AUGUST 30, 2007

Matthew 19:17 “Why callest me good/ there is none good but one, that is God.”  

Good is God and only comes from the throne of God, your heart center. If one would see good, it will be seen through the eyes of God, and if one would do good, it will only be by the hands of God. There is no good or mercy except God. Therefore, mercy comes forth only from God, our Father. Mercy is God in action, and there is no mercy or love or compassion except it be of God. Such a Presence is ours to appreciate.

The story of man is the story of love. It is altogether God’s love for man, through man, and through one to another. “God so loved the world.” Except there be mercy and grace, man would not exist. The infilling of all creation by the Spirit of God is The Only Life. It is called, “The Only Begotten Son and also The Holy Spirit.” He is man’s answer, man’s substance, and man’s reason for living. He is man’s hope and man’s ability to stand.

Man turns to his “Reason for living” and discovers God in his own heart, providentially discovering that truly there is none good but God. From this new discovery, all things are become new to him. All Heaven is opened as he lives to love and loves to be loved.

He may recognize himself as the little child to his wonderful Father God, knowing there is none righteous but Him. The innocent one discovers he is nothing without Him, and even more clearly; there is nothing beside Him. This is how good has come into this world, and all how things are made new. Jesus spoke that He makes all things new.  

The all prevailing Father in Christ is the breath of men’s awakening; his coming in and going out. As you realize you are His Presence, you hear Him call you son or daughter. In joy, you know He is the only way, truth, and life. You are glad that there is none other.


With The Music of Heaven we bow,



MERCY [Jim-Melba Crofford] 8-30-07          1


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