LETTER – 2004-F


Each day we walk anew in the light of His presence.


Each day we see Him in a more beautiful way.


Each day we are drawn closer to His heart.


Each day we are "taken" deeper into His depths.


Each day we are "taken" higher into His glory.


Each day we are transformed ... more ... into His image.


Until every thought is of Him, every word an offering of praise to Him and our every desire is for Him. Until every breath and every heartbeat is an act of worship and adoration. Until we are so completely lost in Him ... that one plus one equals ONE! Hallelujah! This, my brother-sister-sons is what our life is all about. This is being "taken" from glory to glory ... until the FULL GLORY that we had with the Father in our beginning, is returned to us. 


Why should it be thought strange that the Father would give us glimpses of where we came from ... give us the recollection of who we were and what we knew ... and give us visions of things to come? He sent forth his Spirit for this very reason, and to lead us into the fullness of Jesus Christ ... joining us together in union with Him. 




Let us come humbly before the Father giving honor, praise, and glory to Him ... for He is "taking us" to realms uncharted by mortal men; realms of life and light and liberty. He is opening to us the Word that He is ... that our minds might be renewed by the knowledge that He is before all things, above all things, and in all things. And that all things were given to us, by Him, through Christ Jesus ... THE FIRSTBORN OF MANY BROTHERS! Hallelujah! 


He wants us to love Him with all that is within us.


He wants us to love Him with all that we are.


He wants us to love Him in all that we do.


He wants us to love Him with all that we have.


He wants us to love Him in all that we see,

all that we hear, all that we say, and in all that we feel.


He wants his love to flow out from us like a mighty sea. For, it is from His love, by His love, and in His love, that all Mankind ... all Creation shall find peace and joy and life ... evermore. 


When we were "taken" out from the camps of the fun, food, and fellowship crowd, the Holy Spirit led us into the "Wilderness of Aloneness". In our aloneness, we found our Beloved ... and He freed us from the doctrines and religious notions of human thought. He gave us freedom ... freedom to be all that He would have us to be; freedom to become all that He is: freedom to sit with Him in heavenly places and to have fellowship with the Father. It was then that our "Wilderness of Aloneness" became our "Fortress of Aloneness" ... closed in with our Elder Brother and our Everlasting Father. A Fortress to "keep out" those who would "gaze" and to "keep in" the sons that would be prepared for the Day of the Lord: sons that would regain His presence and the knowledge of the life, joy, and glory, they shared in their beginning. 


Much has been said, and is being said, of a "rapture" ... a theory which started with a woman's dream. Some teach that this "rapture" is to take place before the tribulation ... others say it will be after the tribulation ... and oddly enough there are others who believe it will take place during the tribulation. These people are so busy arguing over "a dream" and waiting for "a dream" and propounding "a dream" that they have slept right through the call of the Holy Spirit to "Come up hither." My beloved of the Lord, we were "taken" out of the realm of religious/spiritual darkness and "caught up" into the Realm of Light ... the Light that He is. The "saved of the earth" were "left behind" to sing and dance and find joy within their steeple houses of bondage. We are being "taken" little by little, step upon step, to our dwelling place within the Father's House. It is in the stillness of our aloneness that the pathway back is being prepared for us ... and we are being prepared for our hour of manifestation. 


There are those who say that we are part of the occult. Others call us spiritualists, mystics, isolationists, and even heretics. They say these things because we will not seek the Living One among the dead ones; because we will not worship in temples built with hands. The Liberty of the Sons of God will not be found among those who are bound hand and foot to the ideologies and persuasions of men. It seems strange to those that worship in human shrines that we would worship in our home, or in the mountains, or forest, or at the water's edge ... or worship in the house of grief and sorrow, or upon a bed of pain and suffering, or in the shadows of heartache and disappointment. It seems even stranger to them that we should glory in our cross, rejoice in our rejection, and find life in our aloneness ... and to receive the overwhelming power of His Presence and Love, within our "Fortress". Oh! What great gifts the Father has given to us! Ten thousand hallelujahs! 


Our "Fortress of Aloneness" is not of this world ... it is in the Secret Place of the Most High. It is the place where we meet with our Beloved and find refuge, strength, and peace under the covering of His wings. It is the place where we worship the Father in spirit. It is the place where we have fellowship with our vast family of brothers. It is the place where we look upon things unseen and hear wondrous things. It is our "Holy Place" ... for we have made the Most High our habitation. Praise the Lord. 


Down through the centuries, there has always been the "few" that would not bow before human idols, nor follow the teachings of self appointed leaders, nor adhere to the doctrines of men. Ones that would not worship at the sound of a bell, nor follow the Lord for the fear of eternal hell fire. Rather, they walked with their Beloved beyond the veil. .. they worshiped Him in the Temple not made with hands. They loved Him because He was Love ... lived for Him because He was Life ... followed Him because He was the Way ... listened to Him because He was the Truth. They died in Him because He was the Resurrection ... then they took their place with Him, in the vast family of God's sons. 


Now, in the light of this glorious dawn, He is gently and lovingly gathering the Lilies of the Field ... to bind them together with the cords of love and give them to their Everlasting Father ... Oh! Sons of the morning, be still and know that our God is a "Mighty Fortress"! Hallelujah! 





LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 8-7-04           2

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