LETTER – 2006-C


The earth has grown old and tired. Its ground is stained with the blood of the righteous and the unrighteous. The earth's seasons and elements have been altered by the abusive progress of man. The air and water have been polluted by the foolish inventions of man. The birds of the air, the animals of the forest, and all creeping things live in constant fear of man. The leaders of the world's governments are always saying their administration is making things better. Only the slow of mind would believe them, or trust them. The fool has said in his heart, there is no God ... greater fools have said, God is dead ... the greatest of all fools have removed God from their political, educational, and social systems. The so called "church" that is, supposedly, to be "raptured" at any moment, has become bed partners with the world. And has robbed the saved of the earth of the truth as it is in Christ Jesus. Is it any wonder that our precious Lord taught us to pray for the coming of the Kingdom? Is it any wonder that He said the meek would inherit the earth? Is it any wonder that He told us to lift up our head and rejoice when we see these things coming to pass? assuring us our redemption (of the body) draws near. The sun has set for the world ... darkness covers the people of the world ... but, gross darkness covers the people of God! 


We have grown weary of searching the scriptures… weary of the many voices that say so little ... weary of the paths that lead nowhere… weary of the things that are not from the Spirit. And why have we grown weary of these things? Because they did not give us life. Out of the depths of our weariness we cried out to the Lord. And out of the heights of His glory He is answering us. We are living in the sunrise of the Day of the Lord. All of yesterday's half truths, blessings, anointing, methods of worship and prayer, must remain in the deepening shadows of yesterday's sunset. Though our outer man might continue to seek the external blessings, etc ... our inner man is reaching out to touch the realm of the Spirit: for he knows it is the realm of reality and life. 


However, there is a most profound place of surrender that our outer man must pass through... it is the holy hour when we place our spirit, mind, and body ... unconditionally, into the hands of our Father and whisper; "I am Yours, do with me what You will. All that You send my way I will accept with praise and thanksgiving. I will walk with You in the light or in the darkness. I will love You in joy or in sorrow. I will praise You in sickness or in health. If I live, I am Yours. If I die, I am Yours. If I dwell in the heights of the heavens, or dwell in the depths of hell, I am Yours." Now there is nothing left to give, nothing left to say, nothing left to want. In the silence of our surrender, He whispers; "Where you are ... I am." There is such a freedom, a binding love, and a sacred union when we are complete!) His. And we are joined together as one, by His Spirit. This freedom, love, and union flows freely from one to the other. This is having fellowship in the Spirit; this is spirit calling to spirit. When we have lost all awareness of "self" then we are worshiping the Father in spirit. When our only requests are for others ... when our tears are shed for others ... when we reach out to touch our Father in behalf of all mankind, all creation, then we are worshiping our Father in spirit and in truth. There is no "l" in the presence of the great I Am! 


There is the sound of a "rushing wind" in our midst ... Our Father is preparing to anoint our inner son from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet. This inner anointing will be far greater than any external anointing we have ever received. This anointing will fill our inner son with resurrection life, giving him the power to rise up from his tomb of flesh ... thus, breaking the restraining bonds of the flesh, of the world, and of religion ... freeing us from all the voices of men and their contradictory teachings and doctrines ... freeing us from their "word games" ... their endless "Bible proofs" and vain dreams of grandeur. This anointing will open our eyes to the things that are unseen. This anointing will allow our ears to hear, clearly, the life giving words of the Everlasting Gospel; it will establish in us the mind that was in Christ Jesus ... the mind of our Father. This is not a new thing the Father is doing: for He has done it for the past six thousand years to all of His sons that were traveling in this strange and foreign land. Somewhere in their walk He poured out the inner anointing upon them ... preparing them for the glorious hour when they would once again walk and live eternally in His presence. 


It is said of Enoch that he pleased God; that he walked with God, and that God took him. Enoch was taken from the realm of the earth to the realm of the Eternal. It was not some far off place beyond the stars ... he was translated from the realm of death to the realm of life ... And there is just a thin veil (a twinkling of an eye) between the two. Enoch had come from God ... he walked with God ... he returned to God. He returned to the Holiest of all places within our Father's House. What a reunion that must have been! 


The hour draws nigh for us to walk with God and be no more ... for this anointing of which I write, sanctifies our spirit, mind, and body ... not the "sanctification" the old order taught ... which was nothing more than legalism in disguise. The Father wishes to "take us" completely unto Himself; that we might regain our place by Him, and enter into Divine Union with Him ... thus, finishing His perfecting work in us. Once we dwelled in the high and holy places. Once we wore the garments of immortality. Once we sat in the Council of the Most High and spoke the language of our Father. And now, in the beauty and freedom of our aloneness, we anxiously await the hour when our Father will return to us all that we were, all that we knew and all that was ours ... when we were all together in our Father's House. We are waiting for that glorious morning when all of earth's inhabitants will know what the Sons of God have always known ... that Christ is Lord unto the glory of the Father. Hallelujah! 


There are times when the Spirit comes to us and ministers in a very private and profound way ... touching us with our Father's love ... showing us wondrous things yet to come ... things that are to be kept in the secret place of our heart. This is part of our personal relationship with the Father. These are our precious moments in His presence. We cannot plan them, program them, or pray them down ... they are the sacred times when our Father desires to spend time with us and share with us a portion of Himself. And by His presence we are renewed and mount up as eagles to soar the high places of home. In time, our Father will let us know when, and with whom, to share these wondrous things. As a result, great wonders will take place. The hearts of many will be changed ... even the course of time will be changed. Upon the earth there will be an increase of the Kingdom of God, and there will be great rejoicing in the heavenly realms. It is true, my brother-sister-sons ... this very moment, in the stillness of our aloneness, our relationship with the Father is growing stronger. Our understanding and recollection of His ways are becoming more clear. The rule of the Kingdom within grows greater ... the waters of life are deepening ... and the time is drawing nigh! Hallelujah! 


Oh, my beloved, there is infinitely more to the Kingdom of God than pen could write, or learned men could teach, or pious prophets could foretell. Only the Spirit of the living God can roll back, like a scroll, the heavens of our heart and reveal the full revelation of the Kingdom of God. Only the Spirit of the living God can manifest the wonder of it all. It all began when the Spirit took a small seed of the Kingdom and planted it in the rich soil of our longing hearts. There it rested as the warm light of the Spirit brought forth the first tender blade. And our heart rejoiced for its first glimpse of the Kingdom of God within. And it continued to grow regardless of the many obstacles that life, the flesh, the world, and religion placed in its way. It continues to grow in the peaceful environment of the garden of our heart ... slowly, gently, and lovingly taking possession of our inner most being. Everyday our Beloved walks through our garden ... pruning, trimming, and feeding the precious blades that shall one day cover the earth with the glorious Kingdom of God. And, my beloved, we are the Sons of our Father's Kingdom. Praise the Lord! 


We are precisely where our Father has placed us. The religious organizations call us "the out of camp ones." In truth we are "the alone with the Father ones." At times we feel as though we walk alone ... but, our Father is always with us. His eye is always upon us. He is all around us; He is in the very air we breathe. Christ Jesus came to bring us back to spirit converse with our Father. Our elder Brother abides within us to stir up the gift which is hidden, like a treasure, in the field of our hearts. He abides within to lift us higher ... that He might show us a portion of the glory we shared with Him in the beginning. He abides within us that we might sit with Him in the heavenly places of our heart and partake of the Living Bread that He is. He abides within us that He might reach out and touch others through us ... that we might bring glory and honor to the Father. He abides within us for He alone is able to clothe us with the garments of immortality. What a privilege is ours to serve Him on earth, even as we served Him in heaven. 


Perhaps ... someday it will be said of us; "They pleased God ... they walked with God and God took them." 



























































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