It is for His government, power and dominion to be established and fully reached within us that we groan as those souls under the altar which cry out, “How long O Lord? How long?” The answer is that those who have reached such a station, must wait yet a little season, for this is but the opening of the fifth seal in us. It is during the opening of the sixth seal in us that there comes the sealing in the forehead and the mind of Christ is imparted. With that the dominion, power and government so long delayed is at last possessed. 

I have shared for years with those I have ministered to, some of the testimony concerning this very thing which occurred in the life of Mrs. Martha Wing Robinson, of Zion, IL. She lived near the turn of this century and had been mightily used of God. But she became so hungry for more of God that she began to cry out to God for whatever this thing called “death to self” meant. She said that she had not prayed long before the Holy Ghost began to intercede through her and His prayer, she said, was like that of a grandfather tick-tock clock–“Let-me-die! Let-me-die! Let-me-die!” She said that she continued in this manner for some months, until one night as she knelt down to resume praying, there was no prayer in her soul. She said that then suddenly she heard the Lord speak and the peculiar thing about it was that He spoke simply across her lips. She said that it was as if He had taken her and put her someplace else and Himself had completely possessed her. “I had no thoughts of my own,” she said.

This testimony was not a mere flash in the pan but remained her abiding state in God until He took her home some 15 years later. She did nothing except what she saw her Father do. She spoke nothing except what she heard her Father speak. The Lord worked such a supernatural work in her body that her natural body was changed in certain ways. She found that she could eat, but she didn’t have to. He gave her another body not subject to the same laws our natural bodies are subject to. She had stepped over into the reality of “Not I, but Christ” – Gal. 2:20. She said that no one knew at first what she had come into for there were no books, no tapes, no preaching or teaching on it in those days. Then the Lord showed her that it was the mystery of the indwelling Christ and was a taste of something that He would do in the last days. Her experience was given as an example and an encouragement to those called into it in this day. Thus far, there has been much teaching about it, but none of it has come near touching the glory of it. The account may be read in the book titled Radiant Glory. Inquire of Mrs. Leslie Dessain, Zion Faith Homes, 2820 Eschol Ave., Zion, IL, 60099 (847) 872-2771.


MARTHA WING ROBINSON – Brief Biography [Larry Hodges]          1


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