LETTER – 2005-I


"Be still, and know that I am God." 


We are still, and wait here in the darkness until You come and shed Your light upon us. 


We are still, and wait here in the silence until You come and sit awhile with us. 


We are still, and wait here in Your presence as Your words impart life to us. 


We are still, and wait here in the silence until we are lost in You. 


When we are lost in Him we no longer look upon our "self." He takes us upon the wings of His Spirit to the place where the lost, the unwanted, the unclean, and the unloved, dwell. He allows us to hear their crying and moaning and pleading. He lets us see their sin and feel their shame, their guilt, their helplessness ... their need for love and forgiveness and cleansing. He takes us to the place where the poor, the sick, the bereaved, the elderly, and the dying, dwell. He lets us see their poverty and feel their hunger. He lets us feel their pain, their sorrow, their loneliness, their fear. He lets us watch their tears ... tears which never seem to dry. He lets us hear their prayers for help, for deliverance, for peace, for strength and courage. 


Our Father does not wish to depress us; He wants to show us that mankind is crying out in great agony, anxiously awaiting the manifestation of the Sons of God. He wants to stir our spirit, our emotions, arid our determination to embrace these souls pulling them to our heart that we might make intercession for them sending forth the Spirit of Him that dwells in us to overshadow them, to enlighten them ... placing them in the hands of our Father ... to see His perfect will fulfilled in them. 


Our Father tells us to be still. It is in the stillness of His presence that we are safe from all the religious chatter and clutter of the hour. Ah, the stillness of His presence ... that is the Holy Place where we find the Manna of Life upon the altar of the most High. It is in the stillness of His presence that we receive His Holy Word: Not a dead letter written upon the pages of a book, but the Word of Life written by the hand of the Spirit upon the hearts of living epistles. Then, He binds us together as one, in preparation for the hour when He sends us forth to be known and read by all that the Father has made. 


It is in the silence of His presence that the warfare between our spirit and the carnal mind will end. It is where our inner Christ-son will rise up victoriously over the stronghold of the flesh, and we will be transformed from the image of the earthly into the image of the heavenly. It is where the Father returns the power of an endless life to His world weary sons. It was in this holiest of all places that the many-membered Christ was begotten, not created. It is where Michael and his mighty army of angel-sons were created, not begotten. It is where the saved of the earth become the sons of God ... not begotten, not created, but adopted into the family of God. 


We are still, and wait in the aloneness, until our Father comes and takes our spirit to a special place within His House of many dwelling places. In this special place our Father allows us to have glimpses of times past ... precious memories of who we were, where we were, and what we knew ... when the morning stars sang together and the Sons of God shouted for joy. It is a place of freedom ... freedom from all the thoughts and desires that would keep our mind away from our Father: Freedom from the doctrines of man and all of his traditions, superstitions, and rituals. There is no place within the Chambers of Truth for what the hirelings and their followers believe. All the types and shadows of the Written Word fade in the glorious light of the Living Word. Thus, for a moment, we can see the marvelous ways and wonders of our Father, and we can hear His awesome words of creativity and life. And He renews us by the power of His Spirit, binding us together with the cords of love that we might share, once again, the divine ecstasy of our union with Him. Ah, such a sacred and precious time spent with our Father in a special place ... the inner chamber of His heart. He becomes everything in us that we could not be in our self. He takes all the things we could not give ... then fills the voids with himself. And He overshadows us with His light of glory. We are so overwhelmed by His love and goodness ... so overwhelmed by His power and glory, that the Spirit returns us to our place of aloneness that we might rejoice and give thanks for that moment ... that timeless moment ... we spent within the heart of our Father. There are realms within the Father's heavenly places that over the centuries only the mystics ( ones initiated into the things of the Holy Spirit) and saints ventured into ... all of which gave their life to do so ... in one way or another. Their brave spirits dared to rise above the limitations of orthodoxy and entered the realm of truth and reality. And there, in the silence of His presence, they had fellowship with the Father and their Beloved ... the Lord Jesus Christ. Not that they had attained during their earth life, but, they had been apprehended to attain. They sought for the life in the Spirit, and for the realm of reality. Now they wait in the beauty of the Father's House for the hour when His perfect work is finished, and they reach their full attainment in Christ Jesus. It was their undying love for Christ, their unshakable faith, their loyalty in serving all those in need ... it was their burning desire to always seek the will of God ... to do the will of God ... to become the will of God ... it was by walking in His righteousness, His holiness, and in His Spirit, that made these precious ones the Saints of the Lord. To the world they were strange, to the religious they were fools, but, the meek and lowly of heart considered them godly. 


In my spirit I see another very special dwelling place in our Father's House, the inhabitants of which are clothed in pure white garments that are gathered at the waist with a crimson cord. Around their neck is a golden chain with a ruby stone. Ir their arms they carry a wooden cross and beautiful red roses. Their faces shine with the light of life. They are the followers of the Lamb ... they are the martyrs for Jesus. They are truly the Father's precious jewels. And in this special dwelling place of Living Sacrifices they sing their song of victory over death ... they sing their song of praise to the Lamb of all lambs ... as the Lamb of God walks among them. 


To be still, and wait in His presence is one of the greatest acts of praise and worship. To be alone with the Father is a reality beyond the comprehension of the worldly, the religious, and often the spiritual. To know Him as the beginning of all things, the life of all things, and the fulfillment of all things, is one of the keys that will open the door to the unseen realm ... the eternal realm. Such knowledge is the revelation of the Kingdom of God within the earth that we are ... it is the pathway to the power of an endless life. Oh! What matchless love and mercy and grace for all mankind, for all creation, is hidden in the sacred words of the most High: "Be still, and know that I am God." 


In the deep silence of the soul, the "still small voice" is heard. Hallelujah! 
















LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 12-8-05          2

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