JUNE 17, 2002


 (Excerpt from Tabernacles Bible Study - Lesson 13)


Sharing the true meaning of the word “Christ,” one of the most delicate, fragile, and significant truths in the Scripture, is not easy without threatening the existing “Christian Doctrine” which teaches that Jesus is the unique and only historic Christ. But, I will now take the risk because it is Time.  Here goes...


We learned in elementary English that a noun is a word identifying a person, a place, or a thing; and a verb is a word describing an action.


When most Christians mentally relate to the word Christ, they associate the word Christ as being the first or last name of Jesus, and are relating to Christ as a noun, or a proper name.  So it is difficult to introduce a new paradigm, a new understanding of what the word Christ actually means.  The word “CHRIST” IS A VERB.  Christ is what you express “of God.”


In this study, we will explore the word Christ in the Greek and trace it to its origin in the Hebrew language.  We will show clearly, in every instance, that the word Christ is a VERB; Christ is an action word.  Christ is not an identity, but the word Christ is activity and attitude and behavior, i.e. Christ is Spirit made manifest, made visible in you.  Christ is not “a” person.  Christ is the invisible Life of Father God; but unintelligible or unrecognizable unless exhibited in and through a visible person.  The Divine Energy of Christ is invisible without a physical body.  The WORD is Christ; Jesus IS the visibility... in His Corporate Body.


It is my conviction that one possible reason for the failure of the historic church to manifest the present-tense reality of the indwelling Messiah is the mistaken definition of the word “Christ” which has fostered the erroneous understanding that Christ was a “one and only” unique person in history.  The verb “Messiah,” and likewise the verb “Christ,” define the required Anointing of every one initiated into the Order of Priests of the Most High God, The Royal Priesthood (1st Peter 2:9, Galatians 3:16); the Corporate Christs.


In the Old Testament, the Tabernacle Priests were Anointed, Christed, to portray the impartation of the Spiritual Life of the LORD God (Yehwah Elohim), which qualified the Priest to be the teaching illustration of a person who has received the gift of Righteousness for the purpose of being mediator of “The Covenant.”  They acted out, in the Pageant, the Christ Anointing; and they illustrated the God Given Righteousness, to stand upright, face to face, in God’s Presence.  The New Testament makes it crystal clear that the Tabernacle was a parabolic illustration of the Anointing in YOU as God’s Connection with His Earth.  You are not your body; but you are incomplete without it.


You have heard it said; “Christianity is not an organization, it is a living body or organism.”  Also you have heard it said; “Christianity is not a religion, it is a person.  And that Person is Jesus Christ.”  These are true statements -- BUT, can be very debilitating... Why?! Lack of TRUE understanding of Present Truth stunts and even prevents Spiritual growth.  CHRIST IS YOUR TRUTH.


When the average “Christian” hears that Christianity is the Person of Jesus Christ, they think of Christ as an identifiable historic figure, separated from their person by time.  That concept robs that “Christian” of the present dynamic of The Christ Truth.  Even though the statement is true, the idea of separated duality robs you of The Creative Truth.  The religious teaching identifying Christ as the person of Jesus creates a sub-conscious idea of separation and duality, and defeats the present tense, indwelling Life Power of the forever present CHRIST WITHIN YOU. Generally when this separation is pointed out, the person will say; “Oh, I know that Christ is in me.”  However, even when most Christians say; “the resurrected Christ lives in me,” they still associate “Christ” as a separate entity, somewhere other than their own life.


Christ is not separated from you. Christ is the Light or Life energy in the cells of a Christian, electrifying every nerve and every muscle, bringing every thought into captivity.  Christ is the Truth of what makes you who you are.  Without the power of the Oneness Life Union, the Christian is destined to defeat.  The Fact is: Every Day -- Everything I AM is what Jesus was.  And Everything He was is Today what I AM.  That is Biblical Truth.  His Anointing permeates every fiber and tissue of your body, but is Life to you only by faith based on scriptural fact.  Your faith is accepting your Truth.


The word Christ, #5547 in Strong’s Concordant Dictionary, is the Greek word “Christos,” which means “Anointed,” and is from #5548: “Chrio”; “through the idea of contact; to smear or rub with oil [the act of]  from #5530: “Chraomai” (note the possible connection to chromosome.) “Chraomai”; “a Is Christ a Person? primary root, a VERB; to furnish what is needed. ”Please note: The root of the word Christ is a VERB and denotes ACTION. Think about it!


Let’s look at Peter’s sermon to the Gentiles in the house of Cornelius starting in Acts 10:34; “Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons: But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him.  The word which God sent unto the children of Israel, preaching peace by Jesus Christ [#5547: Christos; Anointed; rubbed with oil]; He is Lord of all: That word, I say, ye know, which was published throughout all Judaea, and began from Galilee, after the baptism which John preached: How God anointed [#5548: Chrio] Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.  (Acts 10:34-38) “God was IN Christ. (2nd Cor. 5:19)


The Father God showed His approval of His Son by Anointing Him with His own Spirit without measure after His Son’s symbolic death, burial and resurrection at the Jordan.  And this same pattern is passed on to us.


Obviously the word Christ or Anointed or Anointing is something The Father God did; for and in and through His Son Jesus.  Jesus said; “The Father that dwelleth in me, He doeth the works. (John 14:10)  You should not separate The Father and The Holy Spirit from The Christ.  The definitive WORD describes what the Holy Spirit of Father is making visible in and through the Anointed Flesh. They are ONE... Father, Son and Holy Christ Spirit.


The Father God is the Doer; Christ is the Spiritual Word and the Work is the visible manifestation in the flesh of what Father is doing.  Christ is the manifestation of what is being initiated by The Father God... The Word is made flesh... Christ is made visible as Yeshuah (Yahweh’s Salvation Life).


“God was IN Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself.”

(2nd Corinthians 5:19)

Notice: “God was IN Christ.” God never changes;

the same Truth applies today: “God IS STILL IN Christ.”

Christ is the Spirit of Father within YOU.


“For it is God which worketh IN you

both to will and to do of His good pleasure.”

(Philippians 2:13)

It is God’s good pleasure to give you His Kingdom.

God Works in you by The Holy Anointing.

Your faith is what allows Him to function in you.


“Christ [the Anointing] IN you, is the hope of glory

[the hope or expectation of making God’s Kingdom visible].”

(Colossians 1:27)

Christ IN YOU is the Anointed Approval and

The Empowered Life of God...

designed to make YOU His Visible Image, by faith.


“...[Christ] Who is the image [visible manifestation]

of the invisible God, the FIRSTBORN of every creature.”

(Colossians 1:15)

That is Truth whether it was manifested by Jesus

or is being manifested by you.


God, our Father, only deals with ONE Son; His First Born.  All who are in Christ are His First Born Son.  The first born is Priest of the house.  Jacob’s name was changed to Israel to reveal the Spirit Nature of Son.  Christ was the ultimate revelation of the New Creation Order of Spiritual First-Born Sons.  It is Christ in you (as you) who is the SON.  So, in Christ, whether you are in a female body or in a male body -- You are manifesting SON.


Making God VISIBLE is our Earth Assignment


The purpose of Man (as established in Genesis) is to be, as the SON of God, the Image of God, i.e. God is the origin of all life (activity).  Man’s designed purpose was to physically and visibly image God’s Character and Nature.  The purpose of the Sons of God is to manifest God’s activity.  God is the One who does the work -- Christ is the visible evidence of the work.  God is the doer -- Christ is what HE does. Yes, of course; Jesus was the Christ. Jesus is the noun; Christ is the verb.  Yeshua the Christ was/is the “physical” definition of the Life of The LORD God!  In Genesis, Christ is the Anointing Breath of the LORD God which made Man a living soul!  He was the First and IS bringing many Sons to glory.  The Bible NEVER suggests that there would be only one

expression of the Christ.  The Christ was always a Corporate Body, i.e. The Spiritual Elohim Body of The Father’s “multi-faceted” Nature, making His invisible Nature visible in and through Man.


Christ was/is the Head of a Corporate Person.  You cannot have a living entity with the head separated from the body.  Neither can there be a living expression of the Life of God if the Body is separated from the Head. They two must be ONE. The Resurrected Christ is your Head; (your thoughts).


The Book of Exodus portrays the pageantry of the ministry of the Anointed Priests at the Tabernacle.  The role of our Anointing was played by the Priests, who were identifiable in the Pageant of Instructive Worship by their costumes of white linen, which were called “the garments of glory and beauty.”  It was upon these garments that the Anointing Oil was applied so that the Priests’ white coats and The Oil of The Holy Spirit became one.  The Oil “blended” into the coats becoming one with the fabric the Priests’ wore and symbolically portrayed Righteousness.  White linen is the Biblical symbol of Righteousness (The Revelation 19:8).  Linen represents the idea of cool-ness, while  wool is associated with work and sweat.


The Priests were selected from the tribe of Levi which was separated from the other tribes of Israel.  The Levites represented the 22,000 “FIRST BORN” of Israel who had been specifically protected from the death angel, by the blood of the Lamb of The Passover.  The First Born symbolized the Birth Right Responsibility of the Son to be the Covenant Administrator for the family of siblings.  The Priest (first-born), or Administrator, had the responsibility for the inheritance rights of every child of The Father, represented by the Nation in this Pageant.  Can you see the importance of embracing Peter’s insight that the Believers “in Christ” are a Royal Priesthood?


The original 5 Priests were Aaron Levi and his four sons.  Moses Levi, the Prophet, initiated them into their role of Priest by Anointing them with oil. The 5 Priests were to teach and graduate “a Nation of Priests” (Exodus 19:6).


The mature and completed Priest was portrayed in the physical appearance of Jesus the Christ.  He demonstrated the Truth of who you are.  Canst thou believe? -- As was true in the Priestly Ministry of Jesus, the Levites had no geographical inheritance.  God, Who is ALL, was their heritage and ours.




FACT: #1


Levi means “JOINED.” Christ, the Seed, in you...

is the connection which joins you to our Father’s Will and Purpose.


The Levi-tical Priests portrayed Man’s Covenant Union with God; i.e. Man joined, to God.  Man has never been separated from God -- except in the mind of Man.  Actually, Man cannot be separated from God -- for GOD IS LIFE. He is ALL and in ALL.  In the Pageant, the Priests were to train ALL the Levites and then ALL Israel to be “a Holy Nation of Priests” to the world. “And you shall be unto Me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation” (Exodus 19:6) Can you see that this process leads to the reconciling of ALL?


In the Pageant, it was the LORD God’s intended purpose for the Nation of Israel to ALL be Anointed Priests.  This foundational truth is most important in preparation for a working understanding of The Christ being a Corporate Body; and how “Christ in every Believer” becomes a “Nation” of Priests; A Royal Priesthood; A Corporate Body of Anointed First Begotten from the dead (Galatians 2:20 and 2nd Corinthians 5:14); An Anointed Body of Administrators of “God’s Will.”  Through their Priesthood, ultimately all the nations of the world will be drawn to Christ in whom there in no condemnation.


This foundational Scripture, Exodus 19:5 & 6, is the primary place to develop an understanding of the LORD’s purpose for Priesthood.  And that purpose is that ultimately every person on earth would have the opportunity to be introduced to his own Christ (his Anointed Spirit) and “know” God.


An important historic lesson becomes very clear: Once the 5 Priests in that Pentecost setting were given a place of honor and prestige and privilege, they NEVER fulfilled their mission of training others.  Note: The Pentecostal Anointing became a Test of their “Ego” to prove if they would be diligent in their assignment to bring every person to the same faith. They fell victim to the Ego power.  It kind of reminds you of the scripture found in Ephesians that says there are 5 Anointed Offices “set” in the Church for the instruction of the believers; “Till WE ALL come in the unity [the same level] of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect [or mature] man.” (Please read Eph. 4:4-15)  After 2,000 years and ten zillion “churches” you would think there would have been one or two successful churches, wouldn’t you?  The Tabernacle Priests failed their assignment.  Do you know of a New Testament Church which has produced a church of ALL mature Priests?  But, by the Grace of God -- we will!  “Now all these things happened unto them [Israel] for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition” so that we could learn from their mistakes” (1st Cor. 10:11)  I believe individual “Pentecostal Gifts” are a Test of the Ego to see if the gift develops into a “My Gift” attitude.  ‘Selah’


Aaron and his 4 sons, are a type of the 5 appointments in the Church; Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers.  Moses is a type of Apostle or “One Sent.” Aaron is a type of Prophet in that he spoke for Moses; Caleb is a good example of Evangelist who wanted the challenge of the giants; David is a good type of Pastor or Shepherd, and Jesus Christ is the Perfect Teacher which is also inclusive of all the other callings.  Christ in you is all 5 Anointings.  The name Aaron means “enlightened or illumined.”  Aaron Ben Levi; “The Enlightened Covenant Son”; “The Enlightened Word Son.”  Aaron’s 4 sons were an extended manifested illustration of Aaron’s enlightenment. The Son’s purpose is to “make Father visible.”


Your Role:

i.e. The Christ in your body is to make The Creator Visible


The New Testament word “Christ” is a translation of the Old Testament Hebrew word “Messiah.”  In the Old Testament, the Hebrew word “Anoint” or “Anointed” or “Messiah” is “Mashach” and is defined in Strong’s #4886: “to rub with oil.” (Oil is symbolic of the Spirit Life of God.)  The Hebrew word “Anoint” is the very same meaning as the Greek New Testament word “Christos,” or Christ.  In fact, the Greek word Christ is the translation of the Hebrew word Mashach, which is translated into English as “Messiah” and is a VERB.


FACT: #2


Messiah (#4886) means “to rub with oil, to Anoint,”

And “Mashach is a primary verb.”


FACT: #3


Christ means “to rub with oil, to Anoint”

-- and Christos is a primary verb


The Oil of God’s Holy Spirit is a part of the “fabric” of your life. The integrated Oil and white linen is a physical illustration of Righteousness.


So; YES, JESUS WAS THE CHRIST!  The Messiah Christ is descriptive of The LORD’s Will.  And His name means “Yeshuah” or “Joshuah”; “Yehwah’s Salvation”; or “Jehovah’s Salvation”; “Yehwah’s Covenant Breath Life.”  And the active fulfillment of His name is “The Christ.”  The Christ is the definitive word and identifies the ministry (administration) of Mashach, or Messiah.  His ongoing work as Anointed, Equipper, Instructor, and Guide is “Christ” the Messiah in you.  He is become your life and your salvation.  Christ in you is the VERB. If there is not action... there is not Christ. Christ is not Christ within you as a dormant, inactive name.  Jesus and the Christ were totally and completely integrated.  Jesus Christ was a Verbal Noun.


His name, the Christ, is not an identifying noun; but His name, Christ the Messiah, describes what He is DOING in you!  He is, as Christ, an action -- not a landmark. He is a VERB.  He is not a “temple” fixed geographically on a street corner.  He is a Mobile Tabernacle, an always moving dwelling place for the Invisible God. “Behold, the Tabernacle of God is with men. (The Revelation 21:3) The Truth about God is Man.  The Truth in Man is God.  The Apostle Paul identifies the earth life of Jesus Christ with that order.  He refers to the earth life of Jesus as Jesus Christ.  He refers to His Life in the Believer as Christ Jesus.  (Note the reversal of order.) ‘Selah’


Allow me to make a personal illustration.  For at least half of my adult life, I have earned a livelihood for my wife and children in the retail furniture business, which I still do part time.  Throughout the years our family and friends have often referred to me as “the furniture man.”  They never intended to imply that I was a piece of furniture; although my wife Polly has at times expressed the warning that I was growing into the couch.


Actually the identity of “furniture man,” in context, related to what I did for a living.  Selling, delivering, and arranging furniture is what I did.


Christ is what our Heavenly Father did in and through His Image Son Jesus. And Jesus Christ was/is the Truth about man’s purpose on this earth, i.e. to be the Truth about God.  Christ Jesus is that same Truth in you.


Religious Christianity has portrayed Jesus Christ as the Messiah who “saves” mankind from the sin debt so that redeemed man “saved man” can “go” to Heaven.  But God revealed through Scripture that He created a Plan to become a man... a MAN-ifestation of the nature and attributes of the Creator God on Earth.  Man is trying to go to Heaven -- God is trying to come to Earth.  Man is seeking a city -- Jesus said, “You are the city.”  Jerusalem is where The LORD God put His Name -- You are the New Jerusalem.  “You came down from Heaven.” Jesus taught us to pray; “Our Father... my prayer is that your Kingdom [your ordered Government] will come in my earth, as it is in Heaven. (Matt. 6:9,10 paraphrased)  His Plan is for God to transform and translate His Life in our Heaven into the Heaven within Man. You should not separate one Heaven from the other Heaven.  They are one. God’s Plan will succeed on Earth!


Man is saved when God and His Heaven

is established within the Person.


It is now the Age of Aquarius.  In the Heavenly Pageant, the man with the pitcher of water is pouring out the Water of the Spirit on all flesh.


I believe that the story in the gospels of Mark 14:13 and Luke 22:10, of the man in the city with the water pitcher, who led the disciples to a house where the “owner” of the house had an upper room already prepared... I believe all that story to be prophetic of this time of the Age of Aquarius; and the Owner of our house, The Son of El Elyon, has a “room,” an upper room of spiritual dimensions IN our soul mind... up in the Most Holy Place.


It is time for a deeper and greater understanding of Father’s Plan for the establishing of His Kingdom on Earth and the transference of authority and power to the body of CHRIST.  The day of preparation for the transfer of the Jerusalem above to be superimposed upon the earthy place where Father has put His Name -- even upon the Soul of man, His New Jerusalem.  Jerusalem means “where Jehovah God rules in peace.”  (Je = Jehovah, ru = rules, salem = peace.) Jerusalem is feminine and identifies the human soul in Peace.


Mankind is elevated to a higher thought process for an “Upper Room” experience.  It is happening.  Now.  It is the Jubilee.  It is the time for the prison cells to be opened.  It is time for the captives in the cells to be set free.  It is time for all the sin debts to be cancelled and for all charges to be dropped.  It is the time, in Christ, for there to be a no condemnation, no shame, and no sense of failure, no guilt, and a no fear of separation Priesthood in every believer.  The Veil has been rent.  There is no separatrix.  It is time for the Melchizedec Priesthood to stand up; a new Eleazer to stop the Jordan and to lead Israel (SONS) into the Kingdom of God.  The Ram’s horn of Jubilee has been blown.  The Acceptable Year of Our LORD is NOW in operation.  It is the 8th Day. You are the 8th Day.


Christ is risen in you.  His Resurrected Power is coming forth as the manifested Son, and He is coming as He was seen ascending into your Heaven.  He is coming... constantly ascending in your Heaven, raising your awareness of your role in His Body. “Arise, shine; for your Light is come. (Isaiah 60:1)  In your Heaven within your body -- you are bone of His bone, flesh of His flesh  you are seated with Him; as He is, so are you in the earth.  You have come to the Light.  You are the Holy City Abraham looked for.  You are the New Jerusalem. You have “re-membered” and assembled yourself in the knowledge that you came down from a higher realm of awareness.  You have come to transfer the higher realm into a present tense -- NOW -- earth reality.


Lift Him higher -- He is your great I Am.  He is the mysterious “YHWH,” The LORD God.  He is, in you, “the Potential Capability,” the Virtual Reality for you to be “exceedingly and abundantly above all that you can ask or think.” He is the T-Cell in His Body;  “TOTALLY” POTENT;  He can be the Perfect Creation of every part in His Body.  He is the Chief Potent One.  Don’t allow Him to be just a noun.  Give Him the right to BE a VERB.  NOW.  Do not relegate Him to history. Allow Him to BE the active expression of your Anointing, Today.  He can only be the verbal active Energy of Resurrection.  He can only be Himself.


He is the Christ. He is to you what “The Father was in Him.” He has ascended to The Father.  By His Resurrection “in you,” He has established His ONEness with you in your Heaven to administer His Kingdom, which is Love. You have arisen as the Today Christ.  He has become to you what the Father was to Him.  God was in Christ; He never changes.  God is in Christ, in the Anointing in you.  He is NOW Today reconciling all things unto Himself.  His WORD cannot fail -- His Covenant is with Himself -- He is ALL and IN ALL.  He already is all that scripture says He is.  He is seated above all principalities.  He already has a name above every name.  He already is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  You do not need to wait for some other event.  He wants to be all that He IS.  He wants to be Himself within and expressed through you Today.  He wants you to be Him.  He wants to be you.  It is the time of refreshing.  It is the time of the restitution of ALL things.  He says, in fact, He has been saying;  “The time now is; just do it!”


Is Christ a Spirit? YES. And so are you.  Was Christ born of a Virgin? YES, And so were you.  The Sperma Rhema Word of God was received into the protected virginal Spiritual Mind -- “through the Veil” -- to conceive in you the Holy Life of Christ.  “That Holy Thing born in you” originated with The Father, in Christ, before the foundation of the world.  There is really nothing new under the sun.  Canst thou remember?


Is Christ a person? YES, Christ is the definition of who you are!  And yet; Christ is NOT a person.  Christ is a Mystery (Ephesians 3:4).  Christ is the Divine Life of Father God, the Creator.  Christ is, as God is -- INVISIBLE -- and can only be known through your person.  He is the Creative Power vested in your Words. When you speak His Words, He creates the “fruit of your lips” (Isaiah 57:19), all things are created by Him.  Nothing has changed.  His Creative Plan is still to create through you with His Word. Don’t allow your words to create a falsehood, a lie, about your Father.  Let your words express His Nature.


Christ in you is the Divine Life Energy of El Elyon Father God; BUT, He is only an active creative energy through and by a quality of faith called knowing.






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