Destruction: APOLEIA - loosed - separated from a form or existence.  

Matt.7-13 Wide is the way that leads to destruction.

Jn.17:12 Judas is a son of destruction.


The lord said I kept them you gave me and none of them is lost (perished) except the son of perdition (destruction).   2 Thess.3-4 Paul tells us the apostasy will come first. Then the son of perdition (destruction) will be unveiled.  This son of destruction will be revealed.  Who is the father?  Not God.  He is said to be a man in verse 3 and a son in verse 4 - seated as a god in verse 4 - in the temple of man.  He has a restraint in verse 6 In Paul’s time he is already operating in lawlessness.  In a mystery in vs.7 This is a man (corporate) a mystery to those not in the spirit of truth. He acts as a god using his reason and imagination to determine self and god, heaven and hell, life and death. The man is the vehicle for the great apostacy - ignorant of the mystery of iniquity, the mystery of the kingdom, and the mystery of godiness, all of which are revealed in the new man. This man is unveiled and dispatched in the message of Christ Jesus - a word this lawless man cannot hear. The flesh mind is the man of sin.  The man of destruction.  In Adam all die. The whole world lies in the wicked one.  Only those in Christ are exempt.  The old man is pro-letter, pro-reason, and Anti-Christ.  He is pro-Jesus and Anti Christ, taking self as the determinator of who God is.  This message out of the flesh temple is a false sense of truth.  Being dead in the penalty of the law, a lawless man. This man still does not take the awakening call of Christ Jesus. There is no way of knowing the death we were in until we awake to life.              


Anti (instead of) Christ, is also Anti-God. When Christ came as God manifested in flesh, then Anti Christ became evident. There is one mediator from God to man.  It is not the flesh man.  When an organization or any man places itself as a mediator for God - It is Anti Christ. We are all brothers in grace.  To take a title to oneself is to give the impression that others are less in the kingdom.  An organization intends to unite, but they, in truth, divide.  In his letter to the Galatians Paul confessed to be the apostle (sent one) to the nations. Peter, he said, was to be the one sent to the circumcision. The Catholic Church chose Peter as their apostle and claim the priest-hood to be in apostolic succession. Others – such as the Episcopals some Lutherans and others also make this claim. The spirits coming are the end of all flesh as a true representation of God. There is no promise of saving, changing, or giving life to this man. Give up your identity with this man. He is your mortal enemy. Repent of self, lest you be found as pro-self and anti-Christ. God’s grace is his forbearance of destruction. Do not take grace as your security instead of God's son as your life.  There is no age of grace.  It remains for all who to respond to the offering of God - which is His Son.

















MAN OF DESTRUCTION [Lloyd Ellefson] 12-29-03         1

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