LETTER – 2006-A


The holiest Book ever written opens with the words; "In the beginning God created." Of course, this verse refers to the creation of the heaven and the earth. However, volumes of truth could be written about those five little words. All things were created by God. There is nothing that was created that wasn't created by Him. Everything in the vastness of the Universe had its beginning with the words; "In the beginning God created." It was just six thousand yeas ago that man first penned those five little words ... but the truth that lies hidden within them goes back millions, perhaps billions, perhaps trillions of eons. Everything, everywhere, was created by our Father ... or evolved from that which He created. My brother-sister-sons, there are indeed many creations that man, with all of his state of the art inventions, know nothing of ... many creations which exist beyond the boundlessness of infinity ... creations which defy all the logic and intelligence of man and science ... creations which tear down the rigid walls of orthodoxy ... creations ruled by our Father and His Christ. 


Our elder Brother said; "Before Abraham was, I am." And we know that He existed with the Father in that Beginning of all beginnings. Christ was the Father's inspiration for all that He created. All things were created from Him and for Him. All things begin, exist, and are fulfilled in Him. And all the Father created is ours in Christ Jesus. As some of you know, I live in the heart of the Allegheny National Forest. For years I walked the narrow paths leading through the pine or hemlock forests ... or I would walk the deer trails along the Tionesta Creek. I partook of sacred communion with our Father and had fellowship with the works of His hands. He would walk this lovely forest with me as once He walked fair Eden. The evidence of His presence could be seen throughout the forest. I knew that He was always there; the forest and all therein knew that the Creator walked among them. Wild flowers, river grasses, fallen trees covered with moss ... ah, much life was evolving on the floor of the forest. During the fifteen years, or more, that I walked the woods, I never met another person along the way; this would sadden my heart ... for there were so many wonderful happenings, birthing, and beginnings taking place, and at that moment there were none but I to partake of the glory of our Father's work. Often, I would sense, even feel, the presence of a multitude of spirits passing through the valley, and I knew they were praising and glorifying the Father for the unlimited power of His creativity. At times I could feel the joy of the Lord as it settled upon the hills. I would hear the cry of a hawk as though it was a holy chant magnifying the Lord of glory. I could hear rejoicing and thanksgiving in the song of the birds, and, sometimes in my spirit I could hear the Creation crying out; "Christ is Lord! Christ Is Lord!" The Spirit of oneness would settle over the valley ... joining the created with the Creator ... and all would become still as though everything had entered into the rest and peace of the Lord ... as a holy mist drifted through the hollows of the hills ...


I am mostly house bound now ... but I can look out the windows of my home (which was built in the center of a cove, surrounded by the forest and rolling hills) and see the presence of the Father as He passes in the wind. I can see Him in the falling rain. I could see His handiwork in the leaves of autumn as they gathered about the doors and windows. And the stark trees of winter sway back and forth in the wind, pointing their black fingers upward to the heavens, pointing to the One that is above all, and in all. At times I can hear these words echoing through the valley and over the hills; "In the beginning God created ..." 


Ah, there are many places more precious where we can worship and spend time in our Father's presence. One of them, of course, is in the stillness of the night hours when most mortals are sleeping ... the time when the Spirit of the Lord comes as a gentle dove, and takes the things of our Father and shows them to us. Then, there is the holy place of silence where all mortal voices are hushed, and we hear the voice of our Beloved telling us to come away with Him to partake of the heavenly manna of life and truth. There is the special place of our aloneness where no mortals dwell ... where we find contentment and fulfillment in the Lover of our soul. It is in this sacred place that we experience a divine fellowship with our Beloved and with one another. There is the glorious place of suffering where the body grows weaker, and our inner man becomes stronger and is free to soar to the high and holy places for which he yearns. Of course, to the outer man suffering is never pleasant, be it for a moment, or a lifetime. We are the sons of God and we know to receive all things from our Father with thanksgiving ... knowing that all things are working together for our eternal good and glory. Yes, suffering is a glorious place ... because it is the birthing place of our reign with Christ Jesus. But, it is in the secret place of the Most High that the Father has prepared a "special place" for each of us to call our own. It is our holy place within the Tabernacle of the Lord. It is here in our "special place" that prayer and praise is set aside...for it is in the silence that our Beloved speaks the words of the Everlasting Gospel to us. And our eyes are opened and we see the reality of the unseen things which are eternal. Though we would linger for awhile longer, He bids us to go ... assuring us that He is always with us ... every day ... all day. Thus, we give thanks, once again, for that moment ... that timeless moment, we spent in His presence. Blessed be the name of the Lord! 


Each day is a new beginning. Each day our Father creates something new, be it on earth, or in heaven, or in the high and holy places. Each day He gives a new word, or a new promise, or a new revelation. Each day He appears in a new and living way. Somewhere in this vast world, some precious soul, or souls, will hear, or see, or know, the new thing our Father has done. And those precious souls will be changed in some way and will step up into a higher glory. Because of this, the Torch of Truth will burn brighter in this world of natural and spiritual darkness. And the day of deliverance for Mankind and for the Creation will be a day closer. Hallelujah! 


Each day, as we are still and wait in our Father's presence, His life within us flows forth like a mighty river to water the seed of life planted within a new born soul ... to give water to a weary one that is walking through a dry place ... to wash away the fear, or pain, or sorrow of some suffering one ... to anoint the heart of a forsaken son. Such a Treasure we have in an earthen vessel! Is it any wonder that we are on tiptoe waiting for the hour of manifestation ... when the River of Life will flow out of our inner most being and wash anew all that our Father has made. 


Each morning is a golden daybreak. Each morning our hope grows stronger ... for we know that we are a day closer to the Eternal Daybreak when our Beloved will appear and stand in our midst. He will appear in great glory, and we will be changed in a heartbeat. And heaven and earth will be reborn, as the finger of the Spirit writes across the eastern sky; "In the beginning God created ..." Hallelujah! 






















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