LETTER – 2006-F


My dear brother-sister-sons; This is the hour for us to walk in the realms of the Spirit, that we might eat of the Living Bread and drink of the New Wine of the Spirit. It is the time to behold the ways of the Lord. 


I would like to share with you some of the profound scenes which came to me in the stillness and peace of the midnight hours. Scenes of us walking together with our Beloved, following Him wherever He would go. Scenes of wondrous things we saw and heard and experienced in the realms of the Spirit ... the realms where there is no time or distance. 


The Beloved led us to the realm where all that could be heard was the sound of the rushing wind, which was the breath of God. He breathed upon us and we were reborn, as it were, and dwelled, once again, within the depths of His Being. 


He led us to high and holy places which far transcended the heavenly places. Music, filled with infinite glory, swept over our spirit mesmerizing our senses. Our Beloved whispered; "You are hearing the sound of the silence of the still small voice of God. You are hearing the music of His presence." 


A great mist settled over the holy place ... resting upon us like dew upon the roses in the cool of the early morning. We felt a surge of divine energy ... an energy deep within the secret chambers of our heart, as our love for the Beloved reached a hitherto unknown proportion. Our Beloved whispered; "My love, like an anointing oil, has been poured upon you and the Spirit of Eternal Love has pierced your heart." With each beat of the heart our love for the Beloved grew greater and more powerful, until we became the Living Tabernacle wherein the fullness of His love abides. Then was our love for the Beloved pure, holy, and unconditional like His love for us. Thus, we bore another image and likeness of the Eternal One. 


We followed our Beloved into the Temple not built with hands. Banners of Redemption, banners of holiness, and banners of victory encircled the temple. The sanctuary was embellished with palms and lilies. The altar of the Lord was draped with purple silk and white linen embossed with red roses. Pillars of gold, inlaid with "gathered jewels," towered over the altar. Heavenly beings, with flaming swords, stood at each side of the altar. Resting upon the altar was the golden pen of the Spirit, the golden keys of the Kingdom, and the Lamb's Book of Life. The glory light of God filled the Temple. We heard the sound of many voices saying; "Blessing, honor, and glory be unto the Word that was, and is, and shall forever be." 


Our Beloved showed us a time when the Sons of God presented themselves before the Father. And the Father said unto them; "You are my beloved sons. All that I have is yours. You are my Living Epistles. Every word of the Everlasting Gospel is written, hidden, and sealed within the depths of your spirit. And in an Age to come you will put the Everlasting Gospel on display for all Creations to see and know. Thus completing another phase in my plan for the Ages." The Sons of God shouted; "Father, all the glory will be thine!" 


We stood with our Beloved at the ends of the Universe looking out over the emptiness of infinity. Our Beloved said; "You are looking at the Universe of things to come. This is where the next phase of our Father's endless plans for the Ages will begin. And we will be standing together at the threshold of a New Universe: 

The Beginning of a New Creation. The Spirit will take His golden pen and begin to write; 'In the beginning God created' ..." 


The Word of God is so much more than words printed in a book or words spoken in a sermon. The Word of God is the Word that came to Mary. It was the Word of God that entered Mary's womb. It was the Word of God that was born of the Virgin Mary. And Mary took the Word of God and wrapped Him in swaddling clothes and laid Him in a manger. Then Mary reached down and kissed the face of God, and knelt in adoration ... as the star of Bethlehem (the radiant light of the Father's face) drew shepherds (the least) and kings (the greatest) to the Word made flesh. 

The angels that once proclaimed Messiah's birth shall soon proclaim the coming forth of the Full Revelation of Jesus Christ as He comes forth from within His vast family of brothers ... drawing all Mankind, from the least to the greatest, to the one, true, living God. Oh! The wonder of it all; knowing that the Word of God is abiding in the Kingdom that is within us, a humble and lowly earthen vessel inhabited by the living God. Let us magnify the One within and rejoice in His mighty ways. 


The Word of God, like a mighty river, will break through the floodgates of our innermost being immersing Mankind and the Creation in the Waters of Life and Liberty. And the Spirit of the living God will be poured out upon ALL FLESH ... Every eye will see, every ear will hear, and every heart will know that He alone is God. For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it. And we will kiss the face of God and kneel in adoration. Hallelujah! 


The greatest praise that we can give to our Beloved is to desire Him above all others and above all things. To desire His will in all things. To keep our mind upon Him. To love Him just as much at His feet as at His side. To give Him full possession of our spirit, mind, and body. To follow Him everywhere, all the time, all the way. To receive all things from Him with thanksgiving. And to love all Mankind and all Creation with the love that He has so lavishly bestowed upon us. 


The most beautiful song we sing to our Beloved is our wordless song of yearning; a fiery, passionate yearning which suddenly rises up from out of the depths of our spirit ... a yearning to regain our place by Him and once again behold His face. 


Oh! The Song of songs is to hear and feel the music of our Beloved's passionate yearning for us to be at His side and hear our words of love and praise. And for a few moments He raptures our spirit taking us unto Himself and covers us with His love. What transpires during those sacred moments is too holy to write in the words of man… so we treasure those moments and keep them hidden with our life in Christ… knowing someday, hopefully soon, that those most profound moments will last beyond forever. Just a moment in His presence and we are renewed, and all earth's struggles, sorrows, sufferings, and shadows flee from us, as the lingering glory and memory of our time spent with Him flourishes in the Elysian fields of our heart: The Paradise of His Presence. 


















LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] Dec., 2006           2

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