"He that dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty." Such awesome words, such a marvelous promise, such a blessed assurance. We all know the glorious experience of spending a moment or so in the secret place of the most High ... even a moment seems like an eternity when our spirit is lost in His overshadowing presence. It is our place of refuge and comfort. It is our place of worship and communion. It is the place we yearn to dwell in all the days of our life; to dwell in as ages and eternities pass. It is where we came from; it is where we shall return. And wonder of wonders, it is not a place far off. It is a secret place unknown to earthbound men, unknown to church-bound men. It is the place where many are called to, but there are just a few that are chosen to enter in. It is a secret place because it is hidden in the heart of our eternal Father. It is a secret place because it is hidden in the depths of our elder Brother. It is our secret place because it is our birthright. It is in our secret place that our Father wipes away our tears ... He turns our sorrow into joy ... fear, heartache, and pain are put aside and we rest awhile as His love makes our spirit take flight. And we drift into the hollow of His heart, and we live for awhile, as we once lived ... totally engulfed in His love, His presence, and in the beauty of His words. 


As we enter the holy realms of the eternal One, we do so with empty hands, an open heart, and a uncluttered mind. Religious practices cannot cross over the threshold of freedom; nor can the teachings of man enter the house of truth. All shadows and types flee away in the revealing light of the great I Am. It is in our secret place that the pure and unblemished Word of God is revealed. Every word that is revealed is taken and written upon the pages of our heart; each one of us becoming a living epistle within the Everlasting Gospel; each one of us becoming the word within the Word ... the Word that shall be sent forth to make all things new. When the pure Word of God matures within us, our inner son will come forth from the tomb of flesh partaking of the "greater resurrection," to preform the "greater works," through the "greater One" that rules within. 


We enter the Father's secret place reverently and quietly. We close our eyes and let out spirit soar. And we love Him like we never loved before. We sing our song of love to our Beloved ... and His Spirit makes our song take flight. And there, in the beauty of His presence, we become lost in the glory of His Iight ... and we whisper; "Everywhere you go, let us go too ... dear Lord, that is all we ask of you." He looks lovingly into our eyes and whispers; "Love me, trust me, follow me, completely possess me, for you are mine and I am with you always." 


The secret place of the most High is a holy place of many secrets ... many mysteries. It is the dwelling place of the seven Spirits of God. It is the dwelling place of wondrous things, wondrous words, wondrous happenings, and wondrous places. All the powers and riches of our Father are hidden therein. Within its secret chamber dwell all the wisdom and knowledge of the Godhead. Its boundaries are limitless, its beauty unmatched, its glory beyond description. Ages were born within this place; Creations unknown and innumerable have come forth from this holy place. It was in this place that the design, order, and purpose of the Universe was set in motion. It was in this place the music of the spheres was written. It was in this place that the Father said to His many-membered Son; "Let us make man in our image and in our likeness." 


The secret place is the assembly place of the most High and His vast family of Sons. It is large enough to contain the vastness of the Universe; yet, it is small enough that a world weary son can enter, close the door, and be alone with the Father. Not many during earth's time have been taken beyond the closet of the secret place. However, there has always been the "few" that were chosen to remember their place by Him ... chosen to live in the aloneness, finding their all within the secret place of their Beloved. 


Beyond the closet of the secret place is the Paradise of God. Ah, no more talk of darkness, no more words of doom; for this is the dwelling place of eternal light and everlasting peace and joy. Here the roses are never crushed ... the roses never fade. Here the lilies are a thousand times more beautiful ... and you will always find our Beloved walking among them. This is our Father's secret garden, where He walks and talks with His creation. All that be therein give praise and honor to our Father ... even the rocks and mountains cry out. The River of Life flows through the garden, and on either side is the Tree of Life ... and its fruit is ripe for eating. Here, the saints and Sons have fellowship, talking of times past and glories shared ... always speaking of the Father's faithfulness and love. Here, the saved of the earth sing the song of Redemption. Myriads of angels bow in adoration. This is the Paradise of God ... everything is from Him, for Him, and about Him. Everything within this most holy Paradise is an expression of the Father; everything bears a reflection of the Father; everything is filled with the presence of the Father. 


There are private times in the Father's Paradise when it is just the Father and His Sons walking together, or sitting by the River of Life; sometimes communing in the silence of the Spirit; other times speaking the language known only to the Father and His Sons. Their words are so profound, so divine, that they are kept in the depths of their heart, reserved for the time when once again we are all together in our Father's House. Then shall we all share in the fullness of our Father; being One with Him and our elder Brother ... being, once again, in Their exact image and likeness. However, we will always see our Father being above all; giving Him the praise and glory for all; always seeing Christ Jesus as the tallest, the fairest, the brightest, and the most exalted of all the Sons. We will always bow before Him ... always laying our crowns at His feet ... always glorifying His name ... which is above all names. Just to be with Him and the Father, forever, is reward enough. 


Within God's Paradise there is a "hiding place" for the Bridegroom and His Bride. A place where they can be alone and whisper words of love and life to each other. A place where they can embrace, and kiss, and know each other in a holy intimacy. A place where they can enjoy all the beautiful treasures the Father has given to them. A place where they can drink the wine of the Spirit, making their hearts glad. It is their secret place where they can bring forth a divine Creation for the Father, and present it to Him as a token of their love and esteem; knowing that their holy seed will also bear and bring forth many Creations to serve in the Father's perfect plan. 


Our Father's plans go far beyond the boundlessness of infinity. He is always opening doors to a higher domain. He is always working wonders more awesome than before. He is always creating a more excellent masterpiece; always putting on display a more excelling glory. Our Father is so much more than infinite. The works of His  hands are beyond perfection. His ways are beyond comprehension… Yet  His eyes are on the sparrow, and He watches over and loves all that He has made. Hallelujah! 


My brother-sister-sons: The secret place of the most High is never far away. When we are lifted up, it is there. When we are cast down, it is there. As we walk through the trials and tribulations of the world, it is there. When suffering is placed upon us, it is there. In the beauty of our aloneness, it is there. In the valley of the shadow of death, it is there. It is always there for us ... it is everywhere for us ... because we have made the Lord, even the most High, our habitation. Praise the Lord! 











LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 9-14-05          2

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