Through our darkness He can see the reflection of His light upon the face of our inner son ... the Light that shall enlighten all mankind. 


He can see the image of His Son engraved upon our heart. 


He can hear the voice of our spirit crying; "Abba, Father." 


He can see the longing in our eyes to be with Him, once again, in His holy habitation. 


He knows our weakness, our failures, our carnality ... so He covers us with His love and mercy. 


He feels our suffering, our heartache, our sorrow and grief. .. He feels our loneliness ... so He overshadows us with His presence. 


He hides us in the cleft of the Rock. .. that we might be completely His. 


And we will know when we are completely His ... we will be completely like Him. 


In our time alone with Him we often meditate upon all that we are becoming, and all that we will be, in Christ Jesus ... and this is good ... because we are thereby encouraged and strengthened to press on toward the day of our manifestation. However, as we enter the depths of such truth we begin to understand how much greater is the truth of what Christ is becoming, and will be, in us. Of our self, we can do nothing, we are nothing, we know nothing. Christ in us is the hope of glory ... and what mankind and the creation will become through the Christ in us ... ah, that is the glory! 


Recently, I was sent a writing about the soon coming judgment of God upon the people of the world. The writer's words were that of anger, wrath, destruction, and judgment. The writer touched upon the "Manifestation of the Sons of God" but quickly adds that before that event takes place the wicked, the evil, and the unbelieving, will be destroyed by the wrath of God. I have also read some of the so called "prophesies" which are being circulated today; prophesies of doom and horror. Their words do nothing for one's spirit, they accomplish nothing, and they certainly do not edify the Body of Christ. Why are these "prophets for profit" sending their "prophesies" to the saved of the earth, or to the Elect of God? They that know the Lord need not fear those who can burn cities, or plunder earthly belongings, or destroy the body ... for their trust is in the Lord, and they are prepared and ready to receive all that the Father has planned. Should not these "prophets" be taking their predictions to those they refer to as the "wicked and unsaved" people of the world; warning them of such massive destruction and terror? 


Even though the dark clouds of judgment hang over the world and its people, we must see through and beyond the darkness of the hour. We must remain focused upon our Father's light and love and mercy. We must keep our eyes upon the cross of our Beloved; upon which the price for the sins of the world ... all of them ... was paid in full with His precious blood. I realize that a judgment day for the world is coming. And though the Father's judgment may seem harsh or severe, His judgment is for a just and noble purpose: The justification of all mankind ... a judgment that will culminate with the Restitution of All Things ... the returning of all things to their rightful owner, the Lord God Almighty. Then shall the glorious accomplishments of Calvary's day be known to all. 


My beloved, always remember ... amid all the words of judgment and punishment, the word of Reconciliation has been given to the Sons of God. And at the appointed hour, from atop Zion's holy mountain, the Sons shall cry; "Be ye reconciled to God!" and every ear will hear ... for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it. Hallelujah! And their words will be carried upon the wind of the Holy Spirit throughout the heavenlies, to the ends of the universe, down the corridors of eternity, to the dwelling place of Creations yet to be. And they that knew Him not shall serve Him; being purified in the fire of our Father's endless love and mercy. They shall come forth in fresh white linen with the Name of the Lord written upon them, and they shall praise and magnify the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the one and only living God. Ah, once again I can see a young man standing in the Father's eternal light ... His hand reaches out to the Father ... He smiles, for His work is finished. Hallelujah! 


As I write of Reconciliation and the Restitution of All Things, I can feel the joy of these most glorious events, heaving like mighty waves, within the depths of my being. Though my outer man trembles in unworthiness, my spirit takes flight to heights it has never known. When the mind that was in Christ, (the Father's mind) dwells in us, we will understand all these things by the Spirit, and in the fullness of truth. Ah, then shall all mortal voices be hushed, all mortal thoughts shall fade. Our eyes will clearly see the things that are eternal; our ears will hear wondrous things never heard before, and with the voice of the Father we will speak the words of the Everlasting Gospel, giving life and freedom to all mankind, to all creation. Then, truly, we have entered the Eternal Realm, where prophesy has failed, tongues have ceased, and knowing in part is over. Then will the ways of the Father be so clear that even children will understand them. In the rough and barren hearts the roses will bloom forever, sending forth their sweet scents of peace and life. All those dwelling in the dry places will drink freely of the River of Life. And the beast of self shall lie down with the Lamb of God. Those who were enemies, will then be brothers; those who were brothers, will then be gods, unto the glory of their Elder Brother, and their Everlasting Father. The eyes of the blind! and the eyes of their blind leaders, shall be opened, and they will see the Lord as He is. The ears of the deaf shall hear the word of the Lord; the mute shall speak of His glory, and the lame shall dance with joy. Then shall the graves of earth be empty, and the house of hell, desolate. In the New Heaven and the New Earth there will be many dwelling places, prepared by the Father, for all that He has made ... And all shall dwell together in the peace and unity of the Holy Spirit. This will be the birth of a New Beginning ... yet, it is but a foretaste of greater Beginnings to come. 


In this day of mass confusion, in this time of the clamoring of many voices, in this hour of gross spiritual and political darkness, our Father has "taken us" and "hidden us" in the cleft of the Rock, (the wound in the side of our Elder Brother) that we might once again be nurtured at His side; changing us from glory to glory; preparing us for the glorious moment He sends us forth with His vast family of Sons. As you know, our Father uses many mysterious methods in changing us from glory to glory. Some, He places in the deep shadows of despair; others, He places in great physical or emotional suffering; others, He places within the stronghold of grief and sorrow. But, in His perfect timing, He takes the gloom of despair and fills the heart with assurance. With suffering, He draws us closer to His heart, allowing us to spend more "quiet times" with Him. He takes grief and sorrow and uses it as a key to open the door to the "powers of an endless life", that we might have a glimpse of the joy and glory He has prepared. Therefore, let us hold the course; let us not grow weary, allowing nothing to slow us down ... for not even the powers of heaven, or earth, or hell, will take the birthright from us, which our Father gave to us, through His Son, eons ago. All that we are made to bear, all that we are made to endure, all that we are made to go through, are but stepping stones to the high and holy places within our Father's House. 


Our Elder Brother knew what was to suffer despair ... in the garden and on the cross. He knew what it was to suffer pain of body and of mind ... in the garden and on the cross. He knew what it was to suffer the throes of death ... in the garden and on the cross. It was in a garden that the loveliest Rose was crushed. It was on the cross that He was lifted up. It was in another garden, as the sun rose above the hills, that the fairest Lily came forth victorious over death, hell, and the grave. His was the first Son rise of many Son rises to come. Therefore, let us treasure our garden of crushing, and our cross that lifts us up; knowing that when the Risen Son appears, we shall appear with Him ... in the Garden of Lilies. Without the garden, without the cross ... without the suffering, there is no glory. Therefore, let us continue our journey into the depths of Jesus Christ, regardless of the cost. 


The Lord is our refuge and our strength. He is our rock, our hiding place, our holy place. We belong to Him, and we shall follow Him through all the obstacles of life, through all the barriers of time and distance, until we clearly see all Creation standing in the Son light of life and freedom. The gates of the Holy City shall open, and all will enter, and no one will be denied. My beloved, we are talking about countless multitudes entering the gates of the New Jerusalem; having the name of the Lord written upon their forehead; having the joy of salvation upon their face, and their shouts of praise resonating throughout the City. And the anointing of the Spirit shall be poured out upon them, causing them to cry out; "This is the City of our God, and of His Christ, and we are His people ... for while we were yet sinners, He redeemed us with His own blood," Oh, what overwhelming love of the Father! Only our Father could design such a perfect plan ... then bring it to pass! 


Once again the heavy clouds of God's judgment have been rolled back, that we might behold the Father as He is; that we might look within the holy chambers of His heart and see His love, mercy and grace; that we might know and understand that His judgments are just, His mercy is sure, and His love is for all ... that we might see, for a moment, the awesome light of redeeming grace flowing from the throne of God ... that we might see the "all that died in Adam," made alive in Christ. And as we behold these wondrous things we hear the Father whisper; "Go into your secret place, close the door, hide yourself as it were, until the night has passed, and you hear the voice of your Beloved calling your name." 








































LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 8-8-05          3

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