portion of the power and greater works of the Kingdom of God …


Even now the sun is setting upon all that is old. The end of man's six thousand years of mis-rule is just about over. Even now, unobserved and in a holy silence, the Son of the "new" is arising. It all started in us, as the "old" began to pass away and the "new" became alive. Changes beyond description are occurring within our spirits. Our minds are being renewed and we have reached the point where we are abhorred by the things of the flesh. Our eyes are seeing a vision of things as they were and how they shall be. In our concealment and solitude we hear the voice of the Father, and His words shake all that is left of the old, till only that which is new remains. Often we are slain, as it were, and left in a state of awe as we recall our former place and birth and purpose. This is the hour for which the saints of old have travailed in spirit. They longed and waited, hoping it would come in their time, yet it was reserved for the sons upon whom the end (of all old things) would come. 


This is more than Jesus coming into our hearts. It is far greater than Christ in you. We are being raised up into Christ. This is not being done among the multitudes and crowds … it is in our "aloneness" with the Father … it is in the "secret" of the Secret Place. This cannot be preached, or taught, or be persuaded by … this is a returning … our returning to the Center of God's Being. 


Remember the "higher ground" we use to sing about and dream of and yearn for? We are there, my brother-sister-sons. We all know that there are many that oppose us, even within our ranks. And because the vision has not been given to them as yet, they falsely accuse us, as they continue to walk in the old ways and in the old thoughts. It is very difficult to see the eternal things above, as long as one is looking at the things below. Certainly we can see prophecy being fulfilled in the world. But there are those who see a glory that is real and active within their souls today. We cannot give up the vision of the heavenly. We have died to the visible things of Adam's time. We are being quickened to the life in the Spirit. This is the mystic's "door of death into life." This is the entrance into the Kingdom of God that the Father has prepared for the Sons of His Christ. 


We are no longer looking to hear a "message" from man. We are no longer asking man … we have had enough of their conflicting answers. Man would keep us in bondage ... to himself, to his beliefs and for his purpose. Truth as it is given to us by His Spirit sets us free and sets everything in proper order. Truth brings all things into reality. Doubt and fear ask questions. Faith latches on to the truth; thus the soul knows and believes and becomes. Becoming is the substance of faith, and the evidence of things not seen. 


As you have probably noticed by now, the word "free" appears quite often in my writings. We were created free spirit beings in another beginning. Now, being bound by the walls of flesh, our inner son cries out for freedom ... freedom to walk in the Spirit, to live in the Spirit, to be led of the Spirit ... this is the true life of every son. It was ours long ago, it is being returned to us now. The Father is clothing us with the garments of light which were removed when we entered the realm of Adam's time. They are the garments of the Kingdom, the garments of the Bridegroom. They are our birthright willed to us in the Everlasting Covenant. 


Recently, someone wrote to me stating: "We have reached the point of no return." Praise the Lord! We all must know, deep within us, that we are not a part of a movement … we are part of a happening … a birthing ... a new beginning. We did not choose this way, we were chosen, nay, rather we were born for this very walk. 


There is no present heartache, hardship, or suffering that can be compared to the glorious inheritance we were born into, eons ago. Persecution, rejection, sickness, pain, or even death, cannot annul the promise of the Father: "Sons all that I have is yours." It is ours in life, it is ours in death, it is ours in life again ... our ageless and endless life in the Christ Dimension of eternity. This is the Kingdom Covenant of our Everlasting Father, given to His Christ and to His Christ Sons and to their New Jerusalem Bride. 


Beloved of the Father, I write these things to you in great fear and humility … for this vessel is not worthy of such high and holy things. Surely the Lord has not judged the lowliness of my estate. For there are indeed those more knowledgeable and learned in the art of writing ... men of recognition and esteem. Yet, it is one such as I that shares a part in proclaiming unto you the glad tidings of Zion. 


We are partaking of the Lord's Supper. There is no bread and wine ... nor sacred page, or lovely hymn. We feast upon the glorious mysteries of the Lamb of God. We are eating the Manna of the Kingdom. Hide these holy and sacred experiences within thy inner son ... treasure them, ponder them over in your hearts … till the call of the Spirit. 


That which is new is truly upon us, yet as it was and is and shall always be … Jesus Christ is Lord unto the glory of the Father. Ten thousand hallelujahs!


June 21, 1993




LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 6-21-93             3


BY:  CARL R. SCHWING – MAY 4, 1993

LETTER – 1993-G


"Let us speak forth fluently by the Spirit to a people who will hear by the Spirit. Long have they remained in the Desert of Ignorance, stifled in the maze of their own design. Now the blinds are slowly raised from their eyes, as they look inward and upward to the Light; quickened by the Spirit to a new life." E.L. 4/93 


Where the Spirit is Lord there is freedom, and where there is freedom there is unity. If we speak by the Spirit it will be received in the Spirit by all those who have entered into unity with God. There is no confusion or disorder in the words of the Spirit; He simply takes the things of the Father and shows them to us. He takes the words of the Lord and plants them in the fertile ground of every son, there to be born anew in the Life and the Light that is everlasting. Yes, my beloved, the Spirit of the Living God is indeed initiating us into a new age, a new life, and a new and fuller understanding of all things. 


There are many uncertain sounds going forth in the earth today; voices proclaiming unstable teachings ... some founded in truth, but they have grown up into the errors of the foolish who would hold the truth in unrighteousness ... or, for not-right-reasons. 


Shall man forever stifle the words of the Spirit by their strict adherence to the old and fading glory of yesterday’s teachings? Will they never set aside the old "outpourings" which only divided the saints and often ended in shame and ruin? That which once led them to a fuller light now robs them of the fullness of light. Men that once labored faithfully in their "calling" now refuse to "let go" and allow the new to come forth ... clinging to their few loyal followers and thinking that they alone hold the truth. Yet nothing they speak of or write of is new or life giving ... for they speak the shallow words of the past. 


I for one do not look back to the days of 1948. I watched the crumbling of that "tower." I watched the light and glory of that hour become another stronghold of the Babylonian captivity. Even the founders of the "Latter Rain" movement became divided as they argued and disagreed, and finally went their separate ways. Sadly, some have returned to the old Bible School, or should I say "shrine" ... to try, once again, to partake of a dead order. 


Much is being said today of a "new language" ... and indeed there is much of it available. But be careful, very careful, my brothers, for a lot of the "new language" is not the language of the Father ... it is a mixture of good and evil. It is not the language of life ... nor is it the word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. The language of the Father is high and holy, purifying and life giving. Hallelujah! 


There truly is a New Language; it exalts the Father alone. It reveals the Father and gives to us the recollection of His purposes for the ages. It sends us forth to map out the course for all who are to follow. It imparts to us the divine nature of the Father, thus making us one in Him. And this New Language includes words of life and love and grace for all that the Father has made. 


Legalism builds walls ... strong and high. Walls which divide and separate the people of God. Legalism has caused many believing couples to lose their children to the world and the evils thereof. Legalism routes out a path that more often than not ends in darkness, sorrow, and disappointment. Legalism is the judgment seat of the self righteous ... it is the difference between going to a heaven or a hell, to those who teach it or practice it. 


Obviously, I do not accept the teaching of legalism. However, I am an ardent believer in HOLINESS ... without which, no man can see (perceive) God. Holiness is the work of the Spirit working within the heart of every longing soul. Holiness is the result of the fires of purification. Holiness stirs up all that is pure; and to the purified everything they desire and seek is that which is pure. In God there is no mixture. His good devours all evil. His light casts out all darkness ... and His life conquers the curse of death. God is the essence of holiness. And when He is finished with His creation, all shall be holy, even as He is holy. 


We need not fear Babylon ... it is a "dead order" ... and the dead praise not the Lord, nor any that go down into the grave of her darkness. Yet out of her masses there is arising a "many headed" beast. Each head bears the mind of a man ... having eyes which see only the things of the lower nature ... and ears that hear only that which is twisted and distorted. Yet out of their mouth proceeds a testimony for God ... thus revealing the great deceit of the beast. Many witnesses and false prophets are being sent out by the beast ... they spread his lies and cunningly devised fables ... they tell of great signs and wonders ... they speak of God dwelling in them, and they dwelling in God. Many shall hear their message and follow the false prophets. 


This is the gross darkness that can be felt. This is the many membered man of sin ... arising to proclaim his abominable message of deceit. This is the latter day spirit of the anti -Christ. Who, with the distorted truth, would place the Christ of God in the lifeless realm of flesh, giving glory and power to the creature. He leads the nations of the world to the depths of error and unrighteousness ... and wonder of wonders, attempts to deceive the very elect of God. 


Speaking with a "forked tongue" their message of lies ... denouncing the deity of Jesus and denying the glorious coming of God Is Christ. Telling us that we must see Christ in every man and woman. Saying that to touch the flesh is to touch God ... to embrace flesh is to embrace God. They would have to believe that "strict standards" should not be set ... that to be free, self must be released to be whatever self desires. Claiming that even the exposed evangelist are "men of God" ... doing exactly what God had told them to do. Proclaiming that everything from homosexuality to abortion is a part of an acceptable way of life. And then, in the humility and the glowing appearance of a God sent angel they speak the lovely words: "All things are of God." And finally, they take the glorious work of Redemption and drag it through the mud of carnality, desiring to fill every vile and unclean spirit with Redemption is priceless treasure; as with great boldness they declare all men to be saved. 


I could continue for pages ... the message of the beast only gets worse. I spoke face to face with one of his "witnesses." And when I refused to hear the "message," the verbal abuse I received was as shameful as their abominable teachings. There is absolutely nothing more deadly than distorted truth. And it is not coming from the Pope and the Roman Church, as many of the scholars of the past had predicted. It is coming out of ones who claim to have a place in Sonship and the Kingdom! 


To see, with the mind of the Father, the depths of the truth "All things are of God" will never lead one to an attitude of indifference. All things are of God as they reach their ultimate purpose in God, and find completion in Him. "All things are of God" cannot be researched, learned, and explained with the carnal mind ... if it is, the understanding will be on a carnal level. Such truth is spiritually discerned. The knowledge of this truth is given by the Spirit, thus causing us to bow in great awe and humility ... creating within us the fear of the Lord ... which is the beginning of wisdom. 


To understand that in the eternal mind of the Father all men are saved in Christ Jesus, will not lead one to permissiveness, rather a turning to all that is pure, holy, and righteous. It will cause us to bear more freely and willingly the sins of mankind upon our hearts. It will cause us to bring mankind before the Father, and to cry out to Him with tears and in great suffering: "Father, forgive them for they know not what they have done." It gives us a deeper and richer understanding of the accomplishment of the cross and its purpose in the ages to come. It sheds a new light upon the infinite power of the Blood of Jesus Christ. It is through His Blood that true life will be given to all that the Father has made. But first, The Blood will wash, cleanse, and purify every filthy stain ... destroying forever the power of the flesh, of darkness, of sin, and of death. So much more truth and life and light is in the Blood of the Lamb than has ever been fathomed. 


I once knew of a pastor who was removed from the "church" because he was accused of preaching too much of the "Blood" message. In truth, my fellow sons, too little has been preached ... too little has been taught, and next to nothing has been the knowledge of the Lamb's Blood that was shed eons ago. But God (Hallelujah!) is restoring that knowledge to us. The Everlasting Gospel and the Everlasting Covenant were sealed by the Holy Blood of God's Christ, long before the beginning recorded in Genesis. 


Much of what we read and hear today is the result of man trying to lay his hands upon the things of God. It is the result of "breaking through to gaze," and trying to enter in by another way, thus they are but thieves and robbers ... such have no part (understanding) in the Kingdom. 


It is most important that we remain "rooted and grounded" in Christ. The sooner we abandon all else and take our place in Christ, the better it will be for us ... and for the world. I have found that all that are in "Sonship" are not necessarily sons ... and many that preach the "Kingdom Message" see little of Kingdom Truth. No one man has the full revelation. None of us know as we ought. We must anchor ourselves to the Rock of all Ages. It is far better to believe God than to trust in the wisdom of man. Take the teachings of the past six thousand years, and let them unfold their eternal meaning in the light of God's Holy Spirit; and it will shake your spirit, mind, and body. We have seen and known so little ... only with the mind of the Father can the fullness of all things be seen. 


There are many interpretations, translations, and theories, pertaining to the Kingdom of God. Many are interesting and contain some truth, yet most, if not all lack the life of the Spirit, thus the fruit of the message is confusion. We must always remember ... before all things there was the Kingdom of God and of His Christ and of His Christ Sons. And by the goodness of the Almighty there has always been a portion ... a Kingdom Seed, if you will, present upon the earth. I would not want to imagine what the past six thousand years might have been like if there had not been a "representation" of His Kingdom on earth. Jesus prayed for the corning of the Father's Kingdom ... in order that the Father's will might be done on earth, even as it is done in His Holy Courts. Today, the words, "Thy Kingdom Come" are upon the lips of all Christendom. The whole creation, in its own way, cries out also. 


The Sons of the Kingdom are proclaiming the sunrise of the Day of the Kingdom ... the Kingdom that shall cover the earth, even as the waters cover the sea. It is corning forth unobserved by most ... the few that are seeing it are being rejected. But to the sons the Kingdom is appearing ... triumphantly displaying the majesty and ruling power of our Great Father. 


A new and glorious change, as a mighty rushing wind, is filling our house. 


The anointing fire of God's Spirit is reaching down into the depths of our inner son ... He is filling us with the Father's Language of Life. And, in the appointed season, we shall reap the attributes of God's Divine Nature. 0 wretched men that we are ... But God (Hallelujah!) shall deliver us from the body of death ... through Jesus Christ our Lord and King. Praise the Lord! 


I would like to share the following letter with you. Truly its message is one of Spirit and life: "The change is here. Not as the blind look upon it, but those that know the Spirit. As we are lifted up by our Father Divine, and know we are partaking of His substance, we walk willingly in all His statutes and will. We give no credence to those outside of the dimension we have entered into. We hear not their cries; why do you isolate yourself from others? They dwell entirely in the mixture. We hear them but they have no affect upon us. 


We are ascending into Super-consciousness, the earthy no longer has a hold on us. Even the most religious, as they are termed, forcibly speak only the natural things. They know us not. When the heart does not open to the Highest, it may by certain events be broken open to let God in. 


When life has lost its way and wanders in a maze of uncertainty the ego may have to suffer, because it is only when the rule of the self fails that a more divine rule takes its place. Human development involves the use of suffering, either physical, mental or spiritual. But remember the evils or pains of life have only a passing existence, and are aligned to the good and joy of life. Their existence is eventually controlled by the Divine Laws and used for a divine universal outworking. How could any universe come into being without both good and evil, light and darkness, joy and sorrow coming from it? If we ask for a painless existence, then it will surely be a joyless one. 


'What we see taking place today is truly the cleansing experience, and by God’s help it can be transmuted into spiritual renewal. Let the light of Christ shine through all anxieties; through each experience will come a quickening and renewal of power which induces peace, inner peace, and a love personified that has been almost nil in experience on planet Earth. 


Soul is meeting with soul, it becomes most accelerating. In the silence, contact with the unseen world, which is our true home, is made." E.L. 3/93 


Though the cares and worries of life creep in to weaken and stunt our growth, yet by the glory of His presence we are renewed and strengthened. It shall not be said of us that we did not run the race. Against all odds and all manner of persecution we are running faithfully. We may grow weary and falter, but by the power of the Spirit we press on. The prize is for us. He willed it to us in the Everlasting Covenant. Nothing and no one will take it from us. The crown is just before us ... the songs of Zion belong to the Sons. Regardless of all the voices that would hold us back, we are entering the Promised Kingdom. 


Upon the wind of the Spirit shall our testimony be carried to the utmost parts of the earth. All who have ears to hear, will hear what the Spirit is saying. What a glorious hour when all creation shall hear and live. 


Rejoice, my brother-sister-sons, for the Father has placed us in the Ark of Safety and has closed the door. He is our Ark of Safety ... we have been shut in with Him. Our fellowship is with the Father. We dwell under the covering of His Spirit. In our "aloneness" we are partaking of the Bread of Life ... feasting upon the Living Words of our Beloved Christ! Unto Him be all honor and glory and praise, ages without end. 


May 4, 1993






































LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 5-4-93                 4

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