LETTER – 2004-E


He, who knows the fall of a sparrow ... knows of a falling tear. 


He, who bids the sun to rise ... makes the shadows flee away. 


He, who stirs the mighty waves ... calms the troubled sea. 


He, who is likened to a "rushing wind" ... whispers, "Peace be still." 


He, who formed the Universe ... said, "Consider the lilies of the field." 


He, who is the King of Kings ... "remembered" a dying thief. 


He, who is the Absolute, the Supreme, the Infinitely Perfect ... calls us sons. 


We bow our heads, close our eyes ... and being filled with awe and wonder, we answer with a trembling voice; "Father." Hallelujah! 


It seems, at times, that we are very far from home. We miss the abiding presence of our loving Father and the gentle touch of our Elder Brother's hand. There is nothing on earth that can be compared to our dwelling place in the Father's House. Even our Fortress of Aloneness is but a figure of our Secret Place of Silence in the heavenlies. 


In our beginning He gave us life; He gave us love and surrounded us with the beauty of His handiwork. Everything, everywhere, was about Him. He gave all that He had made to us and we were a continuance praise unto His eternal glory. We were the Keepers of His Storehouse, the Lords of the Universe and each one of us was a Prince in the Council of the Most High. Yet, greater, far greater, was our Elder Brother; The Sovereign King and Ruler over all Creation. Oh, wonder of wonders, He gave himself to us! Hallelujah! Spirit of His Spirit, light of His Light, heart of His Heart, mind of His Mind …living ... always living ... in DIVINE UNION WITH HIM! 


In our heavenly abode there were the songs of the morning stars, the songs of the angels and the Song of the Sons; but, more glorious than all was the Song of the Spirit, for His words were as an anointing oil upon the Face of God ... And we were "clothed upon" with the overwhelming life-flow of the UnCreated One. Oh, what joy was ours when we were all together in the Royal Courts on high. Oh, the glory to hear His voice and to partake of the words He had spoken. Oh, what bliss was ours to be carried away by the Spirit of God throughout the Higher Sphere ... to behold the wonders of His words and the works of His hands. And each word He spoke was a "New Beginning" ... or a "New Creation" ... or a more "Excelling Glory." Praise the Lord! 


I have often wondered if the endlessness of eternity will be long enough to behold the full glory of the Lord ... will it be long enough to know, even as He ... will it be long enough for us to give Him the love, the praise, the honor and glory He is worthy of. Nevertheless, we know that the endlessness of eternity cannot contain His greatness or the love He has for us. Hallelujah! 


At times we become disheartened and we cry out; "Father, how much longer must we wait until the "promise" is fulfilled?" We also become restless and impatient. Do you know why this happens? It is because our outer man is still waiting for the "promise" with the understanding of the old order. The Father made no promises to His sons, rather, He gave all that He had to them. However, our Elder Brother promised the "saved of the earth" eternal life and assured them of His return. Through the shedding of His blood, He gave hope to all mankind, to all Creation. To us was given the authority to deliver the Creation ... at the Father's appointed time. 


The Father sent us here, as I have written before, to partake of the nature of Adam's Race, to taste of sin and shame, of suffering and death ... in order that we might have the full knowledge and understanding of mans' fallen condition and their need for liberation. We are the sons of God and we are on a journey in a foreign land. Our citizenship is above, eternal in the heavens. The restlessness we feel is for the moment of our return to the Father's House. To put it simply; The saved of the earth are waiting for the Lord's return to earth, we are waiting for our return to the heavenlies. The groaning within our spirit is for the hour of our manifestation ... for now, we truly know of the suffering and shame of a dying humanity and their need for deliverance. Oh, we long for the day when the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of our God and of His Christ and of His Christ-Sons ... to see His will be done on earth, even as it is done in heaven. 


It is in His presence that we have the fullness of joy. It is in the silence of mortal voices that He speaks. It is in our "time apart" that our inner son is lifted up to the Realm of Light and we are shown the hidden riches of the Secret Place. It is there, He calls us by name and holds us close to His heart. It is there, He tells us of things to come concerning His sons. It is there we feel at home and find rest it in the shadow of the Almighty. 


Knowing, therefore, of our former life and glory, let us not grow weary, nor faint; for we are working our way back home ... where the Father waits to receive us, to embrace us and to open for us the Golden Doors of the "Inner Chamber" ... The Chamber of Deity, hidden deep inside the Holy Place. Within this Chamber is the Father's Plan for the Ages, the Lamb's Book of Life and The Holy Vial of Divine Love. Truly, the Father has saved the "best" for "last". Hallelujah! 





I know a well that flows and runs ... Yet remains hidden 

Eternal spring ... a hidden well ... Yet I know were it rises 


I do not know where it begins  For it is eternal 

Every beginning and every end  Flow from this well 


I know nothing else so full of beauty ... In the heavens or the earth 

For all beauty and all life ... Drink from the water of her light 


I know this well will run eternal...Ever deep and ever wide 

And no one man can ever cross it ... Without the faith from on high


I know this well does overflow ... to give light to mankind 

This spring is hidden within the living Bread ... Flowing from the Bread of Life 


And no one man can ever taste it ... Without the faith from on high 


John of the Cross, 1542-1591 








LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 7-3-04          2

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