Every day our Beloved walks with us down the path of life. He spends more time with us than we spend with Him. We know He is always with us. He lives, moves, and has His existence, upon the earth, from within the temple that we are. He does not dwell in us in just the sense of the word, He dwells within us in Spirit and in Truth. The words He speaks to us are spirit and they are life. Christ in us is our glory. And, Christ in us is the hope of glory for all Mankind ... for all Creation. 


Christ is not only within us, He surrounds us. He surrounds Mankind, the Earth, and the Universe. He walks the lone hills and they leap for joy. He walks the forest and the trees clap their hands. He walks upon the sea and the waves whisper; "The Master is here." He walks amid the stars, He calls them by name, and they sing songs of praise to Him. A flower does not fade without Him taking notice. A tree does not fall to the ground without Him hearing it ... nor a bird fall from the sky without Him knowing. Wherever a soul takes its last breath that spot becomes a holy place, because Christ is there. Such overwhelming love of our infinite Lord! 


Let us partake daily of the body (The Living Bread) and blood (The Life Source) of the indwelling Christ. That in so doing we might be changed from glory to glory. Until the moment we stand, once again, in His complete image and likeness. Christianity teaches that Jesus Christ ascended to some far away place beyond the stars. Thus, they continue to partake of the bread and wine in "remembrance" of Him. However, my beloved, the Reality of the "remembrance" abides within us. This is just one of the many great mysteries hidden within our Beloved's resurrection from the realm of the dead ... His ascension to the realm of the living ... and His return to the earth that we are. This is the body and blood of the Eternal One being infused into our inner-son ... the two, becoming One. 


I was in an office today and on the wall there was a picture of the mighty waves of the sea rising upward in a display of magnificent magnitude. My heart cried out; "Lord, Thou art mightier than the waves of the sea!" Tonight, in the stillness of my room, that picture came before me causing me to cry out; "Lord, countless secret places lie beneath the waves of Thy glory. There are endless places of treasurers of truth hidden in the depths of Thy Spirit." 


In our Father's House there are many dwelling PLACES ... perhaps countless dwelling PLACES ... And we are made to sit with Christ in those heavenly PLACES. 


In the absence of steeples tall and religious commotion, there is a chosen place from which our Beloved reaches out to touch the unloved, the unwanted, the undesirable and the worst of sinners ... He reaches out to touch and give hope to the poor and homeless, the sick, the suffering, the bereaved, the lonely, and the dying ... touching them from within the temple that we are. It is the place where we hear the crying and moaning of mankind. It is the place where we bear in our spirit the sufferings of Jesus, and share His tears of compassion, and witness the undying love of the Lamb of God. 


There is the place of joy, where our spirit sings the songs of the Spirit ... where our spirit dances the dance of the Spirit ... where we pray and worship in the Spirit ... within the Temple that He is. 


There is the place of silence where only the voice of the Lord is heard ... in the secret place of the most High. 


There is the royal court where we see with the eyes of our spirit ... we hear with the ears of our spirit ... where we have spirit converse with our Father in His Kingdom that is within us. 


There is a most solemn realm deep within the depths of Jesus Christ; a holy place where the words of the Father echo in the wind of the Spirit, as He speaks of glorious realms which He alone has walked. He speaks of places of infinite glory ... of a Supreme Creation to come forth from the depths of His many-membered Christ. He speaks of a place of deity that belongs to His vast family of Sons. He tells of the place where the transforming Song of the Spirit is heard ... of the place where the anointing tongues of fire burn endlessly ... of the most profound place where the Lilies of immortality bloom ... These most holy places have been hidden with Christ in God for eons, and reserved for His sons upon whom a New Age would dawn. The places of which I write are not far away ... actually, they are just a heart beat away. However, only the Spirit of the living God can take us to those infinite regions beyond the heavens to our heart. 


My spirit had mere glimpses of some of these places. And, those glimpses caused my earth to tremble. I covered my face least the shame of my unworthiness would overcome me. Perhaps we are just beginning to receive the understanding ... rather, the recollection, of what it is to sit with Christ in heavenly places. 


I do not write these things to exalt us ... for we are nothing, and gladly so, because we know that our Beloved within us is Everything. Regardless of the glory He reveals to us, and regardless of the depths we may experience, and though we would do wondrous things, we remain as nothing ... until it pleases our Beloved to transform us, once again, into all that He is. Even then, it is Christ and not us. Even in our holy hour of union with God, we are but a drop of water in the ocean that He is. Yet, one cannot be separated from the other. Hallelujah! 


Our place of aloneness, abandonment, and annihilation is, in truth, the Tabernacle of His ever abiding presence ... where our spirit, like a bird freed from its cage, ascends to. The place where our spirit drifts upon silent words of praise ... where we worship and adore our Father of spirits. We listen, lovingly, to His still small voice as He whispers transforming words of love and engulfs our spirit with Himself. This is our Temple not built with hands where we assemble and have fellowship with the Father, and with one another. This is where we are free, awhile, from the walls of flesh and dwell within the Eternal side of life. Hallelujah! 



My time of emptiness are numerous, at least in appearance, when I hardly am permitted to think about You, when my physical capacity is inadequate for intellectual learning, when it seems that I have done nothing. I have done nothing, and so I must be resigned to wait for better days. 


Better days? But these empty days are the best. They are really empty only in appearance. That is when you force me to put my finger on the reality of what I am and so make me experience my complete powerlessness. Happy days are those empty days, in which You fill me with Yourself, in which You teach me secretly, consume me, and strengthen me; in which You allow Your light, Your love, and Your power to pierce my soul. It is in these times of silence when, without words, You speak to me of everything. 


Jean Petit 








LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] Aug.-Sept., 2006           2

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