JULY 30, 2006

ROGER and I had SOMETHING SPIRITUALLY VERY SIGNIFICANT HAPPEN today.  We have been being “prompted” lately, in several situations, to “take the SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY – the DOMINION that Father gave to ADAM – and to speak solutions that made right the existing problems.  Each time this has happened, even on a very small scale – we saw very definite, observable, positive results.  But there was something very special about yesterday’s events.

Up until 3:30 pm – we were having a usual Sunday [July 23, 2007] experience.  We had read several of the new documents that had been sent to us by various authors – for inclusion on our website:  As is our custom, we print copies of each document and bring them into our STUDY AREA and read them aloud to one another.  This procedure gives us not only opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the content of the writing, enter the document in our TOPICAL INDEX that appears on the TEXT CDs we publish, and enter the categories onto our Author’s Portfolio Index, but we also do a final edit of each article as well. 

We had just finished up the reading for today and turned on the television to see if a decent movie might be showing.  But instead of a movie, we found ourselves ‘real-time’ observers of an event happening in the DFW area.  Some of the details I’m going to share about this event were revealed over several hours of live broadcast – and more details came forth in the news that became available… even the next day. 

A young man had gone on an ‘out of control’ spree.  He had hi-jacked two different vehicles – one car – one truck – just within a short time.  He had wrecked each of these vehicles.  Next, he held up – at gunpoint – a married couple [team drivers] as they finished filling their 18-wheeler with diesel fuel. He demanded the man to stay behind and ordered the woman to drive the 18-wheeler and held her hostage for the next almost 4 hours.  This event began in Fairview, TX – north of Dallas – and finally came to an end in Tarrant County, SW of Ft. Worth.  The chase involved Police Swat Teams, Policemen, Sheriffs, Constables, and DPS Officers from 4-5 cities and counties surrounding Dallas

As this bizarre event progressed, many things came to light.  The young man was 22 years old, African American, and had spent several years incarcerated.  He was married, had a young daughter… had a disagreement earlier in the day with his wife… wanted to do something to bring attention to himself so that he could voice some of his chief complaints… the main one being – that he was convinced local employers, State government and even Federal government were against young black men.  He later stated that he believed everyone saw all young black men as having “X”s on their backs – targets of prejudice, ridicule, and unfair treatment.  And he wanted the world to know about it! 

Since this event was being broadcast on public television and radio, spectators began to gather along the areas beside the roadway and on the bridges above I-20.  In the natural, the potential danger was mounting with each passing moment.  In spite of all the warnings being made by the media, people desired to experience the sensationalism more than safety. 

The presence of the Christ spirit within us began to direct a time of TAKING the AUTHORITY we have been given as believers in God, our Heavenly Father.  We were directed to DECLARE a CHANGE within the mind of this young man.  By way of a cell phone, contact had been made with this hostage and her assailant.  The young man had spoken to the police and had revealed all of his grievances and had made statements to the fact that he knew this present hostage incident would not end well for him.  He implied several times that he was under the assumption he would lose his life in the midst of all that was happening, but that he felt it was worthwhile so that he could get his message out to the world.

As we began to see more clearly what was happening… we were directed to DECLARE ALOUD that the YOUNG MAN BE RENDERED HELPLESS.  We were also directed to DECLARE that his weapon, a pistol, would also be RENDERED INCAPABLE OF USE.  We took authority over the bitterness, resentment, revenge, competition, and whatever other things were brought to our mind… that were tormenting this young man.  We bound all of this negative thinking.  We then made the positive DECLARATIONS of SAFETY over BOTH the LADY BEING HELD HOSTAGE and the young man HOLDING THE GUN. 

It was only a few moments after the WARFARE in the SPIRIT was completed, when the truck that had been on the road now almost 4 hours… stopped and the young man walked out of the truck and surrendered peacefully to police officers at the location along I-20.  The woman and her dog were also safely out of the truck in a short time span. 


We learned later that the WOMAN TRUCK DRIVER had been USED TO TALK TO THE young man about family values, his responsibility to his own young daughter.  He had already calmed down to the point that He even allowed her to use the CELL PHONE to call her own two daughters twice – to reassure them that she was okay.

The kind of SPIRITUAL EXERCISE we walked through in this situation, is just the BEGINNING of what is going to be BROUGHT INTO PLACE.  It is an example of a MAJOR STEP FORWARD in EXERCISING the ORIGINAL DESIRE of GOD… that MAN SHOULD TAKE DOMINION OVER THE EARTH and all that is on it. 

When the SONS of GOD get the message and begin to prophecy it to the winds… multitudes are going to see unity and harmony brought forth!

The cry of our hearts is:  “Speak, thy servant heareth!”   We desire to continually hear what the Spirit is saying and to have clear direction on how to respond to His call.

During this and other recent experiences, we were shown a significant CHANGE in our own approach to prayer. It was not so much prayer that we were doing, as we have known prayer; it was a far deeper realization that Father in us had taken the reigns and was simply using a couple of His kids to bring solution over this situation.  As SONS of GOD, being LED by the SPIRIT of GOD, we were interacting with the CREATOR of this UNIVERSE… taking steps to set aright those things that had moved out of the PLAN of GOD.   It was a simple matter of taking authority in the Spirit – rendering the assailant powerless, rendering his gun unfit for service, and declaring LIBERTY over the woman hostage and releasing that LIBERTY into her hands.  Our words were empowered by the Father… that is the Anointing coming forth to effect CHANGE. 

Do not think for even a moment, that we believe we’re the only folks Father had fighting this spiritual war!  We were just honored to be a part of the SPIRITUAL ARMY He is raising up in this season – to effect CHANGE in this world.  This article was not written with any hidden motive of receiving praise from man.  This event was recorded as an “awakening” message for those that are “HEARING CLEARLY.”  It is the season to EXPECT the “greater things” we were promised by Jesus when He walked on this earth.  Through His death, he gave us an open door to walk into this REALM of the SPIRIT and FULFILL the things we were PROMISED… our TRUE INHERITANCE!

Summation:  The attacker was rendered powerless and the victim was released… all in the spirit.  It quickly manifested in the flesh realm. 

This is truly taking the dominion given us by the Father – taking our place as His SONS [agents] – authorized representatives on this earth!

This is what all of CREATION is groaning in travail over – awaiting the full manifestation of the SONS of GOD.

To those who can “HEAR” this message… I say:  “ARISE” and take your rightful inheritance.  Move out of the servant’s quarters and into the SON’s CHAMBER and WALK as the AUTHORITY you were given by YOUR FATHER!  Remember, a SON knows all of the PLANS of his FATHER. 



MANIFESTATION of AUTHORITY – DOMINION [Sunny Orly Coffman] 7-30-06          1


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