LETTER – 2004-B


All glory and honor be given to our Everlasting Father and praise be unto our Elder Brother, the Lord Jesus Christ. His love and peace to you my brother-sister-sons ... made one by the power of the Holy Spirit. 


Once we sat together in the Council of the Most High and listened to the Father's plans for the Ages to come. His ways and thoughts and wisdom overwhelmed us. He spoke and His word went forth and it was accomplished. 




We were clothed with light; He shone with the light of countless sons. We wore a crown; He wore many crowns. We each had a name; His name was above all names. We had life in Him; He was the Essence of life. We had our beginning in Him; He was the Beginning. We always did that which pleased the Father, and we were always able to do what He sent us forth to do; yet all power was given to our Elder Brother. 


We watched as He created the immense Universe; we watched as He filled it with galaxies and planets, worlds, moons and stars ... all of which were reflections of His beauty and light. He knew the number of the stars and He called them by their names; then commanded their course and established their purpose. He placed within the Universe an unseen Energy that would keep Divine Order and Harmony throughout the Cosmos. 


My beloved, methinks there is not a place in the vastness of the Universe that we had not walked upon, or touched, or treasured; and each place was "home" because the Father was there. The habitation of the Most High encircles the Universe ... it is in the Eternal Realm, in the Unseen Realm ... it is in the Realm of the Spirit ... and it is in you. Within the Royal Courts of that fair dwelling the Father sits upon the Great White Throne; it is white with Iight ... for He is the Source and Essence of all light. 


As you know, our brother Paul spoke of "visions" and "revelations" of the Lord. He spoke of being "caught up" to the third heaven and of hearing wondrous words. However, eons before, we had ridden with Paul upon the breath of God throughout the many dwelling places in the Father's House. And we heard and saw and spoke wondrous things. Hallelujah! 


In the Father's House are many dwelling places ... perhaps countless ones. There is a dwelling place for the Sons, another for the Saints, another for the angels, another for the "saved of the earth" ... and there is a dwelling place reserved for all those that will be purified, in the Ages to come, by the fire that burns, forever, before the Throne of God. 


Once again the Father gathered us together and we talked about things to come. He told us that each one of us, at our appointed time, would leave the glory of His presence and be sent to live on Earth in a body of flesh. Some would be vessels of honor ... others of dishonor. Some would have a noble purpose ... others, not so noble. He told us that our Elder Brother would go to earth to 'become the Son of man and the Saviour of all mankind. The Father used words that were strange to us; words like: darkness, sin, sickness, lust, pain, suffering and sorrow, fear, failure, war, hate and death. A great silence covered the Holy Place. We did not move; we could not speak -we waited in His presence.


In the silence, the Father opened His heart to us; forth from His Pure Heart flowed a stream of love. All that dwelled within the "Secret Place" were lost in the depths of His love. Just how long we bathed in the fullness of the Father's love we cannot know ... for there is no time in the Father's House. Hallelujah! Then, the Spirit of joy came upon us, and once again the corridors of eternity echoed with the shouts of the Sons of God; and with a mighty voice they cried: "Father, we will go and do thy bidding, and all the glory will be Thine!" In this "gathering" the Redemption and Restitution of all things was written and sealed in the Lamb's Book of Life. Hallelujah! 


We have reached a most Holy Hour in the plans of the Eternal. As you spend time in His presence do not think it strange when the Light of God enthralls your being. The hour of the Revelation of Jesus Christ is upon us ... the Revelation of the complete Christ of God. 


Truly, the Father's light of glory is rising within our inner son, causing a "Holy and Transforming Recollection" of who we were, where we were, and what we knew, when the Morning Stars sang together and the Sons of God shouted for joy. This glorious work of the Holy Spirit is a gradual change from glory to glory; from memory to memory. As we "recollect" ... the inner son becomes edified and is drawn, once again, closer to the "place by Him" where all is light and life; and where most wondrous words are heard ... THIS IS THE POWER OF HIS RESURRECTION WORKING WITHIN US ... THIS IS THE DOOR TO IMMORTALITY! 


If we look, with the eyes of the Spirit, we will behold a great cloud of witnesses encircling us. I believe them to be a "Band of Brothers" sent by the Father as "Unseen Witnesses" and "Silent Keepers" of His Kingdom within us. Their presence is so close, that at times we feel as though we could reach out and touch them. Also, I believe they are here to bear witness against those that have given heed to seducing spirits; making false claims to immortality; saying they are manifested sons of God; even claiming to be Christ. From such, turn away. However, do not despise them ... they are serving an important part in the plan of the Father: Their darkness causes the Light of Truth to shine brighter in the heavenlies of our hearts. This, my beloved, is why we live within our "Fortress of Aloneness," surrounded by the love of our Everlasting Father, abiding in the shadow of our Elder Brother, and attended by our "Band of Brothers." This is why even the darkness is light around us. And all that we might suffer in spirit, mind, or body, is a joy to our inner son ... for he is the real man ... a son of the Living God. 


We wait silently before our Father ... waiting for Him to complete His perfect work in us; waiting for the glorious moment He comes down in a cloud of glory and speaks with a mighty voice, proclaiming: "THESE ARE MY BELOVED SONS, THE EMANCIPATORS OF THE CREATION!" Hallelujah! 






















LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 3-12-04           2

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