MARCH 13, 2012

In our vast Universe a small planet is Waking Up! It’s waking to Oneness and its connection to all things. Its people are awakening to see life in a whole different way. They are becoming aware they’re not powerless Beings society, religion, systems, and structures have led them to believe. They are coming to grips with truth…They are Masterful Creators!

For thousands of years humans have been content to turn their power over to politicians, priests, doctors, teachers, Gurus, and leaders of all kinds. That day has come to an end! Man is awakening to his true divine intelligence as we enter the Cosmic Age and nothing can stop him. He’s awakening to an inner knowing which transcends death and is able to transform our world at all levels.

Every person has encoded within the very cells of their body the power of co-creation. It has been used unconsciously until this magnificent moment of awakening!

The message superseding all others at this crucial moment is a message of man’s very purpose for being. It’s a message which encourages mankind to access, become fully conscious of, and exercises the Divine power within him. This amazing power has the ability to transform humanity as we know it and the very planet we live on!

Many today are caught up in the “evils” or darkness of the world. They study every ominous event happening on the planet in the pretext of “being informed.” People are continually sending me the latest conspiracy theories and how they will effect our time. I do not negate conspiracies have been taking place for thousands of years, what I do disagree with is their influence in this pivotal moment of mans history. Many of them are in the process of crashing of their own volition today because their time has elapsed; others are coming down because man has chosen to put its energy towards light instead of darkness.

My question is; what good does it do to study the darkness? Here is a quote I love from spiritual author & speaker Wayne Dyer: “You can’t discover light by analyzing the darkness”

The statement rings true for me. As far as I am concerned I am searching for greater light and I don’t need to study darkness to find it! I am now convinced spending my precious time analyzing dark places, events and plans won’t help me discover light! What good does it do to read and listen to all the negative information out there today? Its part of an old paradigm system which is passing away as the light on our earth becomes brighter.

Man is here to rediscover and access his own field of divine light which is the Final Frontier! This Final Frontier is heralding in a new vision of leadership on our planet.

If I asked what does a new leader look like how would you answer? My vision of a new leader is one who exposes what doesn’t work or serve any longer while illuminating new ways. These new ways don’t just serve the “chosen few” but will bring forth a world which serves the good of all humanity. New leaders are rising as conscious Masterful Creators who live from the knowledge of their oneness and connection with all things. They realize what they do to others they are doing to themselves. There is no “them and us” anymore in their reality.

New leaders are creating communities of co-operation where people gather to share their gifts and creative ideas. These new communities are emerging everywhere on the planet today. In them each person has the freedom to convey their own expression of divinity. These new emerging leaders are coming out of the Universal call for wisdom.

New leadership is birthing from a heart space, from a calling which can’t be denied. These leaders have a deep knowing they have come at this time of evolution to help creation. It’s not about monetary gain for the new leaders, but about releasing a message of hope and allowing people to access their own divine power, no matter what it cost the leaders personally.

The movie Avatar has been said to be the second biggest grossing picture in history. Why? Was it because of all the action and special effects? Not by along shot! It has to do with the deep message of our universal inter-connectedness with all of creation. It brought to light the futility of the insane destruction of people, resources and our beautiful Mother Earth! People are awakening and beginning to resonate with the message. Man is awakening to the insanity of war and destruction which they have created and realizing there is another way.

“Get still, get quiet, and listen for the still small voice within,” is the message of the new leader today. It’s no longer teaching about solutions outside of man but its illuminating the divine power hidden inside. This is the eternal, infinite power which has the ability to bring forth new solutions and will allow our planet to survive….and survive it will!

Man has fallen down the rabbit hole and been listening to the Mad Hatter! He’s been swearing what is so is not so, and what is not so is so, and man has believed him! The good news is humanity is awakening to know truth from a deeper reality. Even though everything in the world “appears” to be terrible and “looks” like there is no way out, man is ascending the illusion. They are awakening to the insanity of it all.

It reminds me of the profound statement of Yeshua: “In the world (of appearances) you will have tribulation and trials, distress, frustration; but be of good cheer (take courage; be confident, certain, undaunted) For I have overcome the world (Deprived the realm of time, space and matter its power) He also said He was not of this world and neither are we! What world; the illusionary world of appearances which has held us captive. We have within us the power to transcend that world. In fact, it is our very purpose at this moment. We are here as visionaries and Masterful Creators of a new world which is emerging and Midwives to a new humanity being birthed.

New leaders are true to themselves and their message. They cannot be swayed by opinions of man. They are not looking for approval and acceptance but are developing connections on deeper levels than ever before. It takes courage to speak and stand firm in truth, new leaders are doing just that because humanity is hungry for truth.

Anyone trying to keep man from owning his own power of inner divine intelligence is coming from an old, dying paradigm of leadership and structure. It will no longer be palatable to those awakening and will soon fade into oblivion. The NEW has come and it is relentless in its purpose!

Man no longer has to go to a cave in Tibet to access their divine essence. Anyone is able to touch their inner power but it evolves a choice by each of us. What will you choose?

The Great Journey of awakening is all about bringing our true wisdom through and acting on it day by day and moment by moment. It’s about making our decisions, relationships, and actions align with wisdom and therefore transforming our lives. As our lives transform so will our planet.

There is so much happening at this incredible time in history which is supporting us on our path, but it still requires choice!

Gregg Braden agrees and says this: “We’ve entered A Choosing Point on this planet”

“We can choose to continue to keep bumbling along with our emotion and mental programs or we can say; Please, I’m ready to let all this step aside and I’m ready to let the Real Me, the Divine Me run the show and we can do it consciously.”

So who are these new emerging leaders? They are emerging from sleeper cells in every nation on the planet. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages. They don’t wear a uniform or seek any glory. Most of them work anonymously behind the scenes. They don’t care who takes the final credit but simply that the work gets done.

These leaders are slowly creating a new world with the power of their minds and hearts. They are transforming the planet with random acts of kindness in unique ways. They know that “Love” is the new religion of the 21st century. An evolutionary pulse beats within whispering: Be the change you want to see in the world

They have made a choice, drawn a line in the sand; they are seeking the light and focusing on it no matter appearances. An inner revolution has taken place and they know they have been called to the higher light of a new reality. They see it, know it, and talk about it wherever asked. It is the very beat of their heart and it is synchronizing with Universal purpose and with others across the planet.

Perhaps you are hearing the call to rise as a new leader and realizing the choice is between two worlds at this moment. There is an overlapping of time as the old ways and the new ways coincide. We are now rewriting the code of consciousness individually and collectively.

At this critical moment the choice is yours; will you hold on to the old or embrace the new and rise up as a new leader of a new world of love, oneness and Divine unity

All of creation is on tiptoes in anticipation of your choice!



































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