LETTER – 2006-G


This little letter contains some inner thoughts and inner visions which are precious to me. I share them with you trusting a word or so might bring encouragement, or peace, or joy to your heart. We all are seeking to draw closer to our Father. We long to go deeper into the depths of Jesus Christ, and we are waiting for the door to the unseen realms to open wide for us. We will not have perfect peace and rest until we are completely lost in Him. 


There is blessed quietness when the evening shadows begin to fall ... only the sound of the birds can be heard as they sing their evening song. A holy hush settles over the forest as the darkness spreads across the sky. And, in the deep dark of the night, the stars flicker like millions of candles upon the vast altar of the most High. There is a profound beauty in the stillness of the midnight hours, even the darkness seems to illuminate one's spirit ... causing a blindness to the perplexities of this life and brings into view things that are unseen ... visions of our Beloved's face, and precious memories of our life that was hidden with Christ in God, ages ago. During our night watch, time seems to stand still and distance ceases to exist. Our closet of prayer becomes our holy place within the Father's House. Our spirits become as free as the wind ... soaring the high places and viewing wonders of the most holy One. Our spirit becomes entwined with His Spirit, and once again, for a moment or so, we are one with the Eternal. 



Alone with our Beloved within the Fortress that he is. We sit at the window of his heart looking out upon the raging sea of mankind. We ask, how much longer must this be? Our Beloved smiles and answers: "Until I send thee forth to walk among the roaring waves to whisper peace be still. Then shall all mankind drift silently upon the gentle flowing water till the Crimson Tide carries them to the spotless sands of eternity's shore. There, upon the sand, I have prepared a purifying fire for them to pass through ... passing into the purity and holiness of my divine love, mercy, and grace." 



What is this narrow path which lies hidden in this strange land? There are many that seek it ... few that find it ... fewer that embark upon it. It is stained with blood and tears. Loneliness is written in every foot print. It winds its way through shadowed valleys ... across long and threatening deserts ... up steep and rocky mountains. 


Often, the traveler grows tired and weak ... suffering becomes intense ... going on seems impossible. Even though the traveler falls, like a broken reed, there are no thoughts of turning back ... only visions of what lies ahead. The Beloved is faithful and true: He comes and whispers; "Lay thy weary head upon my shoulder, I will give thee rest and strength. I have walked a more narrow road ... I have suffered more for thee. Will you now rise up and suffer more for me?" In the light and beauty of his Beloved's presence, the traveler's spirit, mind, and body are renewed ... arising, he is stronger and more determined then before. 


This narrow road also leads through lovely gardens of roses and lilies ... and fields of hidden treasures ... and secret places where the songs of the Morning Stars can be heard. What is this narrow path? It is the pathway back to the heart of God ... our dwelling place forevermore. 



John of the Cross wrote of the "dark night of the soul" I, like the rest of you, have experienced many such nights; they continue to come to us, and we often wonder why. There are times when our Beloved must come to us as a thief in the night. However, He does not come to rob us ... He arrests us ... making us prisoners of love and obedience. He takes from us the things we cannot give. He takes from us the stumbling blocks, the cravings of the flesh ... and, in time, He will take all that would hinder us from being wholly his. If need be, our Beloved gently wounds us with love ... for He alone can destroy our man of sin. It is through him that we are made to overcome. That all the praise and glory might be given to the Lover of our soul. Knowing this, our "dark night" becomes a time of rejoicing for our inner man, because he knows his hour of freedom draws near. And, if one dark night our Beloved would come and slay us ... we will reign with him forevermore. What a glorious inheritance is ours' in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah! 



As the sun rises above the hills, one can see the mist drifting mystically through the hollow of the hills ... mist, rising from the creek like the whispered prayers of beloved saints. And rays of sunlight, like golden trumpets, announce the birth of a new day. At that moment we wonder if perchance this will be the day when our Beloved will break through the sky of our hearts to be seen and known by all mankind. Alas, the day passes and the sounds of the moaning creation, and the moaning of our spirits, continue. Yet, we of all men are most blessed ... for though the Beloved tarries, and we yearn immensely for that day, we find strength in the knowledge that our Father doth all things well. And we rejoice in knowing that we are a day closer to the appointed Day of days. As the sun sets, we give thanks to our Father ... knowing that every day is the Lord's day. Every day the Father works wonders, seen or unseen ... known or unknown. Each moment of each day serves a purpose in his marvelous plan. Each day we are touched by the Father in some way ... drawing us closer to him. Every day a weary traveler finds his way home. 



As I was still, and my spirit was yearning for the hour of the manifestation of the Sons of God, this inner vision came to me: It was sunrise ... standing in the brilliance of the sun was a messenger of the Lord. His hair was the color of a field of goldenrod in the autumn. His eyes were as blue as the cloudless sky. His garments were as white as freshly fallen snow which sparkled like diamonds in the light of the sun. Upon his head was a crown of cedar. With his right hand waving towards the heavens, and his left hand moving across the earth, he beckoned God's vast family of sons to gather. In a quickening silence they gathered ... the voice of the messenger broke the silence as he proclaimed; "Lift up your head and rejoice, sing for your waiting is over; the time of your silence has ended. The door of your hiding place has been opened. You have been clothed with the garments of Divine Life. You are now ready for your manifestation. Go and proclaim the Good News of Reconciliation to all the inhabitants of the earth, setting the Creation free." The messenger of the Lord walked into the rays of the sun ... Flowers, like falling rain, fell from the cloudless sky. Heavenly music filled the land ... as the glory of the Lord covered the earth. 













LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] June-July 2006           2

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