APRIL 6, 2006 

Several years ago the Lord spoke to me concerning the matrix.  I looked the word up in the dictionary.  There are several definitions given but here is the one that I chose: 

MATRIX a situation or surrounding substance within which something else originates. 

How long will you wander,

O, unfaithful daughter?

The LORD will create a new thing on earth—

a woman will surround a man.   (Jeremiah 31:22)

This means that the feminine part (soul) of humankind shall hold a pregnancy from the recreated spirit [Christ] to bring forth the promised manchild.  (Revelation 12)

ABSORB — to retain wholly; without transmission.

PARAMETER — a factor that determines a boundary.

OUTCOME — holiness 

This is what the Lord spoke to me:

The expanding parameters of righteousness stand to absorb evil.  Evil cannot surmount this barrier.  In the absorption is the transformation.  This process is ongoing.  Once the seed is sown, it shall flourish.   Up to now the process has not been completed in human flesh.  The day is upon you that will see such completion.  Righteousness is the matrix.

Paul wrote to the Galatians: “I travail again in birth until Christ be formed in you.” He prefaced it with “My little children.”   He was pointing beyond the gestation period within them till the fruit comes forth, Christ formed. – birth of the manchild.



The earth (us) is the matrix (womb) of creation.  God poured out the feminine part of his being to be the stuff of creation.  Earth and all in it must receive the SEED of LIFE in order to flourish.  From this part of Him He created the soul of humankind.  Into this new species He blew the Breath of Life, the male counterpart (spirit) of the womb (soul).  He called the Spirit inspired creature Adam.  God knew that for His plan to be fulfilled Adam (spirit) and the soul must be separated, God brought the soul out from Adam. And Adam named the soul Eve.  Within the substance of the material of creation were all of the aspects of Almighty God except His POWER, which is His Holy Righteous Spirit.  He supplied that, however, with the breath given to Adam.  Adam and Eve (spirit and soul) were the caretakers of earth.  By the power of their words they were to keep everything in line with the plan of God.


Within the dust of the earth (us) were all things that are opposite of God: stark evil.  The entity hidden there hissed at the soul and convinced her to eat of him (listen to his lies).   Because she did, and also convinced the spirit (Adam) to do the same, the soul and human spirit fell into sin (death) and were separated from God without the Glory, which had been their covering.  It was then that God supplied them with skin (flesh) and blood.  Now the life of the soul was in the blood.  And there it has remained. 

Earth and the fullness thereof will flourish again when Christ, the Son of Glory, once more has charge.  This will come about when man lives by the Life of Christ and he has trampled the flesh nature to death.  Christ entered again into the earth realm via Jesus.  Because Jesus remained pure and was endued by the Power of Christ, He was able to overcome evil by cursing it to death on a cross.  The blood of the carnal flesh was poured out and the Life of Christ supplied, signaled by the water that poured from the side of Jesus Christ.

He did this to bring the children of God back to Him and forever free all life from the clutches of satan.  When we receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are endued with the Holy Spirit and Christ recreates our spirit.  Christ comes to marry our soul. He will woo us and teach us until we submit to His calling.  When all of those who have answered are united, they are the Bride of Christ – the New Jerusalem.  It is then that the wedding of the Lamb will take place.  This means that the retrained souls become one with the Christ who brings LIFE.   This life grows and blossoms within this united effect and when the time is right the birth of the new creation shall take place, the manchild appears as the body of Christ in glorified bodies.


MATRIX [Barbara J. Strauser] April 6, 2006          1


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