Isaiah writes concerning the messiah …”of the increase of his government there will be no end.”



This means what the messiah was sent to do, has been on the increase since his advent.  We know the word of God came to Moses.  He was a mediator of the law to the flesh, though the law is spiritual.  The word also came to the prophets.  The messiah is the mediator of a new covenant.  This takes the relationship of God to man out of the law of works, which has left man guilty of breaking the covenant because of the weakness of the flesh. [Gal. 19:20]  Why the law? It was addition until the offspring (Messiah) to whom the promise was made comes.  Not Adam, not Israel. This covenant comes through a mediator (intermediary) which implies more than one. God is one.  The new covenant also had an offering... this time from God to man.  God offered His son as an heir of all God’s promises. This made the covenant between God and his son [both one spirit].to be the fulfillment of His word of promise.  Adam, the soulish man, is bypassed.  Why? The mediation takes place only between God and His offspring in spirit.  The seed of the promise was planted in this Adam man who had nothing but a law relationship with God… a realm of death. This promised seed lay dormant, until the first begotton emerged. Now this Son is the generation of this offspring. He is the only one who touches God in spirit and the spirit in man. This word of Christ awakens the seed of promise and brings a consciousness of sonship to those who believe him. Thus we see that all flesh and its blood has no inheritance in God, the Father. The promise to Abraham, the law of Moses, and the word of the prophets, were the foundation and the preparation for the coming of the Messiah, who is the fulfillment - not the destruction of the law and the prophets. Now the Jesus is the word revealed to those who have the spirit of the son. From spirit, to spirit, by spirit… a mediation of one.  The way to life is narrow. In this statement Jesus was referring to himself. He is life to man. This is the narrow way. [John  5:25] 


The hour is now when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God and those who hear shall live. There is no other way given to arise to life… Except you hear the voice of life, you will die in your sins. The life-giver Himself made that statement. The broad way that leads to destruction is the many imaginations and wisdom of the mind of the flesh. The flesh mind has a multitude of ways and ideas of God in the religions in this world. Among them, many confess to be Christian believers. This question was put to Jesus. What shall we do to do the work of God? This is His answer:  “The work of God is that you believe in him that He has sent.”  Jesus said, “my words are spirit and life.” To hear the spirit is an admonition given to all seven churches in John’s revelation… “He that has ears... Every writer I know lays claim to hearing the spirit. I no longer take those who witness to Christ at face value. Hearing brings a relationship that also brings discernment. Jesus said, “you suppose the scriptures give life.”  Many read - few hear. The verse in Isaiah quoted says, “the increase of His government and peace there will be no end.”  


When over 1000 are killed in a conflict, it is termed a war. There are over 30 + wars at this time, plus tribes and rebels in conflicts. What of the increase of his peace? Jesus said, “The peace I give is not as the world gives.” This is only realized in those who take comfort and rest in hearing the peaceful voice of the Son of God. They live, and are the prince of peace in the earth at this time.






MEDIATOR [Lloyd Ellefson] 5-4-04         1

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