BY:  CARL R. SCHWING – JULY 22, 1993

LETTER – 1993-I


The Light of the Morning disperses the darkness of the night. The Morning Star shines brightly in the heavenly realms and the words of the Sons proclaim the dawn of the Deeper Sabbath. 


The watchman hath seen what God has prepared for them that love Him. The scenes of the Kingdom are no longer dreams. The Kingdom comes forth from its chamber of flesh … to silence the misconceptions of tradition bound men. The Kingdom comes forth to rise above all the kingdoms of earth … to lay in the dust of the past, all the work of man's hands. It comes to fulfill the shadows and types ... to establish the reign of God's Eternal Christ. 


The members of His Body are being fitly joined together to be the Visible Expression of Him who fills all things with Himself. They are bound together by the cords of love, and anointed from "Head to feet" with the words of the Everlasting Gospel. This is the "union with God" we shared in the long ago. This is the Manifestation of the Sons of God as it will be in this Seventh Day ... yet, this is but a glimpse of our glory in the ages to come! 


Even now, in the dawn of God's Great Day, there are men and women that are receiving the Word of the Lord, and are sending it forth upon the breath of the Spirit. As the gentle dew of the morning, it is falling upon the hearts of all who look unto them; refreshing their spirits and renewing their minds. 


Eyes that have seen (perceived) the glory of His Kingdom can no longer look upon the meaningless things of the world. The kingdoms and powers of the world seem as nothing to them. Wars and rumors of war are but harbingers of the coming of God's Peaceful Kingdom. Uprisings, overthrowings, rebellion; along with all the works of the flesh, bear record to the closeness of our Redemption. The Earth, in its state of desecration, cries out for the appearing of the Creator. 


Ears that have heard the voice of the Spirit can no longer listen to the voices of confusion. Only the voice of the Father, speaking deep within the recesses of our inner son, can give life and light. Once we walked by faith, now we live and move and have our existence in every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. As His word goes forth we are transformed: First, in spirit, then in mind, and finally in body. The word of the Lord is for all who have ears to hear. 


How foolish are the ways and thoughts of men ... with their shallow little beliefs that have an appearance of the real, but end in the lifelessness of human effort. Who, but the vain and self-promoting, would think that the absence of money could hinder God's work? Can one number the attributes of God, or give life to His Word? Could one control the Spirit of God, or limit His ways? Could any man rob God of His kingdom, power, or glory? I say not! Could prophet, teacher, evangelist, pastor, or apostle usurp authority over the Living Word of God? Who is there among us that could silence the voice of the Everlasting Gospel, or annual the Everlasting Covenant? Only fools with hardened hearts would think that they could limit the all inclusive salvation, purchased by the Blood of the Lamb. Only the weak and blind would attribute ageless power to the gates of hell. Who, but the careless and doubting, would deny the Restitution of all Things? 


This is the hour of freedom, my brother-sister-sons. It comes to us first, that we might walk in liberty as the Sons of God: That we might set free those who are still held in the strong grip of Babylon's hand. WE WILL NOT RETURN TO THE CAMP ... they shall be awakened and shall rise up and say to one another; "Let us go up unto the mountain of the Lord, and there be taught in the ways of life and truth." Then shall they know that we are the Sons of God. They shall come, and hear, and live. They too, shall partake of the freedom to walk in the Spirit, and to follow in the path of God's Christ. This is the "pressing on" of the Kingdom of God, as it overthows the stronghold of Babylon. This is the liberation of all those who have called upon the Name of the Lord. 


We all know that even now there is great unrest in the camp. The people are growing weary of all the conflicting teachings. The "leaders" are well aware of this, that is why they have resorted to fun, food and fellowship ... and have eased up on the message of truth and holiness. Compromise is not foreign to the harlots of Babylon. Only the simple are bewitched by her enticements. 


Many who have "come out" of the religious systems now follow a man. God's people seem to enjoy playing "follow the leader," while at the same time they are so fearful to plunge themselves into the depths of Jesus Christ. What a paradox! It saddens my heart to write of such things. Does the fault lie in the people, or the man? Let God be the judge. Oh, my brothers, the Lord seeks to free you of such things. He is a jealous God. He created us as sons and daughters. He is our Father ... we bear His name. Let us be the "examples" to all mankind. Let us trust in Him, walking with Him alone ... always doing the things that please Him! 


Apart from all the glamour and noise of a pseudo church, stands our lovely Christ, clothed in the light of countless suns ... shadowless light ... revealing all that is pure, and holy, and life-giving. All lesser light vanishes from view. All other voices are silenced. There is an absence of men as we behold Christ revealed as the Light that shall enlighten every man. He is not only the first Son of Light and the last Son of Light ... He is the only Light. All other sons of light are but a reflection of Him ... bearing within their predestined hearts the image and glory of His Person. 


There have always been the "morning stars" ... sons with a message ... foretelling the coming of the dawn. Even in this hour there are those precious voices proclaiming the light of truth. But, let us not stand too long gazing at the "morning stars" ... for the time of Sonrise is here. Rise up, my brothers, for thy light has come and the glory of the Lord is shinning upon thee. The Son of Righteousness is rising within the earth that we are, that we might arise in the light that He is: To bring light and freedom where darkness and bondage once reigned. 


The moaning of the creation has become a sweet music to the ears of our spirit ... for in it we hear; "Come quickly, Lord Jesus." The hour is close, more so than we think. Redemption draws nigh as the Kingdom appears. 


Beyond the sacred page we seek the:' Lord! Beyond all the old concepts and beliefs. Beyond all the languages of Adam's realm. So, we are elevated beyond all that is visible, into the Divine Dimension of the Father. The dimension where knowing in part and seeing dimly is put away ... where all natural understanding is removed ... where types and shadows do not dwell, and laws and ordinances are no more. There is no mixture or division in the Father's House. There is no need of sun to shine by day, for the Lamb is the Light. There is no need of moon by night ... there is no night there. No springtime or harvest, all is ageless and eternal. God alone is Ruler. This is our home ... our birthplace ... this is the Kingdom of our God and of His Christ. 


It is in His presence that we receive the Living Word; and in Him alone are all the answers. By the power of His Spirit" He is renewing our minds; we need not that any man should teach us. 


It is not by our own effort that light and truth is given. Nor can we "enter in" by another's word or knowledge. All the writings in the world cannot take us to the "higher plain." Positive thinking cannot impart immortality and incorruption. We can not "think" our way into reality. God is not patiently waiting for us, as though we are calling all the shots or holding back His plans ... we are waiting upon Him. We shall be, once again, what we were, at His appointed time. He shall send forth His Spirit and gather from the four corners of heaven and earth, His sons. They shall come and be changed in a moment ... for He shall breathe the breath of eternal life upon them. They shall become life-giving beings. 


The Father has sent forth the light of this great hour, that we might clearly see what is happening in the higher realms of His Spirit, and that we might behold the wonderful workings of His Kingdom. This indeed is the hour to awake, our salvation is much nearer than when we first believed. THE NIGHT IS FAR SPENT ... THE DAY IS DAWNING! Hallelujah! 


We do not need to be told of the "times and the seasons." We know perfectly well that the Day of the Lord comes as a thief in the night: But we do not dwell in the darkness, that the day of the Lord should overtake us a thief. WE ARE THE SONS OF THE DAY. We are not of the night, nor the darkness. Sleeping and dreaming are for those who dwell in the night; and they that dwell in the night see little ... if anything. 


We that walk in the dawn of the day see the corning of a new heaven and a new earth, wherein dwells righteousness ... for His is the Righteous Kingdom. I need not write of the darkness of the times, or the gross darkness which covers the people the newspapers and news reports contain it all. I need not write of the night the night belongs to them that sleep. I must write of the dawning of the DAY OF THE LORD, for I write to the SONS OF THE MORNING. 


As the day breaks before us, we begin to see things even as the Father sees them.  Half truths can no longer satisfy us. We are beginning to see things that are uncomprehensible to the natural mind, the religious mind, even to the spiritual mind. While the multitudes "watch," we behold.  As others “hope,” we receive, and as others moan over the times and the darkness, we rejoice in the light. Far greater is the light within you, my beloved, than the darkness that is in the world. 


Regardless of all the prevailing circumstances, and despite all the contrary conditions visible to the natural eye, the Father hath set Christ at His right hand in the heavenly places ... far above all principality, power, might, and dominion, and far above every name that is named in this age or in the age to come. THE FATHER HAS PUT ALL THINGS UNDER CHRIST’S FEET, AND APPOINTED HIM TO BE THE RULER OVER ALL THINGS! He, with His younger brothers, shall rule and reign in their Father's Kingdom. All power, be it in heaven or earth, belongs to Him. His Kingdom is ever progressing, ever increasing, and ever expanding. 


We, as the Sons of the Morning, are being sent forth to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord. It may appear, by our "aloneness," that little is being accomplished. Be not deceived, God is greatly moving within us. He is giving us a message for all those who love and long for the Lord. It is a message of love  a message of His coming. He is love, and His coming is sure. 


Love that is from above conquers all. A few words spoken in love will do more than all the words of the wise spoken in eloquence. Love is a key wherewith we open the gates to the Kingdom. 


Love in the natural was a feeling or an emotion. Love, in the Spirit, is a transforming experience into the more abundant life. In the old order we were exhorted to show love, in the Kingdom Order, we become love; not a love stirred up, rather the Divine Love flowing into and out from our inner son. 


Love in Adam's race waxed cold; for their hearts became hardened. Love to them became a pleasure, and all pleasure is short lived that is why one who lives in pleasure, is truly dead all the while they live. 


Love that is from above bears much fruit. Love gives, even as God gave His Son for a ransom. Love obeys in all things, for this is well-pleasing in the sight of the Father. Love understands, forgives, and lifts up; for mercy is a kin of love, and mercy, like love, endures forever. 


Love, as it is in the Father, never fails. Love endures for the ages, it expands, and it is life-giving. There is no limitation to love. Love will not rest until it fills all things. Love remains when all else has passed away. 


Love induces worship, adoration, and praise. Love leads us to the Most Holy Place. Love will cause us to dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Love releases all that is pure, holy, and godly within our inner son. Love alone will cause us to see, and know, and be as God. 


Time is but a speck between two eternities. What is a day, or a thousand years to the One who is ageless and eternal? To come in secret, or in a cloud of great glory, is the same to Him who is omnipresent. Let men argue over dates and times ... one cannot calculate the comings and goings of our infinite Christ. If the wind can blow where it would, and we can hear its sound, yet cannot tell where it came from or where it is going; how much more can He who created the wind, come and go freely. 


The secret of His coming is not in the where, when, or how ... the secret is in the Father. The Father has made the plan; and with the voice of a great trumpet, He shall announce the corning of the King of Glory. We all would like to be alive at His coming ... and we shall be, either way! Hallelujah! There is no need to count years or days ... just look and know that redemption draws nigh. JESUS CHRIST WILL COME WITH GOD'S VAST FAMILY OF SONS! Mankind cannot exist much longer. The Earth cannot endure much more. All are on tiptoe, waiting for the Manifestation of the Sons of God. The Spirit breaks the barriers of time and distance, bringing to pass, in proper order, all that the Father has spoken. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus. 


July 22, 1993
























































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