LETTER – 2004-H


Our Father is great ... He is glorious. He is love ... the essence of love. He is Eternal Love. His mercy endures forever. His rod of correction and his staff of leadership, comforts us. His wrath and anger is for a season. Each day is a new day ... each day the Renewing Process continues within our inner son. The glory of the Lord is among us, and we are beginning to understand all things in a new and most wonderful way ... the life giving way ... the way we understood them when we were all together in the Father's House. 


The Father would speak the word and it was accomplished. The word that He spoke, was the Word that He is. And the Word that He is, dwells within our inner son. Our inner son is "remembering" a realm in the Father's Domain ... the Realm of the Spoken Word. It is from this realm that our Beloved anoints us with the oil of divinity and awakens the Word that is resting, with}n our earthly tabernacle, that we might speak the Word and begin the process of reconciliation. This will be the beginning of the Manifestation of the Sons of God. We have nothing to do in this procedure, it is the working of the Spirit of the Living God. Actually, the work began in us eons ago and is now reaching a state of maturity. This work of the Holy Spirit far exceeds the anointing of yesteryear, with all of its outpourings, gifts, and ministries. It is a fuller understanding of our identity in Christ; it is knowing all that is ours in the fullness of Christ. It is the establishing of the power and glory of the Spoken Word of the Lord within the depths of our inner being. All we can do, during this process, is to be still and wait in the presence of the Father, within our "Fortress of Aloneness." Wonderful things are in the process of transpiring.  The Father is surrounding us with his presence. In our "time alone with Him" we can feel his life rising within. We can feel the power and strength of his enduring love and compassion toward his creation. 




This is the time for great rejoicing in the heavenlies of our hearts. The realm of the Spirit is touching the realm of the natural. That is why we are beginning to see the unseen things which are eternal. All that is seen and known in the natural realm is in the process of passing away ... in one way or another. The judgment of God is upon the people of the world; upon their governments, religions, and their way of life. It is the judgment of the Most High unto the dissolving of all that is old and sinful and lifeless. It is the judgment of passing through the fire of His great love; it is the beginning of the returning of all things to the Creator. Truly, that is what the judgments of our Father are all about. 


The forces and powers of evil are as nothing in the presence of The All Powerful One. And when they have fulfilled His purpose, they will take their place in the fullness of all things. Nothing that the Father has made will be wasted, or forgotten, or forsaken, or lost ... for He will make all things new. Hallelujah! And to think that we have our part in the Restitution of all Things. We left the glory of the heavenlies to walk in the shame of the earthly; that we might lift the earthly upward into the heavenlies. We shall sprinkle the Blood of the Lamb upon the doorpost of every heart ... as the light of our Beloved enlightens all mankind. And forth from the glory of His presence shall come the New Heaven, the New Earth, and the New Creation. 


We cannot recall, at present, all the glories and powers that were ours in that "Beginning of all beginnings." In our earth life it is an awesome experience spending a moment in the presence of the Father. Just His nearness overwhelms us and, for a moment, lifts our spirit to the Realm of Everlasting Joy. To be a son of God is beyond our mortal understanding. We cannot comprehend the full scope of Divine Birth, Divine Love, and Divine Life. With the eyes of our spirit we can see, dimly, the magnitude of our place in the vast Family of God's Sons. Only our spirit can reach out and touch the heavenlies the border of home. Only our inner son can know what was and is and is to come for he is a son of God. He is a member in particular of God's Christ. He is a vital part of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. He bears the image pf the heavenly within the image of the earthly. It has pleased the Father to reveal the Christ-Son within; restoring to us a portion of the knowledge we had in our beginning. 


Such great riches hath the Father entrusted to us. Such great treasures lie within our vessel of clay. Such a great inheritance is ours in our Beloved Brother. Let us not allow any of earth's enticements to rob us of our time alone with Him. Let us not allow any failures or faltering to hinder our walk in the Spirit. Let us not allow any suffering of the body to dim our vision. Each day we serve a new purpose in the Father's Perfect Plan. Each day He renews our strength that we might mount up as Eagles, rising up above all earth's turmoil. Each day He is the truth that we speak, the love that we show, and the righteousness we obtain. And when the day is over, He cleanses us from all the blemishes of earth, and bathes us, once again, in the fountain of His mercy and grace. Then, we rest in the shadow of His wings. 


If one fair morning we should awaken and find our self in a garden of "roses and lilies," listening to the song of the morning stars and watching the Day Star brightly shining in the eastern sky ... and we hear the voice of the Father walking through our garden calling our name, do not think it strange ... for we are home ... at last. This is the promise ... this is our hope. 


Hope is a priceless treasure ... an awesome gift of the Father. We must never take hope away from any man. It is hope that leads us down the rough roads of life. It is hope that carries us through the darkness. It is hope that makes suffering or sorrow, bearable. It is hope that makes our cross of joy. Hope is the heartbeat of all mankind. Hope is the breath of every living thing. Hope is the headstone upon the grave of every believer, every saint, every unknown son. Hope is a Person, a many-membered Person... The Christ of God. Hallelujah!


Beloved of the Lord, there is no end to the plans of our Father. This very moment, somewhere in the vastness of the Universe, a new creation is evolving from the heart of the Father. There is no end to the purposes the Father has planned for his sons. This very moment, somewhere in the vastness of the Father's House, a son is being sent forth to serve a grand and glorious purpose. There is no end to the Revelation of Jesus Christ. This very moment, somewhere in the vastness of God's Creation, some precious heart is seeing and knowing Him in a new and living way. And, my brother-sister-sons, there is no end to the love the Father has for us. This very moment, somewhere in the vastness of himself, the Father is preparing a more excelling glory, for his vast family of sons. All praise and honor and glory be unto our Everlasting Father. 





















LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 9-30-04           2

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