LETTER – 2004-G


This little letter is being written to the Lovers of the Holy One. To the ones that have forsaken, or are forsaking, everything for the Love of their life; to the ones that have gone into their "chamber" and closed the door to be alone with Him, who is their All. Within their sacred retreat, each one, in their own way, are drawn into the depths of Jesus Christ. Each one holds a key to the Kingdom of God; each one opens a seal of the Everlasting Gospel ... all are overshadowed by the presence of the Father and attended by their vast family of brothers. Praise be unto the Lord. Let us rejoice in the goodness of our God. 


Of ourselves, we can do nothing. There are times when we feel alone and it seems as though the Father is so far away. And though we walk through the darkest night of the soul ... perhaps, even the valley of the shadow of death, we know for a truth that the Father is doing a great and mighty work of life within our inner son. Regardless of what the carnal mind might think, or the body of flesh might suffer, the Seed of Eternal Life is growing, richly, in the garden of our hearts. Oh, my beloved, the hour is so close ... the change is so near. 


The darkness: the good and evil of Adam's reign, shall surely pass away in the wondrous Light and Love of our dear Father. First in us, then, in all mankind. We are the forerunners in the race for righteousness, godliness, and holiness unto the Lord. The path that we walk has been consecrated with the Blood of the Lamb, the blood of the martyrs of Jesus, of the saints, and of our brothers that have walked before us. In order that we all might put on the Royal Robes of Immortality and Life Eternal in Christ Jesus. Ah, then shall the sound of freedom's trumpet be heard throughout the land, throughout the universe ... even unto the highest heavens. The angels will sing their song of praise, the saints will sing the song of victory, the morning stars will sing the Song of Songs ... and the Sons of God shall shout for joy! 


But, you ask, what if we return to the Father's House before these things come to pass? Lift up your head and rejoice ... knowing that another "seal" has been broken, another "key" has been turned in the Revelation of Jesus Christ; knowing that the knowledge of these things has shed more light upon the pathway, opened wider the windows of heaven, and have prepared the way for our brothers that will follow in our footsteps. And should it be the will of the Father for us to return, we will do so with great joy. We will be with those we have loved ... but we shall love them in a fuller and deeper way ... we will see them in a greater light ... and we shall speak of the ways and the works of the Lord ... of His greatness and goodness, of His love and faithfulness. We will be glad to be home and take our place, with our Elder Brother, in the Council of the Most High. Hallelujah! 


Oh, the wonder of it all ... to be in love with our Immortal Beloved! To be joined in such a divine and sacred union, that there will be one mind, one breath, one heartbeat, one spirit, one will, and one love ... unto the glory of our Everlasting Father. 

To be with the Lord forever ... is what this journey is all about. It is through the suffering of the Lord and of His brothers that all Mankind, all Creation, shall walk the blood stained path that leads to the Father's House of many dwelling places; the path that leads to the Restitution of All Things; the path which leads to joy and life evermore for all that the Father has made. This path has no end ... for it is eternally joined to a New Beginning. 




The work that is going on within us is indeed marvelous ... far beyond the imagination of mortal thought or religious teaching. It is a intimate work of the Holy Spirit unveiling the Christ-Son within us. It is holy, it is life giving. It is THE ANOINTING flowing forth from the heart of THE ANOINTED ONE! This Divine Anointing has nothing to do with a physical emotion, expression, or experience, as we once knew an anointing to be. It is an inward quickening; a restoration of the Life and Light we were clothed with when we lived within the Inner Chambers of the Father's House. 


May the mind of Christ, dwell in us. 


May the life of Christ, dwell in us. 


May the light of Christ, dwell in us. 


May the love, compassion, and mercy of Christ, dwell in us. 


May the power of Christ, dwell in us.  Until it is only Christ that lives and moves and has His existence in us. Until everyone we know, everyone we love, everyone we meet, and everyone we see, is overshadowed by the glory of His unseen presence. Until everything that has breath and everything that has life is affected by our presence. Until our shadow passing by heals the sick of spirit, the sick of mind, and the sick of body. And all the powers of sin and darkness fall backward in our presence. These Holy Characteristics will come forth from the depths of our inner son, through the outflowing of our Beloved Christ. These are the greater signs to all Mankind, all Creation, that the time of Full Salvation draws near ... they are harbingers of the coming of our Elder Brother and the Kingdom of our God. Hallelujah! 


This is the beginning of the fulfillment of God's Plan for the Earth and its inhabitants. This is the beginning of the fulfillment of our brother John's vision of a New Heaven and a New Earth. This is the beginning of the fulfillment of the Father's promise: "Behold, I make all things new." This is, indeed, the dawning of the Day of the Lord. 


It is Sonrise in the garden of our hearts. The darkness and powers of Adam's day are fleeing from us. The Son light is shining, brightly, upon us. And in the light of this glorious Sonrise, one likened unto the Son of God, is standing and waiting ... to call forth our inner son from his prison-house of flesh. And we shall come forth in the glory and power of the "Greater Resurrection". Praise the Lord! 


In the heavenlies, the Sons belonged to Christ. On earth, they lived for Christ, they suffered for Christ, they died in order to bring the life of Christ to all Mankind. The sons of God that are on the earth today are waiting in their "Fortress of Aloneness" to be reunited, eternally, in Divine Union with their Beloved Christ, and to dwell in the House of their Father forever and ever, ages without end. Hallelujah! 

















LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 9-21-04           2

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