BY:  CARL L. SCHWING - MAY 14, 2004

LETTER – 2004-D


Unto Him that loved us and shed His light upon us, delivering us from the steeple-houses of error and bondage, be praise and honor forever, ages without end. 


Let us give much, but ask little; always desiring to do His will in all things, bearing all things, enduring all things. Always remembering the ways of the Father are unto Iife ... always remembering that love and life, grace, mercy, and freedom are for all men in the Father's Perfect Plan. Let us always show understanding, compassion, and forgiveness to all; always speaking the words of reconciliation ... thus, giving hope and assurance to all mankind ... to all creation. For in this we please and glorify our Father, and prove ourselves worthy to be called His sons. 


The Father is most glorious. His love is overwhelming. His mercy endures forever. He is mightier than the waves of the sea and far mightier than the arm of flesh. His Kingdom is mightier than all the dark governments of the world. 


The Father has overshadowed us with the presence of our Elder Brother, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is in Him we live and move and have our existence. He is the LIVING WORD; from Him proceeds all truth, all light, and all life. He is LIFE IMMORTAL. He is LIFE ETERNAL ... all else is make believe. 


He is truly with us on our journey into "time." He shares our aloneness, our rejection, our suffering and heartache. He understands that we are frail creatures susceptible to the weaknesses of the flesh, lured by the world, and accused by the religions of man. Thus, He abides with us least the darkness of those things overtake us and dwell within our "house." He speaks to us and His precious words fill our hearts and draws us to His side. Oh! How dark and lonely this journey would be if we could not commune with Him, nor find in Him our light. 


There are many that would venture into the "Holy Place;" many that would sit in the "heavenly places;" many that would hear the "wondrous" things of the Lord. However, there are but a "few" that are drawn by the Spirit of the Living God into the Unseen and Eternal Realms ... only a "few" that truly hear what the Spirit is saying. Their kingdom is not of this world. They are pilgrims passing through a strange land. They are here to partake of the Creation which they are to set free; to bear in their bodies the marks of the suffering of their Elder Brother, and to bear within their "inner son" the life and glory of their Everlasting Father. They are "sons" working their way back home to the Father's House. They are His "own" and all that He has is theirs'. 


We are made to sit with Christ in heavenly places that we might behold the glories of the Eternal and the Unseen Realms. It is there, the mysteries of God and the Truth of the Ages unfold to us. It is there that we see and hear the wondrous things the Father has prepared for them that love Him. Is this not what we have hungered for, moaned for, and prayed for? 


We have spent years reading the Written Word. We went to "meetings" to hear the preaching of the Word. We were "called out" to receive the Word. Over a half of century has gone by since the "calling out" began. Yet, there are brethren that still argue over the scriptures and try to bind God between the covers of the Holy Book. 


There is the Written Word of God which we hold precious and sacred. We know that deep beneath the surface of the Word there is a gold mine of truth. And we know that there are not enough books in the world to contain the ways and the thoughts of our Father. There is the Word which is God, Whom we love and serve. Only the Spirit of God can rightly divide the Two; then take THE WORD and reveal HIM to us. 


The Lord God was before the Sacred Page ... He is beyond the Sacred Page. My dearly beloved, we once knew Him before the Sacred Page and by the Sacred Page ... now we seek to know Him beyond the Sacred Page; for that is part of the latter day calling in Christ Jesus. 


The Word that is God, is the "Word" which the Sons of God shall shout from atop the Holy Mountain of the Lord. This is the "Word" that shall set the Creation free. This is the "Word" that shall bring forth the New Creation, the New Heaven, and the New Earth. This is the "Word" that shall fill all things with Himself. It is by this "Word" that we are made one. It is in this "Word" that we have fellowship with one another. It is through this "Word" that we have Life for the Ages. Hallelujah! 


When we first entered our "Fortress of Aloneness," the Father planted the seed of the "Word which He is" within the garden of our hearts. As we spent time in His presence, waiting upon Him, in the silence of self, the Father, often without a word, would nourish the seed ... and the seed became a twig. Today, the twig is still growing, as He anoints us with the Spirit of knowledge and understanding. It is not just our eyes and ears that are being opened ... He is touching our memory ... and the heavenlies are opening to us. At the call of the Spirit all the "twigs" will come together and form the Tree of the Word of Life ... and all shall come and find shelter, rest, and life beneath His branches. Hallelujah! 


He fills us with a Holy Enthusiasm ... a ceaseless desire for the Manifestation of the Complete Revelation of Jesus Christ. For we truly know that everything, everywhere, bears a resemblance of Him: and that all Creation is a visible expression of His invisible beauty, power, greatness and glory. We know that someday soon all things will merge as one and become the New Creation in Christ Jesus. 


With such darkness resting upon the people of God ... even some of the so-called "Sonship" and "Kingdom" people, now, more than ever, we must seek those things which are above. We must look upon things not seen for they are eternal and life-giving. We must always do the will of the Father. We must trust, only, in our Elder Brother, and always listen to the voice of the Spirit. Always giving all the glory, praise, and honor to Him who is above all and in all. 


In closing this little letter, I would like to write, just a bit, about a very special "garden." We all know that in the beginning the Lord God planted a garden east of Eden for His son, Adam. However, eons before, He planted a "garden" in the Eternal Everywhere of himself, for His vast Family of Sons. 


We would often sit with our Elder Brother by the banks of the River of Life and listen to the songs of the morning stars ... as a rising mist covered the garden and whispered: "The Master is here." Everything in the garden was a living expression of praise unto the Lord. Everything was beautiful. .. He was most beautiful. Everything was filled with joy ... He was joy unspeakable. Everything lived together in peace ... He was the Prince of Peace. Everything found fulfillment in Him ... He found fulfillment in the Father. And we were one, even as He and the Father are one. And we were one in Them. Hallelujah! 


He would speak to us and His words burned within our hearts and caused a new quickening of our spirits. The words He spoke, echoed through the valleys and over the mountains of the heavenlies, and were shouted throughout the Universe by His Messengers of Light. Methinks, His words can still be heard throughout the endless Realms of the Spirit. They were words of things to come, and are in the process of becoming, even now. And His words can be heard by those who have ears to hear what the voice 9f our Beloved was saying. 


Indeed, we treasure our Fortress of Aloneness. It is there we meet with Him ... The Love of our life. It is there He reveals to us, truths that have been hidden for ages. It is there the "Story" becomes the Reality. It is there that the "Word" is spoken by the immortal voice of the Spirit. 







LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 5-14-04          2

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