JANUARY 14, 2013


When we receive by revelation, the magnitude of Calvary’s victory, most of our problems are over. We understand the end of our destiny is being worked out according to the Christ seed within us. We are walking out a divine plan and purpose and nothing is able to stop it.


That is not to say that life is a rose garden, but you see, it’s not the circumstances that are the problems in our lives.  It is not sickness, it is not disease, it is not your wife, it’s not your husband, because when you begin to live out of the abundance of life that has been provided for us in the seed, no matter how bad circumstances are, you still live a joyful life above that which is happening around you.


We are really not looking for health, although health is a wonderful thing.  We are not looking for riches; what we are looking for is righteousness, peace, contentment and joy, and if you have those things you know that you are living in the kingdom of God.


If you are walking in righteousness, peace and joy, nothing can disturb the inner man. I have had countless experiences proving to myself that no matter what happens nothing can disturb my peace. As most of you know who are reading this, I recently had my right leg amputated. I was so grateful for the peace I had during and after this. I was given an abundance of grace. I can honestly say I was never negative about this at all. It has been three months and I am now walking fairly well with my prosthetic leg. We can always look of the bright side of things with the proper attitude. I lost my leg but thank God for the prosthesis.


When we begin to walk in the reality of the kingdom, what begins to happen in our life is we know of a certainly that ALL things work for our good.  The things that may seem so bad at the time can be stepping stones that reveal to us the spirit within us is able to always rise above our circumstances. Nothing can take away from us the reality of the peace, the joy, and the righteousness of God that flows from our innermost being.



JANUARY 15, 2013


What has happened to us as Christians and to most every other religion is they put a veil over us by teaching us to behave in a certain way to be acceptable to God. The Christian religion is unique in that we have the answer to our problems in a man, Jesus.  Jesus is the epitome of one who lived not from a carnal mentality but from the Christ within.  He is everything that God is. Jesus did not live by rules and regulations; he lived from the Christ within. There is a regulating life law that flows from our innermost being.


Jesus was a man who was wholly God and wholly man. That is also the truth of our being. What religion has done is put a veil over our eyes, not really revealing to us the truth of our innermost being.  Oh sure, we are told that Jesus lives in us, and we are given some pretty good teaching, but the truth is so covered up with all the religiosity and all the teachings about God’s wrath and His anger because of our sin that we cannot believe the truth that within us is the wonderful magnificent, glorious life of God.


Do you know what the wrath of God really is?  It is His hot pursuit and desire to correct in you that which is wrong.  The wrath of God, when it comes upon you will correct what is wrong in you and make it right.  The word judgment means to correct or to make right that which is wrong.  We’ve been taught by the religions of the world to fear God, to fear His wrath and to fear His judgment. If we really understood what they were, we would cry out for judgment, because it is the thing that corrects everything in us that is wrong.


If God does not “judge us”, then we would be what the scriptures call “a bastard son”, because those whom He loves He chastens and corrects. It also our own actions that corrects us.  There is a scripture in the Old Testament, Jer 2:19 Thine own wickedness shall correct thee, and thy backslidings shall reprove thee.


Jesus said something very interesting about judgment: He said, “By your words you shall be justified.”  You see, He’s not talking about God judging you, He said, “By your words you shall be justified, and by your words you shall be condemned.” Not God outside of you doing something, but by your very own words, you will be justified or condemned.  Listen to what you are talking about.  Listen to what you are saying, because if you are like I was for many years I’d say, “I will never overcome this habit.  I’ll never get rid of these wrong desires.”  


Well, I was pronouncing my own judgment, because death and life are in the power of the tongue.  So religion and I don’t care what religion it is; all religions are a set of basic rules and regulations, things that you need to do regain the favor with God, so that someday you can die and go to where ever it is that they go to.  And that is the very thing that keeps you out of the kingdom of God, is your belief in being separated and alienated from it.  In reality it is impossible for anyone not to be in the kingdom of God.  You are in the kingdom of God, but nobody has ever told you that, perhaps some of you, no one has really revealed to you the truth of your being; and that is why we have to repent and change our thinking about the truth of our being.



JANUARY16, 2013


When John the Baptist came he had a message that was different. He was bringing in a new age. It was a transition from the old religious way to the new.  If the people would listen to him God was bringing a great change to His people in those days.   When John the Baptist came, he began to baptize people and tell them to repent. What did baptism really mean?  We know by New Testament typology, when you are baptized you go down into the water and we are told that our old man is dead, that we are leaving our old man in the water.  We are also told that when we are baptized that we must repent.  Now the religious teaching says to repent means, “you must quit smoking; you must quit drinking; you have to quit chasing women, and all of the bad things you are doing.”


That is not repentance.  Repentance is this: baptism means that when I go down into the water and come up, I repent.  To repent means I have to change my mind about who I am.  I have to realize that this life that I’ve lived out of my human consciousness all these years is not my true identity. My baptism signifies that I agree with the scriptures that the old man is not alive any longer. I have died and my life is now hid with Christ in God. I resurrected from the old man thinking to the new creation man who has the mind of Christ. It is no longer I that live but Christ that lives in me. This at first is just an intellectual concept. However the more we focus on the truth of our being the more we will be transformed into experiencing the new creation man.


When I was a young Christian and really wanted God, I was baptized I don’t know how many times, because I was told that when I was baptized, my old man would stay in the water.  Well mine always came up with me!  I wanted to believe in baptism but I’d say, “It just doesn’t work!”  I knew that in typology that is what it meant, but see, I didn’t understand, and I wasn’t taught that baptism simply means “to repent and change your mind about who you are.” The person that you have been up until the time you hear the gospel, no matter how bad that person, nor how good that person has been; when you hear the gospel message, the gospel message says that that person that has been formed in your consciousness since your birth, that person is not who you are, and you have to repent, go into the water and recognize that everything that you have believed about yourself is a lie. 


That is what it means to repent.  You have to change your mind about who you are.  And if you can get that and come up out of that water and begin to walk in it, put on the mind of Christ; you will understand what baptism is all about.



JANUARY 17, 2013


One we begin to repent and focus on the truth, everything in our natural and carnal mind will try to convince us that what we are trying to believe is not true for us. It might be true for Sister Janice over here, or brother Bob, but it isn’t true for me because I’m still living out of that old life style. That is what we have to deal with.  The only way that we can get out of this religious mind-set is to repent, change our minds.  That is what the word, “repentance” means.  You can find that in Strongs. NT:3340 GREEK>metanoeo (met-an-o-eh'-o); from NT:3326 and NT:3539; to think differently or afterwards, i.e. reconsider (morally, feel compunction):


To repent is very simple. We do it all the time. We may decide to go to Denny’s for lunch and on the way we change our mind and go to Applebees.  It is as simple as that. That is what it means.  To repent does not mean that you quit sinning and quit all of the bad stuff, and do everything in your life right.  Repentance means that I changed my mind about who I am.  And that’s why Paul said “If I do that, that I don’t want to do, it’s not me doing it.”  So we have to deal with what I call the “the residue of carnal thinking”.  That is not “me” any longer.  I’ve changed my mind.  I realize that I am a son of God.  I realize that everything that Jesus is, I am! All of the fullness of the God-head dwells bodily in Him and as He is, so am I in this world.” 


So I have to repent for that old way of thinking.  I cannot let that old way of thinking dominate my mind.  If we can get that old way of thinking out of our minds, it will leave our experience.  No matter how many times a day we fail, if we don’t receive the guilt, the condemnation, the shame; if we will learn to simply say, “That is not me.” That is our scapegoat.  Remember in the Old Testament, they had a scapegoat?  Well, that is your scapegoat.  That is not me.  I am a new creation.  I am not an old creation trying to make myself better.  I am a brand new creation. 


James says that “The double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways.”  The double minded man is one who sometimes operates from the mind of Christ and at other times operates from the carnal mind. We haven’t realized that when we were regenerated, we have awakened to a brand new consciousness that begins to operate in the deepest recesses of our being.  When we are regenerated, the mind, the emotion and the will of God is actually regenerated within us, and we begin a wonderful new journey from living from a carnal mind to putting on the mind of Christ.



JANUARY 18, 2013


Religion will tell us that we have to change our behavior. Changing our behavior may make us a better person, but that falls short of putting on the mind of Christ. When we are operating from the mind of Christ there is no need to change our behavior.


In Romans chapter 1 verse 21 it says, “Because that when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful, but became vein in their imaginations. And their foolish heart was darkened.” 


The problem with any one is their minds become darkened to this understanding of who they really are. In the pulpits across the America and the world today, people professing to be wise, became fools. They changed the glory of an incorruptible God into an image like unto man. That is exactly what the religion of Christianity has done. They changed the image of an incorruptible, unconditional love of God into an image like unto a man. 


That is why I have not served the Christians system for the last 20 years. That type of God has not been in my consciousness for years. That is a false image of God. You see, the Christian image of God has formed in our minds a false image of who God is. 


They have taken the glory, the manifestation, and the loveliness of God and turned it into their own concept of a vein, vengeful, and horrible person if you don’t obey Him. They have taken the glory of an incorruptible God and made Him into an image like unto man. God loves you unconditionally. God never punishes you, in the sense of being angry or vengeful. God won’t put a cancer on you to teach you something. God won’t make you sick and give you disabled children to teach you something. These are all man’s perceptions, bringing God down into the image of a man. It is not God, who gets angry with you when you disobey. It is man. There is what we call, “a natural” or “a soulish” love. We all know this. The soulish love will love you as long as you are loveable. I learned this by experience, because there have been people in my life whom I have done tremendously helpful things for, who have not exactly done me right. Soulish love is almost like unconditional love, it is so close. You just do anything for people. If you are a good person, you have a good heart, but the moment that person begins to do something against you, all of the love you have then turns to resentment, unforgiveness, bitterness, sometimes hatred and sometimes even murder.


The religions of the world have made God that type of a person. God loves you unconditionally. God sent His Son to die for you, to show you His love. He shed His blood at Calvary to forgive you for all of your sins, everything you’ve ever done in your life. This is the Christian gospel. God loves you, but if you don’t live a certain way, if you don’t stop chasing women, if you don’t drop them old nasty cigarettes, if you don’t stop going to them old movie houses, God will be angry and punish you. This is the consciousness that religion builds in you, that you are not good enough, so you’ve got to stop doing this, and doing that, and you have to change your way of living. And so they bring this concept of good and evil into the church, and teach people how to live by knowledge of good and evil, rather than unveiling them to the reality of Christ in their being. 



JANUARY 19, 2013


Christ does not live by knowledge of good and evil. As long as we are living by knowledge of good and evil, we will never experience the fullness of His kingdom, because when you walk in the kingdom of God, you need no rule stick as to what is good and what is evil, because the mind of Christ simply flows out from your innermost being.


You see the effects of the magnitude of Calvary’s victory that says love is all there is.  We begin to operate out of that mind that knows the truth and the reality of Calvary’s victory. We will not dwell on what we consider evil or bad. We do not even judge things that happen to us as good or evil because we know that all things work together for our good.  When we discover the truth of our being and what is operating in us, we will not let those negative thoughts gain dominance in our mind.  And once your consciousness is cleared from all of that negativity, you have no more consciousness of sin, and guess what will happen to it: if it’s not in your consciousness, it is not a part of you! 


We have accepted many things which we believed in and accepted as truth which are lies.  And the only way out of the dilemma is to repent and change your mind about who you are.  We were taught that we were miserable sinners, but now we’ve been saved by grace.  The truth is you were never a miserable sinner.  You thought you were; you believed you were, and so you reaped the results of “the carnal human lifestyle”.  You were never a sinner.  If you were, Calvary didn’t work, because the magnitude of Calvary’s victory said He cancelled that debt even before you were born.


The truth and the reality of what God is bringing forth in these days have always been in the scriptures, but it has been so covered over by religiosity.  Is it true or is it not true?  “Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.”  Did He do it or didn’t He?  See, it is very simple decisions for you to make.  Now if you compare the spiritual truths with the natural, you look with these physical eyes and you will say, “Well no, He didn’t take away the sin of the world.  It is running rampant everywhere”.  So I don’t look according to the flesh.  Judge no man according to the flesh.  Know no man after the flesh, but after the spirit.  And as we begin to see right, and we begin to live out of that mind of Christ, and we begin to cast down all the negativity and all of those things that enter into our minds that would tell us that we are not who we know we are; we will begin, of course, to affect our lives, but then the strangest thing happens: you will begin to affect everybody’s life that you touch because of the reality that you walk in.


You won’t have to cast out devils, and pray for hours a day, because the very presence, the very essence of who you are will begin to emanate from you without you speaking a word. You will discover that people around you will begin to have such a respect for you, and maybe not even know why.  And I found out that after a few years of working with a group of people, there came a day when the office at lunchtime would be full of men, and I could just sit there and not preach to them, but reveal the things of the kingdom of God.  That is the kind of life all of us want.



JANUARY 21, 2013


“But God commended His love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.” Religion will tell you, “You are not going to get anything from God until you stop that horrible sinning.”  Don’t you think, if you are a lady, that you can sell your body and get in the presence of God.  Well if you can’t, then you will never change, because being in the presence of God is the only thing that is going to change you.  Religion won’t change you.  Me telling you that you can’t live that kind of a life-style is not going to help you, it is going to hinder you.


“Even when we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.  Much more then being now justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him.  For if when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of His Son, much more being reconciled, we shall be saved by His life.”  Rom 5:10


We are saved by his life; it has absolutely nothing to do with you or with your efforts. Everything emanates out of His being!  There is nothing you have to do to gain God’s favor.  We just need be unveiled to the reality of who we are in Him, or who He is in us. The biggest fear that religion has in our mind is judgment.  It is our fear and our misunderstanding of God’s judgment that keeps us from the awareness of His presence within us.  It says in Hebrews chapter 9 and verse 27, “It is appointed unto man once to die, but after this, the judgment."


The religious mind takes this verse and puts a fear in our heart to die with un-confessed sin in our life, or to have rebellion in our life, or whatever it is, there is this fear of a judgment that is coming to you, because, “One day honey, you are going to die.  And if you die, you have the judgment to look forward to.”  So you live all of your life in fear of perhaps someday missing God, and standing before Him and having some kind of a horrible judgment pronounced upon you.  You are told that some will be cast into and eternal Lake of Fire where they will suffer for unending ages.  That gospel is bringing the image of God down to make Him like an image of man, because some men would do that to you.  Some people right today say, “Well that person, they deserve to burn in an eternal Hell.”  Religion has brought God down, and made Him into an image like the carnal man.


“Well it is appointed unto man once to die, but after this, the judgment, That sentence does not end, or the verse does not end there it goes on to say. “It was appointed unto man once to die, and after this, the judgment, so Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many.  And to them that look for Him, shall He appear the second time without sin unto salvation." Scriptures clearly reveal to us that all men died in Christ, and that judgment was placed on Him.  If you can believe that, you will be set free, because if you can believe He took your judgment, and He took the penalty, and He suffered whatever it was that was suppose to be suffered; if what they tell us is true, God could never again call you before His presence, and judge you for your sins, because it would be nullifying His very own word.  The just – Paul said, “The just died for the unjust.”  As even when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God, not after we came to the altar, but before we ever heard about God, we were reconciled.  The whole world, before they were ever born, they were redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.



JANUARY 22, 2013


Religion tells us that a little baby is born an original sinner.  They say they were born separated and alienated from God.  We repeat horrible religious doctrines throughout endless ages, until someone like John the Baptist comes along and says, “Stop it! The Lamb of God took away the sin of the world.”


It was very hard for the Israelites to accept a man who came as a lamb, when they were expecting a warrior.  The Israelites were expecting the Messiah, but they were expecting when He came, that He would destroy all of their enemies, make Jerusalem the capital of the earth, and we would all live happily every after.  He didn’t come that way, and that is one of the main reasons why they rejected Him.  They also rejected Him because He broke what they considered was the Old Covenant laws.  The very fact that He broke their law proved to them that He couldn’t possibly be the Messiah. Most Christians today are looking for the same thing. They think that Jesus is coming to destroy all their enemies, make Jerusalem the capital of the earth and we live happily ever after. He did not do that for the Israelites and he will not do it for the Christians.


When Jesus stood before them and said, “I know what your scriptures say, but I say to you”, - Who was this man?  What authority did He have to say those things?  They thought He changed the very scriptures.  He said, “I am come that you might have life, and have it more abundantly.”  He comes in us today, to let the world know they have been reconciled to him.  God in us is once again coming to say, “I am come that you might have life.  I am come that you might feed/drink from this well of living water that flows from the very depths of my being.  I am come that you might experience the life that is really life.”


It has nothing to do with our human mentality.  It has nothing to do with our failures and our habits. “It has everything to do with the substance of my life that I have placed within you.  So repent.  Don’t you ever think of yourself again as a human being that is separated and alienated from God.  I don’t care if you fail ten thousand times a day.  Never forget the fact that you are here that you might spread my life to all of creation.” 


That is the message of Calvary.  That is why Paul said, “I can preach nothing but Christ and the cross”, because he understood the magnitude and the value of that one act throughout all of history.  You see; the cross reached all the way back to Adam, and all the way into the New Jerusalem.  And everything of the natural, everything of the human thinking, every failure and disobedient act is all included in that one act at Calvary.” That my friends are the Magnitude of Calvary’s Victory. We no longer need an intercessor between us and God.



JANUARY 24, 2013


The Christian religion has given people such a poor concept of God.  The preachers have said, “You can’t really hear God.  But I am the preacher.  God has given me a revelation.  And I know everything there is to know.  But you guys are just ‘pew sitters’.  You don’t know God like I do. I will pray for you.  I’ll preach good sermons for you every Sunday.  I’ll come and pray for you when you are sick.” 


In the Old Testament priesthood; they chose a man from among men to be the representative of God.  They would go to God, receive from God and them come to the people and dispense that which they had received.  Only the High Priest could enter into the most Holy Place of God, not the common people.  Christianity has done the same thing. 


“If you have a word from the Lord, don’t you dare stand up in my church and give it.  You had better come to me and let me judge that word and make sure it is from the Spirit.”  Now I’m speaking in general terms.  There are some men of God, there are some women of God who have churches who don’t operate in this religious system, but they are so far and few between.  People are so blessed to have a place where the Word of God can go forth in clarity and truth.  We no longer need the Aaronic priesthood. 


We don’t need a preacher to do everything for us. It is a shame that somebody gets sick in our family and we have to run to somebody else to pray for them.  Here we are, sons and daughters of the Most High God.  We are so lost in our religiosity.  We have no confidence at all that our prayer will move heaven and earth.  We think that the pastor has more influence with God. There is nothing at all wrong having others join us in prayer and speaking the word of life together. It is just the concept that the pastor has more influence than we do that we must change.


The very man that we have confidence in may be our destruction, unless they are walking in a reality of the kingdom of God. Somebody that is walking in the reality of the kingdom of God won’t tell you what to do, because they know you know what do to.  They know that in the deepest recesses of your being you know the truth.


1 John 2:20, “You have an anointing, and you know all things.”  We don’t believe that.  If we did, why would we be running all over the world trying to find the answers?  You have an anointing, and you know all things.  The only thing you need to do is get to know that anointing, that Spirit, that essence of God that is in your being.  And once you begin to operate from that realm, you will never again go to the arm of flesh to get your answers. 



JANUARY 25. 2013


How to live the life of God cannot be taught. It is a revelation that must come to us from the spirit.  What I am sharing here is confirmation to many people.  All over the country where we go, people come to me all the time, it happened again the other day.  Someone called me with tears and said, “I have had this message in my heart for years, and I’ve never heard anybody speak like this.”  You know the truth when you hear it.  And the only reason the people shut this message down is that they are so indoctrinated by religion, that their religious minds will say, “This can’t possibly be true.  If we are not, as the scriptures say the Body of Christ on this earth, then we might as well all go home and close our doors, because only Christ can change humanity.


If you think of yourself as something that is separate and alienated from Him, you can’t change anybody. This is why Jesus, no matter where He went, miracles took place, because they flowed from the very depths of His being.  That is why I say for you to be Christ like is not hard, just don’t do anything unless He tells you to. That can be hard, but that is where your peace and security is. It is knowing that what you are doing is what God wants you to do.  If you don’t know it, don’t do anything.  Your spirit will reveal to you what you need to do or not do.


Isaiah 43:25 says, “I, even I am he who blots out your transgressions for my sake, and will not remember your sin.”  Isaiah 44:22, “I have blotted out as a thick cloud your transgression.  I have blotted out as a cloud thy sins.  Return unto me, for I have redeemed thee.”


Jesus had not been to the cross yet. Jesus had not appeared on the scene. There is the word, “redemption” in the Old Testament.  How can that be?  It is because “the Lamb was slain from before the foundation of the world.”  The works, the plan, the purposes of God were all finished before the foundation of the world.  We are all just walking out what God has planned.  Paul told the Ephesians, He said, “You are God’s masterpiece.”  God is producing what we call, or what the scriptures call, “The one new man” who is His masterpiece.  His masterful work of creation is to create a corporate body of people who will be filled with His life and nature, recognizing that their old human identity is gone and they are now Christ on the earth.



JANUARY 26, 2013


Hebrews 10:1 “For the law, having a shadow of things to come, and not the very image of the things, can never with those sacrifices they offered continually make the comers perfect.”  The Old Testament offerings had no power to change lives.  The Old Testament offerings typified that there was someday One coming who would fulfill the types.  Talking about the Old Testament sacrifices, it says, “For then would they not have ceased to be offered, because the worshipers once purged should have no more consciousness of sin.”  But in the Old Testament sacrifices, there is a remembrance again, made of sins every year.  This is what we’ve done again in the New Testament Christian religion; we make a remembrance of our sins continually before God.  That is old covenant!  The new covenant says that we have a better offering and we have a better covenant.


The Old Covenant could not purge our consciousness of sin. Only Christ within you can purge your consciousness.  If the consciousness of sin cannot enter into your mind, it can have no affect on you.  If you will walk in the reality of His unlimited love and unlimited forgiveness, and apply the blood and eat the lamb, the consciousness of sin will leave you.  It won’t even enter your mind. That is new covenant.  No longer do you need a man to go before God and intercede for you.  Today we have arising on the earth the Melchizedek Priesthood.  We know very little about Melchizedek, because it is a mystery that has been hidden from ages and generations.  Now is the day the seals of man are being broken, and Christ is beginning to be revealed in us, and we are beginning to hear the voice of the seventh angel and when He speaks, the mystery of God will be fulfilled. 


Today we are beginning to walk in the reality of the Melchizedek priesthood.  Who is Melchizedek?  He is one who has no beginning of days or end of life. A Melchizedek priest comes to us bringing bread and wine and that is how you can tell a Melchizedek priest.  Many people today who are claiming to be a priest, but what are they bringing to you? Are they bringing you a gospel of guilt and condemnation and telling you what a sinner you are? Are they trying to teach you all the doctrines of holiness and trying to get you to change your behavior to be acceptable to God? Are they teaching that you must belong to a church? That is not a Melchizedek priest.



JANUARY 28, 2013


Melchizedek is one who realizes that they have no beginning of days or end of life.  Our life did not begin with our physical birth.  Our physical birth was but a forgetting of who we really are. That is why I have to repent and change my mind about who I am.  A Melchizedek priest will only bring to you the bread of His Word and the wine of his enjoyment, and not the letter of the Word.  Paul says, “We are not ministers of the letter, for the letter kills, but Spirit will give you life.”  So a Melchizedek priest comes to you, and their mission on this earth is to serve humanity.  Their mission on earth is to serve the bread of His living abiding Word which will separate and divide your soul from your spirit, and put you back together as a whole human being so you can enjoy his tangible presence.


A Melchizedek priest will lead you into a land that is flowing with milk and honey.  A Melchizedek priest will not only bring you the bread of His Word, but he’ll bring you the wine of His enjoyment.  If you will eat the bread of His Word and learn to enjoy the wine of presence, that is all you need.  You will never again need to go to the arm of flesh to get your answers. You will begin to realize that you are Melchizedek on this earth.


We were chosen before the foundation of the earth that we should be holy and without blame.  This is true for humanity.  This gospel message has nothing to do with the works of men’s hands. All we need is a revealing, uncovering, unveiling of Jesus Christ within us, and then begin to walk in that reality, and reject the lie that we are not good enough or spiritual enough.


Not too long ago the Lord reminded me of what Paul said.  “Because men love not the knowledge of the truth, they were sent a strong delusion to believe the lie.”  Well I’ll tell you, if you reject the truth, you have nothing left but the lie, the delusion that you are something other than what God has made you to be.  That is the great deception.  When Jesus came into the world, He said, “Sacrifice and offering thou wouldest not, but a body thou hast prepared me.”


This is true for every one of us.  In burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin, you had no pleasure.  Then He said, “I come in the volume of the book.  It is written of me to do thy will of Lord.”  Every one of us as we were entering into the birth chamber, I can hear us saying, “Oh God, I come to do thy will.  I come that men may have life.  I am come into this dense physical and alienated world to bring the message of your love and reconciliation to all.”  I can hear us as we fall into this dense realm, saying “I am come to do thy will.” 


I heard in my spirit one day “I am not here to tell you how you have to live.  I am not here to tell you, you have to change your life.  I am just here to tell you what I have done for you.  And if you will just begin in the smallest way, to eat the lamb, enjoy the provision of my offering, begin to enjoy my presence, you will soon know the power of an endless life.  You will soon discover the Spirit of my life that will begin to arise in your consciousness, and you will begin to live that resurrected, transcendent life of God in His Holy Temple. 

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MELCHIZEDEK PRIEST WITHIN, Parts 1-12 [Gary Sigler] 1-2013 ~ BOOK         9

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