LETTER – 2005-A


There were many heavenly things that our Elder Brother could have revealed during his life on earth; things so high and holy that they were reserved, by the Father, for the sons that would be on earth at the time of the End of All that is Old ... at the Beginning of All that is New. In order that we all might come into the fullness of the Father together. 


Sons, hidden within a prison house of flesh. 


Sons, rejected and forsaken by the religious systems of man. Sons, unknown or unrecognized by the "saved of the earth." 


Sons, that have made the Lord, even the Most High, their Mighty Fortress. 


They are in the world, yet not of the world. Their hearts and spirits walk the realms unknown to mortal men. They can see that which the eye cannot see, they can hear that which the ear cannot hear, and they know that which only the Sons of God can know. Thus, they wait in the Secret Place with their Beloved ... in silence ... in the presence of the Father ... for their hour of manifestation. 


Even now, the Father is revealing the "high and holy things" to our inner son. The light of The Most High, The Most Holy, is shining brightly within the tomb of our flesh, and the Divine Life of the Father is rising within our inner son. Hallelujah! I do not refer to the "eternal life" that was promised to the "saved of the earth" ... I refer to the Divine Life of God that was ours' in our Beginning. We are of the seed of Christ; thus, we are of the seed of the Father. It is the seed of Divine Birth, Divine Love, and Divine Life. And that, my brother•sister-sons, is the seed that is breaking forth in the garden of our hearts. It will flower in the unmatched beauty of the Lily ... for this is the time the mystics of old referred to as the "Time of the Lily." The lily represents life, purity, and holiness, Its trumpet shape, represents the voice of the Father ... proclaiming to the whole Creation; "These are my beloved Sons, hear ye them." Hallelujah!


Indeed, Father, you are able to call forth the Divine Life that is hidden in the dirt of the earth that we are, and restore and renew all that we were, and all that was ours, and all that we knew, when we were all together in the high and glorious place; in the Divine Sphere of Thy own Being. Flesh and blood cannot perceive such infinite glory. We cannot fathom such marvelous truth; only the Holy Spirit can take the things of the Father and quicken them to us. 


Our Elder Brother, though the fullness of the Godhead dwelled in Him bodily, and though He had the full knowledge of all things, being the Son of God made flesh, could not recall all things. As a child, He began to remember some of his purposes for being on earth. Even though He appeared to be an ordinary child, great and glorious things were taking place within him. Methinks, He picked up a fallen sparrow ... and the sparrow flew again. Methinks, He loved the beauty of the flowers, and when He touched them, their fragrance filled the heavens. Methinks, He stood in the wind with his little arms raised ... and the wind made a joyful noise unto the Lord. Though angels had been given charge over him, we too, watched in great joy and wonder as He increased in stature, and in the wisdom and knowledge of the Father, finding favor with God and man. 


By the time He was twelve, He was able to teach the scribes in the Temple. He "remembered" that He had to be about his Father's business. But, it was the will of the Father for Jesus to return home with Mary and Joseph. The following eighteen years of his life are not recorded in the Written Word ... Ah, but they were recorded in the Lamb's Book of Life, eons before. Throughout those eighteen years, He was surely about his Father's business. Each day, during hjs time alone with the Father, He remembered more ... and as He remembered, He became ... and his love for the Father grew greater. Each passing day He grew stronger is spirit, mind, and body. Though He spent time in the Temple praying, He spent more time in the Secret Place, in the presence of his Father. And the Father would unfold the coming days to him, and our Elder Brother knew more of the purposes He would serve and the plans He would fulfill. 


He heard the songs of the angels. He heard our words of love and praise. He would smile and we were filled with joy. He would speak and our hearts would burn within. We knew these were the years that the Father was preparing him for the hour of manifestation. Throughout those eighteen years, our loving Brother worked many wonders through the power of secret prayer, through the power of his spoken word, and through the power of his presence ... wonders, I say, on earth and in the heavens! His words of love and compassion changed many hearts and lives. He wept for the sick and suffering, and for the sorrowful; for the poor, the fatherless, the unwanted, the elderly, the homeless, and the sinful. Even though all power in heaven and earth was given to him ... He used it wisely ... always glorifying the Father. Knowing, that another time would come when his younger brothers would do the same works, and they would do even greater works. Knowing of the day when He would appear with his vast family of Brothers, to free the Creation from the curse and bondage of Adam's reign; establishing the peace, order, and equality of the Father's Everlasting Kingdom. 


Now we are here, my beloved, and we are remembering heavenly things and heavenly places ... many truths are being quickened to us. Yet, we remain silent, waiting for the Father to finish his perfect work in us. All of the old and lifeless ways of yesterday must be forgotten. We must walk alone with our Beloved. We must listen to the voice of the Father, learning and receiving all things from Him. It is by forsaking all others and clinging to our Beloved that we enter into union with God and with one another. 


We have life, abundant life, Divine Life, in every word that proceeds from the mouth of our Father. And in our hour of manifestation we shall speak the words of the Father to all Creation, and they shall find life, abundant life, eternal life in those words. Then shall all know The Lord God of Truth, and the truth shall set them free. The glory of the Lord shall fill all things, as the New Jerusalem lifts up her voice in song ... for the long dark night will be over, the curse will be no more, and all will have found their place of rest and peace and joy, within her gates. Hallelujah! 


Then, shall a greater name be given to the Sons of God. They shall be called The Creators of all that is to come. And they, with their Elder Brother, shall rule and reign over all the works of their hands, forever and ever, ages without end. This is our identity in the Father. This is our position in the Father's House. This is the gift of the Father; "Sons, all that I have is thine." However, all the praise, honor and glory will be given to our Father ... for all things, everywhere, always and forever, are for His eternal purpose, eternal praise, and eternal glory. Everything, everywhere, always and forever, is about the Father. He was, and is, and shall always be; The Everlasting Father. Hallelujah! 


Dearly beloved, everything that has happened to us, good or otherwise, throughout our journey into time, was the work of the Father; preparing us for the hour of our manifestation. Oh! It will be our holy hour, indeed! It will be our hour of greatest joy! It will be our hour of completion. It will be the hour of the unfolding of the Revelation of the many membered, Jesus Christ. The magnitude of that "Glorious Event" cannot be measured. It cannot be described with the words of man. That hour, is the hour, of our becoming all that the Father is in us. And it is He, alone, that shall show to us the fullness of that Great Event. 


Keep your eyes and thoughts upon the Father. Wondrous Lilies are budding in the garden of our hearts. Praise be unto our loving Father. 





LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 1-2-05          2

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