LETTER – 2004-A


To the precious "called out ones" in Christ Jesus ... the sons of the Most High. To all of you that sit with our Elder Brother in the Father's "Secret Place" ... I send these words of love and exhortation. 


It has been many years since the Father called us out of the camps of the dead ones. The journey has been long and trying. We have walked countless miles, often through the worst of storms and the darkest of nights. We have climbed mountains and walked deep lonely valleys. We have fought serious battles along the way; battles against the powers of the air, the powers of darkness, the powers of religion and the greatest of all battles ... the battle against the flesh. 


Many of us have fallen and suffered greatly only to rise the stronger for it. Some of us walked alone never hearing of another or meeting another, and yet we pressed onward. We have all traveled the wilderness of aloneness, and we are all pressing on toward the mark of our high calling in Christ Jesus. Our oneness with Him lies before us ... 


This is a most glorious hour in which we live; union with God has never been so close. The realm of the Eternal is reaching down to embrace us ... increasing the light of knowledge within our inner son; and our inner son is being "carried away" by the Spirit of the Lord unto a realm of worship long forgotten. It is the worshiping of Him in the Spirit and in the beauty of holiness. Holiness of ours? We have none to give! It is waiting in the silence of self for the Spirit of the Living God to move and give life within. It is waiting in the silence of self until He comes and fills us to overflowing with His Spirit, His love, and His holiness; and it is the "overflowing" that rises up as a great offering of adoration to Him who alone is holy. It is the Father becoming everything in us that we cannot be in ourselves. It is in that moment of His overshadowing power and indwelling presence that we become as one; and our spirit and mind become lost in Him ... and the beauty and holiness of that moment is the "worship" our Father desires. It is no longer the "I" that is worshiping ... it is the Spirit of the Living God. Hallelujah! 


In the beginning of all beginnings, when we came before the Father to worship Him, the Father reached out to us; and out from the center of His Being flowed a Light of Glory ... which flowed into us. And in the light, and by the light, and with the light that He is, we worshiped our Everlasting Father. This glorious "gathering" enkindled the fire that would burn forever before the Throne of God; the fire that in ages to come would purify all that the Father had made; that He might fill ALL THINGS with himself, and that ALL might partake of the Liberty of the Sons of God. 


Do not misunderstand, my brother-sister-sons, the Father dearly loves our praise and supplications. It is then He holds us; like little children, close to His heart; it is then that He shares our fears, and pains, our joys, sorrows, our hopes and our needs. Ah, He delights himself in the precious words: "Father, not my will, but Thine be done." However, it is in the silence of self that The Door opens to the "place by Him" where He is all and in all; a "place by Him" where all we want, desire, or long for, is Him. 


Worshiping in the Spirit is not a form or ritual, it is a very sacred and intimate relationship with the Father. It is a joining together of our spirit with His Spirit. The outpouring of the Baptism of the Spirit was only a foretaste of a Glorious Rapture into the fullness of the Father's Spirit. If you will, the Baptism of the Spirit was an experience foretelling the moment when the Spirit of God and the spirit of our inner son would merge as one. Hallelujah! 


In the silence of self, the Holy Spirit comes, and for a moment ... in the twinkling of an eye ... we are joined together; and the glory and wonder of that moment rises up as an act of supreme praise to the Father ... as we are joined by the vast Family of God's Sons, and all the heavenly host in one magnificent and divine act of worship. Indeed, this is sitting with Christ in heavenly places! And as we sit with Christ in heavenly places, all earthly ties are broken and our spirit is free to partake of a life, a joy, and a glory that was ours in the long ago. In this "gathering" we partake of the life, the love, and the knowledge of the UnCreated One; we can see the whole Creation through the eyes of God; we can understand, fully, the results of the hour when God pours out His Spirit upon ALL FLESH. Then, ALL shall know the Lord from the least to the greatest, as every knee bows and every tongue confesses. Ah, then shall the Eternal Love, Mercy and Grace of the Father cover ALL THINGS. 




My beloved, the Holy Spirit will come and lift your spirit to the realm beyond the reach of mortal men. Just turn inward ... wait ... be still...for He is God. He wants to give all that He has to you. He wants to prepare you for the moment you are "no more" ... the moment when He takes you into himself ... 













































LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 2-1-04          2

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