JUNE 19, 2008

Back in 1935 before color photography or hardly any paved streets or garbage collection, or even anything that today seems so important, the government sent a man around to see if we might need a new outhouse.  Well, of course we did.  The existing one had a floor so rickety that this little guy could only imagine falling through to who knows where?  Positively frightening.

The new outhouse turned out to have a concrete floor with a concrete riser with a nice wooden ring for a comfortable seat.  There was only one hole unfortunately.  However, I did to see how deep they made the pit.

This outhouse came straight from Heaven; manifested through the love of a very caring new President Roosevelt.

Over the course of history, the Sons of God have been daily manifesting the needs of humanity, (All along.) They stand at the top of the mountain in perfect humility and bring forth; whether it be fields of corn or wheat or even lettuce for the table. They bring life instantly; Spirit to substance; Love to mercy.  The whole of creation bows to the coming forth; even though they may not know from whence it comes.

The Son, entering His closet, finds the top of the mountain; lo the always prepared answer.  The secrets of life are revealed as He sits at the table of Love’s Blessing.  There is no need to wait for some glad day, for He is continuously in touch with “Eternity to Reality.”

The awesome reality that everything is Spirit, makes all things possible.  A fountain of life is within and available to every heart, and abides to observe Glory manifested.

There is a turn-around the day His face is seen, for when He appears, we find His likeness. 

We discover His Presence is our ability to speak, and are continuously aware of the outstretched hands of humanity.  The Sons are, and always have been a table prepared from the closet of God Himself.

In Him, all things exist, and are always new.  His excellent creation is ours to bring forth through love and understanding of truth.  Your hand and your heart and your thoughts are manifest as you accept the Will of His Life so clearly defined.  Yielded to Him, the fullness astounds us, as He always has a way we know not of.

“Come unto Me”, He says. “I will give you rest.”   His ways are so much higher.  His Love is so much greater.  His faith is perfection.  Yielded, we walk on water today. On this, creation continuously depends .

Was Franklin Roosevelt a Son of God?  Which person is not made whole by the Blood of The Lamb?  Whom did Our Father Leave out


JimMelba Crofford send you Peace.




MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD [Jim-Melba Crofford] 6-19-08          1


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