LETTER – 2005-C


As I awoke this morning, my thoughts and spirit wandered back to the Cross of our Elder Brother. As I looked upon Him, my spirit was overtaken by the agony that was written upon His face. I looked at the blood flowing from His thorn pierced brow, and my heart, like a blade of grass bent by the wind, bowed and moaned within. And Jesus was weeping ... Forth from His sacred heart came such deep moaning and groaning; sounds that could not be made by the voice of mortals ... sounds, the like of which I have never heard. Then, I heard the sound of many voices weeping and wailing. I looked and beheld the presence of countless brothers, so great in number that it appeared as though they covered the earth. And from the heavens, and the heavens above the heavens, I could hear the sound of much weeping and wailing. And I heard a loud voice echoing through the heavens, saying; "If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me." I looked into the eyes of our Beloved; it was as though I was looking into the windows of His heart and mind. I could see the stain of sin from Eden's fair garden. I could see down through the corridors of time the sins of the world; I could see my sins and the sins of times yet to come. As I looked deep into the eyes of Jesus I could see that at that very moment in time, He had drawn all mankind INTO Himself, and He cried; "Father, forgive them." His agony had gone far beyond the borders of His flesh ... for He had given all...all of Himself; spirit, mind, and body, for the sins of all mankind. He died as all ... for all … one time ... and forever. As the earth shook, as the heavens thundered, and darkness covered the sky, the Father stamped the debt of sin; "Paid in full". Hallelujah! Our Elder Brother had been "lifted up" and had drawn all men INTO Himself; and the faces of all mankind were upon the face of our Beloved. Such overwhelming love of the Father, that He would send his Son, who knew no sin, to become sin, (look deep into the words "become sin" ... for the secret of Full Redemption is hidden therein) and for sin, and AS SIN, He died ... that all mankind might live. 


Out of the darkness of the tomb, Jesus came forth as The Light ... The Light far brighter than countless suns\sons ... The Light that would shine forevermore ... The Light filled with hope, and love, and mercy ... The Light that would lead all mankind, all creation, home. And the Sons of God shouted for joy! 


I need not try to explain how a heavy heart can weep with sorrow, and at the same time leap for joy ... for we as brother-sister-sons share all things in Christ Jesus. Oh! We are so blessed to bear in our bodies the marks of the suffering and death of Jesus; to feel in our hearts the joy of His grace; to have our inner son partaking of His glorious resurrection! 


Suddenly, the scene was changed and I was standing outside a massive concentration camp. What I saw and what I heard, words of man cannot fully describe. Everything was ungodly, unbearable, and unbelievable. I heard the cries of countless people as they called upon the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; I heard the cries of others as they called upon Jesus or Mary. I watched the black smoke of the burning dead rise and cover the sky like the darkness of midnight. I saw the terrifying looks of fear upon the faces of children. I watched the trembling of the young and the elderly. I looked into the hollow eyes of the starving, the sick, the tortured, the dying. I heard soldiers laughing and mocking, cursing and swearing. I watched as the bodies of the dead, and the nearly dead, were thrown into common graves. I knew this was one of history's darkest hours.  Suddenly, everything became very still ... darkness was everywhere ... death appeared to have gotten the victory. I stood in the horror of the hour wondering if there was anyone left to pray over these souls, or to shed tears for them, or to speak a few kind words in their behalf. Was there no one left to give love and honor to those that had been unjustly persecuted and put to death? Was there not one to gather flowers for their graves? Was there not one that remembered their names? ...


The silence was broken by the voice of someone weeping and moaning. I looked, and off in the distance, standing in the shadows of this most unholy place, I could see the figure of a man. As I moved closer I could see that his hands were covering his face. I could feel the deep pain in his weeping ... I knew he was overtaken with grief. As I drew nearer to him, I looked at his hands ... I fell to my knees ... for His hands were nail scared. He raised his hands toward the heavens; I heard the sound of many weeping and wailing; their tears fell like rain upon the blood stained ground. I trembled in the presence of such great mourning. Time seemed to pass ever so slowly .. .it seemed as though an eternity had come and gone ... 


Ah, then a glorious light broke through the darkness; instead of weeping, I heard shouts of joy and songs of gladness. I beheld a great multitude of people. Their garments were as white as freshly fallen snow, and shone as bright as the noonday sun. Looking to our Elder Brother, I asked; Who are these that rejoice with such unspeakable joy? He replied; "They are the ones that have passed through great persecution, and had fallen in the camps of their enemies. Now they are whole. They have been cleansed. Now they are free. They are mine!" I knew this spot had become a holy place; for the Holiest One was here. The tears of the saints had washed the ground, and the blood of the slain had consecrated this spot on earth. I knew that death had been overcome by the Living One. In our Father there is no death ... just higher realms of life. Hallelujah! 


This was a most difficult letter for me to write. I, much like you, am suffering in the body. However, suffering in the spirit is greater ... ah, but the reward is also greater. Today, hate, bigotry, violence, and cruelty, abounds. It dwells among all the peoples of the earth; it dwells among all the religions of the world; it dwells in all the governments of man. Its face is often hidden by a mask of love, or self righteousness, gain, even godliness. 


As you well know, the whole Creation is on tiptoe waiting, longing, and moaning for the Manifestation of the Sons of God. The word of reconciliation has been given to us. It has also been given us to set the Creation free. However, first we must be free; free from self, free from the world, free from religion, with all of its voices, practices, traditions, and vain notions. This is why we were "called out". This is why we have been separated unto the Lord. This is what our "Fortress of Aloneness" is all about. Within this mighty fortress, the Father is finishing his perfect work in us. It is within our fortress that our freedom will blossom, and flourish, and cover the earth. It is in His presence, and by His presence, that all bondage will cease, all chains be broken. It will be by the word of our Everlasting Father that we shall be brought forth in the fullness of Christ to set captives free. It will be by the Spirit of the Living God that we shall be clothed in the robes of immortality, and go forth to overcome darkness with The Light and overcome death with Life. And to break, forever, the gates of hell; filling the "great gulf" with the eternal love and mercy of our dear Father. 


Precious Father, as others see only doom and destruction, punishment and damnation, allow us to see mankind through the eyes of Jesus. Allow us to see the wicked, the evil, the unjust, the unclean, and the self righteous, through the eyes of Thy love, grace, and mercy. Allow them to see Jesus in us. Allow them to see in us the light of hope and reconciliation. Hasten the hour of freedom, loving Father. The whole Creation is waiting. 
















LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 4-10-05          2

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