BY:  CARL R. SCHWING – MAY 7, 2005

LETTER – 2005-D


We must love Him even as He loves us ... unconditionally.

We must love one another even as He loves us … unconditionally.

We must love Mankind even as He loves them … unconditionally.


Then shall the love that He is, sweep over our being like a mighty fire storm, burning everything about US that is not like Him; until the fire that He is, has consumed us unto life ... the life that He is. Ah, then His holy fire of love will flow from us and spread unto the ends of the earth, purifying unto perfection, all things. His love is like a pillar of fire leading us through this dark night of earth life. He burns as a sanctuary lamp in the temple that we are ... always reminding us of His presence, His love, and His glory. His love is the anointing oil of the Spirit, gently poured out upon us ... preparing our inner son for the hour of victory over the "body of death."  We were born in His arms of love, and in His arms of love He will carry us home. And we will hear Him say; "Father, these are the brothers You have given me, now I bring them to You. The glory you have given me, I have given to them, that they may be one even as You and I are one ... that they may be one in us." Once again we shall live in the presence of the Father's eternal love, rejoicing in doing all that He might bid us to do. 


We must love Him more than ever before. We must love Him with all that is within us. We must love Him for those who fall short of loving Him completely. We must love Him for those who resist His love. We must love Him for all those who know Him not. We must love Him so immensely, so intensely, until the magnitude of our love for Him is poured out upon all Creation; until all knees have bowed, and all tongues have confessed; until the love that He is, fills all things. Then shall the new heaven and new earth shine with the glory light of God's love. The angels, the saints, and the saved of the earth will sing their songs of love; all Creation will sing its song of love. And the Sons of God will sing the song known only to them: The song of songs; the song of the love that the Father is; the song of love forevermore; the song of love to the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Son of Sons! 


The Lord Jesus Christ is the Tabernacle of Light. Even as He once stood knocking at the door of our hearts, now we stand at the golden door of the Tabernacle that He is, and in great awe and reverence, we knock. He is faithful and true ... He opens the door that we might come into Him and sup with Him, even as He once came into us to sup with us. Then, we served Him the portion He had given to us: Now, He gives to us what the Father has given to Him. He is our "third heaven" where He allows us to see and hear wondrous things. Our first heaven was where we came from; our second heaven was on this earth when He called us unto himself ... the hour when we were stumbling in the dark ... the deep dark ... and He reached out and lifted us up into His Light. He opens the door and bids us to enter ... that the Light of His glory might flood our being, causing all the types and shadows to flee away; for there is no room for such in the heart of one that would walk with God and be no more. He wishes to send us forth as vessels of light and truth to a creation that is dying in the darkness of the world, the darkness of religion, and the darkness of self. 


In the stillness of His presence He whispers; "Come, walk with me, my beloved, and I will make you like myself ... in every way. You will know my thoughts; you will know my ways. You will speak my words and do my works. I will be everything in you, and you will be all that I am." 


Christ Jesus is the Manna of Immortality. He is the Communion beyond the bread and wine. He is the Manna for which our inner son has hungered for. He opens the door of His innermost Sanctuary and bids us to eat of Him and have life evermore. As we enter into the Divine Depths of Jesus Christ we will find the absence of all the manna of the wilderness of religion. All that we had sought for, all that we had attained to, all that we held sacred and precious, were but glimpses of the fullness we shall see within the Holy Chambers of our Beloved. It is in this Most High and Holy Place that the Spirit of transformation and glorification will complete His perfect work. This is the highest and most holy state in one's union with God. 


This is where we remove our shoes. This is where we leave behind our preconceived notions of heaven ... a heaven in the sky; a heaven of eternal bliss; a heaven of continual family reunions. Yes, in our Father's House we will know those we have loved on earth. However, we will know them in a more wonderful way ... Loving them in a deeper way, and for more noble reasons ... unto the glory of our Everlasting Father. This is where we leave behind, forever, all the teachings of the past ... setting our self free ... that we might walk unhindered, unfettered, and undivided, into the fullness of our inheritance in Christ Jesus; that the Christ Seed of Eternal Life might break through the earth that we are and blossom; rising up in the power and glory of the greater Resurrection! 


The High and Holy Place of which I write is not some "far off place" ... it is all around us. There is but a thin veil over our eyes; a thin wall between the two realms; a slight distance from one realm to the other. For, you see, my beloved, all things, everywhere, be it in heaven or on earth, or in the vastness of the Universe, exist in the center of our Father's Being... 


I would like to share with you the following words from another "alone with Him one.”


One still night the tears of God

Fell upon my face

And washed away my sin.

I was so close to Him.

I touched His face and wiped away His tears,

The tears of God.


Love spilled out of my heart

And fell into His hands,

The hands of God.


Fire burned and flames arose

And touched the altar of heaven.

I cried, "Holy” and the fire burned,

The fire of God.


I cried and my tears fell

Into the fire of God.

The fire died and I died

And fell into

The heart of God.


Mary Lou Lyden









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