MARCH 1, 2007


The real purpose of all teachers, books, and teachings is to lead us back to the Kingdom of God within us!

Our lives are all about returning to spirit.  We all want to be inspired, which means living in-spirit.  It means being directed and guided by the inner voice of God, instead of living from the outer world of our senses.  We only see about 1% of what is really going on around us.  Our physical eyes are limited in what they see and perceive.  That is why the scripture tells us, “faith does not walk by sight.”  Faith, or belief, must walk from a greater realm. To live in-spirit we must tap into the unseen realm of the 99%, which is the realm of infinite possibility!  Remember, “With God all things are possible.”

In my next few writings I hope to open our consciousness to the possibilities of living from the unseen realm of spirit and help us understand, what is this thing we call Spirit, Spirit of God, and Holy Spirit?  How does it function in our lives and what can we expect it to do for us?  These are exciting questions which can change our lives and bring us out of the finite realm of limit, into the awareness of infinite possibility!

So first and foremost, the spirit is the voice within that is pressing us to remember our purpose and our reason for being in the world at this time… a voice telling us, “Your life matters and has great purpose.”  Spirit is what presses us to find the meaning of life. Hearing this voice is evidence that the spirit is active within us and is calling us to awaken and to re-connect to our real purpose and eternal destiny.

The Bible speaks much about spirit.  In the Old Testament it is called the Spirit, or the Spirit of God.  In the New Testament it is called the Holy Spirit.  The whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is a call back to living in inspiration, or being in-spirit.  Jesus Christ came and demonstrated how to walk, talk, and live in the constant state of inspiration. He showed man it is possible to live in-spirit while being in this body.  He also demonstrated that by living in-spirit, it could enable us to walk out of the dream of death and ascend the realm of time and space!

What can we anticipate by becoming aware of the function and power of the Spirit of God within us?  We can:

     1.   Begin calling on it.

     2.   Help it fully awaken within us.

     3.   Begin to listen and follow its voice in our lives.

     4.   Trust it to guide and direct us.

     5.   Open us to the realm of infinite possibilities.

     6.   Dormant gifts and talents to become alive and active.

     7.   Recognize there are no coincidences but flawless harmony in our lives.

     8.   Higher energy and expectation in our daily lives.

     9.   Become nonjudgmental and accepting of others.

    10.   Be in a state of constant gratitude.

    11.   Expect that whatever we need will just show up.

    12.   Live in a state of love and joy unspeakable.

These are just a few of the things we can expect as we begin to understand and open to the magnificent power of the Spirit of God within us.  Our lives are meant to be lived from an inner voice… a voice which is calling us back to purpose, back to destiny, and back to oneness with God. Are you hearing the call of the spirit from within you?  If so, begin to turn inward and listen… your life is in for great and awesome changes!


All physical life originated from the invisible realm of Spirit... a realm of no beginning or end.  The Spirit Of God is our source, and when we are living from our source it is called living in-Spirit.  Before we incarnated we were a part of God with all the qualities of a Creator who is infinite, all loving, peaceful and full of joy. Living in-Spirit is reconnecting to this unseen realm and letting it guide and direct our lives.  This connection back to Spirit brings overwhelming joy, peace, and the ability to attract all that we need to fulfill our purpose on the earth.

The Bible speaks of a great falling away, which is a spiritual picture of what’s happening within us.  The Adamic mind, living only from it’s senses, must fall away so the Christ consciousness can arise.  Scripture speaks of two men in a field, one is taken and the other is left.  John the Baptist said, “I must decrease that He may increase.”  These and many more, are pictures of what must happen within us before we can live in-Spirit.  As we surrender more and more to the guidance of Spirit, we cease to be controlled by the demands of the flesh.  Finally the voice of flesh (some call it EGO, edging God out) falls away and we hear only the Voice of Spirit.  The man in the field pictures a mentality separated from the mind of God.  This mind must be taken away, so the man left can live in God consciousness.  John the Baptist was a type of the old consciousness, being ruled from the outside realm of physical law.  This realm must decrease in order for the inside Voice of the Spirit to increase! Quieting this outer voice is a great key to living in-Spirit!  This is why John had to have his head cut off… so a new head, or mind, could be put in place.  This new mind would be controlled, guided and directed by the inner Voice of the Spirit of God.  Jesus Christ came to demonstrate this new way of living in-Spirit!

When we are living in-Spirit we live from the realm of all possibility, where everything is working for our highest good. A place where we are always expecting the best! In this realm, creative ideas flow freely, we tap into our gifts and know that Divine guidance is always available. We understand we are here to be of service to the world and we see all people in union and oneness with God.  

In Genesis 1:2, the power of the Spirit of God and its purpose in our lives can be clearly seen.  Darkness was upon the face (identity) of the deep and the Sprit of God moved over the face of the waters.  That vibrational movement of the Spirit is what brought forth a Voice (or vibration) of light.  This is a picture of our lives!  The deep (life of God) has always been a part of man, but its identity was covered in darkness (no illumination or understanding).  When the Spirit began to vibrate, it called forth light, meaning illumination and revelation.  The allegory of Genesis, Chapter One, is an illustration of the creation taking place within each of us.  The end result of all creation is mankind in God’s image, male/female, living from its true source, Spirit.

So the question we must ask ourselves is, “What direction are we moving in?”  With every thought we are either moving towards living in-Spirit, or away from it.  When we catch thoughts of hatred, judgment, condemnation, and blame, we must realize we are moving away from living in-Spirit!  As we observe those thoughts we can make a U-turn and replace them with thoughts of love and forgiveness just as St. Francis suggested in his famous prayer.

I am going to end this section with the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi which is a beautiful description of living in-Spirit and how we can change our thoughts to align with it!

Lord, make me the instrument of Your peace

Where there is hatred – let me sow love

Where there is injury – pardon

Where there is doubt – faith

Where there is despair – hope

Where there is darkness – light

and where there is sadness – joy


O Divine Master grant that I may not so much seek

To be consoled – as to console

To be understood – as to understand

to be loved – as to love


It is in giving – that we receive

It is in pardoning – that we are pardoned

It is in dying – that we are born to eternal life.


When we are living in-Spirit, our lives are meant to be a daily unfolding of the miraculous!  We’re meant to influence events and influence our environment for the good.  Our thoughts break their bonds and our mind transcends all limitation.  We begin to enter a world of “all possibilities!”  The dormant gifts within us come alive and we discover we are here to live and release the same energy Jesus Christ demonstrated.

There is a quote I want to share that says so beautifully what is going on within each of us.  It is by Goethe written in Faust. Paul also spoke of this same separation happening within himself in Romans 7.

   “Alas, two souls are living in my breast

    And one wants to separate itself from the other

    One holds fast to the world with earthly passion

    And clings with twining tendrils:

    The other lifts itself with forceful craving

    To the very roof of heaven”

This is the quest of the Spirit within.  It longs to lift us above the things which seem so real in the world, to a place of pure bliss.  A place we live solely from the higher consciousness of Spirit.  This supernatural existence is possible!  It is the calling of our lives and the purpose for our incarnation.

To live in-Spirit will take a willingness to step out of the box.  Many step out of one box, only to step into another.  Anything that separates mankind from God, or each other, has some type of walls.  Until all the walls of separation come down, we cannot fully ascend to the “very roof of heaven.”

Jesus Christ came as an example of a life lived in-Spirit.  He went from a young boy asking and answering questions in the Temple, to becoming a manifestation of Spirit wherever He went.

This scripture in the Old Testament points us to the power of living connected to Spirit. 

 Isaiah 65:24  “And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet

            speaking, I will hear.”

This powerful quote speaks of a place where no time exists between thought and manifestation.  It also points us to the miraculous dynamics available as we begin living in-Spirit.

It says even before we call, or release the energy of the spoken word, the answer will manifest from our thoughts.  Jesus Christ thought “bread and fish,” and immediately it manifested.  He thought health, and that became the reality.  When he called Lazarus from the tomb, he only released the spoken words, “Lazarus, come forth” for the benefit of those around Him.  His true communion with Spirit was already complete within His consciousness.  The energy of just thought, would have resulted in the same power over death. We have understood the power of the spoken word, but we are just coming to understand the far reaching influence of our thoughts. 

Each of our thoughts has an energy and determines if we are living at an inspired level.  Before we incarnated into time and space, our mind and the mind of God were one.  This means we did not have the bonds of ego (Edging God Out) or carnal mind.  As we ascend again into harmony with the mind of God, we enter the realm of no limitation and we know, “With God nothing is impossible.”  We no longer have thoughts that put limits on what we can accomplish.  Our thoughts ascend the low energy of, I can’t, it will never happen for me, not in a world like this, I don’t have the education to do this, and so on.  They begin to soar to the place of ALL Possibility… the place of living in-Spirit! 

The scriptures puts it this way, “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.”  II Cor.10:5

To Be Continued…

Abundant Love and Joy, 
















































LIVING IN-SPIRIT, Parts 1-3 [Mary Lou Houllis] 3-1-07          1


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