Meditate and pray to transcend this world.  Make your request known and talk to God.  Enlightenment is a technique practiced by Zen, Buddhists, Christians and Catholics.


1)  Truth is eternal.  It is now.

2)  There is nothing outside of you.  The kingdom of God is within you.

3)  The world is an illusion.  It is an exact opposite of truth.

4)  Time is an illusion.  The past is gone.  Only today is true… now. 

5)  All bondage is rooted in past.  Forgiveness releases you from the past.

6)  Lack and loss are illusions.

7)  Sickness and death are illusions.

8)  Sickness is of the mind, not the body.

9)  All sickness comes from separation.

10) Your body is an illusion.  You are eternal.  The body does not contain the spirit.

11) Separation is an illusion.  You are not separate from God or others.

12) To attack another is to attack yourself.  Attack is the source of guilt.

13) Walk only in love and healing.  To have, give all to all.  Love all and know love.

14) Do not see others as bodies, but as spirits who are perfect and innocent.

15) Fear is from believing you have not created these illusions and are powerless.

16) Fear arises from lack of love.

17) Fear is the opposite of love.  Fear, condemnation and guilt are not from God.

18) Doubt, worry, guilt and condemnation are all forms of fear.  God is love.

19) You have no enemy except yourself.  No one or no thing can attack you.

20) The meaning to life is relationship. 

21) Your wishes and the will of God are one.

22) The word of God is the spirit of God…truth.

23) Sin is simply mis-thinking.  To repent means to change your mind.

24) You are holy, pure, blameless, without sin and unchangeable in God.

25) Everything exists in God.  God loves all and gives freely to all.

26) Seek God’s love within.  It is transforming and the source of life and immortality.

Use these individually to meditate on.


I’ve come to the conclusion,

We walk in an illusion-

All what my eyes may see

Just cannot truly be.

For only truth can exist eternally.


I must not believe this confusion…

This world of fear, guilt and exclusion.

All what my eyes may see

Just cannot truly be.

For truth only exists inside of me.




 “For what is inside of you is what is outside of you,

and the one who fashions you on the outside

is the one who shaped the inside of you.

And what you see outside of you, you see inside of you;

it is visible and it is your garment.”

-The Thunder, Perfect Mind


ODE 17

I was crowned by God,

by a crown alive,

and my Lord justified me.

He became my certain salvation.

I was freed from myself

and uncondemned.

The chains fell from my wrists.

I took on the face and ways of a new person,

walked in him and was redeemed.

The thought of truth drove me.

I walked to it and did not wander off.

Those who saw me were amazed,

supposing me to be a strange person.

He who knew me and brought me up

is the summit of perfection.

He glorified me by kindness

and lifted my thought to truth

and showed me his way.

I opened closed doors,

shattered bars of iron.

My own shackles melted.

Nothing appeared closed

because I was the door to everything.

I freed slaves,

left no man in bonds.

I spread my knowledge

and love

and sowed my fruits in hearts

and transformed them.

I blessed them.  They lived.

I gathered them and saved them.

They became the limbs of my body

and I was their head.

The Odes of Solomon

Copyright 2002

  …for whatever a man sows, he will also reap…as a man thinks in his heart, so is he… Know Thyself.

What is meditation?  I like to call it a time of getting quiet; disconnecting from this physical world and listening to my heart, not my head.  Some may call that prayer.  It is a time to be filled with God’s holy spirit of truth, love, joy and peace.  If I spend time alone and do not seek the very presence of God within my soul, I will go about my day in frustration, stress and chaos.  For me, it is a way to start my every day, with the focus of giving love, joy and peace to all I meet.

Use some of these thoughts on this page to quietly meditate on and allow God to reveal them to you.





























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