LETTER – 2006-D


Christ is Lord to the glory of our eternal Father. These words echo throughout the sanctuary of my heart; they quicken my spirit and cause my inner man to rejoice in the greatness of our Beloved. I hear them in the wind as it blows through the white pines. I hear them as the water splashes over the rocks in the creek. I hear them in the screeching of a hawk. I hear them in the whispering of the Spirit. I hear them in the voice of every son. I hear them in the cries of humanity. I see them written in the stars. I feel them flowing through my body when I am suffering ... giving me the strength to press on. At night I ask to rest in His abiding presence, knowing that Christ is Lord of the night. In the morning my heart cries out; "father, this is a new day and Christ is Lord of this day!" 


Once our blessed Christ of beauty was veiled off from human view. But, through suffering, death, and sorrow He has rent the veil in two. Oh, behold the man of sorrow. Oh, behold Him in plain view. Lo, He is the mighty Conqueror ... He has rent the veil in two! 


Christ is the mighty Conqueror! He has conquered death, hell, and the grave. Surely His conquering was not in His own behalf ... for He is Lord over these three strongholds. He is Lord over all things ... everywhere ... be they in heaven, in earth, or things under the earth. He is Lord of all and over all. All power belongs to Christ. He conquered death, hell, and the grave for all mankind ... that in the time of the Restitution of all things, He might gather all things into one; even into Himself. 


Though sin runs rampant, the grace of Christ is greater and His mercy endures for all, forever. And, our wonderful Christ has reserved a time for all those who know Him not to pass through the purifying flames of His great love. Though gross darkness covers the world and its people, Christ is the Light that enlightens every man that comes into the world ... each in his own time and order ... be it in this age, or in the ages to come. Though the multitude of the saved of the earth are slaves to a pseudo church, our Beloved Christ has prepared a season when they shall know the truth, and the truth will set them free. Though Satan and his angels, demons, and evil spirits roam the earth seeking out the weak and vulnerable, saint and sinner alike, luring them through their carnality, Christ is still Lord of all! Christ has no rivals ... only servants. The gates of hell cannot prevail against Him. And the Crimson fountain will never lose its power. Oh! What a glorious hour when all mankind bears the Crimson Mark; as every tongue confesses that Christ is Lord. If all other scriptures would fall short, or fail ... this scripture is infinitely and eternally true: "Christ is Lord to the glory of God." 


Peter proclaimed, "Thou art Christ, the Son of the living God." Jesus replied; "Flesh and blood hath not revealed this to you, but my Father in heaven.” This is the Christ that we know. This is the Christ we were created to sit in heavenly places with. This is the Christ that makes us more than conquerors. Yes, it is true, there is still warfare going on within us ... warfare between our flesh and spirit. We may get knocked down, beaten and bruised; we may grow weary and falter, perhaps even fall ... but we are never defeated ... because we magnify the Christ within, as the man without slowly dies. And it is from Him, and in Him, and for Him, that we are made partakers of His victory, His conquering, and His glory ... partakers of His very nature. Hallelujah! 


It has pleased the Father to reveal His Christ within us. It has pleased Him to give us the recollection of our former birth and dwelling place. It has pleased our Father to show us that it will be from the heaven of our hearts that His Christ shall come forth and appear in clouds of glory. And, the clouds of glory are the Sons of God. The full wonder of these things is too high and holy for the ear to hear, or the eye to see, but, it dwells within the heart of every son. 


Like the "saved of the earth," we also came to know Jesus as the Babe of Bethlehem. We knew Him as Jesus, the teacher, the healer, the lover of children, the feeder of the multitudes. We knew Him as the man of sorrow ... breaking bread, being betrayed, suffering and dying ... the Jesus of the cross ... the Savior of the world. And today the multitude of Christians still know Him as such, still preaching and singing the "old, old story." Indeed, there is blessing and glory in the knowledge of these truths. Yet, there is a greater glory.


Even as Christ rent the veil in the synagogue, so He has rent the veil within the temple that we are. Now, as Peter of old, we behold Him as Christ the Son of the living God. The Christ that will perform the "greater works" through the ones the Father gave to Him, eons ago. They walk with Him in the Spirit of resurrection, the Spirit of ascension, and in the Spirit of appearing with Him in great glory. This is the life in the Spirit; this is having the mind of Christ; this is walking in the liberty of the Sons of God. This is the Anointed One anointing our inner son with Himself; changing us from glory to glory. Sometimes the knowledge of these things causes me to tremble with a holy expectation. The sons have waited so long ... mankind has waited so long ... the creation has waited so long. Methinks the waiting will soon be over. 

We have all heard stories of the "near death experience" ... Of the tunnel of light, the mist, the fog, the clouds, the steps of gold, the long journey upward. The stories were beautiful, and quite detailed with the religious teachings of the old order. Our Father is loving and gracious; He only gives to one according to their understanding ... according to what they have been taught. Obviously, those who have had the "near death experience" believed that heaven is a far off place located somewhere in the back of beyond. It is interesting how well their stories were received by the people of the world, and by the church-goers. 


Remember when we found Jesus and gave our hearts to Him and the joy we experienced? Remember when we were baptized by the Spirit and the anointing we experienced? Remember in "48" when the fire of the Spirit fell upon the saints and the mighty signs and wonders that followed? Remember when the Lord called us out of the church systems and drew us unto Himself? Remember the first time you entered your "closet of prayer" and had spirit converse with the Father? Remember the first time you were seated with Christ in heavenly places? Remember when you started your journey into the depths of Jesus Christ? My dearly beloved, these are just some of our profound and sacred experiences in Christ ... they were, so to speak, our "near life experiences." And, they will become richer and fuller as we are drawn closer to the life we had with our Father, and His Christ, in the Beginning. The people of the world would say we are crazy. The church-goers would say we are backsliders and heretics. But, hallelujah, the Father would say; "These are my beloved sons in whom I am well pleased." 


Only Christ could have taken us beyond the borders of human and religious thought, taking us to the realm of the Spirit where there are no borders. Only Christ can transform us into what we yearn to be. Only Christ can lead us back to our Paradise of an endless life. 
















LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 5-9-06          2

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