LETTER – 2004-C


I send this "little letter" to share with you the thoughts that came to me during the night watches. I give thanks to the Father of all ... for you ... the beloved of the Lord. 


To us, He is always the Wonderful One, not just because He is the older, the taller, the wiser, the mightier, but because He is our Everything. He shared with us all that the Father had given to Him. He opened the Universe to us and gave each of us a morning star that would share our joy and sing the song known only to us. He gave each of us a "garden," our own "Secret Place of Silence," where we could commune alone with Him. He showed us the Father's Storehouse where all the treasures of life and love, beauty and bounty, are stored. He took our hand in His and promised to love us forever and to be with us throughout the endless ages. And those words meant everything to us and we pondered them over and over again in our hearts. 


The Father called us together and said the time had come for our Elder Brother to go to earth and become the Son of Man. Though we had known for ages of this hour, nevertheless a great sadness came upon us as He left on his journey into "time." We could not imagine spending a moment without Him, or what the Father's House would be like without His presence. A fear and loneliness, something we had never known before, gripped our hearts ... but He turned, (Hallelujah!) and looking at us with eyes filled with love, He said: "Lo I am with you always." A sweet peace settled over the heavenlies ... yet deep within our hearts we knew His journey would end on a dreadful day. Our Beloved Brother would become the Supreme Sacrifice. He would suffer and die at the hands of cruel men 


The day and the hour did come ... the agony was to begin in a "garden." Our Elder Brother went to Gethsemane for spirit converse with his Father. How could one possibly put into words the suffering of the Lord Jesus Christ? A suffering so intense that He fell to the ground, and His sweat was as it were great drops of blood. Jesus knew, He had always known, that He would drink of the bitter cup. 


The angel of God came before Him, to strengthen Him. Methinks the angel may have whispered: "Thou art The Christ, the Son of the Living God. Thou art The Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world. Thou art The Creator, Redeemer, and Restorer of all things. And you always do that which pleases the Father." 


Though He prayed as the Son of Man, He yielded as the Son of God. We were there my beloved, and though the night was dreadful, we lifted our voices in praise when WE heard Him cry "Father, not my will but Thine be done." Thus, He prayed three times ... for He was to be the Glorious Victor of heaven, earth, and hell. Hallelujah! 


The kiss of betrayal! What a horrible purpose to have served ... how unbearable the guilt, the shame, the despair. Whenever I think of the thirty pieces of silver, I am ashamed, for I remember the times in my life when I "sold out" for much less ... yet He was faithful and true ... and loved me just the same. 


They bound Him, scourged Him, laughed and mocked Him. Though His body was racked with pain, they could not touch His spirit or mind. "By his stripes we are healed!" Oh, those words carry a message of hope to all that had suffered, or would suffer for righteousness sake. His precious stripes were not only for the healing of the body, but for the healing of the nations, for the healing of the victims of war, hatred, and bigotry. In His hour of inhuman torture, He thought of the suffering of others. Ana we were always in His thoughts. 


They brought Him forth wearing a crown of thrones and a purple robe. "Behold your king," they cried. As the crowd was shouting the fateful words, "Crucify him," we fell at our loving Brother's feet to worship and exalt Him; and we knew that that very day He would be with us in the Father's House. 


They stretched out His arms, and drove nails through His hands; the precious hands that had once healed the sick, raised the dead, had given sight to the blind ... the hands that had blessed the children, the multitudes, the loaves and fishes ... and had blessed the bread and wine. We "remembered" when He first reached out His hands to us ... and He touched us ... everything that was pure and holy and life giving flowed from His hands into our hearts. 

Upon a lonely hill, in the gathering darkness, He was "lifted up" for all Creation to see. 




Through the "lifting up" our Elder Brother would draw all men unto Redemption and Life Eternal. Each drop of blood He shed was a fountain of mercy and grace. Nothing and no one would hinder or limit the power of His precious blood. The religious world knows little of the accomplishments of the Cross ... they are so involved with "the story" they have failed to see, fully, the end results. And we, too, know nothing as we ought ... but, (Hallelujah!) we are beginning to "remember." In the Ages to come the fullness of Calvary's work will unfold. Through the Christ of the Cross shall ALL find fulfillment in Him. 


"Lord, Remember me," cried the dying thief. His words were carried by the wind of the Spirit to the four corners of the earth. All that slept in their graves cried out:  "Remember me!" All that dwelled in the house of hell cried out: "Remember me!" And with a voice, like the sound of many waters the whole Creation cried out: "Remember me!" Those precious cries will not go unheard or unanswered


"My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" At that moment God withdrew himself from Jesus; placing all the vileness and violence of the sins of mankind, past, present, and future, upon His Son's shoulders; in order that our Beloved Brother might bear the totality of sin, as a man. Thus, He who knew no sin, became the totality of sin, and for sin, He would die. ONE SACRIFICE ... ONE TIME ... FOR ALL ... FOREVER! Then He cried: "It is finished," and He committed His spirit to the Father. We carried His spirit home ... to rest in the bosom of the Father. The price for Redemption was marked "paid in full," and recorded in the Lamb's Book of Life. His loved ones placed His body in the tomb of a loving friend, that He might rest in the "garden" of stones and flowers ... 


The Father called us into His presence. He told us that our Elder Brother was now the Saviour and Redeemer of all mankind. He said that all men would be drawn to His Christ; some through tribulation and suffering, others by the fire of His great mercy, but all would come through the Blood of His Son. Then He told us that it was given to us to be the Liberators of the Creation. He said the whole Creation would moan in travail for that hour… The hour was set and written and sealed in the Lamb's Book of Life. 


It was in the early hours of the First Day of the Week when the angel and a young man went to the garden of stones and flowers. The angel rolled the stone away from the entrance of the tomb. The young man entered, and unwrapped the body of the Lord. The tomb became bright with the Glory Light of God ... and the Lord arose. We, my brother-sister-sons, were waiting in the garden. The young man stood at the right side of the sepulchre, as the Risen Lord came forth. The young man, with a voice of great joy, cried: "Behold, our Elder Brother!" We fell to the ground in the brightness of His glory and offered praise to Him who was, and is, and shall forever be ... OUR IMMORTAL BELOVED." Hallelujahl 


Now, beloved of the Lord, He walks through the "garden" that you are ... not in a sense of the word, but in truth and reality. He is removing the "thrones and thistles" that remain in your life. When He is finished, all that will remain is what He had planted there. Though the outer shell may fail and fade, the "inner garden" grows richer and stronger in the fertile ground of His presence. How beautiful when the "garden" is free from all the chatter of religious notions, and worldly rambling. In the cool of the day He will walk with you and tell you of wondrous things. 


The "Time of the Lily" approaches ... it is the early hours of the Day of the Lord. Glorious transitions are taking place within the tomb of our flesh ... the inner son is being prepared to partake of his Lord's Resurrection and Life! Hallelujahl 



LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 4-10-04          2

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