LETTER – 2006-B


The words of the Father, like the dew of the morning, are gently falling upon us. His words are spirit and they are life. They are awakening our mind from the long sleep of earth's night; they are quickening our memory and we are recalling wondrous things, long withheld from our recollection. His Spirit is calling to our spirit. His life is calling to our life. The glorious light of his presence is shining through the windows of our heart, revealing to us the treasures hidden within our earthen vessel.




We should keep our mind, our heart and our eyes upon this mighty work of the Father. For it is by his Spirit, his life, and his light, that death will be swallowed up, and the Divine Life we had in the Father, eons ago, will be returned to us. In the hour of our manifestation we shall stand "glorified" before all Creation. Hallelujah! 


The Father is entering the "Temple not built with hands" ... the Temple that we are. Could the Father make such a visitation and everything around us not be shaken in some way? Could the Father make such a visitation without a great purging taking place somewhere upon the earth? If we could read the writing in the footprints of the sons that came before us, their words would tell us of the many visitations of the Father during their journey. Their words would tell us of the earth trembling, the seas roaring, and the hearts of men failing as the shadow of the Most High passed over his Creation. Their words would tell us that it was in their time of greatest suffering ... during their long hours of aloneness ... in their moment of feeling totally forsaken, that they committed their spirit into the Father's hands. And the glory of that moment changed, to some degree, the course of time and eternity ... for they had entered into union with God. Their words would tell us of the rapture of their spirit into the unseen realms ... of walking in the Spirit under an "open heaven" ... of a "knowing" ... of a "becoming" ... of a returning to the very center of the Father; where once again He breathed the breath of Divine Life into them; then they took their former place within their Father's House. Their words would tell us of the coming hour when the sons on earth would be "clothed upon" with the Divine Life of their Everlasting Father. Their words would tell us of the coming hour when the whole Creation will confess that the many membered Christ is Lord unto the glory of the Father. Their words would tell us that even now life giving wonders are taking place within our inner son, by the mighty hand of the Father ... and that we are "remembering" our place by Him within the council of the Most High. 


My dearly beloved of the Lord, this is not the time to be disheartened; we have broken the barriers of lifeless religious practices and the half truths of past teachings. We have learned the glory of suffering, the sacredness of aloneness, and the joy of our cross. We have learned to receive all things from the Father with thanksgiving. We have learned that all things, good or evil, light or darkness, have worked together to lead us to this most holy hour. Let us embrace our Elder Brother and bow before our Father with great joy ... for we no longer need that any man should teach us ... the Spirit of the Father is upon us to lead us into all truth. And the fullness of truth shall set us free from this body of death, and cover us, once again, with the garments of light and life. Blessed be the name of the Lord! Eons ago, in our beginning, we came forth from the Father of spirits as spirit beings of light and life. Words such as; mortal or immortal, corruption or incorruption, were unknown to us ... that life belonged to a future Age, a future place, to a creation that was to come ... a creation of life receivers ... we, with our Elder Brother, were to be the life givers. As we know, we had to bear the image of the earthly, in order that the earthly could bear the image of the heavenly. 




When we were all together in the Father's House, his life was our life ... his heartbeat was our heartbeat ... his breath was our breath. We partook of his thoughts and his ways. His will was our will. He was our strength, we were his strength. He was our Secret Place, we were his secret place. He was our glory, we were his glory. Our Elder Brother and the Father were One ... and we were one in Them. He was our Father, we were his sons. He was the Creator, we were his creator-sons. This, my brother-sister-sons, is but a glimpse of Union with God. This is the way it was in the Beginning of all beginnings ... and the increase thereof has no end. More than everything is ours' in the Father, through our Elder Brother, the Lord Jesus Christ. 


It has been a long time since we left the Father's House ... the reward is greater than the sacrifice ... the glory exceeds the suffering. The shame and sorrow we bore is nothing compared to the crown which awaits us. There are riches untold in the Father's Secret Chamber of Gold! 


What a joy it is remembering the times, ages ago, when we sat in our heavenly abode, lost in the depths of our Father's love ... his greatest gift to us. His love would flow into us and carry us to regions of glory and wonder, such as we had never known; regions in which we would be the designers, the creators, the rulers. Regions occupied by new and more wonderful creations ... regions filled with peace, order and equality. Regions we would deliver to the Father's Kingdom ... adding them to his vast domain. And we would tell the Father; "All that we have is Thine!" 


The Father shall ride in great majesty throughout all the regions of his domain. The work of his sons will be the joy of his heart and the wonder of the ages. Yet, in yonder sky there shines a star; a reflection of the Father's thought ... a star heralding the birth of another New Beginning; of an Age known only to Him ... an Age of unmatched beauty and glory ... of innumerable sons, and a more excelling work of their hands, and a Divine Union, hitherto, unknown. Oh! My beloved of the Lord, there is no end to the plans and powers of our Father. There is more prepared and reserved for us, in the vastness of the Father's Storehouse, that, we could ever possibly imagine or hope for. 


We should rest better now, my alone ones, knowing that such treasures are ours in the heavenlies. Let us bear our suffering and pain, our heartache and aloneness, with unspeakable joy; knowing that the presence of the Father is among us. Knowing that the Life the Father is ... is dwelling in us, is moving in us, and is changing us from one glory to another; until the Full Glory is ours forevermore. 


Like fine wine, the Father has placed us in the dark wine cellars of his Spirit. There, in the dark, in the stillness, in the aloneness, detached as it were from all else, we are becoming the pure wine of the Spirit. And even as natural wine makes the heart of men merry; so shall the Wine of the Spirit make all men free. Hallelujah! 

















LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 2-9-05           2

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