LETTER – 2005-H


When trumpets sound ... all wars shall end. 


When trumpets sound ... all pain shall cease. 


When trumpets sound ... all mortal voices shall be silenced. 


When trumpets sound ... the Son of God will appear and the glory of His presence shall cover the earth. 


When trumpets sound ... the Sons of God shall stand on Zion's holy mountain ... then all shall know the Lord from the least to the greatest. 


We all have an immense desire for the hour when all eyes will see what the eyes of our spirit have seen. The hour when all ears will hear what the ears of our spirit have heard. The hour when all hearts will know what our heart has always known. And that hour will surely come in our Father's tomorrow. His tomorrow is not measured in minutes or hours, or days or years ... that is why He alone knows the day and the hour we are waiting for. There are no clocks or calendars in the realm of the Eternal One. All things happen at His command. He who had no beginning ... He who has no end, fills all the spaciousness and timelessness of eternities with Himself. All things remain in Him until He calls them forth. At present we live in, and are part of, our Father's today. Therefore, let us be most sensitive to everything that is happening around us ... to every hand that reaches out to us ... to every voice that is crying out ... to the whole creation that is moaning. Rest in the knowledge that all things will be fulfilled in our Father's perfect will and order. 


When trumpets sound it will be the day of the end of all wars. No more presidents, kings, emperors or dictators ... for they were the warlords of the world. They were the ones that ruled over the world and its people. And the people would not have "this man" (The Prince of Peace) rule over them. All races, all cultures, and all religions preferred to follow man with all of his prejudices, laws, superstitions, and beliefs ... never knowing that all of their learning, all of their progress, and all of their achievements were but foolishness to the Lord God most High. Never knowing that the Lord God always had a people hidden, as it were, in the vast wilderness of aloneness; ones that never found life in the ways of the flesh or in the ways of the world: Rejected little nobodies that dared to believe that they could worship the Father in spirit and in truth ... always abiding under the shadow of His wings. They were always waiting and longing for the hour ... always in the process of being prepared for the hour when trumpets would sound and the words of peace and freedom and equality would resound throughout the land. 


In the silence of the trumpets, the Father continues to prepare us for the long awaited hour of manifestation. He is cutting away at the carnality and characteristics of the Adamic nature that remains a part of us. Though we have come out of the temples of Babylon, there are still some of Babylon's teachings that must come out of us. In the silence ... the deep silence ... the Spirit of God is moving within us. And with the holy fire of love He is purifying the Temple that we are. To walk in the midst of our Father's eternal fire of love is the most glorious anointing we have ever received. His fire burns within us removing all the unwanted and undesirable traits of flesh. His fire fills us with a burning desire to love all mankind back to Him ... a burning desire to set the creation free. As His holy flames rise up within us, our spirit ascends to the unseen realm where we are seated with Christ in heavenly places; where we understand fully that our present suffering is just for a season ... but the glory which lies ahead is forever ... and that glory is our union (reunion) with God. It is the glory, the union, the endless life that we were born into eons ago. The suffering we bear, the tears we shed, magnify the One within ... as the one outside slowly dies. 


With the ears of our spirit we can hear the faint sound of a trumpet blowing in the wind and we know it is the voice of our Beloved. We wait for His transforming words of life to fall upon us, even as the rain falls upon the earth. We close our eyes and whisper; I Wash away all the thoughts inside that keep our mind away from You. Wash away all the stains of self and pride. Wash away all fear and shadows. Then clothe us with Your words of light and life, so that when You appear we may appear with You in the likeness of Your glory. 


When all mortal voices are silenced, the Word of the Lord shall go forth and heal the land ... the precious land that had suffered so greatly at the hands of man. All man's empty and lifeless promises, all of his words of deceit and cunningly devised fables, along with all of his religious half truths, will be put to rest ... never again to hold in bondage the inhabitants of the earth. In the Beginning the voice of God was the first voice that the Earth heard. The voice of God was the first voice that all living creatures and all living things heard. The voice of God was the first voice that Adam heard. And once again the Earth, and all living creatures, all living things, and all mankind will hear the voice of God ... And a New Day will begin. Hallelujah! 

Oh! Glorious trumpets that shall announce the appearing of the Full Revelation of Jesus Christ and His vast family of brothers. They shall stand upon Zion's holy hill, and with one voice they shall speak the words of the Everlasting Gospel...proclaiming the Good News of freedom and Full Redemption for all mankind, for all creation. The Spirit of the Word shall go forth to make all things new. The Earth shall become a paradise for lovelier than Eden's fair garden. The Holy City shall appear beside a crystal sea ... the city whose Builder and Ruler is God. The wind and the rain shall make a joyful noise unto the Lord. The lightning and thunder shall proclaim His power and glory. The trees of earth will offer wave offerings unto the Father, and the flowers of the field will dance in His presence. But, the Lilies and the Roses will bloom forever around His Great White Throne! 


The vastness of the Universe will expand. Planets shall beget planets. Stars shall beget stars. New galaxies will appear and new eternities shall be born. Multitudes of new creations shall appear in the heavens and in the heavens above the heavens. Thus, will the sovereign reign of God's Christ and His Christ-Sons begin. Once again the trumpets will sound, and the angels will cry out; "Praise the Lord, ye holy Sons of joy!" The saints shall cry out; "Praise the Lord, ye holy Sons of Life!” The stars shall cry out; "Praise the Lord, ye holy Sons of light!" And the whole creation shall cry out; "Praise the Lord, ye holy Sons of God!" 


When trumpets fade ... then all will know ... that all is well ... forevermore. Hallelujah! 


My dear brother-sister-sons, If the thin veil between the two realms was lifted, we would behold our Beloved face to face. He is never far away ... He is always with us. We had pictured Him in some for off place somewhere beyond the stars ... somewhere beyond the universe ... never realizing that even the vastness of the universe is but a dwelling place in our Father's House. Even our aloneness is a dwelling place in our Father's House. Thus, we are still and wait in the silence for the trumpets to sound. 











LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 11-10-05          2

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