LETTER – 2006-H


Some nights ago, in the darkness of my room, as I waited in the quietness, I beseeched the Lord in behalf of those that did not believe in Him and for those precious souls that have never heard of Him. If just one soul could be touched by my prayer, was my request. My words were no longer spoken when a profound silence swept over me ... a gripping silence, the like of which I have never experienced. I could not speak ... only tears and the silence prevailed. I could feel the life of the Greater One within flowing out of me ... riding, as it were, upon the silence of my perform the greater work. And only He would know upon whom my answered prayer had fallen. 


My beloved, oftentimes, as we spend time in our secret place, we reach out to touch the heart of our Father in behalf of the dying creation. Our supplications and intercessions will not return to us void: For they are being put to work somewhere in our Father's perfect order of things ... they are being fulfilled in His perfect timing. Our heartfelt moaning and groaning is like sweet music to our Father. As the Spirit prays through us, His words resonate throughout the earth ... throughout the universe. And at the appointed time their accomplishments will be made known to all and be put on display for the Ages to come. Oh, the power of a few words spoken in the Spirit! 


I know there are those who mock us ... they think us foolish. They say we have separated ourselves. But, praise the Lord, the glorious truth is ... our Father has separated us unto Himself! We were with Him when the universe was being planned. We were with Him when "the earth was without form and void." We were with Him when He said; "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness." That is why we could not find a place in the world to be a part of, or find fulfillment in its pleasures. That is why we could not find life in the steepled social halls of man. That is why we are constantly longing for the City whose Builder and Ruler is God. The Father took us unto Himself that we might begin to "remember" ... begin to "become" ... to be made ready for the hour of manifestation: To be, as it were, the prayer warriors for all mankind, for all creation ... until the awesome hour when we set them free. Hallelujah! 


Our lives are hidden with Christ in God. Thus, we seek those things which are above the wondrous things which dwell in the highest places of our Father's House where our Beloved is seated at the right hand of the Father. And we are made to sit with Him in those unseen realms of glory. Flesh and blood cannot enter into the Holy Place of the Most High ... only our spirit can be "taken" to worship in the House of the Lord. We cannot see God and live, nor can we see God and die. When we behold the beauty of His presence and the glory of His countenance, we can never be the same. Each time that we are carried away by the Spirit we are changed from one glory to another ... as our inner-son grows stronger ... as our outer man slowly dies. 


I am not writing about our "self." In our selves, we are nothing. I am writing about our sonship in Christ Jesus ... our birth within the Royal Courts/eons ago. I write of the song known only to the Sons ... the song that will be the music of the Ages ... the song that will be a proclamation from the Creator of all things, to all Creations; a song of eternal praise and glory to the Father and to His Christ. 


My dear brother-sister-sons: Let us treasure our sonship, our aloneness, and the silence. Our sonship is our birthright; our aloneness is our fortress of safety. Our Father dwells in the silence. Our Beloved dwells in the silence. The Holy Spirit dwells in the silence. The spirits of our brothers and sisters dwell in the silence. The silence is our gathering place in the Spirit where we have fellowship with one another. The silence is an anointing oil poured out by the hand of God upon us and in us. It is in the silence that we become one in Christ Jesus. It is in the silence we wait ... waiting for the silence to be broken by the sound of trumpets announcing the appearing of The Christ; announcing the hour of manifestation; announcing the Kingdom of God upon the earth; announcing a New Age in the plan of our everlasting Father. 


The Holy Spirit ministers to us and to others in many ways from within the silence of our soul. He takes our tears and lets them fall upon another's saddened heart ... causing a rose of comfort to bloom within their desert. He takes the pain we endure and places it, like a healing balm, upon another's suffering body. He takes our love and compassion then lets in fall upon some dying thief. He takes our light and lets it fall upon some shivering soul standing in the darkness of the world. He takes our life and lets it fall upon one that has no hope. He takes our presence and lets it fall upon some lonely son. He takes our every heartbeat, our every breath, and gives them to our Father as an offering of love and praise. He takes every moment we spend in our secret place and sends it out into the vastness of the Eternal Realms ... to find its place in the Father's great Masterpiece. He took our aloneness ... and from it He formed the path that is leading us into the depths of Jesus Christ.


Our Beloved is telling us the heavenly things that He could not tell the multitudes. The wondrous things of the "third heaven", which Paul was forbidden to speak of, are appearing upon the horizon of our hearts. And like John, the beloved of the Lord, we will be in the Spirit on the Day of the Lord ... and everyday ... as we keep our ears and our hearts open to receive all that our Beloved would share with us. 


There are wondrous truths to be found within the realms of the Spirit. Seek, and you will find them. There are many doors in the heavens above the heavens waiting to open. Knock, and they will be opened to you. There is life within the Spirit that is beyond human and religious comprehension. Ask and you shall receive. 


The times we spend with our Beloved is when we truly eat and drink of Him. And our souls are ravished by His love and we are completely overcome by His presence ... as His Spirit engulfs us and transports us to realms unknown. 


This little letter is about some of the signs and wonders the Spirit of the living God is performing within the earth that we are. His presence, and His work within us, will intensify as we see the Day approaching. Once again, this is not about us or anything we have done ... it is about our Beloved. It is about His love, His power, and His faithfulness in bringing about the fullness of the Father's perfect plan. We cannot fully explain, with the fallen and limited vocabulary of man, the feelings, the emotions, or the accomplishments, which we are experiencing within. Perhaps, to put it simply: The Spirit is doing the work of Restoration within us. And it will continue to be done in the silence of our aloneness ... for there are too many divisions among the multitudes. There are too many divisions among those that are part of the so called "Sonship and Kingdom movements." Divisions are not of the Spirit of God ... they come from the natural mind trying to understand the things of the Spirit. Sonship is an extremely holy and divine Relationship with the Father. The Manifestation of the Sons of God is the Revelation of the full stature of Jesus Christ within the vast family of God's Sons. 


We have walked the long journey through the dark night of the soul. The Day Star is brightly shining in the heavens of our heart. The Spirit of Truth has come to reveal to us the many treasures within our earthen vessels, and to transform them into glorified vessels ... from which He will pour out His holy oil upon all Creation ... thus, filling all things with Himself. Hallelujah!










LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] Mar-Apr 2006          2

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