LETTER – 2004-I


Oh, that the Father would shorten the days and hasten the hour for the Manifestation of the Sons of God. The moaning of the whole Creation pierces their hearts, causing them to groan in spirit and in great pain for the hour of liberty ... the hour when they shall set the captives free. 


As the religious ones condemn and cry doom upon a fallen creation, let us speak of the Judgment of God unto Correction. Let us speak the words of reconciliation; giving hope and enlightenment. Thus, glorifying the work of the Cross of Jesus Christ, and the eternal love, grace, and redemption, the Creator of all things has provided. Praise the Lord! 


Though the storms of sin and wickedness rage on, and the winds of hatred, bigotry, and war, blow violently across the land, let us keep our eyes upon Him that can still the storms and calm the winds ... and bring peace, order, and equality, by speaking just a word. The many membered Christ of God shall ride triumphantly across the earth proclaiming the Everlasting Gospel, establishing the Kingdom of God, and opening wide the gates of the New Jerusalem, that all, who would, might enter ... and no one will be denied. Hallelujah! Nothing less than this ... could be called "Truth." 


My Father, did not light and darkness come from Thee? Did you not create good and evil? 


Love and anger, are they not the features upon Thy face? Is not both mercy and wrath in Thy hand? 


You cause the rain of Thy great goodness to fall upon the righteous and the unrighteous. 


Heaven and hell answer at Thy command. Life or death, is at Thy giving. 


Is there one upon the earth, or in the heavens, or in the depths of hell, that could hinder, or alter, or thwart Thy plans? 


Is there a sinner so lost, so vile, so filthy, that Thy grace cannot reach ... or the Blood of Thy Son, cannot wash clean? 


Were You not in Christ reconciling the world unto Thyself? 


Who can be likened unto Thee, Father? Thou art the Great Consuming Fire of Love, wherein, all that Thy hands hath made, shall be purified unto perfection. 


You speak a word ... and all things are changed. 


Glorious things are spoken of Thee, Father. Like the mighty waves of the sea, your words of life and truth flood our hearts, taking us deeper and deeper into Thy love ... causing us to become lost in the wonder and splendor of Thy Being ... as all that is "old" is carried away by the flowing of the water, and we are covered with all that is "new." Covered, with all that is You! In Thy presence we rest, we praise, we wait ... upon Thee, Father. In peace and in silence we gather, from both realms, to eat of Thy Word and to drink of Thy partake of Thy nature, and to possess Thy ways. 


It is by Thee, Father, and through Thy Son, that we are being prepared and made ready for our manifestation. This is why we, as Thy sons on earth, have become "The alone with Him Ones." We are thine, for Thy eternal glory ... and for Thy glory, we shall take the good tidings of great joy, to all Mankind. We shall take the "Good News" of the Everlasting Gospel to the four corners of the earth, until the mantle of Redemption, covers all things. 


Long before there was a heaven or earth ... long before there were prophets, patriarchs, or preachers, we were with our Father. We beheld Him face to face. He would speak to us, and we to Him. We knew the heights of His glory and the depths of His love. We knew of His plans and His purposes. He was the Creator of all things, and all things were created for His purpose and glory. We knew Him to be far greater than The Absolute, The Infinitely Perfect, or The Supreme Being. We could see in Him things that as yet did not exist. Everywhere we went ... He was there. At His command, we could see all things through His eyes. At His word, the light of His great glory shone upon us. At a glance of His eye, we knew that we were His forever. At His beckoning, we drew nigh to His Throne. And we worshiped and adored the One and Only True and Living God: our Everlasting Father. 


Yet, far more glorious and awesome were the times we stood in silence, as our Elder Brother came before the Father ... pouring out all the love and praise that was in His sacred heart. And then, the Father stood and reached out His hands to His Elder Son, and to us, as all the love that had been given to Him, was returned, a hundred fold, to His Christ and to His Christ-Sons. And through that love were all things created in Christ Jesus. The scene was so holy, so profound, and so overwhelming, that the morning stars sang together, and we, my brother-sister-sons, shouted for joy. The Seven Spirits of God rested over the heavenlies, causing a sacred silence to rise, like vapors of incense, filling the Father's House with a sweet smelling fragrance. Rays of light encircled the throne reaching out to the endlessness of infinity. And the glory of His presence filled all things. Always, from out of these "Divine Gatherings," came a New Creation, or a New Beginning, or a New Order. 


We knew back then, my beloved, that our Elder Brother was Lord and King; we knew that He would be Lord of all Lords, King of all Kings ... and we knew that He would be a many membered King. He would be a Priest ... a many membered Priest...a Sacrifice ... a many membered Sacrifice ... a Savior ... a many membered Savior. And we knew that we were to be the "many members." Hallelujah! Today, countless eons later, we live inside an earthen vessel of tne Father's choosing. We are His sons of light and life. Therefore, we look upon the light and not the darkness. We look upon life and not death ... even though darkness. and death be all around us. As you know, we entered into the realm of darkness when we left the light of the Father's House. We entered the realm of death when we left our life in the Father's presence. Therefore, we have already suffered the ways of darkness and death. Thus, we should have no fear of darkness or death. We know that we are passing through the darkness, into the Light ... we are passing through death ... into Life. Yes, we have suffered greatly in spirit, mind and body, but our reward is even greater ... because of everything the Father is, in us. 


The whole Creation is crying out to us, they are reaching out to us; even though they know it not. Can you hear their cries within your spirit? Can you feel their unhappiness, their pain, their loneliness, their sorrow, fear, shame, and unbelief? Even the "saved of the earth" are crying out for deliverance. Every catastrophe is a "crying out." Every war, every disease, every crime, every act of violence and hate and prejudice is a "crying out." It is said of Mother Teresa, that she loved the unlovable. Do you know why she did? She could hear their "crying out" and she knew that the word "unlovable" was not in the Father's vocabulary. Should we, who lay claim to sonship, fail to give heed to the "crying out ones?" We have eyes to see with, we have ears to hear with, we have hearts to love with. We can ask less for ourselves, and ask more for others. We cannot free the Creation, at present, but we can make supplication, before the Father, in their behalf. We can anoint the feet of our Beloved with the tears we shed for them ... and share with them the endless love that the Father has so lavishly bestowed upon us. We can be a light to them that sit in darkness. We can give hope to them that know Him not. We are standing in the harvest fields of the world. The power of His love and presence within us, can shake the world, change the coldest of hearts, change the most unbelieving soul, and change the most destitute life. There is unlimited power in a word, an act, or a deed, which is given in the name of the Lord. As we spend time in His presence, let us behold the Creation with the eyes of our spirit and speak the words of love and life, then send them forth, on the Wind of the Spirit, to a Creation that is "crying out." And surely those words will fall upon some precious heart. 


Greater is the Christ-Son within us, than the outer man of flesh. He is the Christ-Son that the whole Creation is crying out for. He is breaking the strongholds of our flesh; breaking through the barriers of our preset religious notions and fears ... breaking through our carnal religious way of thinking. He is opening the door of our hearts ... that his words of truth and life and Iove might go forth and do the "greater works." He is revealing the "gold mine" of truth that lies beneath the Written Word. He is causing us to "remember" our place, as a "member in particular," in the many membered Christ. He is causing us to "remember" our part in the Revelation of Jesus Christ. He is writing the words of the Everlasting Gospel upon the tablets of our hearts ... that we might be Living Epistles, read and known by all Creation. 


Blessed are they that carry another's burden. Blessed are they that suffer another's pain. Blessed are they that weep over another's sins. 


Blessed are they that partake of another's grief and sorrow. Blessed are they that give faith, hope, and love to others. 


Blessed are they that draw close to the Father in behalf of others. 


Blessed are the peace givers, the light givers, the truth givers, the joy givers. 



May our every thought be of Him, our every word an act of praise to Him, and our every desire be for Him. May our every breath, every heartbeat, and every blink of the eye, be a way of saying ... "I love you Father." May we have life, and peace, and joy in the shadow of the Almighty. May the Father overwhelm us with His presence as never before. 


Please remember me to Him. 

























LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 10-22-04          3

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