Love has neither restrictions nor boundaries

“It gives without expectations in return”

Solely from the core of ones’ self,

It is in truly understanding with compassion,

Feeling the pain and sorrow as if our own

Putting our self in someone else’s shoes,

Without biased opinions;

So placid it touches the hearts of all people,

A seedling that blossoms into goodness;

It is the harvest of our growth;

It never seeks out answers;

For all is resolved with what it has to offer;

It is the inner beauty in mankind so never-ending;

It nurtures, it heals, and it cures

The wounded, the weak, the ill;

It is the pursuit of all happiness;

It is the reassurance in all that flourishes;

It exceeds beyond limitation of our dreams;

For to have genuinely loved, is to have sincerely lived.













LOVE HAS NO RESTRICTIONS [Jeannie Diazio] ~POEM          1


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