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Newsletter No. 186 – July-Aug. 2002

We are so privileged to be in touch with the remnant, the many-membered body of Christ. They send confirmations to us and we to them! A new couple, who had just found our Web Site, wrote: “In the month of Nov./2001, I asked the Lord, “What’s next?”

“His answer was, ‘Melchizedek Order.’ I knew that was in the Bible but I needed clarity and confirmation concerning it.”

I share this word because the Lord has put it upon my heart to be open to learn about “The Training of a Priest.” We know we are called into a new order of priesthood, but, as yet, we know little of the nature of that priesthood.

Several things have been made real to us: 1) The Lord is our Provider—we need not seek help from any man. 2) The Lord is the Intercessor—we need to look to Him concerning how He wants us to pray, and for whom. 3) We are to remit sins. 4) This priesthood has to do with mercy and doing the Love of God.

The Spirit impresses upon me that there is much more than this. I’m going to share from the life of Henry Gruver, a brother whom the Lord has trained in an unusual manner. I see in his life experiences some earmarks of this new priesthood. He is a “son”, a very modest one, who has kept a low profile as he walked with the Lord.

At the age of 18, he promised the Lord he’d pass out 100 tracts one night a week, in Phoenix, Arizona. The project proved more difficult than he had thought. Finally, the Lord advised him, “When you walk and give out tracts, only walk where and when you have full peace. Only give out tracts in that same peace. In learning to do this, he found success when he was sensitive to the presence or the absence of God’s peace in his heart. When he’d start to go in one direction, if the peace left, he’d stop and try another direction until he learned which way the Lord wanted him to go.

“Let peace rule in your heart” confirms this. One of the meanings of “rule” is “umpire.” Let peace be the umpire who “calls the shots” in the game of life, who says if there is a “foul ball” or a “good hit.” Let His peace decide your course!

After this humble start in being led of the Lord, Henry eventually married and he and his wife have 13 remarkable children who walk in the faith of their parents. For the past 30 years, the Lord has led him to do “prayer walking” all over the world. He is gone about six months of each year and has prayed in over 200 cities and 70 countries. The Lord speaks first to his wife as to the next city or country where he should walk and make intercession. It could be anywhere: Japan, Siberia, Northern Canada, or Asian countries.

He has neither the money to go nor does he know the language of the nations to which he is sent. As soon as the Holy Spirit calls him to go, his wife calls the airlines and arranges his flight. In answer to prayer, the Lord starts to send in the money–from believers, unbelievers, and perfect strangers. And, He must also supply for Henry’s large family while he is away. (“Is there anything too hard for God?” He takes care of that part too).

You haven’t met Henry Gruver on the platform with the well-known sonship ministries. I think most of them have never even heard of him, yet he is definitely a son and a Melchizedek priest! How can I know for sure? Romans 8:14 tells us clearly, “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.”

The Lord has taught him about remitting sins. The word “remit” means: “relax, absolve, release, pardon, discontinue, acquit, surrender, leave off, moderate, mitigate, alleviate, desist, soften.”

If you don’t remit sins, you retain them. The opposite of “remit” is: “hold, withhold, keep, retain, reserve, tie up, persist, continue, exact, control, command, sway, dominate, avenge, take revenge, get the upper hand, impose a duty on, bind, enjoin, render obligatory, make responsible, repress, suppress, restrain, restrict, prohibit.”

The Lord showed Henry to remit sins when he found he was not getting results when dealing with people. He asked, “Why should we remit sins?” The answer is found in, “For this is the Blood of the New Testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.” If we fail to remit sins, we are doing despite to the Blood of Jesus that was shed that man might be released from sin.

The Greek word translated “remit” in the N.T. means “to cry or forgive, to lay aside or forsake,” from a root word meaning “off” as in, “Get it off of me!” Even if a situation seems hopeless, he has learned never to despair of remitting sins. God works wondrously through this prayer!

Henry has made seven journeys across Japan, doing spiritual warfare, praying over the high places of temples and shrines. He goes through the gates, commanding the gates to be lifted up and the everlasting doors to open to the Lord Jesus Christ. He found there were powerful demons in the Buddhist beliefs. At one time, standing at the gate of a Buddhist temple, he felt a force push him sideways on his hip, pushing him away from the gate. He didn’t feel ready to face that power, so he didn’t go in. The next time he came, the Lord gave him Psalm 24 and said, “You go in and I’ll go with you.”

Henry visited a temple where they train Buddhist monks. There stood a big iron gate, a two-way radio, and no one could get in without approval. Again, he felt something push his hip over, but this time he saw what it was. There was a giant “lion-dog” stone figure on each side of the gate. He saw a demon of that likeness trying to push him away from the entrance. In some of the temples he saw replicas of demons that looked like a Suma wrestler with armor on. He has a burden to redeem these pagan religions back to the Truth.

At one meeting, the man who owned the largest business in Japan stood before him. He was a tormented man. He began to speak to that man’s spirit. The man began to shake and the power of God hit him and a lot of things came off of him and he cried out, in Japanese, “I want more! I want more!” He prayed for the Lord to give him more, and led him in a prayer of renunciation and more fell off him and he was a free man. Henry never saw him again, nor did he try to get in touch with him, or covet any of his money.

Henry says, “I think one of the greatest things in the breakdown of Christianity is taking things personally and getting upset. We may have made a wrong move in traffic and someone reacts against us. We should quickly ask for forgiveness for ourselves, and remit their sins and not take it personally. If you don’t, you retaliate in kind and declare your rights. Before God, we have no rights to declare. We are dead, and our life is hid with Christ in God!

The purpose for remitting sins is to restore fellowship back with the Father. It was lost in the Garden. We are to stop running and covering ourselves with fig leaves. Fig leaves are sticky and itchy. Sin is a sticky, uncomfortable feeling, just like the feeling you get from wearing fig leaves!

You can remit sins many times a day. Any time you see sin, you should remit it (even in a total stranger). John 20:23 says, “Whosoever (which means anyone) sins you remit….” The First Pentecostal Assembly of God pastor in Tokyo told him, “You are introducing a new doctrine. We don’t know anything about remitting sins.” He invited him to talk about this on TV before 31 million people!

The opposite side of the coin are sins “…retained, they are retained.” Are you carrying someone else’s sins on your life? Your first response would be: “No way! They’re responsible for their own sins!”

If you see them sin and you retain those sins, they will affect your life. An evidence of this is: If you should see some young people spraying graffiti on a wall, and you go down the road, muttering: “Those stupid young people. What is the matter with them? Oh, they’re just so rebellious these days! They have no respect for other people’s property.”

Do you know what you just did? You murmured and complained about it and retained that sin, which will have an effect on you. It leaves bitterness in your spirit. They did it, but it stuck in you and you need to repent of it. Instantly, you should pray, “Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I see them doing that. That is evil. I remit the sin in the hearts of those young people that is causing them to do that. I ask you to turn Romans 2:4 to them so that your goodness will lead them to repentance. Release Mat. 9:38 upon them and send your Christian laborers to surround them and love them. And if You want me to go back and witness to them, I will. Always be willing to be used of the Lord. Be aware of Mat. 26:28 which says, “For this is My blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.”


Newsletter No. 187 – September 2002

We are going to continue to share some of the insights from Henry Gruver on remitting sins. He said, “There was a particular ‘revelation place’ where God told me to “remit their sins.” I couldn’t understand this word because there was not one human being there. I was standing at the remains of the Shrewsbury Castle in England. All I could see was a pile of rocks all broken down.

The Lord said, “The sins that have been committed in this place have mounted up to heaven and no one has remitted them.”

I answered, “Lord, I don’t understand. What do you mean “remit”? Do you mean “forgive”?

Here is exactly what He told me: “When you remit sins, you lift the heavy load of condemnation off of the sinner. The sinner is living with condemnation everyday, 365 days a year. He doesn’t know what it is like not to be under the heaviness of sin. But you, as one of My servants, know what it is like to be out from under sin because Rom. 8:1 says, ‘There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” When you remit sins, I release that burden off of them. In My Word I have said, ‘I gave them a space of time to repent.’ You are giving them a space of time to repent!”

I protested, “But Lord, there is nobody in this old castle!”

Then He gave me Rom. 3:25, “Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus: Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God;” I wondered, how far back is past? Can we measure how far back that is? The first sin was back in the Garden with Adam and Eve.

I cried, “You mean I can stand by this broken down castle and remit the sins that were committed there?” That’s what He meant, and I’ve since done it all over the world! I’ve remitted every sin—to the very first thought, word, deed, and gesture—over satanic strongholds. I’ve stood on human sacrifice altars and remitted every sin as many generations back as needs be.

“I remitted a man’s sins one night who held a big knife at my throat. He had jumped me suddenly in a dark alley. He couldn’t kill me because I didn’t have a life to take. My life was hidden with Christ in God (“For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.” (Col. 3:3) I can tell you, he fled from before me.

“We taught our children to remit sins. Once a man jumped into my daughter’s car and held a knife under her arm and commanded her to give him the keys. The boldness of Jesus came over and she began to remit his sins. She put her finger between his eyes and said, “This is my car and I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. You get out!” And he jumped out!

“She had learned well what we had taught her. She was the one who had rebuked death off of me when I had been dead 27 minutes in a fatal car wreck. When the paramedics said, “There is no need to do C.P.R. His head is crushed in.”

“My daughter didn’t give up! She stood over me and said, ‘Devil—that’s my Daddy! Death, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus! You can’t have him!’ At that time, I was soaring through the heavens and the Lord turned me back.

Luke 1:77 tells us, “To give knowledge of salvation unto his people by the remission of their sins…” While you were yet dead in trespasses and sins, He gave His Son to die for you. And He told us, “The works that I do shall you do also.” So why not remit sins? You’re not exalting yourself by doing this; you are simply fulfilling the obedience of that which won you (vs. 78).

“All of this is through the tender mercies of our God. We lift the load of condemnation off them, release His goodness unto them and they will begin to want to do what’s right. They will begin to search for truth. Rom. 2:4, “Or despiseth thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?”

“After we have remitted sins, we ask the Lord to send laborers to reap His harvest. Many precious souls have come to the Lord as a result of our obedience to remit sins.”


Newsletter No. 188 – October 2002

Henry Gruver insists that remitting sins is something you can do every day, many times a day. “When you see a sin being committed, you should remit that sin in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Even if you see a total stranger sin, you should remit it!

John 20:23 says, “Whosesoever sins ye remit…” That means whoever you choose. “You remit”—Jesus said you had freely received forgiveness—now freely give it! If you can’t forgive others, you can’t be forgiven. Unforgiveness locks you up so that sins begin to accumulate in your life. If you learn the power of remitting, you will become so sensitive to sin that you will know when you sin. The fear of God will come over you!

“When you remit, you “give knowledge of salvation unto His people by the remission of their sins. Through the tender mercy of our God; whereby the dayspring from on high hath visited us, To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace. Luke 1:77-79

“If the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, how did evil people get the land to build abortion clinics, houses of prostitution, street corners on which to sell drugs? How did evil obtain this foothold in the land? Romans 3:25 says, “…to declare His righteousness for the remission of sins.” Strong’s Concordance says of the word “sin”: “through sin, the devil takes ownership.” Are we saying that if sin is not covered, it allows the devil to take ownership? Just start sinning and see how long it takes him to manifest his nature!

“If we can believe that for a human body, why can’t we believe it for a geographical land mass? We have been going across the earth and redeeming back the land and creation. We’ve been calling it back to the ownership of the Lord Jesus. We began by remitting the sins that had been committed there that caused the ownership to be lost and given to the god of this world. Is this something that should be preached around the world? Luke 24:47 answers that: “That repentance and remission of sins should be preached among all nations.”

“To what measure do we remit? Jesus read out of Isaiah 61, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.”

“What is most interesting is what He left out! “…and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn; To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord that he might be glorified…” Isa. 61:3. There is going to be a wonderful exchange here and we shall plant righteous trees!

“When you remit, you release. This is our job! He ever liveth to make intercession for us (the saints). Who is making intercession for the sinners? The Body of Christ! That is our job! So, remitting sins is the best entrance we can make into a person’s life.

“There was a man who jumped out of an alley and put a knife to my throat saying, “Give me all your money!” I started remitting his sins and he dropped the knife and asked me, “What are you doing?” I saw all that murderous anger drain out of him. He lost the spirit of murder and robbery. I smiled and said, “I was praying for you.”

“He cried, ‘What? Don’t you know this is a real knife? This is not a rubber knife! I was going to cut your throat after I got your money.’”

“I asked, ‘Why didn’t you?’”

“He answered, ‘I lost the desire.’ (“Remit” means to “release, relax, absolve, pardon, relinquish—and that’s what had happened to him. It really works!)

“As I was telling this incident in Japan, I felt to address my words to a man whom I discovered later worked with the CIA and was a top martial arts trainer. He had attained to the 10th degree in karate. When I told this story, his mouth dropped open and tears streamed down his face. He told me later that he thought he had the greatest form of defense possible, but now he had heard of a better way—the remitting of sins and he wanted to learn this new way. Can we all say “Amen” to that? All who are called unto the Melchizedek Priesthood shall surely learn this new way of setting mankind free!

“What can cause us to lose America faster than anything? Lev. 17:13,14 tells us that the life of all flesh is in the blood. This is made plain in Gen. 4:1-10 where Cain killed his brother Abel. When the Father asked him about it, he answered, “Am I my brother’s keeper?

“God said, ‘The voice of your brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.’ I have been to many places where I have heard innocent blood cry out of the ground. I have walked right up to the door of abortion clinics because I have heard the cry of the innocent blood that washed under the street there. Their blood is crying out and we wonder why we have drive-by shootings and gang warfare on the top of the streets. The innocent blood is crying out and the covering of God is gone from our nation.


“We wonder why there are certain sections of the freeway where fights break out and people kill one another. It could be that a sewer line carrying innocent blood is flowing under that street, or the freeway has been built on the site where battles, rapes, and every kind of evil has been carried out. Even officers of the law are helpless to keep the peace in certain areas. The “high places” are still ruling. Satan possesses them because the cause of the problems have never been dealt with. The evil dominions remain by bloodshed and blood guiltiness.

“Some verifying verses are: Lev. 18:24,25; II Kings 17:8-11; Jer. 16:10-19; Ecc. 9:18; Isa.59:12. Lev. 25:23,24 is very revealing: “The land shall not be sold forever: for the land is Mine; for ye are strangers and sojourners with Me. And in all the land of your possession ye shall grant a redemption for the land.”

“How do I do that? I remit the sins of the shedding of innocent blood as many generations back as needs be.”


Newsletter No. 189 – November 2002

You would be interested in reading our mail since we have been sharing on the remitting of sins. The reactions range from rejoicing to confusion, to striving with the very thought of it! And then, the big question: “Do we really have power to remit sins?”

It reminded me of a friend who was having a bible study with her Pentecostal neighbor ladies. She had obtained copies of “What the Bible Teaches About Mercy” by Rex Andrews and they were going to study that.

All through the winter, her friends struggled with the concept of God’s mercy. They had a hard time believing the Lord could be that good (merciful!) Nothing in their church teachings had prepared them to be “merciers.” Rather, they had been trained as “judges.”

The next fall, my friend asked them what subject they would like to study and to her surprise, they all said, “We’d like to go through the Mercy Book again and this time we want to believe it.”

This seems to be the same struggle that people are having with “remitting sins.” Their objections are two-fold: “Does that really mean that I must forgive even if that person never apologizes to me?” Or, “Does that mean the Lord actually gives me power, as a priest, to forgive sins? I thought only Jesus could forgive sins!”

Someone else suggested that John 20:23 could have possibly applied only to the disciples to whom Jesus was speaking at the time. And then, there are others who had been remitting sins for some time as the Lord had led them.

A Pentecostal pastor in Tokyo said to Henry Gruver, “You are introducing a new doctrine. We don’t know anything about remitting sins.”

The Lord is opening up His Word to His Melchizedek Priests so that it is no longer a dead letter, but a living reality to walk by. I’m sure there will be many more hidden truths that will be revealed to the Mercy Seat Ministry that the Lord is raising up. Certainly, threatening the unsaved with hell and damnation has made little effect upon them, so it’s time we learned the methods that Jesus used, for truly, “It is the goodness of God that leadeth man unto repentance.”

Looking at the two words, remit and forgive, I found the King James Bible used “remit” where three others that I checked, used “forgive” in this command of Jesus. “Whosesoever sins ye remit; they are remitted unto them, and whosesoever sins ye retain, they are retained.Jn. 20:23

Remit = 1) to leave; to pardon, forgive; 2) to release from the guilt or penalty of; 3) to refrain from exacting (i.e. severe in making demands); 4) to restore; 5) to cancel or refrain from inflicting; 6) to give relief to from (suffering).

Forgive = 1) to cease to feel resentment against (an offender); 2) to give up resentment of or claim to requital for (as an insult); 3) to grant relief from payment of; 4) to grant forgiveness; 5) excuse, pardon; 6) to cover, to expiate; 6) to lift up; 8)to relieve, to pardon, to release.

A friend shared that the Lord had dropped these words into her heart, “Doing despite unto the Blood of Jesus.” The Spirit brought that back to me and I found it in Rom.10, which deals with sacrifices and remission of sin. Vs. 29 is one of those “scary” scriptures that speak of God’s wrath. “Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace?”

“Despite” means “the feeling or attitude of despising; contempt; malice, spite, to insult, an act of defiance.”

We have been taught to believe that God’s wrath is vengeful and exceedingly hurtful. We do not realize that in His wrath He remembers mercy. His wrath is always unto correction and for setting things right, rather than meting out punishment for the sake of revenge.

Norman Grubb says, “God did not display some wrathful retaliation to our first parents. He only questioned Adam to bring home to him the reality of the disobedience. There was not a word of condemnation or wrath against the two, but only his full curse on Satan. To Adam and Eve, God clarified to them the beneficial consequences of a life, which would always have sorrow at its roots. This was so that the whole human race would always know they were missing the mark and meaning of life, always seeking a phony happiness, which would always escape them. At the heart of every man is a sense of lostness and a longing for fulfillment. That alone was God’s judgment on His disobedient children, a judgment totally for their benefit.” Unquote.

“God has shut them all up in unbelief that He might have mercy on all. Romans 11:32

What is God’s wrath? The wrath is not in His eternal person, for He is only love. But it is in the human race that, in separateness from Him, have all the effects of their wrong way of living. Even though justified by faith, His children still squirm under the misapprehension that God is punishing them or has deserted them. They don’t see that they need to experience the “negative” before they can appreciate the “positive” (i.e. they need to drink to its dregs the reality of the opposite—the misuse of the self in self-centeredness).

We return to the thought of doing despite unto the Spirit of grace. If we continue to hold a person’s sin against him (sin is reckoned as a debt and the debt was fully paid by Jesus!) then we are holding in contempt or insulting the precious blood of the covenant, as if it were not sufficient to pay for every man’s sin!

“I owed a debt I could not pay.

He paid a debt He did not owe.”

The Spirit brought to my attention that Stephen, the martyr, cried out: “Lord, lay not this sin to their charge!” He was remitting their sins while they were murdering him! And, did not Jesus do the same when on the cross He cried, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do” Luke 23:34. He also was remitting their sins while they were murdering Him—a righteous Man and their Savior. Not only to those present did He speak those words, but to every man who ever lived.

Do you still have any doubts about remitting (forgiving) sins? I hope not. Just try it and see both yourself and the one who has wronged you set free.

We can see the results here when we remit sins, but isn’t it too late to remit those sins that are past, that were committed in previous generations?” This could be a question in your mind at this point. We’ll quote from Henry Gruver, the “prayer-walker.”

Lev. 25:23, 24 says, The land shall not be sold forever; for the land is Mine; for ye are strangers and sojourners with Me. And in all the land of your possession ye shall grant a redemption for the land.’ The land is the Lord’s, but you shall grant a redemption for the land! How do you grant redemption where there has been the shedding of innocent blood? I remit the sins of the shedding of that innocent blood as many generations back as needs be.

“In Japan, the Lord gave me a vision of the Samurai warriors coming in on the ridge of a certain mountain. They brought young boys and girls and defiled them sexually and then killed them with their swords and dropped them down the mountainside. This happened hundreds of years ago and nothing grows on that mountainside. The soil is good and the rain ample, but no life, not one blade of grass, will grow there. The land is cursed.

“A team of us walked over that place and remitted the sins and renounced the hidden works of darkness as far back as needs be, even to those who were descendants of those warriors because those iniquities carry on over generations. We released them and also the families of the victims to release the bitter spirit that goes down from generation to generation. We prayed for the generations on both sides—both perpetrators and victims.

(I’m going to share here a prophecy the Lord gave me recently. “The main function of this priesthood is to cleanse the earth—both outwardly and inwardly so that it could be a holy habitation for Me. They are “restorers of paths to dwell in and healers of “old waste places” and of the ravages of many generations spent in carnality and evil. (Isaiah 58). They are reclaiming the land for Me that I might dwell in My creation in all My fullness and show forth My nature in My creation.” Elaine)

“Then I called back life to that land in the name of Jesus. I called back the grass, the flowers, the trees, the birds and creatures. 18 months later we were back there to dedicate a Prayer Mountain that was established below where the Sumarai had their base. If it had remained uncleansed, it would have been a barrier to prayer to have innocent blood crying out from above their station. That is likely why the Lord gave me the vision.

“We were excited to see the grass and trees and life that was now growing where we had prayed. There was water just shooting out where it had been trickling very slowly before. I just started worshipping the Lord and so did those dear Japanese saints. All of a sudden, our voices were drowned out by the singing of frogs! They sang louder than we did and when we stopped, they stopped. When we would sing, they would sing and stop when we did. They were praising the Lord! The frogs were giving thanks. Creation was restored! The remitting of sins is far “bigger” in scope than we have ever dreamed!

(We finally located Henry Gruver’s address. He has written a book called “Walking Faith” and has tapes and videos available. Write to: Henry Gruver, Joyful Sound Ministries, P. O. Box 144, Woodbine, IA 51579-0144)


Newsletter No. 190 – Dec./Jan. 2003

In prayer recently I heard, “Isaiah 58:6-14 is the commission I give to the Melchizedek Priests, even My sons. It is the unfulfilled portion of that which I spoke concerning My own calling unto the people of My day.”

Isa. 61:1-2(a) was the Lord’s portion, but the rest of the chapter is the calling of His priests and it outlines the work they shall do. Isa.58 speaks of man’s fast and then the Lord’s fast unto which we are called. These are the things we are to do:

–“Loose the bands of wickedness.”

–“Let the oppressed go free.”

–“Undo the heavy burdens” (sin, guilt, shame)

–“Let the oppressed go free.”

–“Break every yoke.”

–“Deal thy bread to the hungry” (the living Word)

–“Bring the poor that are cast out to thy house.” (The Rotherham Bible says, “…and the thrust-out oppressed that thou bring into a home.” Your home is the place where you abide in the spirit. “..for Thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.(Psalm 90:1)

“When thou seest the naked—cover him.” Cover with the love of God and His compassion, mercy, and grace, those who are not yet clothed upon with His righteousness. Understand that God has made provision for them and despise not their nakedness before the Lord, for we were also once naked.

“From thine own flesh, shalt not hide thyself.” Face up to what is in us that is not like Christ and yield it to Him that He might remove it from us. As priests, we must observe this before we can qualify to deal with another’s self-life.

When we consider this calling, we can see that we have a big job ahead of us. How shall we do it? We can’t, as in former days, set up a committee to look after it. We can’t use any carnal means. We are thrown completely upon the Lord Who alone knows how to direct us in new ways so that we can get the job done. It won’t be a lot of noise and no results, for the Lord is doing this work of restoration through us, His yielded people, and what He does is perfect!

Why has the Lord given this company such a love and burden for all men? They didn’t always feel this way about the heathen. Perhaps it is because He has said, “I have given you the heathen for your inheritance.” We all agree that it is time to receive our inheritance in “the land of milk and honey,” but have we realized that all who do not as yet know the Lord belong to us? They are our inheritance and we are to bring them to where we walk in the spirit!

How do we ask for the heathen to be our inheritance? Henry Gruver says, “Ask of Me, and I will give you the heathen for your inheritance” Psa. 2:8. Do we pray, “Lord, I want you to save that whole nation?” No, I wouldn’t do that. You may not have enough Christian workers to go to that nation. The Lord is wise and gives you what you can handle, lest some “fall to the ground.” He told the children of Israel, “I’ll give you the land little-by-little lest the briars and thorns and beasts of the field increase (carnality). He will give us souls as we are able to care for them.

“In Acts we are told, ‘He added to the church daily such as should be saved.’ Why, I thought the Lord wanted the whole world to be saved! Yes, He wants them to be brought to birth but He also wants them to come to maturity.

“In a town where I was ministering, we heard of a young university student who went walking along a canal and never returned. They found her mutilated body in the water. At a church service I asked the people how we should pray for this sad situation.

One suggested we pray for the girl’s family. I said we should pray for the land to be cleansed and remit the sin that had happened there that the land would be restored to the Lord. I taught them a simple prayer that could be used for people or land that had been defiled in any way that they might be restored.

A Prayer of Renunciation: “Father, according to your work and in obedience to Your Word, I come boldly before your throne into the courtroom of heaven. I come in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ through the blood of Jesus, the body of Jesus and the mind of Jesus, which You so freely gave. I claim the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ for every area. I renounce the sins, the iniquities, and the hidden works of darkness all the way back to the first thought, word, deed and gesture and to as many generations back as needs be. I renounce the corruption of fetishes of satanic ritual, and all practices that have defiled this ground (or person). I remit these sins even unto the descendants who are alive unto this day. I send laborers to finish the work of redemption, healing and reconciliation. I ask You to heal this ground (or person) of its blood-guiltiness and to return its purity and bring it back from under the curse. I say to you earth, (or person), in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, ‘Be free of this innocent blood and all records of transgressions against you. Come back into life and fruitfulness so that you may be the blessing you were meant to be.’”


Newsletter No. 191 – February 2003

We have been sharing the experiences of Henry Gruver who learned how to take back places and people through the remitting of sins. Now we are going to share an experience by Dr. McAll who was a medical missionary for a number of years. In 1972 he and his wife were sailing through what is called the Bermuda Triangle. For hundreds of years ships had been swallowed up and aircraft disappeared, often without a trace, in that area.

The doctor says, “I scoffed at such irrational fears. But, as we were sailing through the ‘triangle’ we were caught in a fierce storm. One of the ship’s boilers burst, leaving us silently drifting. In the quietness, my wife and I both distinctly heard a strange sound, like a steady droning dirge, which continued throughout the day and night. At first we thought it was the Jamaican crew, but after checking we realized they were not responsible.

“On the third day, the engines were restarted and we slowly made our way to Kingston. On my return home I started to read about the history of the Bermuda Triangle and found a law book on the lawsuits of insurance companies against British sea captains of the 18th century. They had been found to have thrown all their slaves overboard in order to make better speed. They received more money from the insurance claim than from selling the slaves in the cotton fields. It was a cruel trade.

“I discussed the matter when I was speaking in a monastery and a senior monk suggested we should apologize to God for what our ancestors had done in the past. This we did and following the service, three bishops ordered the publication of the events to encourage other churches to pray in the same way; and to pray for those who had died so cruelly that they might forgive, and to ask that the path to Heaven might be shown to them. The service was referred to as the Jubilee Eucharist. (A Eucharist or Communion Service sets forth the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus.)

“The area known as the Bermuda Triangle had long been known for the many mysteries surrounding the unexplained disappearance of ships and airplanes. A few weeks after the service, an American newspaper contacted me enquiring what had made these incidents suddenly come to a halt. Six months later there had still been no further unexplained disasters and the Bishop of Bermuda proposed a similar service to be held in his cathedral and another clergyman suggested that one should also be held out at sea.

The Bishop set up a scientific team to monitor the accidents while I contacted the Florida Coast Guard who informed me that up to that time an average of one ship a month and one airplane every 13 months had been lost without a trace. The last one to vanish was a large Japanese cargo vessel in apparently calm weather.

“Two years after the service had been held, The National Enquirer, a popular American newspaper, asked my permission to write up the story of what we had done. Over ten years later, the Australian Broadcasting Company researched through their library for a program and found that there had been no more unexplained disasters within the Bermuda Triangle.

“The Triangle is known to be an area of sudden squalls and cyclonic storms. Captains of ships and planes have reported before going missing that they were being spun round, that their compasses had failed and they had lost their bearings. However, if all these disasters could be explained by natural causes, why should a Communion service (setting forth the death, and resurrection of the Lord) with repentance for the sins of our fathers bring it all to an end? Surely it must be that those people who had no one to appeal to for help and who had weighed down the ships and airplanes that crossed the spot where they died, had at last been released.

What has this got to do with the Melchizedek Priesthood? The Lord taught Henry Gruver that He is doing a work of restoration through us. We should pray for the land to be cleansed and remit the sin that happened there that the land and the people would be restored to the Lord (as many generations back as need be). It sounds to me very much like the commission that has been given to the Melchizedek Priests.

(Henry Gruver’s address: Joyful Sound Ministries, P.O. Box 144, Woodbine, IA 51579-0144 U. S. A. He has audio and video tapes and a book).


Newsletter No. 193 – May 2003

It seems the Lord meets us just “where we live.” He often relates to me as a teacher because I have been involved in teaching all my life. At times He will let me know that we are beginning new lessons and have moved into a new classroom. Recently He said, “I shall feed you from many different tables” and so it has been.

A teacher is expected to follow a certain curriculum so that the children will be taught a prescribed program of studies and will not have any “gaps” in their education. In the Lord’s dealings He recently told me, “I have shown you an outline of the curriculum of sonship this day.

He said further, “It is Evaluation Time.”

Teachers periodically evaluate their students to see if they have learned all that was on the curriculum for them in that grade. If they did not, it would be a disadvantage in their passing into the next grade. They may have to be held back. I feel now to share only six out of the twelve things that are on the “sonship curriculum.” The last one is that which I am next going to teach on.


(1) Did I not fulfill My covenant to teach you and to bring you into My rest?

(2) Did I not open up to your spiritual understanding the nature of the new Melchizedek Order?

(3) Did I not recently show you of your origins—that man succumbed to the nature of the evil one and My spirit (nature) departed from him?

(4) Thou hast now seen clearly:   the self-for-self nature. – the self-for-others nature.

(5) Thou hast learned that My priests are forgivers of sins.

(6) I have caused you to understand the role that the soul plays in affecting the body’s well being.

The Spirit continued, “As Abraham, I called you out of Babylon to seek a place you knew not of. The things that I mentioned, I have taught you in all your sojournings, but you have not yet come to the land of promise. When you have, you will:

–“Speak My words and not your own.

–“Think My thoughts and not those of the reasoning, natural mind.

–“Be in health as your soul prospers.

–“Have a love for all men, however base they may have become.

–“Be willing to suffer all things that one of my creation would be enabled to rise in newness of life.

–“Know all My mysteries. They shall be plain before you–no longer hidden.”

I was still in bed when the Spirit dropped this word so firmly in my heart. He said he had desired to bring forth children so that He would be able to come out of the invisible realm into the visible.

A confirmation came from Flora Kemp, an 88 year-old-sister. She shared: He shall glorify Me (Jn. 16:14). He shall take of Mine and shall show it unto you. It is not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord” Zech. 4:6. Many are called, but few are chosen. Just as Mary was chosen to birth Me, so are you chosen to birth Me these 2000 years later. You must seek to become invisible that I may become visible, whatever the cost.

“They will seek to kill you as they sought to kill Me then, but fear not, My little one, for I am with you. What is man that thou art mindful of him? Wait, wait I say, upon the Lord!”

We’ve had so many write and tell us how the Lord has confirmed that, as priests, it is our duty and privilege to forgive sins. If any are still unsure if we can remit sins, consider 2 Cor. 5:20, “I pray you, in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God (releasing and remitting sins). We are His ambassadors, which gives us authority to speak for Him!

We’re going to leave the subject of forgiving other’s sins and look at how we should forgive our own. We have not understood that there are spiritual roots of disease. I’ve heard for years that arthritis can be caused by self-hatred, guilt, and bitterness. I wondered how that could be!

A sister who was caught up in the heavenlies was allowed to attend a class for angels who were studying healing in the Word. When the angels questioned her, they were shocked to hear that most people on earth do not believe in divine healing. Even those who are saved find it hard to believe. And those who have seen divine healing can’t believe for it all the time.

The angels were shocked and wanted to know why people didn’t believe the Word. She explained that they thought that parts of the Bible were for long ago and do not apply today.

The angels protested that healing is a covenant promise and the Eternal is the same yesterday, today, and forever, so His Word remains the same. They did concede, though, that one needs to abide in Christ and not deliberately abuse his earthen vessel and that forgiveness needs to be absolute. Some sort of illness could result from breaking the knitting together with Christ.

Not only the angels, but I also have been asking the Lord about healing the past while. I have experienced many healings in my life, but what I seem to hear from the Body today is that the Lord has put this sickness on them, or is allowing it for their cleansing. I’m not sure that lines up with what the scriptures say about Jesus.

I was thinking about God’s sovereignty and heard the Spirit say, “They have blasphemed My nature because they have not understood My law. Yes, I permit suffering to come into the lives of My Own to perfect their love toward Me, but most of the suffering and disease you see in the world is the result of sin following from one generation to another and not repented of. I have not done the evil—it is man who has refused to honor Me and thus has brought dishonor and cursing unto himself and his family. And man says that “I did it” when he alone left the door open to the enemy to judge his rebellion.”

My question to Him was, “Lord, I can’t believe you put sickness and disease upon people when You healed all who were oppressed of the devil when you walked on this earth. Why then, does it seem that You are now the Author of sickness and every evil thing that happens to people? I can’t understand this! The interplay of good and evil is a mystery to me but You said we would “know” good and evil. I want to know it from Your perspective. Please enlighten My spiritual understanding, my precious Lord.”

His answer told me to look at Noah’s day when the imagination of man was wicked continually. We are in the same kind of frame today—that which resulted in their death. Yes, the Lord sent the flood, but the condition of the minds and hearts of the people demanded it!

This is what I am going to talk about in the next few issues: the role that the soul plays in affecting the body’s well being.


Newsletter No. 194 – June/July 2003

In this Day of the Lord we are witnessing truth being opened up before our wondering eyes. The Lord has graciously revealed His Covenant of Rest whereby we may walk in God’s true Sabbath and cease from our own labors. Then, I believe there is a Covenant of Healing that is for us when we press into the Promised Land. If the Old Testament is a pattern and a foreshadowing of what is for us in the Spirit, then we need to know where we stand in regard to healing. What does the pattern show us?

In our day, with the threat of new diseases cropping up all the time, we need to know where we stand in connection to the Lord’s protection and deliverance.

Ex. 15:26 says, “…If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the Lord that healeth thee.”

Note in this verse that there was something required on the part of the believer. The covenant was one in which he had some responsibility and the Lord would do His part when he did his part. In our day, we don’t think of keeping a set of external laws, for it is now a question of heart circumcision. Are we willing to hear His Voice and obey it? Are we willing to let Him cleanse our heart and make it like His Own? These things are our part of the Covenant of Healing.

I know well that when I had leukemia years ago, the prayers of the saints were of no avail. I was not healed through their prayers for me. My heart began a real soul-searching and seeking after God. I was seeking him for a scripture in which I could put my faith for healing, but instead, the Lord shone the searchlight of His Holy Spirit upon my heart and told me that I was ashamed of Him. He showed me that I was careful to pray for only those whom I was sure would receive me kindly, and would find some excuse to pass by those who I was afraid might revile me in some way. I did not want to suffer shame for Him! I wept and repented of my sinful, self-serving attitude and consecrated my life to Him at a very deep level.

A few days later, the Lord “sent His Word and healed me.” He caused me to know that He could never use me with a heart-attitude such as I had. He had to bring it to death! So—my part of the Covenant of Healing was to enter into a circumcision of my heart and when I yielded to that, my healing was right there!

I realize that the Lord also heals those who do not know Him, but are coming to Him for healing. It seems to me that He is showing His power and love to them that they might have faith to believe upon Him for their salvation. Later on, some heart circumcision will be required of them.

From different avenues I am hearing about the spiritual roots of disease. It is time for us to understand the effect the attitudes of the soul can have upon the body. In our generation we have seen antibiotics fails us; we’ve seen drugs do the body more harm than good, until many are disillusioned about the present medical practices. A friend said, “The Lord told me that He had made provision for every level of faith. Doctors and hospitals were for those who didn’t know Him.”

Charles Price, a noted evangelist and healer of the Pentecostal denomination, grieved over those who were not healed in his meetings. He began to ask the Lord if something was blocking their healing. The Lord would show him some wrong heart attitude, and when the person dealt with that he was healed, often without prayer or the laying on of hands! It looks like we have been missing something here, don’t you think? Our present generation feels if they could just get close to a man with a gift of healing, or get enough people praying, they would certainly get healed. Somehow, I feel we have been missing something! Possibly, our part of the covenant has not been fulfilled.

Faith Williams shared, “For many years I seemed able to enter into constant worry and anxiety. I also often struggled with bitterness and resentment against people, situations, and even against the Lord and His handling of situations in my life. There never seemed to be any connection between these feelings and the physical. It seemed as though there was a wall between.

“However, a few years ago there was a change. I noticed that as soon as I allowed worry, or any ill feelings to find place in my heart, there was an almost instant body reaction. It was as though someone was pouring acid into my stomach, which got worse and worse. I realized then that these were “luxuries” I could no longer afford. I had to gird up the loins of my mind and refuse to enter into these things.”

One brother was dealing with some ladies who asked for prayer for their arthritis. He told them that there would be a condition to their healing. He advised them to think about the people who had injured them and to see if there was still bitterness and unforgiveness in their hearts concerning them. If they wanted healing, they were going to have to forgive them. Matt. 6:15 says, “But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”

We can go to heaven with sin because we are saved by faith, not works. But, unforgiveness may bind you to a disease that is the result of this sin of bitterness and unforgiveness.

When, from their hearts, these ladies were willing to forgive, the brother led them in a prayer of repentance and forgiveness. As a result, they found the pain was gone, fingers were straightened, and they were freed from arthritis! And, he had not ministered healing to them!


Newsletter No. 196 – October 2003

Scott Paris says, in “The Call of the Kingdom”: “Grace and forgiveness go hand in hand. One who cannot forgive has no message from God. In His model prayer, Jesus says: “Father, forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Forgiveness is foundational in scripture and we should be motivated by gladness to forgive others because our Father and elder Brother Jesus, our role models of forgiveness, have forgiven us.

“Grudges have ruined the health of multitudes of Christians and we forgive, not just because we are commanded to, but by so doing we are set free from our own inner prison, and much of the time, healing of painful illnesses follows forgiveness. Forgiveness benefits the forgiver more than the one forgiven. Forgiveness sets us free from hatred imprisoned within us. There is something harder than unforgiveness and that is, the consequences to one’s self. And that, within! Forgiveness is the spiritual ingredient that frees us from the injustice done to us by other people. Someone said, ‘The strongest argument for forgiveness is the alternative, a permanent state of unforgiveness.” (unquote)

The Lord is beginning to restore that which “the palmerworm and the cankerworm have eaten” and is now giving understanding of healing in our day. Henry Wright, a pastor from Georgia, has received much spiritual understanding on this subject. Only 5 % of those he prayed for were healed, so he sought the Lord diligently on the matter and was given the understanding that, in many cases, disease was an issue having to do with the circumcision of the heart.

What does that mean? The Gospels and the Book of Acts are full of miracles of healing. From Romans through Jude, the scriptures teach sanctification. Some have concluded that healing was not for today. The truth is, you can’t have what’s in the Gospels and Acts until you walk in the sanctification that should follow our salvation. We cannot expect God to bless us if we are separated from Him in some area that needs to be dealt with. It is evident that we have been taught much about God’s promise but little about his Spirit of discernment and the consequence of sin.

Christians believe we are saved by grace and by faith. But just because you are born again and your spirit has been made alive does not mean you have resolved the consequences of the sin issue in your life. Many people point to “outward sins” that they left off upon receiving the Lord, as if sin were entirely taken care of. They have never considered that fear is a sin; or bitterness, or self-hatred or rebellion. Robbing, lying, doing drugs, prostitution and such are what we commonly look upon as sin. The sins of the uncircumcised heart have become socially acceptable, but they show up in the area of disease. The doctor may cut it out or burn it out, but the true healing comes from within, from a circumcision of the sins of the heart by the Holy Ghost.

Some are diseased because they are separated from God, His Word, His truth and His love. Many of His children are quite unsure of His love for them.

Some people are separated from themselves. They struggle with self-hatred, lack of self-esteem and guilt. If God loves us, and He is our Creator and Father, how dare we contradict His nature and disagree with Him by counting ourselves as unworthy to be loved? If we deny His Love, we will open ourselves to the accuser of the brethren who will tell us how stupid, guilty and worthless we are. I met a sister who was trying hard to quit smoking, with no success. Finally the Lord told her not to worry about the smoking habit, but to seek Him for the root that was behind it. She did so and the next time I saw her she was free of the habit. She said, “The Lord told me I had self-hate.” When she knew this, she repented of it and had power to give up a destructive habit. A circumcision of one area of her heart was the key to her healing.

Auto-immune diseases are those where the body attacks itself as if it were the enemy. These include lupus, Crohn’s, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and MS. All these diseases have a spiritual root of self-hatred, self-bitterness and guilt. All auto-immune diseases can be defeated and/or prevented.

For some, a third cause of spiritually rooted disease is separation from others. Unforgiveness or bitterness toward others can result in separation.

When you think of someone who has wronged you, do you feel some upset in your stomach? You do not have to carry the thoughts of hate or revenge, or bitterness. If you truly forgive them, these thoughts will be gone. The Lord will heal the pain so you can rise above the situation. This is not simply healing—it is disease prevention.

I read of a woman who had been in constant neck pain for 22 years as a result of a car accident. Finally, a friend asked her if she had ever prayed for the person responsible for the accident. She said, “No.” Her friend suggested she should do so.” I forgive him,” she prayed.

Her friend prompted, “Now bless him.” When the woman began to bless this man, the pain left! The following day she found she could move her neck for the first time in 22 years! This experience proved that forgiveness is not total forgiveness until we bless our enemies—and pray for them to be blessed. Totally forgiving them has been achieved when we set God free to bless them. By doing this, we are the first to be blessed; those who totally forgive are blessed the most.

“Like two young roes.” A young fawn is timid, shy, and easily frightened. It is also very nimble. The young roes are emblems of the spiritual affections, which we hold for the Lord. Because of their sensitive and tender nature, such affections are not for the general public. (I have seen the unsaved flee in the face of this tender love!) These two fawns are born of the same mother and are identical in size. Faith and love are set forth in Gal. 5:6 as of equal importance: “For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but faith which worketh by love.” I Tim. 1:5 and Philemon 5 agree with this thought. No one could be considered fair if they had unequal breasts. There is no such thing as being great in love and small in faith, or great in faith and small in love. These virtues must always be equal, for they are twins.

The double breastplate of the Christian is symbolized by the breastplate of Judgment worn by the High Priest. It was double, and was made after the style of a pocket. In it were kept the Urim and Thummim, or the Lights and Perfections, stones through which the priests received guidance from Jehovah. I Thess. 5:8 confirms this: “But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love…”

In the pocket of a Christian’s breastplate we have the Holy Spirit who leads and guides us by the rise and fall of the Spirit within. Just as the stones in the breastplate “brightened” when the Lord was saying “Yes”, so they remained “dull” when the answer was “No.” That’s how it is within us when we ask the Lord something! Either the “lights go on” or they “go off!”

Eph. 3:14-19 sets forth the meaning of the breasts of the bride. Paul prays that the Ephesians may be strengthened with power through His Spirit in the inward man; that Christ may dwell in their hearts through faith. The purpose of this is that they may be rooted and grounded in love. This is the other part of the breastplate. Only when the bride’s breasts of faith and love are fully developed, is she in a place where she can “apprehend the breadth and length and height and depth of the love of Christ. His love is beyond knowledge, so she could never know His great love by her natural senses. It is through this breastplate that she is filled unto all the fullness of God.

Both breasts grow and develop, or neither grows. They must grow evenly. Why is this so? We could ask, “Why do we not have more faith?” Because we have not more love to God. Divine love to our fellowman depends upon our love to God, for as we love Him whom we have not seen, we shall also love our brother whom we have seen.

He has provided for us to be perfectly filled out. He gives us hard things to be exercised in so that we may be driven to seek Him. Through seeking Him, we attain unto the love that joyfully loses all things for Christ’s sake, and develop the faith that worketh by love unto removing mountains!

Those who have on the breastplate of faith and love are to be found “feeding among the lilies.” The lilies grow in the richest valleys. They are a symbol of the virgins of the bride who feed in the pasture of the great Shepherd. They draw down the life of Christ and feed upon hidden manna and through faith and love, the life of their Bridegroom is manifested in them.

We sum up all of the things the Lord has admired in the body of the bride that show forth the beauty and graces that He has inworked in her. Each virgin of this company has been prepared and conformed to the will of God, and to the image of Jesus Christ. Each virgin has beautiful, uncut locks of separation protecting her dove-like eyes. By faith she feeds upon the Word and her lips are holy, ever covered with the blood of Jesus. Her speech is edifying to both God and man. She is humble before her Lord, but bold and fearless before the enemy. Her faith and love are being perfectly developed as she reaches out to her Beloved and feeds in His pasture.


Newsletter No. 197 – November 2003

God is using the ministry of Pastor Henry Wright of Georgia, to help people who have prayed unsuccessfully for healing. Even though he was part of a church that believed in healing, he saw less than 5% of all God’s people being healed He began to question the God who had said “(He) forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases” Ps. 103:3. And, also, I Thes. 5:23 that says, “…may the God of Peace sanctify you wholly in spirit, in soul, and in body.” He didn’t – find much sanctification or holiness in God’s people. They struggle with the things of this life. The Lord showed him in the gospels and the early church, His love and power over the devil and disease in spite of sin. Then, from Romans unto Jude, the scriptures teach about sanctification. You can’t have Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts until you have dealt with Romans to Jude. The Lord made real to him that He could not bless us if we are separated from Him in an area that needs to be dealt with. Pastor Wright says it like this: We have been taught so much about God’s promises and not much about His Spirit of discernment and the consequence of sin.”

In dealing with people, the first thing he asks them is, “Who is it that gives you this high octane ping in your spirit when you think about their name or when you face them?” Even if that person may be dead, the unforgiveness is still there and is a block to receiving your healing.

The first step to receiving from God is to make peace in your heart with everyone you have ever known, and get all those guilt issues resolved. Determine to be a remitter of sins, not a retainer of them!

Forgiveness is an attitude of your heart toward others, in love. Too often, when someone has sinned against us, we make the sin equal to them. We have both a perfect hatred for the sin and a perfect hatred for them in the sin. What we have to learn to do is to separate the person from his sin just as God separated you from your sin when He saved you. When God saved you, He separated you from your sin in His heart. (Actually, Jesus did this separating on the cross!) He sees the sin but He also sees you without it. His love enables Him to separate you from your sin. (Eph. 1:3-6)

In the natural, this may seem to you like an impossibility. The sin hurts you too much! We don’t forgive someone because the law says we should. We do it as an attitude of heart, not a ritual performance. Because we are indwelt by the Spirit of God, we have the ability to think like our Father, act like our Father, and to forgive like our Father whether we feel like it or not. You need to make a conscious decision to forgive all manner of sin to all men. That would remove the first hindrance to receiving from God!.

Another step to receiving from God has to do with relationship. Isa. 29:13 speaks of those who “Draw near Me with their mouth, and with their lips do honor Me, but have removed their heart far from Me, and their fear toward Me is taught by the precept of men.” First of all, we “must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.Heb. 11:6

To have a relationship with God according to knowledge, one must be seeking after Him and pursuing a close relationship with Him. Going to church and reading the Bible doesn’t guarantee a relationship. You need to talk to God—and not just about your own desires, but about His, and about His plan and purposes.

After fellowship comes worship. You love and honor the Lord because of Who He is and what He has done for you and for all mankind in dying on the cross for our sins and giving us new life. Many times, in worship, I don’t say much more than “I love you, Jesus” and the Spirit of the Lord comes upon me and engulfs me with His presence in response to my expression of love. I don’t need “a worship team” to lead me or to “pump me up” to worship. I simply magnify Him in his person, His nature, and His office.

We do not run into His presence first of all, with our needs and requests. Those who begin with their petition are not coming in the proper order according to knowledge. I used to barge into His presence with my many requests until the Spirit showed me His order was to: “Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.” Ps. 100:4. Fellowship is first; worship next, and petition—what you want, is last.

To illustrate what I’m saying, I’ll tell you a story about E.H. Britton, one of the pioneers of the sonship message. His wife was on her deathbed with the family all gathered around, weeping and praying. E.H. slipped out of the room and found a quiet place to pray. He already had a close relationship with the Lord and had been following hard after Him for years. On the basis of this relationship, he went into worship and for some time thanked the Lord for the wonderful years he had spent with his wife .He thanked the Lord for giving her to him to be his companion. He worshiped and blessed the Lord for His goodness to him. He made no petition. I’m sure he had asked the Lord to heal her many times before, but now that it seemed like the Lord was taking her, he simply worshiped and thanked Him for the blessing she had been in his life.

Suddenly, his worship was interrupted by a loud stirring of noise from the bedroom. He returned quickly, expecting to find that his beloved wife had passed on, but to the contrary! She was sitting upright in bed and had been perfectly healed! They spent many more fruitful, happy years together sowing the good seed of the kingdom.

There are times when people want healing who are not in covenant with Jesus—who have not given their allegiance to Him. The Lord always made provision for those who came to Him to be healed. He preached the gospel first, and then He healed the sick. After Jesus healed, the people followed Him, for the Healer is also the Savior—you cannot separate the two. If a person wants to be healed, he should yield his life to the Savior.

I had good feed-back from our readers concerning trusting the Lord alone for health and healing. I’ll share Rita Speer’s letter. “I will tell you that I, too, have been led to believe Christ only for my healing and well being! I had been studying the natural health methods and magazines for the past 3 years, and I have given up some bad nutritional habits that I won’t be picking up again, but I have had a growing awareness that there is an even better way. I want to know and understand more about this blood covenant. Jesus spoke this wonderful word to my heart in 1997. He said, “I have covenanted with you.” Words cannot describe the peace this imparts, to know that He has covenanted with us.

“I find the Lord is now dealing more stringently with my thought life. In fact, He allowed me to “reap” from something negative that I had only thought! This got my attention! This is wonderful! If my negative thoughts are that powerful then what joy it is to know that I can think only loving things and see those results in people’s lives! This is not to say that I think I am so “powerful” that I can “think” things into being—however, God’s love is so real that we can in faith think joyful, loving thoughts about our brothers and sisters and see them nourished and released spiritually as a result of it! At the same time, we are released from that old curse of Adam! Instead of mentally murmuring about the condition or attitude of another, we can genuinely love them and praise and worship God for them. I’m seeing this in action with my co-workers and among the prisoners at the jail that I have to deal with. If I can get me and my opinions and thoughts out of the way, then Jesus Christ can minister through me and reach out to the needs of others. When I am out of the way, then they can see Jesus! He can then get to them and minister to them! But, as long as my old carnal nature is there, they can’t see Jesus because I am blocking their view.”


Newsletter No. 200 – March 2004

For some time I seemed to be at a stalemate in writing about the Melchisedec Priesthood. I didn’t know what the Lord wanted me to say, so I stopped saying anything! The first day of this New Year, I went to bed but could not fall asleep. After a while I was aware that the Lord was speaking to my heart. Finally, I got up to write down what He was saying lest I’d not remember it the next day.

Some while ago I had asked the Lord to teach me about healing in this day. It seemed like so many were not being healed when they were trusting in the Lord. It seems He chose now to begin answering my prayer.

He dropped this word into my heart: “He sent His Word and healed them.” He reminded me of my healing of leukemia and how I had prayed for Him to give me His Word so that I might have faith to be healed—I meant a verse or so which would inspire me to believe for my healing. Before He answered that prayer, He gave me a Rhema word—a personal word about my heart’s condition: a wrong attitude I was harboring that would be detrimental to the Lord using me in any capacity.

After I had received that word and genuinely repented of my sinful way, three days later He quickened His written word to me—giving me three healing scriptures concerning what He had done in His passion for my healing (“By His stripes”).

Now, He told me to stop putting any healing ointment on the four places on my body that have “humps and bumps.” I was to begin to speak to them to be healed and the causes underlying them to be removed!

He reminded me of Agnes Sanford’s book, “Creation Awaits” wherein she tells of how the Lord had her rebuke storms, wind, hurricanes, fires, and other phenomena of the outer world. Many times she would find herself rebuking them without any pre-meditation, and they would comply with whatever she told them to do! (Now, this book is out of print, so don’t ask me for it. I have photocopied it and have several copies to loan out. So, if you are faithful in returning books, you may ask for the loan of one for a period of no longer than a month).

The Spirit told me that I should begin to speak to my body—my inner world, as she did to the outer. This was an area where the Melchizedek priests would learn to minister. They would learn to bring the body under the subjection of His Spirit. The Levitical priesthood has not known this way, for their authority has consisted of obeying the rules and order of man and they have not yielded themselves to come under the Spirit.

He said, “You wanted to know how healing should be in this day, and I have wanted to tell you. It was I who put it upon your heart to make this petition of Me. It shall be at thy word. Even as I said, “He sent His Word and healed them,” even so shall My sons speak the word and they shall be healed, for My sons are an extenuation of Me. It is Myself doing My will and good pleasure through them, so when they say, ‘Be thou made whole’ it shall be My Spirit within that speaketh forth wholeness through My yielded vessel, for have we not become as one?”

I was reminded that Tommy Hicks, evangelist, saw, in his vision of the end-time, people saying to the sick, “At my word, be thou made whole!” I believe that is what the Lord is now saying to me. It seems He would have us prove this word on our own vessel first—speaking to our own ‘oft infirmities.’ He said further: “It is a new year and I do start thee upon a new course. You are a teacher among my sons and must be first a partaker of the fruits of the kingdom before you shall be able to teach others.” (i.e. If you have come into oneness with Me, into My nature, you will be able to speak My Word as though it were your own!”)

I shared this with a few friends for confirmation. Faith Williams said she had heard something of a similar nature recently from an evangelist who had just returned from ministering in India. He told her, when they were praying for the sick, the Lord prompted them to say each time: “Look on us” from Acts 3:4, “And Peter, fastening (fixing) his eyes upon him with John, said, Look on us.” The evangelist reported that they had more remarkable healings than they had ever had before!



Newsletter No. 202 – May 2004

It seems that the medical profession is into “disease management.” The Melchizedek Priesthood will be not only be into healing, but into disease prevention. Neither doctors nor psychiatrists are qualified to be healers of spiritually rooted diseases. The Spirit of the Lord is opening up to our understanding the causes of spiritually rooted diseases. Are you aware that many people do not like themselves? Many struggle with self-hatred, lack of self-esteem and guilt. It is like a plague. Healthy thinking may, in time, become an important aspect in treating and preventing disease.

We quote from LIFE OUT OF DEATH, by Jesse Penn-Lewis, speaking of the soul before it enters into Life. “It cannot guard itself as before. It can do nothing by its own endeavors as formerly and it appears to itself to defile itself every moment. He is giving it to see its corruption to the uttermost. Now it truly hates itself. If the soul is to know God, it must know its own misery apart from Him, and God searches it out in its depths. Nothing but weakness on weakness. The poor soul, having lost all it once possessed, must now lose itself by an utter despair of itself. Prayer is difficult. The imagination seems in utter disorder. The understanding, the memory, and the will appear to be without any power. It is now before God and others and its self-hatred is such that it sees itself as worthy of all scorn. Any disappointment with ourselves shows that we expected something from ourselves. To know what we really are, in the sight of God, means much stripping of veneer, and much humiliation. This degree is truly a passing through deep waters.” (unquote)

Agnes Sanford said in her book on healing: “How often have we heard ‘I guess I just don’t have the faith to get well.’ So we learn faith by trying to understand that we are children of light and then correcting every thought that denies our glorious heritage of life and love.”

A friend of ours always had to have the latest and best car. It was very important to him. The time came when he died momentarily on the operating table. He went down a long tunnel and there was Jesus who told him that he hadn’t called him yet and that he was to go back. That experience changed his life. After that, he didn’t care what kind of car he had. A car was now simply a vehicle to take him from A to B. He didn’t need the best car to help him feel that he was acceptable. He knew he was when he saw the Lord!

We’ve met people who collect things to such an extreme that you can hardly walk through their houses for boxes of their “treasures.” It is the same thing—they are looking for some security from “things” even if those things are not valuable in themselves. Only by receiving their acceptance in the Beloved are they able to accept themselves and be at peace with how God has made them. The Lord is delivering His sons so that they might in turn know how to deliver groaning creation.

The Lord impressed upon my heart to ask my friend, Victoria, to share her walk with the Lord. Her experiences clearly set forth areas of healing we have not understood. Many precious believers hold self-hatred, rejection, and unworthy feelings, which cause them pain and keep them from enjoying the peace of being the Lord’s child. This testimony reveals how the Spirit is working to heal the soul of one called to be a son. She tells of her journey in her own words:

“I had such a bad case of rejection and unworthy feelings that I would even call myself names—not just in my head, but out loud. I’d often say to myself, “Oh, for Pete’s sake!” even for a long time after I had dealt with the self-hatred. And one day, as I said it again in disgust at myself, the Lord said, “And who are you angry with?” I was squelched. I admitted, “I have an idea it’s me.” He had shown me that my biggest problem was that I was not able to receive His love because I didn’t think I deserved it.

“I found that I often set myself up for failure because that is what I thought I deserved. One day I was running around looking for my car keys. I started putting myself down (out loud) when the Lord spoke to me and said, “Stop!” I felt like He had grabbed my heart and squeezed it. I knew He was annoyed with me. He said, “How dare you hate what I love?”

“Something inside of me had to fall over; it was smitten! I now understood that I was not allowed to open my mouth and abuse myself any more. That didn’t stop the inner voice, but I know that the breath of my voice is creative, and I was feeding that negativity in me by speaking it. Many times after that I would choke on my words to keep them back, because I didn’t want to displease my heavenly Father. Gradually, the inner voice calmed down, but I still said, “Oh, for Pete’s sake!”

“I was receiving some counseling from a Christian counselor and he told me that people who mutilate themselves have told him that is their way of taking the inner pain and moving it to the outside where they can deal with it. They are unable to deal with their inner issues. I didn’t think I’d ever do that, but I certainly felt like it at times..

“I realized I had become a workaholic, trying in this way to validate myself, to make myself worthy because of what I did. And, strange as it may seem, I heard a continuous wail from my soul within. It was very disturbing. A Christian friend advised me to speak to my soul on the authority of the word: “Be still, my soul”, so I did and the wailing stopped. Now I know that my workaholic behavior covered that pain. I could get a real high just from working. I’ve seen others cover up their pain by some other “…holic” behavior—alcoholic, taking drugs, gambling, smoking, etc., because they don’t deal with it.

“I ended up in bed, and the Spirit said, “You can’t get off your bed for more than five minutes at a time.” This was the Lord’s therapy to deal with some areas that I had refused to look at. If I attempted to do any work, I felt so totally drained that I would have to lie down. The doctors call my condition fibromyelgia. The Lord had me recognize, first of all, that I was full of pain. I was full of anger and fear that had been covered by the pain. Little by little, the Lord started peeling off layers.

“I was so depressed that I went for counseling again. I didn’t want to live, but I didn’t want to die either. I just wanted to be free! I was refused because I wasn’t wanting to kill myself. They had so many who were suicidal that they had to spend time with them. That left me feeling abandoned, thinking that no one was there for me. I grew up in a home where my parents had problems so we children had to find ways to cope. Often it took the form of the others picking on me, calling me names, making derogatory comments, and not accepting me. This was all I knew so when I grew up, I just carried on from where they left off and continued to treat myself in the same abusive manner in which I had been treated. My value as a person was non-existent.

“I was a plump little girl and on the school bus the children would tease me and call me “Fatty” and I would scrunch in a corner and not look at anyone. I didn’t think anyone liked me.

“I’ve since realized that the Lord puts us in a certain family for His purposes. There are things there to overcome and we come out of the situation better than if we had never had it. In looking back, I realize that it did a work in me that nothing else could have done, and I thank the Lord for it.

“At one point, He asked me, ‘Would you go to prison for me?’ I said I would, thinking He meant a physical prison. Actually, He put me in a prison with people, very much like a commune with a great deal of control over my life. I became like a doormat to some people. (I had been a doormat to my family for a long time, so this was a pattern of my behavior). Though this group had a lot of truth, they simply tried to run my life. They used my love for God and my desire to be obedient to Him to keep me there to serve them. I finally asked the Lord, ‘How do I get out of this?’ Finally, He answered me, ‘If it takes a million people walking on you to make you stand up, I will send a million and one.’

“The day came when I said, “This is enough. I am not taking anymore. Lord, I don’t want to displease You, but I’m getting out of here.” His reply was, ‘Would you please wait four days?’ At the end of the four days, I was given an ultimatum: ‘Either you submit, or you’re out!’ I joyfully said, ‘’Bye! I’m out of here!’ I realized later the wisdom of waiting. If I had left, there would still have been ties, but as it was, they cut the ties. Even then, they kept after me to come back.

“One by one the Lord dealt with issues in my life. First, the doormat mentality, then refusing to let others run my life, but I still had no confidence in my relationship with God, even though He had been speaking to me since I was nine years old.

“As a child, I didn’t know the difference between the soul and the spirit and couldn’t put together the two parts of me—the part that communed with God, and the one that suffered pain and rejection all the time. It took some time before I realized that it was very important to let God deal with my inner man. I read that we were to come into the mind of Christ so I asked the Lord what that was and He explained that it was when we begin to think like Him and have His attitudes toward a matter. Then He poked a little fun at me: ‘Did you think it was a little appendage at the side of your head that you could switch over whenever you wanted to?’ Sometimes He would say funny things to me. I guess I needed that!”


Newsletter No. 203 – June 2004

We shall continue with the account of Victoria’s healing of the soul. “As I began to deal with these inner issues, I noticed that I had lost a pound or two. I never dieted. Since the age of ten, I had tried every diet in the book and majored on discipline to do it. ‘Just eat less!’ I was told, so I ate less and still gained weight. I weighed in at 225 pounds at one time. I came to a decision one day and said, ‘Lord, I’m not going to diet anymore.’ I was not going to spend all my time thinking about food—being a captive to food! Sometimes my blood sugar would drop so low that I could hardly think. For a year I went without any sugar. When you pump adrenalin due to stress, you also pump insulin at the same time. My wrong attitudes caused me to experience fear all the time, and that put stress on my adrenal gland.

“I went back to eating as normally as I could. Once I said to the Lord, ‘Oh, God, I need to get some more self-discipline here. The Lord didn’t agree with that. He told me, ‘Self-discipline! You’re so self-disciplined, you’re rigid!’ His ‘one-liners’ always straightened out my thinking. I began to realize that my whole life had been departmentalized and tied-up. I was still very rigid in my thinking about what I could and could not eat.

“Whenever I had a breakthrough in my inner issues, I noticed that weight just came off! I lost 80 pounds over a period of several years without trying to! I believe my weight had nothing to do with calories, or carbs. When I began to be free in my soul, then my body began to be free. The healing of the soul is the journey that we are on.

“I heard someone say on TV that ‘fibromyelgia’ is a way for people with inner pain to bring it to the outside. I knew that was true, for now I didn’t feel half the pain that I used to feel. I used to feel sometimes that my body was one big toothache and everything was such an effort. Most of my inner pain is gone and I have a peace that I never had before. I have more stamina. The ‘patience of the saints’ seems to me to be able to say, ‘God, I trust You that You are going to deal with all the issues that I have.’

“I had a swollen leg for some time so that all I could do was rest. Finally, I felt I’d better check on it. I had been drinking sweet juices and putting sugar in my tea and felt my sugar had got out of line. The thought of having diabetes was not a pleasant one. Something rose up inside of me and I said, ‘No way! God, if I have to be a diabetic, I’d rather die first.’ I have friends who are diabetic and their lives revolve around what they can or cannot eat. I felt that I could not be subject to the world’s medical system to that degree.

I told a friend, ‘I will not be a diabetic’ and out of my mouth came, ‘I’m going to speak to my pancreas and tell it to heal and to work properly.’ I knew this word came out of my spirit and I could feel the Lord’s presence all over me. So, we decided we’d speak to our pancreas seven times a day for a week and then we’d compare notes. To my amazement, speaking to my pancreas brought forth things that I would never have connected to my pancreas. I felt like there was a root which was creating a problem that became physical.

“Every day of this week I repented of something. The first thing the Lord told me to repent of was that I was giving up. He said, ‘You have the power to shut your body down when you give up.’

“The next day the Lord spoke to me, ‘You have not accepted My Love totally.” Again, I cried till my eyes felt like big blobs. I felt like I had wounded my Lord. On my part, I didn’t feel that I deserved His love.

“During that week, the Lord said, ‘If you loved yourself and cared enough about yourself, you would eat right.’ I went and bought some vegetables right away because I hadn’t been having veggies.  I realized I still harbored some self-pity, which kept me from dealing with things. I was not taking care of myself and I needed to take responsibility for it, so I repented and did something about it.

“I realized that I was always trying to do something to please God, but I never felt sure that I did please Him. He was trying to get me to believe that ‘You please me.’ On a TV program, a sister told how God had told her that He liked her. What a revelation that was to me! God likes us! It’s not just love. When you meet someone, the first thing that you want from them is to know that that they like you! And we judge them by how we like them—and love grows from association. I saw that I didn’t like myself in some areas. And, that meant to me that if I didn’t like myself, then God didn’t either. After I heard that revelation, I went around for a week saying out loud, ‘God likes me!’ What a wonderful feeling that was! He loves me, which I think I have not questioned. I went through a repentance for not accepting His love. I believe I did not feel worthy of His Love, and I am worthy in Him.

“The result of that whole week was that I felt such peace that I had never felt before, and I found it was a lasting peace. No longer did I go 90 miles an hour inside with anxiety and fear. If I’d feel any anxious thoughts within, I’d hear the spirit say, ‘Relax! Remember, this (worry) is just a bad habit.”


Newsletter No. 204 – July/Aug. 2004

(Continuing Victoria’s testimony).I realize I am now facing other issues—physical ones, and I know that I can speak to anything. During the week I was speaking to my pancreas, I could feel when it went away down and when it was sky-high. I felt the Spirit advise me to go on a high protein diet (with vegetables) to stabilize it, so I did. By the end of the week I could tell that my blood sugar was leveling out and I felt led to add back one thing and then another to my meals. By the end of the second week I felt my body was perfectly normal as far as blood sugar was concerned. I have not had one problem since. When you say to your pancreas seven times a day, “Pancreas, I speak to you–be healed. Work properly—not too much and not too little. Do it right!” After a while, when I would be ready to eat, I’d say, “All right, pancreas, get ready! I’m going to speak to you!” It wasn’t just a ritual to me. When I phoned my friend to see how she was doing, she said the only thing she heard the Lord say was that she was beginning to give up. She took heart and continued on. I asked her, “Why is it we always look into the future and say, “God is going to do this—God is going to heal me. When does tomorrow become today? I believe it is today, every day, and we should declare it with our words. For myself, I want to go on to the next step. I really feel that speaking to my body is a “now” thing!

My question now to the Lord is, “Should I speak to another part of my body now or do I wait until I get the okay on it? “I don’t want to use this as some magic thing. I want to be in the Lord’s will. “Several years ago as I was waiting before the Lord, I had this question: “If Christ is being formed in us, where is the manifestation of His power?” I think that is a very valid question. Why are we not seeing it in our lives? I have felt so powerless at times and have not often received answers to my prayers. I felt like He said, “I will tell you in due time.” I have felt that the way we do things is going to change; it’s not going to be as we have been taught. And it’s not going to be anything of Pentecost, for we are going into Tabernacles.

The realm of Pentecost is so easily polluted by letting self get in the way. I’m thinking that Tabernacles is speaking forth because it’s coming from within.

On the day of Pentecost, Christ came upon them. In Tabernacles He will come out from them, so that seems to me it would be by speaking. I feel this could be the answer to that question I asked Him—that He wants to teach us a new way of bringing forth His will and His blessings. We won’t simply have a “word” of wisdom or knowledge. We will have the “spirit” of wisdom and the “spirit of knowledge.” We will have the operation of the seven-fold spirit of God in fullness!

I’m looking, like John the Baptist, to decrease, while the Lord increases in me. I used to feel that the Lord was going to “make over” our natural man so he would be pleasing to the Lord, but the more I walk with Him I see that it will not be like that. It is more that we will be empty of self and filled with God! It is going to be “He in the midst of thee.” It is the difference between revival and resurrection.

Revival is just the old dead body come to life again! But resurrection came forth in a different way. The body was different! Jesus still ate, but He could go through the walls, and people did not recognize Him. He had free access to both realms. We have misunderstood many things and have been afraid to let go of what we think we know. I don’t want that old person back in my life even if he could be improved! I just want that new man to come forth to rule and take full control of my life.

“My whole vision is to be like the horse who has side-blinkers on and can only see ahead, and not off to the side. I don’t want to take any more rabbit trails, but want to walk straight-on with my Lord.”

An Update on Victoria’s Testimony: “A few weeks ago I found myself coming under diabetic symptoms again. I was made aware that I had been thinking about symptoms and looking for them. I saw that fear was the motivation for doing that. I realized that I had become double-minded. I was allowing my mind to take control and to lead my body along with it. James 3:11 says, “Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?” The bitter contaminates everything it comes into contact with.

“I am aware that God created by a thought, and then a spoken Word. I confessed to Him that I had let my thoughts go back into negativity and fear. When I did that, the symptoms of diabetes left me. I now realized that in my way of thinking I had power to cause my sickness to stay or to go. When I said I had victory, I did. When I said I didn’t, I didn’t. I learned to reign in my mind and take authority over it. I knew the Lord had told me to speak to my pancreas and tell it to function as it was intended.

“This is probably why people lose their healing. They are double-minded! The Lord was also getting at the last shred of “victim mentality” that I had (that I didn’t “deserve” to be healed!) I had to acknowledge that I am worth the best that God has for me! (I do not despise what He has purchased for me at such a great cost).”


Newsletter No. 205 – September 2004

The Body of Christ who are hearing this same word are reporting good results. One brother feels better since he started speaking life to his organs every day!

Mary Coder writes: “We speak to our bodies to be healed whenever the Spirit leads that way. Otherwise, it doesn’t work. Back in the early 70’s, I had painful lumps in my breasts and the Spirit led me to speak to them to leave. He also revealed to me some changes that needed to take place in my life. Anyway, the lumps left.

“We’re having gatherings in a new place and find that most people need time to adjust to the fact that we do not teach in the usual manner, from behind a piece of furniture and don’t usually stand. No one is considered superior to anyone else. The Spirit teaches according to the momentary need for Truth. When it becomes evident that the Spirit has given us spiritual songs, we refuse to submit to the usual expectation of performance and encourage them to share what the spirit has given them. It is amazing what comes forth through people that say they have no talent! We have heard rough or insecure voices turn into instruments of praise. Col. 3:16,17 and I Cor. 14:26,30 are the closest description to the gatherings.” (unquote)

Andrew Murray wrote in his book,”Divine Healing” that “The body is for the Lord” I Cor. 6:13. Many believers fail to watch over their bodies to observe a holy sobriety through the fear of rendering it unfit for the service of God. All that we do to maintain the body—to clothe, strengthen it, or to afford it enjoyment, should be placed under the control of the Holy Spirit. As the temple of old was constructed for God’s service, our body has been created for the Lord and for Him alone.

“This same verse tell us that “The Lord is for the body.” There is reciprocity in God’s relations with men. That which God has been for me, I ought in my turn to be for Him. If, in His love, He gives Himself fully to me, it is in order that I may lovingly give myself fully to Him God thus leads the believer to understand that this abandonment of Himself comprises the body, and the more our life bears witness that that body is for the Lord, the more also we experience that the Lord is for the body. In this way, we express the precious certainty that our offering has been accepted, and that, by His Spirit, the Lord will impart to our body His own strength and holiness, and that henceforth He will strengthen and keep us.”


Newsletter No. 206 – Oct./Nov. 2004

I have, in the past while, been aware that the Lord is performing, before our very eyes, His mighty promise to “build the old waste places: ...raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in Isa. 58:12. This is a promise to those who keep the Lord’s fast, of ceasing from their own works, to do the works of the Father, to let Him have His way in their lives. What I am going to share is not something from the Oprah Winfrey show. It is not some mighty healing from a famous ministry with a gift. It is a true story of great abuse and great healing and restoration given to a son-inpreparation by the Holy Spirit. It shows us in a very real way the path that this new priesthood shall walk. To preserve her identity, I shall call my friend “Wonder” because she is that—a sign and a Wonder of what God hath wrought! I shall let Wonder tell her story.

“I was walking the streets of a mobile home park, suffering from a lot of soulish pain. I heard the Lord say to me, “Will you allow Me to walk with you through the garden of your soul?” In the Spirit, I saw a trellis that was an opening to the garden. I answered, “Yes, Lord” because I knew that I had a lot of pain in my soul and it was comforting to think that the Lord would walk me through that. At that time I had no idea of the serious discoveries I’d be making in that garden!

“One of the first things I encountered there was my sexual abuse. I had been abused as far back as I can remember–from a little child till the age of twelve. At the age of thirteen, I accepted the Lord and He gave me strength to stand against it and refuse to submit to it.

“Even though our family had come to the Lord, they still acted like nothing had happened to me. I had, all this time, tried to remain indifferent to what was happening to me, and to forgive it, but the Lord now showed me what a serious thing it was. I had repressed my feelings and refused to look at them for a long time.

“It was many years later that the Lord came into the garden of my soul and when He did, I went to a crisis center and had three months of intense group therapy for sexual abuse. In that period of time I began to recognize various abuses and how they had affected me.

“The person who abused me was someone who loved me and sang to me and took me on outings. Therefore I had a “flip side” on love—that one side was defiling, abusive, and horrible, while the other side was loving and nurturing. This resulted in my never feeling safe with men, and I didn’t feel safe with love.

“As I was dealing with this time-frame of my life, I became aware of how it had affected my behavior in a hurtful way, and how it had contributed to man-hate and other things that were in my life. These things interfered with my marriage and caused me not to know what “normal” was in sexual experiences because it was always in extremes and I didn’t know what a balance was. It was a long process of healing that the Lord led me into.

“When I felt I had overcome this area of my life, the Lord opened up the time there was an attempt on my life when I was 15 years old. It was such a serious thing that nobody had courage to face it, so they paid no attention to what had happened. “My parent would go into terrible rages which terrified us all. I was always afraid someone in the family would be hurt when he was in these rages. Being the eldest, I was protective of my mom and my siblings. This day I was alone with my parent getting logs out of the bush. Our old truck wouldn’t start and he became quite angry. We were miles from home and had a big load of logs on the truck but it wouldn’t start.

“At last, he flew into a rage. In front of him was the crank that he used to crank the truck to get it going. I was in the truck, trying to help from there by stepping on the gas. I stepped out and before my eyes, his face changed to purple and his eyes were really dark. He had his arms up and started raging on me, “I’m going to take the life out of you. “ I had been beaten before, so I believed him. Because it was so traumatic, I left my body and I was above myself and saw my blood hitting the leaves of the bushes around me and running profusely into the ground. I thought, “Oh, this isn’t going to be so painful because I am not in my body.” I felt I was already being slaughtered at his hand.

“The thing that impacted me was that my life had no more value than the dirt, as I saw my blood running into the dirt. I thought, “The dirt remains. The bushes remain, but I am gone. My life isn’t even of as much value as the dirt and the bushes.”

All the time, I was looking to the Lord and suddenly, I was back, facing this deranged person. His arm was up in the air, holding the weapon with the intent to club me with it.

I cried out to the Lord and the first instruction He gave was, “Fear not!” If I should fear, that arm would be released to come down on me. God empowered me not to be fearful. That attitude somewhat intimidated my attacker. I just stood there calmly, not even attempting to run away.

Then the Spirit told me, “Look him in the eyes.” That was a hard thing to do for his eyes looked like fire and his face was purplish and contorted. To look into his eyes was like looking into hell itself and I barely had enough courage to do that, but I obeyed the Lord and I looked into his eyes. I could see then that his resolve was weakening and his arm started to come down. The power to harm me was weakening.

“Then the Lord told me, ‘Speak in comforting words.’ I’m just a little teenager and I didn’t know that this is what police do to try to talk someone out of violent behavior. So I said, very calmly, “Maybe, Daddy, if we try again, the truck will start. Let’s try again.” His arm came right down and he walked to the front of the truck to try cranking it again. I prayed hard and the truck started!

“When I got home, my mom was in bed. I told her that Daddy had tried to kill me. She said, “Well, you’re safe now, so go to bed and get some sleep.” I couldn’t do that because my father was pacing up and down in the yard in a high state of agitation. I stood for two hours in the dark by the place where his gun was hanging, guarding it against his taking it. When I saw him getting calmer, I left my post and went to bed.

“The Lord showed me the effects this experience had on my soul in the area of my self-worth. From that time on, I thought, “My life is not even as valuable as the dirt on the ground. I am the least. My life has been hated.” I continued to be hated and to have lack of confidence and low self-esteem, feeling unworthy to be loved. As the Lord took me through those scenes, I saw where my present behavior started. I could see where I was wounded and where I needed healing. It was so important for the Lord to show me the realities that were in my soul.

“He showed me that this attempt on my life had been so suppressed in me that I had totally forgotten it. I didn’t think it was important at all, for my Mom had not treated it as being important.“ The way the Lord brought all this back to me was in my dreams. I had nightmares in which I was always being hunted down, in fear for my life.

They got so bad I could have five dreams in a night and I wasn’t getting my sleep. The Lord brought to me a friend who had experience in dealing with issues like this so, a little at a time, it all came out. Once I could see the reality of it, I could walk with the Lord step-by-step, into complete healing. As I walked, I would see some behavior or attitude in me that was not balanced, so I would surrender it to the Lord.

“Forgiveness is a wonderful thing! Not only do I believe in the healing of the soul, but the journey of forgiveness is also a process. I found the Lord would give me grace to forgive as I became aware of things. It was an ongoing thing and it accompanied my healing. I did speak to my father about the sexual abuse, which he denied. At that, I said, “Okay. Your lawyer can talk to my lawyer.” At that, he broke down and wept “From that time on, he always told me he was very sorry. And, in his last month of life, he told me again, “he was very, very sorry.” There was a beautiful reconciliation between my father and I because I knew he was really sorry. God had forgiven him and was healing me, and forgiving me for my negative behaviors that had arisen out of this abuse. We both found ourselves on a healing journey.

“God had extended his years to 90, that He might extend his healing and mine. He eventually got control of his anger. I came to love him dearly and to appreciate him and to recognize the gifts that God had given him. I found that, in the healing of the issues of the soul, those things that had held us captive, wounded and dysfunctional, were turned into strengths so that we could overcome. We have the grace of God. We have the wisdom and power of God, so when we encounter our brethren in the world, we can recognize where they are in their journey because we’ve been there and have come through! Many times I go into a person’s “hell” with them and am able to discern what they need.

“Do they need a light turned on in the darkness? Do they need to be shown an open door? Do they need an option? Do they need teaching? I am able to lead them out of their hells, sometimes in a single encounter.

“As the Lord was bringing me to the reality of what my life had been like, I suffered a lot of inward pain. That presented two choices: either I could forgive and go forward and let the Lord heal and restore me, or I could become vindictive and use that pain in anger and fight back or re-bury the truth and stop this journey in my soul. Even though my chosen path was painful, I knew I needed to see it through. He had given me the revelation that He wanted to restore me fully. He gave me faith and hope to believe for that. I found Him to be true to His Word!

“The last visit I had with my father before he died was so beautiful. I didn’t know he was going to die. Like a grandfather clock, he was slowly winding down. I could tell he wanted to talk to me about dying. He said, “I’ve been there. You know—going down the path and the gate and all that. I’ve been there twice, but I came back.”

“I asked, ‘Why did you come back, Daddy?’”

“He said, “I don’t know. I just came back.” I felt to say, “Daddy, you know how it is. The Lord has the number of your days in His Hands and when your last day is up, He just gathers you to Himself.”

“He kind of chuckled and said, “Oh! Well, next time I’ll go all the way!”

“As I was leaving I said, “I love you, Daddy.”

“He said, “I love you too.” And his voice broke and he added ”Very much.” One thing I saw with him was that where much is forgiven, there is much deeper love! Because I had forgiven him of much, his love was very deep towards me. As I walked out of the room, I glanced back and he gave me the soldier’s salute—so clean and crisp. I had seen him do that only once before. I knew he was honoring me. I gave him a big smile and that was my last memory of him.

The very next night, the nurses had settled him in his bed and he had his tape of beloved old hymns playing on the recorder. They saw his mouth moving and knew that he was praying. 20 minutes later when they checked on him again, his spirit had flown. The bedclothes were still tucked in. There was no sign of any struggle. And, in His amazing grace, the Lord let him have several tries at leaving so he could depart this world without fear. Our little talk had given him courage to go all the way! He left in the best possible way: fully restored, healed, saved and cleansed and He left me in the same way also—fully restored, healed and cleansed. I thank the Lord for this miracle!









MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD, THE, Parts 1-16 [Elaine Cook] ~ BIBLE STUDY          1


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