Hebrews 1:1-2 clearly shows that Jesus had a ministry as prophet, priest, and King. This ministry of our Lord and Savior was after the order of Melchizedec Hebrews 7:17). We try to follow Jesus Christ as He was an example for us (1 Peter 2:21).

During the three and one-half years that our Lord ministered, He was called a prophet many times. He even asked what people called Him, and his disciples responded saying that some said He was Elijah or Isaiah (Matt. 16:13-16). People perceived Him as a prophet and He definitely ministered as a prophet.

He hid the revelation that He was the Messiah from all except those to whom the Father had revealed it. He counseled people not to tell who He was. He ministered as a prophet in that He brought judgment, conviction, healings and deliverance even as the prophets of old had done.

He didn’t reveal his priestly ministry until the cross when He became the High Priest for all. His intercession for the sins of the world was accomplished on the cross, and not until then. Up to that time He pointed the way to the work that He was called to do to the disciples, but spoke in parables to the masses unless they would understand.

Until Jesus was nailed to the cross, His priestly ministry was not revealed openly. But even then the disciples that He had counseled didn’t know what He had done. They were morose and upset and didn’t understand. They had lost their Master and they all expected Him to be a reigning Messiah rather than a sacrificial lamb and priest-offering.

Yet, Jesus never revealed His Kingship until He had ascended and sat down with God. It was then the real truth of His authority was revealed. Oh, they had proclaimed Him King when He entered Jerusalem but that was a “carnal” king they sought. The true elevation of Kingship was not envisioned by the crowds. His Kingship is far above the understanding of the carnal mind.

Now then, if Jesus Christ is our pattern and we are to be sons of the Most High God, should our life-style pattern after His ? The answer is a great emphatic yes! Until He was baptized in the river Jordan and came forth in His ministry, He was hidden from the world. No one knew Him until his manifestation. So, even today no one knows those called to be sons (Romans 8:19, 26) because they have not been manifested yet.

Those that claim to be sons, prove by their claiming that they are not. Those that claim to be immortal, prove they are not by the blood that courses in their veins. When we become what He is, it will be revealed and people will know without the claiming of it. Yet, positionally we have it, we just groan for the very manifestation of Him to come forth. Even if we would come forth in His Image, what image would that be? I can state that we would reveal a prophetic ministry as Jesus did. We might not minister just 3 and 1/2 years as He did, but that ministry must come forth.

Jesus was revealed and came forth to the lost sheep of Israel. He came to His own. They didn’t receive Him. The sons of God when they are manifested will come forth as a prophetic ministry to their own, the church.

Jesus, during His ministry, came against the hypocrites of the religious system of the day. He confronted the leaders of the synagogues – the Pharisees and the Saducees. As all prophets did in the Old Testament, Jesus did also. He exposed sin and corruption. He called for repentance and holiness.

The sons of God (Romans 8:19-20, 26) called to follow after Jesus, who was after the order of Melchizedec, will manifest a prophetic ministry first. They will convict the church of its false ways and call them to repentance. They will heal the sick, raise the dead and deliver the possessed as Jesus did. Yet, just like their Master, they will not heal all, deliver all or raise all from the dead. Jesus did only as He saw His Father instructed.

Like their Master, these sons of God will not reveal who they are and neither will they proclaim their ministry for Jesus did not. Their priestly ministry won’t be revealed until the same time as their Lord’s was – at the finish of their prophetic ministry. Jesus revealed His sonship on the cross and so too these sons.

Much study has been made of the priesthood of Aaron. Pages have been written about the types and shadows of the garments worn, the utensils used, the offerings etc. From his duties, to his dedication and calling volumes have been written. Do not study the garments of Aaron. Jesus was not patterned after Aaron nor his garments, utensils etc. Jesus would not have to come if Aaron’s covenant was perfect. Jesus’ covenant was perfect. It was after the order of Melchizedec. Study Melchizedec to receive a true picture of Jesus ministry. Do not study Aaron.

Study Melchizedec. Aaron was good and there are good thoughts there from studying him, but they are lower thoughts of an earlier covenant that has been superceded by a better covenant. Hebrews 10:9 and 9:10 both clearly show that the second covenant cannot be established as long as the first remains in our minds. If we remain in type and shadow, we miss the life realm.

We would share an idea that we should be patterning the “royal priesthood” of the saints NOT after the clothing, duties, and dedication of Aaron but rather after the order of Melchizedec. Now, for years I thought I was patterning after Melchizedec but more and more I find that the Aaron pattern was what I was using as a pattern. Let us begin to follow the pattern of the Lord and Melchizedec.

Don’t study Aaron. Don’t study his apparel or ministry. For it is an order that as done away with by our Lord Jesus. Yet, time and again we all have returned to the nest from which we were birthed unknowingly. Now is the time to study the new order Melchizedec.


We can see by this verse alone that the ministry of Aaron was done away with and superseded by something better. Yet, I have found little written about the ministry of Melchizedek, because most have studied the wrong pattern for the right reason. It is important to follow the right pattern to start the Kingdom.

Grace was first given to Noah, and the ministry of grace was first revealed by Melchizedek. The gospel of grace was first preached by Paul, although we would say Jesus manifested it. All these able ministers never once said anything about the Law. Abraham had the Law (Levi in him, Heb. 7: 10) but walked by grace. Yet, we find the ministry of Aaron and Levi a far cry from the order and ministry of Melchizedek and Jesus.

Hebrews 7:11 clearly shows that there was a need to establish a new order be-cause the order of Aaron was a total failure. It couldn’t bring “perfection”, which in the Greek means maturity. We partake of life as we focus on life. We partake of death as we eat it Enough of the study of death, let us turn our eyes unto the power of an endless life (Hebrews 7:16) found in Jesus Christ.


Strictly speaking from the natural, we can see Jesus is NOT’ Melchizedek. For this man is “LIKE UNTO ‘.’HE SON OF GOD” and if you are like unto, you aren’t THE SON. The Book of Jasher brings out it was Shem, son of Noah. I don’t know who it was, but I do know who it isn’t.

Aaron had earthly parents and everyone knew his folks. But this man has no mother on the earth plane and no father on the earth either. Ah, how we hear the truth of the Lord. For when we are birthed into this order, it has no ties to the flesh realm (mother) neither does its life (father) come from the realm of death. For while Adam walked and lived 930 years, yet he was dead. He produced seed in the land that was dead, while it even lived.

But this seed, comes not from the earth but from the Eternal. It has no part of the death realm. It can only produce one thing – life. Even in the midst of death it does function, and is not tainted by the corruption around it. Melchizedek gave life to Abram even in the very midst of fallen man.

What profit is there to a man if he takes life from Aaron only to have to die ? How much better to take life from the order of Melchizedek and never die. Aaron offers wine and bread as a shadow or type of things because he doesn’t have any life to give. Such is the ministry of the church order to “remember His death.” But Melchizedek gives life out of himself! (John 6:53 ).

Melchizedek was before Aaron and lives after Aaron. The Aaronic ministry began after Melchizedek and ends before Melchizedek. The Aaronic is for an age, but the order of Melchizedek is beyond time.

Levi came out of the loins of Abraham, out of the man made from the dust of the earth. His pattern therefore is a pattern of death. Levi came from the dust of Adam and not out of the life of Melchizedek The Aaronic order came from the life of the flesh planet out of the earth ) and not from the heavens.

Melchizedek life comes from a higher realm, made manifest on the earth plane but not of it. It is revealed so that man would have hope. Jesus’ father was from above, his father wasn’t Joseph Even too the very skin Jesus had didn’t come from Mary. He received NOTHING from Mary because she, too, was a descendant of Adam. He was born from above (line of Melchizedek) and even his flesh was from above (Romans 8:3 “LIKE unto man.”)

When God made the first man, the first man’s Father was God, but the earth was his mother, so to speak, because man was made of the dust of the earth. Like man, Melchizedek’s Father is God, so is His mother. God didn’t need Mary; she was a carrier for the divine seed. The seed has life in itself and that is why it is said the Holy Spirit overshadowed (empowered) Mary. Jesus was like Melchizedek – no mother or father on the natural plane.

Now, we have been birthed from above. It requires three experiences. First is salvation through the blood of the Lord Jesus. Second is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The third is the Spirit of God birth. John 3:3-5 shows that the first birth enables us to SEE the kingdom, but is not enough to enter it. In verse 5 it states it takes 2 more experiences – water and Spirit. Water meaning the baptism of the Spirit and Spirit meaning a spirit birth into the third heavens of 2 Cor. 12.

We have been birthed when we are saved by our Father from above, but until we receive the change, we still carry around this body of skin that is of the earth, our mother whom we must remove. The fullness of the third experience is the deliverance from our earthly mother revealing that we have no connections to the earth plane.

Jesus had neither mother or father on the earth plane. We are called to be like our elder brother. We are totally to be void of earthly things and reveal the Melchizedek order. We are to be changed from the glory of the terrestrial to the celestial.


Now the word “sworn” means to make 7 times full, or be complete. It is used the first time in Genesis 22:16 with Abraham and the offering of his son as a sacrifice. What that means to us, is that Abraham is offering that which had a father after the flesh and a mother after the flesh to be given in death, so that all desire of the lower order would be removed.

Ah, how beautiful. Do you see? Abraham by offering up the divine appointed seed which was given him and desiring to produce only after the Spirit rather than the ” blessed flesh ” received a sworn statement from God. It was a declaration of a promissory note.

Issac was a child called of God but from natural flesh and blood. Natural flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God (1 Cor. 15:50). No matter how “called” of God or dedicated to God, flesh cannot inherit. Nothing on the natural plane can enter the kingdom.

Abraham realized this and when God asked him to offer up his “God inspired son” it was an easy thing for him to do because he desired nothing of the lower order. He looked for a city not made with hands whose maker was God.

The principle of first occurrence has great play in the Bible and it is well applied to Melchizedek for the same word “Sworn” is used in Psalms 110:4 concerning our Lord Jesus Christ. God has sworn, or given a promissory note that guarantees a 7 fold complete work to bring people into Melchizedek. For years, I have believed that there were 7 realms of God, and just now with this under-standing of it. With Melchizedek it is made evident!

The oath that God has made is beyond the realm of time and stands “forever.” The complete work of the Lord will be done to establish a Melchizedek ministry. me priesthood will be without time in that it abides, as He abides.

We can therefore see that what will come forth is not tied to the earthly in any way, shape or form but is birthed out of the realm of life. It doesn’t come out of the heavens (mind – father) nor out of the earth (body – mother). It comes directly out of the Spirit, which is life.

Because it comes out of the life realm, it has no DESCENT. If there is a lineage then there has to be death working in order to provide that lineage. In this realm of priesthood, death is not evident. In fact, in Jesus Christ we find that no death was working for when he took upon himself death for all He swallowed all up death into victory (life).

“ABIDE A PRIEST CONTINUALLY” means to be alive to the condition of the present, so well expressed by our Lord when He said: “I AM that I AM.” Neither having past or future, because one is summed up in Him who is beyond time, but evident in it. 


The Levitical priests (present day church leaders) are not made by an oath of God. A large number come to the ministry of themselves. But the ministry of God that is found in Melchizedek is derived from an oath of the Lord Himself.

The Levitical ministry has the written word to go by, but the Melchizedek has the power of an endless life. The difference is evident, and the Melchizedek ministry disrupts the moving of the church-age Levitical ministry because it tears down their kingdom.”

The Levitical ministry always talks about a people submissive to the leadership, and by oath they mean a creating of the priesthood over the laity. But the Melchizedek seeks to elevate all to the same place where they are.

The Melchizedek eliminates all classes and ranks where the Levitical seeks to maintain an order of rank and power. The Levitical ministry stresses the entering into God as a “corporate” action. This is a truth which will come to pass.

But the Melchizedek ministry oversees the individual entering in now as a first-fruits. Where the Levitical priesthood is always fighting death, the Melchizedek has already defeated death and is living on the life plane.

The Levitical priesthood and its following still live in the second heavens (the mind area) and do not have life itself. They seek the things which they call “spiritual” but which assist the flesh. The Melchizedek, on the other hand, is other worldly and sees only eternal things in the invisible and is not concerned with the flesh. In fact, the Melchizedek ministry seeds to establish the unseen into the seen.

In the Levitical priesthood (again let me say that we mean present church order of today) they have a need for n sacrifices” in many areas. A sacrifice of praise, a sacrifice of the old nature etc. But the Melchizedek ministry is above that in that they have no more sacrifices but rather are giving out LIFE.

The Levitical ministry seeds to fashion God into the image of man. “Let God come IN” they say and use you. Yet, the Melchizedek of the kingdom order seeds to remove you and allow God to come OUT to give life.

The Levitical order makes it clear that you are a part of the body of Christ. Nothing wrong with that because it is true. But there are those who become part of the headship company of Christ, because He is calling some to be like Him, and He is the head. The Melchizedek ministry will direct those of the body of Christ.

The Melchizedek ministry is a life giving ministry void of all sacrifices. It is a government of the Lord himself fully in control through the individual, where in the gift realm the gifts are subject to the person (Cor. 14:32 ).

So, these priests (Hebrews 7:21) of the order of Melchizedek are made with an oath. They are far different from the Levitical priesthood. The word “order” means a form of government. The order of Melchizedek is foreign to the earthly understanding and can’t be grasped by the carnal mind.

But the ministry of this spiritual order causes a birth in the inner man after the Spirit, and not after the mind. It is not a realm of moving by the Spirit in a way of knowledgeable understanding as in the gift realm, but moving in a way totally foreign, yet spiritually sensing the way of the channel of the river of life.


The word “power” in the Greek is “dutamis” from which we get the English word dynamo or dynamite from. There are at least three words for power in the Greek. One means” might in oneself”, the other means “power” in the sense of freedom to do things. But this word means “explosive dynamic power.”

Where a carnal commandment is death, this means the ability to break out of death with a burst of life from above. The power is needed for the deliverance from the old man and its ways. God is not going to save the old ways. He is in the process of creating one new man.

The ability to give life rather than legislate laws and rituals is quite a different ministry from what the world has known. The way of life which is the way of Grace as preached by Paul, is far above a letter commandment.

The power of an endless life is that there is no limitation for the ministry and whatever it touches produces life. Jesus came to give life and it more abundantly (and that doesn’t mean earthly prosperity!). Everything this ministry does is living, and therefore can’t be a letter commandment. It causes life to come forth out of death.

It taxes the Ten Commandments which are in the Old Testament and writes them on the heart so that they can be Kept; whereas, the Levitical ministry doesn’t have the power to do such but tries to regulate the people Into an outward conformity to the Ten Commandments.

The life that is given is ZOE in the Greek which means life in the endless sense; whereas BIOS means life in the natural sense. Therefore we can say that the life of the Melchizedek order is on a higher plane and lifts the people up out of the death realm into the more spiritual order.

Everything produced by the BIOS life is in the order of death and cannot escape. The ministry of the Levitical is to that order of death. The Levitical minister judgment by revealing the law that the wages of sin are death.

But the Melchizedek ministers life on the higher plane not by regulation and manipulation but by the giving of ZOE for the deliverance from the realm of death. Where the Levitical ministry talks about life, the Melchizedek delivers it.

Even Pentecost and the gifts of the Spirit do not give ZOE life. For the gifts give BIOS as the person is healed, but dies later on. It is evident that the ministry of the outercourt of the tabernacle (Passover/salvation) and the ministry of the Holy Place (Pentecost/baptism of the Holy Spirit) cannot give life.

For God is found in the Holy of Holies, and not in the other two areas. The pillar of a cloud was found in the Holy of Holies. The other two areas were ministered by the Levitical priests.

The Interlinear Bible quotes Hebrews 7:16 as the following: … but according to the power of an INDISSOLUBLE life.” It is a force of such magnitude that it can NOT be lessened. Nothing can dilute the life on this higher order. Nothing can break it down, nor can it be brought down to a lower realm. People must come up to that place in God.


The life is found in the Holy of Holies. The bread and wine are symbols of the life-giving nature of the Holy of Holies. If man needs a shirt, give him two, as the Lord said. It is a giving ministry from the abundance of the heart.

He brought forth bread and wine out of himself for Abram. Abram’s name was changed because of the life that he ate. Up to that time he had a vision and followed it as an overcomes would but to be delivered from the flesh takes a work of God. God delivered him from the Adam nature into His own.

Where the Levitical has no life in itself to give out of, the Melchizedek walks in the power of an endless life and the more it gives out the more it is filled with a never ending supply.

Many are the “sons” who think they have life and try to “keep” Jesus in them by proclaiming they are sons (implying you aren’t ). By trying to “keep” Jesus that way they prove they aren’t sons but priests of the Levitical order, masquerading as angels of light.

For the Melchizedek gives out all that he has from the very depths of his being realizing it is not Him but Christ that is given. The wine speaks of the endless life and the bread reveals the power of a “quickened” body.


The Encyclopedia Britannica Dictionary states that “forerunner” means: “to be the precursor of; foreshadow; herald. To run in advance of.” Now, the scripture clearly shows that Jesus is the forerunner for US. He went first for us. As great as that truth is, yet there IS a greater depth to be explored. He went in order that we might come to where He is. He opened the door so that we could also enter. He was a firstfruits so that there could be some that would be a firstfruit of the church.

As a forerunner, He was made after the order of Melchizedek. It therefore follows that we shall be partakers of the same ministry if we follow on to know the Lord. He entered into the ministry of the sanctuary, the Holy of Holies. We can too, if we are willing to enter into His life.


Let us lay aside every weight that besets us, even the understandings of old which were good and meaningful. We walk in the dawning of a new day, a new age, that cannot be contained by the thoughts of the old age Just as new wine cannot be placed in old wineskins.

The tent stakes are movable so that we might be able to move as God moves. For thousands of years God has shown a progressive path to those who will see. From salvation to holiness, to the move of Pentecost and then Latter Rain of the 1940’s, always on the move is our God. Let us again move as He does, laying aside types and shadows so that we might possess the Life.

The day comes after mourning at night. It dawns with great joy for those that have an eye to behold it. The rending of old ways and understandings hurt and cause much pain, but it is worth the cost as our Beloved comes unto us.

The revealing of the new age, that Kingdom way, the realm of Melchizedek, the time of the Most High God is upon us. We have been called to ascend to the hill of our God (Psalm 24:3-6). So let us not be vain and continue in the ways of knowledge that we have, but seek Him and His righteousness, as He reveals Himself to us.

Too long we have eaten of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and we must partake of the tree of life that is indissoluble. The tree of life has no knowledge in it (it has no part of the tree of knowledge of good and evil), for it is not in a part realm, but the fullness of life.

Oh, to be like Jesus! Fashioned after the order of Melchizedek is the cry of the hearts of the called ones. For wherever Melchizedek was, life was given and manifested without a touch of death. Let us press on, that the river of life within each of us might reveal Him who is the Life of the Most High. 




































MELCHIZADEK and HIS MINISTRY [Charles W. Weller]          1


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