BY:  CARL R. SCHWING – JUNE 15, 2005

LETTER – 2005-E


Through the darkness we can see Your light. You always shine far brighter than ten thousand suns/sons. 


We feel your hand in ours. We long to see your face. We desire just You. 


We would love to be everything You are. In our eyes You are everything. 


We have loved You for so long. 


After all the wrong that we have done ... You still love us and abide with us. 


You walk with uS ... we can feel your presence. In You alone we have peace and rest. 


Time may change everything ... one truth will always remain the same; You are here ... always here. 


We look up to everything You are ... and You are everything. We know that every gift You give to us is for our good and for our perfecting. 


We believe in You, because You are You ... and we are part of You. 


We know that before all things, there was You ... only You. 


And in this cruel and lonely world of darkness, we have one Love ... that is You, dear Father. 


My beloved, the Father is always with us. He will never leave us or forsake us. I know, at times we feel as though He is so far away ... or perhaps we feel as though we are far from Him. He is our Father. He planned every detail of our life before we were born; and He is with us throughout this long journey in a strange and foreign land. He will see us through until the moment He draws us into the fullness of himself ... and a new day will begin and new purposes unfold. 


We all experience the well known-dry times, "feeling as though the Lord has abandoned us, or we sense a lack of bearing fruit, or we become discouraged, or disheartened, or disappointed. But, those feelings are only whiplashes from our past religious beliefs and superstitions. The "anointing" we felt in the old order was, in most cases, outward expressions of the joy of the Lord ... however, they did not give us fulfillment or life. We are partaking of a higher awareness of Him, a higher understanding of His great glory. We wait in the quietness of our aloneness for the Father to pour out His living anointing upon us, that we might see and know as He ... that the body of death might be "clothed upon" with the life that He is. 


We are walking the path of spiritual maturity; the path which will return us to the House of our primeval birth. We did not chose this path, the Father had chosen it for us, eons ago, when He laid out His plans for the Ages. We were born for these purposes: To be pilgrims and strangers passing through this dark and lonely world; to be the "hidden treasure" in the fields of religion; to be the "handful of corn" atop the holy mountain of the Lord; to be the lilies "which labor not" for religious pleasures or blessings, to be the "chosen few" that would find their all within the Secret Place of the Most High. 


Oh, such a Holy Place! Nothing remains ... just Him. He is all that matters. He is the Absolute Everything. Thus, we stand naked, empty, and free ... standing in total nothingness ... as nothing. Now He can fill us with all that He is. Now He can be everything in us that we could not be in ourselves. This, indeed, is the" Holy Place" He has prepared for us. This is the" place by Him" that we have waited for. This is where our spirit, mind, and body is being consumed by the fire of His Eternal Love, melting us ... dissolving us ... transforming us ... restoring us. 


Alas, there are those among us that are "turning back" to the old ways, the old order, thinking they will find life in the steeple houses of the fun, food, and fellowship crowd. Though our Elder Brother had done wondrous works; though He had taught wondrous truths; and though He had shown man how to have spirit converse with our Father, there were those who "went back" to the temple, to the teachings of Moses and the prophets; back to the blind leaders of the blind; back to the bondage of ordinances, holy days, and numberless religious practices; praying the prayers of their fathers of old ... eating once again of the wilderness manna. However, it was the "turning back" of many which brought forth the living words of truth from the depths of Peter's heart: "To whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life. And we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ, the Son of the living God!" Hallelujah! 


Therefore, may the "turning back" of others, stir the Spirit of truth within us, reminding us of all the wondrous things the Lord has done for us; reminding us of all the words of life He has revealed to us; reminding us of the •still small voice" that speaks within saying: "This is the way, walk in it." ... reminding us that greater is He that dwells in the temple which we are, than he that dwells in temples built with hands. Let us slay the giant of religion that would take us captive and return us to the rulers and children of the house of divisions and bondage ... slaying him with the Stone that the builders rejected ... the living Stone that is so precious to us ... the Rock of the Ages! And we, also, are living stones, fitly joined together to form the House of the Living God. 


Our Elder Brother said that when we pray, (worship or praise) we should go into our closet (our secret place) and close the door, (that we might have private and intimate converse with our Father) assuring us that the Father would hear us and answer us; that He would come into the secret place of our heart, and would close the door, to be alone with us, to commune with us, to shed His light and life upon us, to assure us of His abiding presence, faithfulness, and love. 


There is no room for forms or rituals within our secret place. It is the place where the Spirit of God comes as a "rushing wind" to fill our inner son with the fire of the Father's matchless love; to prepare our inner son for the time of divine worship; for the time of the communion of the saints; the time to sit with Christ in heavenly places; the time to eat of the Manna of Life. The outer man has no part in this worship. This is when the hand of our inner son reaches out to touch the hand of God. This is the assembling of the first born. (The first to come forth from the Father in that most glorious beginning of all beginnings.) This is when the Holy Spirit lifts the veil of the Holy of holies for us to enter, that we might worship the Father, who is spirit, in spirit and in the beauty of holiness. This is the holy time of the renewing of our inner man; the hour of remembering our "place by Him" in ages past. 


My beloved, as you know, the secret place of which I write is where we walk in the liberty of the Sons of God. It is the holy ground upon which angels fear to tread. It is the place where flesh and blood cannot enter. It is the assembling we must not forsake ... as is the manner of some that have returned to the assembly houses of brick and stone. Let us enter our "secret place" even more, as we see the day of our manifestation approaching. 


Our secret place is truly within the Secret Place of the Most High ... where the only law is love, the only creed is Christ, and the only word is that which is spoken by our Father. Hallelujah! 


In the preciousness of our aloneness ... in the beauty of our secret place the glory of His presence, is our strength. Let all that is within us, praise His holy Name! 




LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 6-15-06            2

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