JULY 28, 2007

I tell you, it’s not about the things we all have known, or about making it comfortable through the day or even throughout life. It’s all about living in The City of Light; about walking on Heaven’s highway today right here and now. It’s all about giving freely and abundantly the portions and blessings which we have never imagined before. It’s Christ in you, The All That There Is. It’s about another world called The Kingdom of God where there is no hurt in all My Holy Mountain. It’s about every door in Heaven open wide; every appearance of darkness being erased, and every person seeing the face of Jesus in one another. It’s about the joy of having been set free, and having been placed in the bosom of Father; about a reception that only Christ can reveal.

Again, it’s about Divine sanctification, being lifted into an all new realm where no lion or fowl has been. It’s the place where there has never been anything but peace and joy and righteousness.

See that the single eye will make perfect as we ride the wind of His Presence and fly into clouds of mercy.

We love with the love of Christ and operate in His Own Faith. We find that in Him, we are all things to all of creation. In humility, we discover we are the peace that supersedes understanding.




LIVING in the CITY of LIGHT [Jim-Melba Crofford] 7-28-07          1


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