LETTER – 2007-A


The Paradise of His Presence ... Ah, that is where the angelic hosts, with folded wings, kneel in adoration. It is the place where the saints wave their palms of victory and proclaim His eternal glory. It is the place where the saved of the earth sing and dance before Him. 


He rides the clouds and the heavens declare the glory of His presence. He walks his earth and the fullness thereof offers praise to Him ... even the rocks and mountains brake forth with praise to the Creator of all things. In His presence the waves of the sea are still and whisper; "The Master is here." He descends to the depths of hell and the gates are lifted up that the King of glory may enter and set captives free. Everywhere He is ... it is Paradise there. 


It is within the Paradise of His Presence that the Roses that once were crushed, bloom again ... never to fade ... to live eternally in the radiance of His presence. Their sweet fragrance, like a rare perfume, anoints the feet of the Beloved. And He covers the Roses with the light of His love and fills them with himself. 


Countless Lilies stand tall in the Lord's supernal garden of life. With the voice of tens of thousands of trumpets they proclaim His wondrous ways ... bowing in the wind of the Spirit before their Immortal Beloved. He walks among them, calling them by name, for they are His loving brothers. 


The Paradise of His Presence is a holy place within our Beloved's secret garden. It is not a garden of prayer ... rather, it is the profound place of yielding ... of becoming ... And of being the very presence and life of our Beloved. 


To my knowledge "paradise" is mentioned three times in the New Testament. First, by a dying thief. The pseudo church had a difficult time dealing with this because they believed that only a holy and righteous prophet, priest, or apostle could know of, or speak of, such a place. Thus, all they could assume was that the thief, as a "lucky sinner" was "saved" on his death bed. But, hallelujah, our Father does not think like carnal men. The Father had planned this event eons ago in His royal courts. When that moment in time arrived He touched the heart of the thief and drew him to Jesus. And the dying thief cried out; "Lord, REMEMBER ME when you enter into PARADISE!" (Could it be that the loving Savior knew this man in the before earth's side of life? Me thinks so.) Jesus, in His suffering and deep agony, with His precious blood flowing from His body, replied; "THIS DAY you will be with me in PARADISE." Through a dying thief paradise is revealed ... Another "clue" planted within the Holy Book of Mysteries. 


With the ears of the Spirit we can hear the moaning of the whole Creation. In the deep silence of self we can hear these words hidden in their moaning; "Lord, remember me!" In all of earth's masses there is not one that is unknown or unloved by our Father. 


We are the Guardians of the Blood Covenant of the Lamb, and at the appointed hour the seal will be broken. And we shall stand upon Zion's holy hill reading the message of the Covenant in the language of the Spirit ... the language that all the peoples of the earth will understand. These words; "God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself" shall be carried upon the wings of the Spirit to the four corners of the Universe. The Crimson River shall flow upon all that the Lord hath made, purifying and preparing all things to become the habitation of the everlasting Father ... as He fills (restores to the utmost) all things with Himself. And, once again these words shall echo through the corridors of eternity: "This day you will be with me in paradise." 


The second time "paradise" is mentioned was in Paul's letter to the Corinthians as he tells them of being caught up into paradise where he heard unspeakable words, which (at that time) was not lawful for a man to utter. Paul was "caught up" to paradise that his spirit might be taken into the depths of God's Being ... in order that Paul might see with the eyes of God, hear with the ears of God, and understand with the mind of God. That he might see the creative thoughts of God as they materialized and understand their purpose. That he might see the things that would exist in the ages to come. That he might hear wondrous words from the Father, words that were still to be spoken to the sons yet to come. Words that would shake heaven and earth and all therein. Words that would change the course of time and eternity. Words that would gather all things into Christ Jesus. Thus, began Paul's "visions and revelations of the Lord." 


Yet, a still small voice within tells me that the secrets and mysteries of the fullness of the Godhead were reserved for the sons that would be "caught up" into paradise during the glorious Day of the Lord ... the Day which is dawning upon the horizon of our hearts. Even now we are having glimpses of paradise and wondrous things are being revealed to us by the Holy Spirit. And, like our brother Paul, we are the Keepers of the wondrous visions and revelations that our Beloved is giving to us. 


The third time that paradise is mentioned is in the Revelation of Jesus Christ given to John the beloved. It was in the solitude of Patmos that the Spirit of the Lord gave these words to John: "To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life which is in the midst of the PARADISE OF GOD." We have always focused upon the words "overcometh" and "to eat of the tree of life." However, the real nugget of gold is found in the "paradise of God." Indeed, it is the place in God where those who overcome are given to eat of the tree of life ... yet paradise is so much more than just a location ... it is the PARADISE OF GOD. No words of carnal men are spoken in this holy garden. There are no weeds of divisions, traditions, or vain religious practices ... no "thorns and thistles" of the curse, no words of condemnation. It is the Paradise of truth and unity, of grace and love. This is where the Alone Ones flourish in the energies of the most High. This is where all voices are still and know that He is God ... for this is the PARADISE OF HIS WILL. 


There is a "secret place" in the Paradise of God ... where He dwells in the aloneness ... where He is the Aloneness. It is a path of aloneness that only He can walk ... it leads to a most profound place of absolute aloneness where He turns inward to the center of himself. And there He receives a perpetual increase of energy and creativity, of power and glory. It is in this aloneness that His light grows greater, His love grows stronger, and His truth grows deeper. He, Who is infinitely perfect, is more infinitely perfected by His own divine abilities ... for of His increase there is no end. Such awesome wonders dwell in the Paradise of God's Aloneness. My spirit can hear His voice calling from the place of His aloneness ... calling to His sons, saying; "All that I am you shall be and we shall dwell together as One throughout endless ages." Hallelujah! 















LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] Jan.-Feb., 2007           2

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